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American Literature What Elements of Free Verse Essay

… American Literature

What elements of free verse do you find in Aboard at a Ship's Helm? Identify three elements of free verse used by Whitman. Give an example of each from the poem.

Free verse gives a poet practically freedom to do whatever they would like with their writing, breaking conventional rules of how a poem is supposed to be structured. The elements of free verse however, can be seen as a structure within itself, and can be found in Walt Whitman's poem, Aboard at a Ship's Helm. Repetition and punctuation, are what stand out the most in this poem as being a precursor for free verse. The way that the poem is spaced out, also allows one to see this as being an element…. [read more]

African-American Literature: A Comparison Term Paper

… In the first version, it seems as the author almost strives to speak about various aspects of Whitefield's life, including his background, and his mission to help African-Americans. Yet in the second poem, the account is more objective, even if the same language is utilized. This is an interesting note, for the structure here can clearly prove that the two poems were quite different, even if they were typographically the same, as they were presented, printed, and read for and by two very different audiences.


Understanding African-American literature in terms of authorship is fantastic, for this can tell a reader a lot about the setting of the author's writing, and can contribute to the general feelings that the reader obtains. However, the structure or…. [read more]

Children's Literature the Genre Essay

… Children's Literature

The genre of children's literature is not new, in fact, historical records tell us that in the Greek and Roman educational tradition, children were grounded in language and grammar (and one would hope imagination) by reciting poetry and drama. Aesop's Fables have been part of the Western European children's library for at least three hundred years. "And thinkers from Quintilian to John Locke, from St. Augustine to Dr. Seuss, speculated on the ways in which we learn about our langue and our lives from [children"] literature" (Lerer, 2008, 1).

There is some scholarly debate, though, on what actually constitutes "Children's Literature." A broad concept holds that the genre includes books intentionally written for children, "excluding works such as comic books, joke books, cartoon…. [read more]

Poetry Anthology for Many Readers Term Paper

… Poetry Anthology

For many readers, poetry has an aura of separation form the world, an ethereal quality achieved in sublime language that carries the reader to a higher existence. Much poetry has this sort of metaphysical quality, and numerous poets have nurtured this image over the centuries as they work their magic and express the ineffable in choice and powerful language that separates them from the run-of-the-mill human being. However, the fact that much poetry has this sense of existing on a higher plane should never blind us to the fact that much poetry has a mundane tie at the same time and means to express and to be social commentary on some aspect of life, some social problem, some wrong that needs to be…. [read more]

Poetry Explications of Emily Dickinson's Poem I Heard a Fly Buzz When I Died Essay

… ¶ … Heard a Fly Buzz When I Died

Life meets death in Emily Dickinson's poem, "I Heard a Fly Buzz When I Died." This poem explores the notion of what happens after death, a topic for endless conversation. Dickinson's poem explores death and remains in doubt that there is an afterlife for to we can look forward. This poem is striking because it does not bring us the typical ideas associated with death. Instead, the poet brings us face-to-face with the worst-case scenario of death, which is that nothing happens, nothing awaits us, and all is black and still. This poem forces us to think about death from a darker perspective that does not bring solace. This perspective is disturbing and that is what…. [read more]

Poetry Explication of Robert Frost's Wind and Window Flower Term Paper

… Robert Frost's "Wind and Window Flower" dramatizes the conflicts between stability and change, between love and death, and between subtle and dramatic strength. Personifying the wind and the window flower, the poet transforms observations of the natural world into characters in a story. The narrator addresses the audience directly in the first two lines, "Lovers, forget your love, / and list to the love of these, / She a window flower, / and he a winter breeze." The speaker proceeds to relay the tale of a window flower and the winter wind, which seeks to uproot the tiny, delicate blossom. Through the story and its rich metaphors and imagery, the speaker evokes appreciation for natural seasonal cycles as well as for the cycles of the…. [read more]

T.S. Eliot and Amy Lowell Essay

… On the surface, T.S. Eliot's approach to love poetry could not be more different than the approach taken by Lowell. There is nothing comic or satirical about Lowell's description here: if the details were different, it might be a poem about a lonely person walking out of an empty house to see a statue of the Virgin Mary, and having a purely religious experience. Whereas Eliot's comedy is signaled with the unusual title "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock." Critic Christopher Ricks has described well the way that Eliot's title is shocking and funny at the same time:

The tax returns of J. Alfred Prufrock, fine, but a love song does not harmonize with the rotund name, with how he has chosen to think…. [read more]

Ecclesiastes, Chapter Essay

… Exegesis on Ecclesiastes - Chapter 2

The task of elaborating on the second chapter of Ecclesiastes is not to be taken lightly. The perfection of Solomon's words are revealed in the fact that God chose to use him as a trumpet many times. The book of Ecclesiastes both autobiographical and proverbial. Since Solomon had the means to accomplish any desire, he was able to sample anything humanity could wish. He was able to sin against God with all the depravity of his heart. He says "my mind still guiding me with wisdom" in verse three meaning that throughout the entire process he maintained his wisdom. Thus, he was able to analyze, better than any man, the extent of his depravity, and the extent to which…. [read more]

Earl of Rochester / Aphra Essay

… Within this rhetorical inversion, I think it possible that "cunt" is a term of great praise. It follows from the rhetorical inversion that Rochester's presentation of Corinna will be a whore who can speak in the lofty terms of abstract concepts when speaking about the poet's inability to achieve erection a second time after premature ejaculation:

When, with a thousand kisses wandering o'er

My panting bosom, "Is there then no more?"

She cries. "All this to love and rapture's due;

Must we not pay a debt to pleasure, too?"

("Imperfect Enjoyment" ll. 21-4)

In other words, Corinna acknowledges the poet's "love and rapture" as an excuse for the premature ejaculation, but hopes that her "kisses wandering" may stimulate him again so that she, too, may…. [read more]

Structured Poems Such as William Wordsworth Essay

… ¶ … structured poems such as William Wordsworth's 'The World is Too Much with Us,' or Dylan Thomas' 'Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night,' do not adequately address the concept of ambivalence."

~ Nu Ance

One of the most haunting poems ever written, one that it often read at funerals and memorial services, is Dylan Thomas' "Do not go gentle into that good night." Thomas was an alcoholic, a tormented man who created great poetry. He seems like the type of maniac, creative, and expressive genius spoken of at length in John Brigg's book Fire in the Crucible. "The victims of manic depression" and other mental illnesses have often been "immensely creative and productive" (Briggs 238). One of the themes of Briggs' book…. [read more]

Slave Narrative and Black Autobiography Term Paper

… Several blacks were even admitted to the Military Academy.

The white intellectual community came to see black literature as somewhat formulaic. The linguist Geneva Smitherman in Talkin and Testifyin. For Smitherman, Signifyin (g) is a black "mode of discourse" that is a synonym of "dropping lugs; joanin; capping; [and] sounding." She believed the slave narrative to be characterized by eight common features:

indirection, circumlocution metaphorical-imagistic (but images rooted in the everyday, real world) humorous, ironic rhythmic fluency and sound teachy but not preachy directed at person or persons usually present in the situational context punning, play on words introduction of the semantically or logically unexpected. (Gates, 94)

It is interesting to note that many of these characteristics are to be found in the Rhythm and…. [read more]

Abraham Lincoln's the Suicide Soliloquy vs. Sylvia Plath's Edge Essay

… ¶ … Sylvia Plath and Abraham Lincoln wrote about suicide, and therefore both undoubtedly contemplated the act. Plath did end her own life, though, whereas Lincoln's life ended by his homicide at the hands of John Wilkes Booth. Suicide and its accompanying emotional components are not novel topics for poets. Poetry is defined by its emotionality and hyperbole. Suicide is, however, a taboo topic in American culture because of the ingrained optimism that is a part of the country's worldview. Manifest Destiny and the American Dream preclude morbid thinking and so suicidal ideation is not widely expressed in American literature. Therefore, Plath's and Lincoln's poetry both bear the mark of taboo American literature given the frank nature of their discussions of self-annihilation. Written over one…. [read more]

Age and Several Thousand Miles Term Paper

… The story plays as a comedy of errors, initially. A grandmother, her son and daughter-in-law and their three children, are on a car journey. An error in recollecting a place of her childhood (and glory days) and hiding her pet cat from the family causes a ruckus. The family car overturns. Her son's wife is hurt. As they wait for help, they encounter an escaped criminal called the Misfit and his two killers, Hiram and Bobby Lee. The family is killed in an increasingly horrifying sequence. The grandmother recognizes the Misfit from his "Wanted" poster. As the tragedy unfolds, and the horror becomes apparent, the grandmother pleads with the killers not for her family's live. She urges the Misfit to mend his ways and embrace…. [read more]

Rousseau, Douglass, Both Prose Writers Term Paper

… He is the arbiter of the diverse and he is the key. He is the equalizer of his age and land... If peace is the routine, and of him speaks the spirit of peace, large, rich... he encourages the study of man, the soul, immortality... his thoughts are the hymns of praise of the things - in the talk on the soul and eternity - God off of his equal place - he is silent - he sees eternity in men and women.

What makes Whitman different - his free choice of subject and his desire to follow his whims and his personal desires. He brings these into his writing - never mind if he violates the sensibilities of his readers.

William Wordsworth - Poet…. [read more]

Elizabeth Bishop and Robert Lowell Research Paper

… O." who "made my manic statements" ("Memories of West Street and Lepke"). "C.O." is of course "Conscientious Objector," one who resisted on moral or ethical grounds the military draft during World War Two. Lowell's original "C.O." status -- as might be hinted at in the term "fire-breathing" -- was occasioned by the Allied firebombings of Hamburg and other German cities. Hamilton reprints the "Declaration of Personal Responsibility" the young Lowell wrote when refusing to enter the army in the 1940s (before meeting Bishop), which refers to these firebombings: "Three weeks ago we read of the razing of Hamburg, where 200,000 non-combatants are reported dead, after an almost apocalyptic series of all-out air raids." (39). Costello notes that the imagery in Bishop's poem can be read…. [read more]

Ezra Pound and the Rediscovery of the Noh Play Essay

… Ezra Pound and the Noh Play

Ezra Pound and the Japanese Noh Play

In the West, the Japanese Noh play is most often studied by students of drama, poetry and literature to understand its effects on poet W.B. Yeats (Teele 1957, p. 346). Early in the process, students undoubtedly become aware that Yeats was first exposed to the Noh play through his colleague, friend and sometimes nemesis, Ezra Pound. Pound is credited with being the first Western poet to embrace the Noh play through his translations with Ernest Fenollosa of several manuscripts in 1913 (Ibid).

As a result of his tremendous enthusiasm, Pound succeeded in creating a broader interest in the genre among his peers in Europe and America, even though his translations were usually…. [read more]

Post Modern British and American Poetry Term Paper

… ¶ … postmodernism, author Peter Jacoby (1999) provided insights about and definitions of postmodernism as it relates to the art of poetry. Among these definitions of the postmodernist tradition in literature, the following quote embodied the nature of postmodernist poetry at present:

Truth is the product of interpretation, facts are constructs of discourse, objectivity is just whatever questionable interpretation of things has currently seized power, and the human subject is as much a section as the reality he or she contemplates, a diffused, self-divided entity without any fixed nature or essence.

In this passage, postmodernism was illustrated as a deviation from the modernist tradition of rational and objective thinking. Postmodernism advocates people's capability to express themselves in any form possible, whether these thoughts are logically…. [read more]

Dylan Thomas Understanding a Poem Term Paper

… Thomas no longer thinks of this farm as his kingdom, in youthful glee. He compares his return to the beauty of the first Garden. The first horse, the first stable giving praise to their creator must have been similar to his favorite place - the farm of his youth. But he no longer experiences the joy as he spoke of in the first few lines. Now the beauty is in retrospect, and his place is one of an outsider, looking in.

I ran my heedless ways,

My wishes raced through the house high hay

And nothing I cared, at my sky blue trades, that time allows

His youth - a time when he ran heedless ways, and wishes raced along with him. He looks back,…. [read more]

W.B. Yeats and Eavan Boland Term Paper

… Yeats "To Ireland in Coming Times")

Here, Yeats most firmly establishes his connection with Ireland's poetic past, and expresses his firmest hope that his readers are aware of the fact that his poetry is ultimately an attempt to connect with the Irish tradition and bear it on into the future. The phrase "red-rose-bordered hem" is here a synecdoche, which is supposed to stand for the whole of Ireland. Thus, Yeats is very much a poet in the Irish tradition.

The main difference in Boland's vision of the poet acting as a mouthpiece for Ireland is that Boland seeks to bring in voices that had remained unheard in traditional Irish poetry. As she herself has stated, "when I was young in Ireland, I felt there was…. [read more]

O Captain Three Themes Essay

… At the same time, it is uncertain whether the fathers of the nation can really "rise up" and fill the shoes of the captain. For this reason, Whitman ends the second stanza with a hint of denial. He does not want to believe that his "captain" has died: "It is some dream that on the deck, / You've fallen cold and dead" (15-16). Who could possibly take the reins now, he seems to ask.

The answer to the question serves as the basis of the third stanza, which emphasizes the theme of death. No one, is the answer: death has really struck. "My Captain does not answer, his lips are pale and still; / My father does not feel my arm, he has no pulse…. [read more]

Waste Land French Lieutenant Essay

… Waste Land French Lieutenant

The Waste Land and the French Lieutenant as Exemplary Modernist Texts

Modernism and Post-Modernism are considered the dominant literary movements of the twentieth century, with Post-Modernism continuing into our own century. Each was an artistic movement representing a clear break with the past. Their literary components were especially unique, revealing the myriad unexplored forms that literature could take.

Although famous, these movements are difficult to define because their canons are composed of highly unconventional works, escaping easy categorization. Both movements are impossible to define through common features alone. Therefore, classifying a text, such as the Wasteland or the French Lieutenant's Woman, as Modernist or Post-Modernist, involves much more than identifying features off of a checklist.

The terms Modernist and Post-Modernist cannot…. [read more]

Gender in Fowles and Mcewan Essay

… But it is also a class marker -- we may note that the introduction of women into the fine arts was to a large degree accomplished by the Bloomsbury Group, whose women (including Virginia Woolf, Vanessa Bell, Dora Carrington and Margery Fry) were able to lead lives of "bohemian" artistic liberation largely because they came from a social class higher than Miranda's own. Miranda instead seems more like the later cliche of art student as out of touch bourgeois who art entails something out of touch with proletarian reality: not unlike the female art student depicted in precisely those terms by Jarvis Cocker in "Common People" at a much later date (which I invoke not for its literary value, but for its ability to register…. [read more]

Influence of Math Logic vs. The Influence of Shakespeare in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Term Paper

… Logic/Shakespeare in Alice and Wonderland

Surpassing Shakespeare:

Mathematics and Logic vs. The Influence of Shakespeare in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland


The ultimate use of Shakespeare is to let him teach you to think too well, to whatever truth you can sustain without perishing." - Harold Bloom

In Harold Bloom's Shakespeare: The Invention of the Human, the author alludes to the Bard of Avon's ability not only to entertain his readers but to engage them in quizzical and logical puzzles of character that result in their redefinitions of truth and themselves. In fact, in Robert Atwan's review of Bloom's book he likens the bard's "multilayered architecture and dramatic intricacy" to a diagram of a complex hi-fi system. Though the quote and these attributes most definitely…. [read more]

White Heron Term Paper

… White Heron - Sarah Orne Jewett

This is a story with several important themes, and one of them is pastoral innocence coming into contact and into conflict with the loss of innocence in a modern, industrial world. The tone, conflict and character development in this story follows along the lines of what is known as American literary realism; indeed, realism is evident in a story when character is more critical to the story than plot or the actual action. Realism is a strategy in which ethical choices are at hand, the story line is plausible, and humans are placed in natural world settings.

In a White Heron, those elements are very much present. This is a story in which the character of this innocent girl…. [read more]

Media and War the Cold Research Paper

… Media and War ( the Cold War )

Shakespeare's play King Lear is a magnitude of desolation, stripping off human character and impregnating its audience with mixed up feelings of sympathy and sorrow. Mother Night by Kurt Vonnegut, although written some centuries after the former, raises some similar questions in regards to human nature and the transformations it is subjected to in certain circumstances. Although one is written a tragedy and the other a novel, both resemble a dramatic scenario that leave the readers taunting and tantalizing on the truthfulness of values and whether or not they do exist.

In King Lear, human feelings are dehumanized by greed and will for power as the king himself eventually realises, once his daughters receive their part of…. [read more]

Spotlighting Samplings 4 Qualitative Research Research Paper

… Magilvy and Thomas (2009) explain that "qualitative research data are usually text data, narratives, and stories told by people about their experiences recorded digitally, on tape, on film, or in photographs, or in notes taken by the researcher" (¶ 4). After being analyzed, described and explained, the ensuring retrieved data may offer a detailed account of the experience "as lived."

As explained earlier in the study, research design illustrates the entire research process from the first notion of the research problem, to creating the data, analyzing and explaining the findings and ultimately publishing the results. In addition to the phenomenology method, the survey method, the ethnography method, and the case study method, the methods the current study examines, research designs also include, however, may not…. [read more]

Rebellious Element in the Characters Term Paper

… Jackie found his true self while telling the priest all of his sins. This made him feel he can actually live with himself. The trait of rebellious behavior is most deeply rooted in Jackie's character. His rebellion not aimed at religion but rather the social norms developed my people and the individual standards enforced upon him. It is religion that allows him to break free from the clasps of these believes. Had be not confined about his sins with the priest he would have still been forced to believe that his acts were sinful.

The Glass Menagerie is a moving and emotional drama looking into a family's plodding breakdown, due to both external and internal pressures. The frustrated mother, Amanda wishes to influence and control…. [read more]

Explication of Poems With Concentration on Yeats Political Changes Term Paper

… W.B. Yeats

William Butler Yeats is one of the most acclaimed poets of the 20th Century. His works span a range of emotions and contexts. The purpose of this discussion is to investigate Yeats' passion along with his politics, his political changes, within the context of a select number of poems. Let us begin our discussion with a brief description of the poet and the Irish Literature that characterized the period.

William Butler Yeats

William Butler Yeats (W.B. Yeats) was born in 1865 in Dublin, Ireland. However his family moved to London where Yeats was reared. Yeats returned to Dublin in 1881 where he studied at the Metropolitan School of Art. Historians note that Yeats as fascinated with mysticism and the supernatural; this interest greatly…. [read more]

Near Eastern Influence on Classical Greek Myth Essay

… 4. Sacrifices of doves and incense are made to Aphrodite alone in Greece, and Astarte receives the same.

5. Aphrodite may be armed and bestow victory, while Ishtar is the Mesopotamian warrior goddess.

6. Prostitution seems to be found in connection with Aphrodite, particularly at Corinth…and this is, of course, a notorious feature of the goddess in Phoenicia and in Mesopotamia.[footnoteRef:4] [4: Charles Penglase. Greek Myths and Mesopotamia: Parallels and Influence in the Homeric Hymns and Hesiod. (London: Routledge, 1994.) pp.136-7.]

Penglase notes, but ultimately rejects, the possibility of a rival thesis which claims parallel descent from a third (unknown source) -- instead, he argues that direct influence can be shown in this way. The parallels become even more suggestive, however, when we note that…. [read more]

Morality Then and Now the Technological Era Essay

… Morality Then and Now

The technological era that we as a society have entered has completely altered the way that morality and proper behavior is viewed and expressed. Before the Internet was as freely used as it is now, there was more control as to what children and teenagers had access to. Now, because of the rapid advancement in the exposure of the Internet, everyone has access to just about anything -- both appropriate and inappropriate. It is this unregulated exposure that has tainted morality. Cultures who are more open about such things as sexuality or who are not so religiously guided, can now influence and expose people who are a bit more conservative. Parents have a harder time explaining to their children what is…. [read more]

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