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indepth analysis of Research Proposal

… Therefore, the following two questions will constitute the focus of the study.

1. What are the seeming challenges faced by war veterans in the course of transition from active duty to non-combatant life?

2. What are the discernments of combat veterans regarding veteran support initiatives?

Literature Review

Transition more often than not encompasses physical, societal and emotional challenges, and therefore may be a substantial source of stress and worry for majority of people, particularly in cases of lack of preparedness. According to Bennett et al. (2015), transition difficulties are for the most part true for war veterans when returning to noncombatant life. During the war and while at the battlefield, men and women on active duty experience not just physical injuries, but also excessively traumatizing…. [read more]

School Closure Research -- Peggy and Brian Application Essay

… School Closure Research -- Peggy and Brian Scenario

It is always difficult to make decisions that involve closing public services, most especially when those services are public education. However, a fiscally responsible government must have guidelines and has promised to spend the public's dollars wisely. Our analysis revolves around Kingston, a small wheat belt town about 60 km from the nearest regional centre, Beeganup. Kingston is quite isolated but is able to communicate and receive regular transportation of freight, sundries, and other goods. The population is listed as just over 1,100, but almost half are residents on rural farms surrounding the township.

Unfortunately, the trend in Kingston is both a diaspora and decline -- the local weekly newspaper had to fold due to lack of…. [read more]

Cross Platform Mobile and Web Widgets Installation Thesis

… Cross Platform Mobile and Web Widgets Installation

Computer-mediated communication and decision-making applications for teams are extremely varied and ubiquitous, ranging from e-mail to shared bulletin boards for classrooms to remote conferencing. As the potential to put these applications onto the Web becomes better exploited, computer-mediated communication and coordination of teams of individuals will become even more widespread. Although the Web is normally thought of as an individual-to-mass form of communication, it actually has a great deal of potential to serve team collaboration. This is largely due to the cross-platform nature of Web design. It is also partly due to the fact that Web-based applets do not require the team members to have specialized software installed on their machines in advance (Proctor & Vu, 2005). Likewise,…. [read more]

What Kind of Performance Appraisal Is Most Effective in Business Thesis

… ¶ … Performance Appraisals for Business

Effective Performance Appraisals for Business

The primary goal of human resource management is to utilize one of the organization's most valuable assets to its greatest advantage -- their employees. In the increasingly globalized and hypercompetitive environment organizations must operate within today, appraising employee performance is one of the most important tasks in management of the organization's human resources. However, there are several concerns with the process of performance appraisals and ensuring they are effective tools for the organization.

As businesses look towards their knowledge-based capital increasingly for a competitive advantage, performance appraisals of employees must be efficient and accurate. Determining accurately whether an employee has performed well over the appraisal time period is often difficult. This subjective decision can…. [read more]

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