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Architecture Modernism Dissertation

… Architecture

Modernism in architecture came about in the 20th century as it introduced completely innovative ways of thinking. The way that "designers, architects and engineers conceptualized, fabricated, and evaluated these environments has been the subject of very intense debate" (Doordan 2003, p x). The maxim created by Louis Sullivan, "form follows function," was one of the most central points of debate and will be contemplated in Chapter One of this paper.

Form follows function is often credited as the main principle of modern architecture; however, there are a slew of modern architects who would disagree with this tenet, one of those architects was Frank Lloyd Wright, a former assistant of Sullivan. Adolf Loos is another important designer of the 20th century who spoke passionately about…. [read more]

Analysis of the UN Headquarters Architecture Term Paper

… In fact, it is reasonable to suggest that when most people think of the United Nations, this is the building that comes to mind.
Nevertheless, the other constituent buildings in the UN headquarters complex are also architecturally noteworthy in their own respective ways. For example, although less visible from street level compared to the other major building elements, the dome that sits atop the UN's General Assembly Building was the source of some controversy during the early stages of design but it makes a visually appealing addition to the exterior in general but the addition is especially attractive when viewed from above or the interior of the building. In fact, many observers would likely agree that the dome is yet another attractive design element that…. [read more]

United Parcel Service (UPS) Strategic Research Paper

… The company has acquired sufficient vehicles and airplanes that satisfy the demand for its services. This has ensured that the items to be delivered in different destinations are delivered on time boosting the levels of customer satisfaction in the business. This has acted as a major distinctive competitiveness for the company amidst the high competition that it faces from other players (Selig, 2008).

In addition, safe deliveries have made the company be recognized globally. The excellent reputation has enabled the company to acquire competitive advantage. Safety is a major factor in the transport industry that cannot be underestimated by the company. UPS has valued the need to ensure that the items that it transports are safe. The company is proud of its safe deliveries: the…. [read more]

Future House With Nature Term Paper

… ¶ … sustainability is "development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs" from the Brundtland Declaration of 1987 ( (United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development (WCED) 1987). It is a definition that contains within itself the implicit idea that the natural environment faces stress and overexploitation and will not be able to meet increasing human demands. In fact, not only can the natural environment not support increasing human demands, it cannot support current human demands. The ecological footprint, a measure of humanity's demand on nature by quantifying how much land and water area a human population requires to produce the resources it consumes and to absorb its waste, of current human…. [read more]

Strategic Assessment of International Policing Essay

… Changing Paradigm in International Policing: A Strategic Assessment Paper on International Policing in the Contemporary Environment

The first United Nations peacekeeping mission was dispatched to the Middle East in 1948. it's mission was "(Desiring) to bring about a cessation of the hostilities in Palestine without prejudice to the rights, claims and position of either Arabs or Jews."

The role of the military looking peacekeeping forces was not to engage in military action, or to choose one -side over the other, but by their presence to represent the member nation states of the United Nations in its role to negotiate, first, a cease fire, and, subsequently, to engage the warring Arabs and Jews in non-violent conflict resolution. Non-violent conflict resolution has been the weighty undertaking of…. [read more]

International Court of Justice Thesis

… ¶ … Relevance and Effective of the International Court of Justice Today

In an increasingly globalized environment, there is a real need for an international judicial body that can provide the international community with legal advice and guidance, as well as to resolve legal disputes of all sorts between nations to prevent them from becoming points of contention that may result in armed conflict. For this purpose, the United Nations created the International Court of Justice which is authorized to perform these functions as well as certain others which form the focus of this analysis. In this regard, this paper provides a review of the relevant peer-reviewed, scholarly and organizational literature to determine the precise purpose of the International Court of Justice, its authority and…. [read more]

South African Perspective on United Essay

… According to international analysts at Global Security, for example, AFRICOM "will coordinate the efforts of operational forces, but those would principally be in the areas of joint exercises. AFRICOM does not mean the dramatic increase in resources to the African continent from the Department of Defense or from the U.S. government" (AFRICOM, 2011, p. 3). In support of this assertion, during the early planning stages for the implementation of the newly established command, U.S. military leaders took special care to solicit feedback from host governments concerning their views about the role that should be played by the American military in their regions (AFRICOM, 2011).

Other steps that have been taken by the U.S. To improve the acceptability of the AFRICOM initiative include the installation of…. [read more]

Osiit an Analysis Case Study

… What is OSI's Global IT Security policy?

JL: Document

Do you provide for advanced IT and security training for your IT employees?

JL: Yes, we have extensive online and conventional training courses for our employees, including information security.

Are stakeholders (users, managers, and designers) interacting with information security?

JL: indicated that Business unit managers are responsible for enforcing IT security policy and that individual users are also responsible for the following IT policy concerning user accounts and proper use of the computer.

Is the policy part of an internal risk management protocol?

JL: As far as risk management is concerned and even though the company

As defined by the U.S. General Accounting Office, a stakeholder is "an individual or group with an interest in the…. [read more]

Criminal Justice Program Essay

… That said, the criminal justice program still sees the old building on Amsterdam Avenue as a beacon or headquarters: this is the building with the antiquated architecture and small classrooms which acts as a living symbol of the integrity and history and values of the institution.

The communal spaces that the new building provides cannot be underestimated. "The Office of Student Life creates an environment where students can explore their interests, leadership, civic engagement, cultural diversity and spirituality. It offers a wealth of opportunities to become engaged on campus" ( Alliances between students help to build strong student organizations which can help students to launch their careers, work well together and to make new discoveries in the field, essentially helping them to help each other…. [read more]

Management Information System in Web Application Research Proposal

… Building a Secure Workflow Management System (SWMS)

for e-Government Web Applications


The Kuwait Ministry of Defense (MOD) needs secure workflow management systems (SWMS) to enable globally distributed users and applications to cooperate across classification levels to achieve critical goals, an SWMS that is dedicated to improve tender processes through the internet, it considered as an online tender management system that permits administrators to automatically issue military electronic tenders to a list of tendering companies. To this end, this study presents a roadmap for implementing (SWMS) e-tender application for (MOD) and focuses on onion routing technique for anonymous communication over a computer for such workflows.

Building a Secure Workflow Management System (SWMS) for e-Government Web Applications



A Web application is simply an application…. [read more]

Information Technology Skills I Acquired Term Paper

… The list of technologies that emerged from American military research is endless, many of which are now common products, such as computer mouse, flat-screen displays, night-vision goggles, and satellite global positioning.

Since research funds started drying up after the Cold War, some defense experts predict that a major increase in U.S. government-sponsored research would reverse the decline in commercial spin-offs." (Freedburg, 1378) Without information systems, the U.S. military would still be blasting away at the landscape in a large-scale barrage of ammunition.

Navy Secretary Gordon England griped to his staff about the piles of paperwork on his desk and asked whether it could all be computerized. Everything needs to be computerized, properly organized and properly stated so that there is no guarantee of a mistake."…. [read more]

Price-Reduction of Long Haul Fixed-Line Telecommunication Service Research Proposal

… Price-Reduction of Long Haul Fixed-Line Telecommunication Service and Infrastructure in the Middle East

The expansion of telecommunications via fixed-line networks depicts a significant contemporary, credible concern, not only in the Middle East, but also in other parts of the world as interactions with the Middle East regularly occur in and outside its borders. During the thesis, the researcher argued that enhanced negotiations, deeper cultural understanding, and infrastructure expansion could contribute to reducing prices for fixed-line long haul telecommunications service procurements in the Middle East/Southwest Asia (UAE, Bahrain, Iraq, and Afghanistan).

In the mixed-method case study, the researcher explored fixed-line long haul telecommunications service procurements in the Middle East; using various data collection procedures over a sustained period of time to collect detailed information. For the…. [read more]

Global Warming Introduction

… This descriptive Analysis takes a holistic view of the city in terms of inputs, flow through the system, and outputs. Urban metabolism will be used in conjunction with sustainability of those resources and flows as part of the model development for this research the study.

Urban pathology is it method of diagnosing problems within the city structure. It can be used to diagnose economic factors such as a weak market structure are any other systemic problem that the city faces (Furdell & Wolman. 2006). Urban pathology applies root cause analysis to the city as a tool for finding solutions to the problems in improving conditions within the city.

Cities come into existence for many different reasons and with varying degrees of forethought (Ellis). Urban development…. [read more]

Crowdsourcing Techniques in Call Centers Dissertation

… [EXCERPT] . . . promising phenomenon that lends itself to call centers' ability to improve their own and their other business units' efficiency is the employment of crowdsourcing. Crowdsourcing is an online, distributed problem-solving and production model already in use by for-profit organizations such as Threadless, iStockphoto, and InnoCentive. Speculation in Weblogs and wisdom of crowds theory assumes a diverse crowd engaged in crowdsourcing labor. Crowdsourcing is the act of taking a job traditionally performed by a designated agent (usually an employee) and outsourcing it to an undefined, generally large group of people in the form of an open call. Furthermore, and as crowdsourcing is in some ways similar to open-source software production, prior research suggests that individuals in the crowd likely participate in crowdsourcing…. [read more]

Project of Pizza Hut Term Paper

… Pizza Hut

Company Presentation

The fast food industry is very well represented by a few major companies, Pizza Hut being one of them the company was founded in 1958 in Wichita, Kansas, although its current headquarters is in Addison, Texas. The restaurant is generally specialized in American-style pizza, but the menu varies from one location to another, including buffalo wings, breadsticks, or garlic bread (Wikipedia, 2007).

The restaurant chain is present in approximately 100 countries, including: Andorra, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, China, Egypt, Germany, Greece, India, Israel, Japan, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Pakistan, Philippines, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, Spain, Sri Lanka, UK and Ireland. This expanded geographical coverage led to the existence of no less than 34,000 restaurants, delivery-carry out units, and kiosks.

Pizza Hut was nationally…. [read more]

Is Outsourcing Inevitable? Term Paper

… ¶ … Outsourcing Inevitable?

Outsourcing as a strategy and ongoing approach to staying competitive is permeating both manufacturing and services firms globally. Having started primarily as a strategy of cost reduction, outsourcing has steadily grown to include new product research and development, the permanent re-aligning of more routine and easily replicable tasks, and the re-definition of customer service. Spanning the entire value chain of industries including manufacturing, outsourcing's impact on global business is permanent and has already re-defined the cost structures of industrial manufacturing, consulting services than span application development and maintenance, business process re-engineering, customer service and support, and the use of outsourcing for significantly impacting new product development timeframes through the use of computer-aided design techniques.

The goals of this paper are to…. [read more]

Business Economics Vincent Term Paper

… (Global Agenda; Brown' red box, full of pink slips)

The targets set in these are to improve government service and in Canada the objective is to make the users at least more satisfied by 10% by 2005. In Italy, the government has set up its own charter in 7,000 agencies and local governments. The targets are defined in concrete terms like hospitals cutting waiting lists, schools increasing literacy rates, etc. The manager concerned has to take care of this when he decides on the activities of the department. Some of the other countries like Denmark and Finland have tried to remove one of the main problems of managing public service, and that through the retention of any surpluses that arise from the current year's budget…. [read more]

Human Resources Management Case Study

… ¶ … total (thank you!)

How Does ODW Logistics, Inc. Help Global Firms Achieve a Competitive Advantage through Its Warehousing Activities?

An increasingly common practice among a wide range of industries is to outsource those aspects of their business operations that are not able to be conducted efficiently and effectively in-house to allow companies to focus on their core competencies to create a competitive advantage. In this regard, some companies have managed to successfully outsource troublesome or cumbersome aspects of their business operations, including warehousing management operations that were formerly highly troublesome and expensive to maintain. One company that offers an efficient warehouse management system for its customers for this purpose is ODW Logistics, Inc., of Columbus, Ohio. This paper provides an overview of outsourcing…. [read more]

Managerial Impact on Small Businesses Context Term Paper

… Managerial Impact on Small Businesses

Context of the Problem

Today, all businesses are made up of two kinds of constituents: the physical and the non-physical (virtual). The physical constituents are objects such as machinery, building, along with people; the non-physical (virtual) constituents are objects such as information in relation to clients, intelligence in relation to how to get the optimum from a mechanized process and the privileges to make use of a specific development.

The information development offers, both large and small, corporations with an unmatched prospect to move constituents of their businesses from the physical sphere to the virtual sphere. The development of new products and services does not have to be carried out on paper, selling to customers does not have to take…. [read more]

Dell Inc. The Head Office Term Paper

… To me, it is the unified approach of the distribution system employed, the total absence of middlemen, and the efficient use of the Internet, which makes Dell such a revolutionary in the "sunrise industry." The achievement of Dell's business model has been an example for others to follow the path of growth, aiming to emulate the booming revenues by Dell. The company Gateway endeavored to tread Dell's path, with a novelty. Dell has totally metamorphosed the concept of selling computers in a big way. (Brief Description of the Product/Service)

The company takes online orders that is sent to a central warehouse and delivered to the buyer through the logistics support of Federal Express or simply through the mail. The main benefits are that a single…. [read more]

Wireless Broadband Technology Term Paper

… All the communication is done using a series of radio signals or radio specifications, the frequency of the signals being that of a low 2.4 GHz and the data speeds are up to a range of 721 Kbps. There is no one direction in which this technology can be used; it is omni directional. The distance that it can cover ranges from 10 cm to 100 m; the greater the transmitting power, the greater the distance covered. The output power can be less than 10 mill watts. Basically, the Bluetooth technology functions like this: it can be embedded in an electronic device or be used as an adaptor. (How Bluetooth Technology

Any electronic device that is popularly used today can make use of these…. [read more]

Com Industry Crash Term Paper

… On October 1st 1969 a researcher at UCLA attempted to send a message across the network to a researcher at Stanford. The network abruptly crashed. Needless to say, they got it up in running over the following months and gave birth to the Internet.

Through a combination of improvements in hardware, networking and software the use of the fledgling Internet grew until it was used by scientists and researchers worldwide. It was a bit cumbersome to navigate and instructions for navigating it could be cryptic at times.

On Saturday, January 23, 1993 a message appeared on several Internet bulletin boards:

"By the power vested in me by nobody in particular, alpha/beta version of 0.5 of NCSA's Motif-based information systems and World Wide Web browser, X…. [read more]

Environmental Issues, Business Ethics Research Paper

… In addition, Lebanon lacks analogous regulatory elements that uphold ethics programs. Companies in the region focus on their initiatives that contribute towards the long-term sustainability of the company.

Corporate integrity and ethics can also fall on this focus, but they hardly focused on it. The type of business here aims in moneymaking. The initiatives include good governance within the company and corporate responsibility including some ethic programs. Their main aim is to improve the country's operations, and ignoring the ethical needs. The companies forget about the workforce as being a powerful asset (Herde, 2005).


For example, Dubai aspires in being an international business spot. Corporate responsibility has happened in Dubai for over three years, and at this point, there are no developed best business…. [read more]

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