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Consumerism in Women Mrs. Dalloway Research Paper

… Consumerism in Mrs. Dalloway

Social Inequality Reflected through the Shopping Excursions of Clarissa Dalloway and Doris Kilman in Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway

Although published almost ninety years ago, Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway continues to fascinate literary critics with the subtleties of its plot, themes, motifs, and the complexity of its characters. Literary scholars and students have investigated various aspects of the novel, Woolf's literary genre, and the role of women in the British society in the early twentieth century as reflected in Mrs. Dalloway. Some of the themes explored in the novel include the issue of privacy, disillusionment with the British Empire, women's rights, female sexuality, and social inequality. In the last few decades, scholars began to pay greater attention to the question of "market"…. [read more]

Mrs. Dalloway the Mental Illness Essay

… All three men exhibited symptoms of reduced visual fields, loss of smell and taste, and some loss of memory. After documenting in detail the symptoms of each Myers concluded that they appeared to constitute a definite class among others arising from the effects of shell-shock.

Early medical opinion took the common-sense view that the damage was commotional, or related to the severe concussive motion of the shaken brain in the soldier's skull. Shell shock was initially deemed to be a physical injury. However, by 1916, military and medical authorities were convinced that many soldiers exhibiting the characteristic symptoms trembling, headache, tinnitus, dizziness, poor concentration, confusion, loss of memory, and sleep disorders, had been nowhere near exploding shells. Their condition was one of neurasthenia, or weakness…. [read more]

Dalloway by Virginia Woolf Term Paper

… Dalloway by Virginia Woolf. Specifically it will discuss the passage "[H]alf the time she did things not simply, not for themselves; but to make people think this or that; perfect idiocy she knew (and now the policeman held up his hand) for no one was ever for a second taken in" (Woolf 10). This passage indicates how much importance Clarissa Dalloway places on the opinions of others, and how insecure she really is. She is a simple woman caught up in a very complex time in history, and her indifference is both disconcerting and somehow charming at the same time. She also has a distinct inability to concentrate on the topic at hand, (note how she digresses to the policeman raising his hand). She is…. [read more]

Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Wolfe Term Paper

… It is like they waste their love by pining after things that are not important. It is sad that they do not realize until it is too late what is important to them.

In both stories there is a lot of sadness that is caused by the women having the wrong attitude about life. "The theme of this story is that sometimes a little time, patience and willingness to try and understand someone can sometimes heal the deepest wound" (Mayrant 1). The same is true in the story of Mrs. Dalloway. She realizes how losing Septimus that she has a better understanding of life. Both of these stories are about love and often the fact that the women do not know or understand love until…. [read more]

Idea or Use of the City in Mrs. Dalloway Term Paper

… ¶ … Mrs. Dalloway" by Virginia Woolf

The Function of the City in Reflecting the Theme of Social Oppression in "Mrs. Dalloway" by Virginia Woolf

In the novel "Mrs. Dalloway," the character of Clarissa Dalloway figured as the most dominant element in the author Virginia Woolf's narrative. In it, readers are able to witness the life as it occurred to English society during its post-World War I years. However, in the midst of the recovery of the nation lies a deep-seated tradition of social oppression, which has been initially left not confronted by the society, but experienced first-hand after the war has ended. Thus, during its post-war years, English society is undergoing the stress of experiencing the loss of lives, livelihood, and re-establishing the nation…. [read more]

Literary Analysis in Terms of Theme Reaction Paper

… Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway was originally published on 14 May 1925. The novel represents one of Woolf's works that have generated a significant amount of attention and is widely studied. This novel follows the daily life of protagonist Clarissa Dalloway who lives in London in the summer of 1923. Mrs. Dalloway is at least a partial reflection of the author's life. However, there is an interesting dynamic that lies between the self-image of the author and the one embodied in the character that represents a projection of this image rather than a necessarily accurate portrayal. Woolf was born and raised in London and her familiarity and admiration for the location is apparent. The location, London, almost serves as a character in the story in and…. [read more]

Analysis of Mrs Dalloway Research Paper

… Virginia Woolf's novel Mrs. Dalloway contains many of the hallmarks of the author's style and thematic concerns, including a critique of gender roles and concepts of mental illness. Throughout the novel Clarissa, the eponymous Mrs. Dalloway, reflects on the trajectory of her life and uses her self-reflection as a lens through which she develops a cogent critique of the entire social system in which she lives. "I want to criticize the social system and to show it at work, at its most intense," Virginia Woolf stated on her motives for writing Mrs. Dalloway (cited by Zwerdling 69). Clarissa's reflections, catalyzed by her observations of men and women in her social circle, comprise a pessimistic point-of-view. Septimus's suicide highlights the fact that there is no way…. [read more]

Authentic Representations of Self Universal Term Paper

… " (83) He speaks longingly for the outside toilet in his old house,

At the end of the yard of the terraced house in which he had once lived, there had been an outside toilet. Sitting within the evil-smelling little shed, its door swinging on broken hinges, he had sometimes glimpsed one solitary star hung motionless above the city...He was earthbound, mortal...One star was all a man needed. (83)

With the closing scene of the story, Charles dies in the theater seats without his family even noticing that he was having a heart attack. It is a sad end to his unfulfilled life. In his final hours he simply wishes for the simple joys that he once had.

It is clear without question that through…. [read more]

Interconnected Life Is Worth Living Term Paper

… Like Woolf, contemporary Clarissa is frustrated with the inability of art to heal the real life and death of the world. Clarissa Vaughan herself is involved with the artistic world, but feels somewhat estranged from it because she is not an artist herself, and also because of Richard's death. Richard grows farther and farther away from her as he dies, and sinks deeper into depression -- much like the Woolf of ages past sinks into despair. But unlike her creator Woolf, and like her literary namesake, Clarissa in New York still has some hope about the future, and the possibility of giving Richard happiness even for a beautiful moment in the form of the party she hopes to throw successfully.

The Hours focus again shifts,…. [read more]

Virginia Woolf to the Light Term Paper

… Nancy Ramsay who is yet another daughter of the family is like her brothers Jasper Ramsay and Roger Ramsay who has an interest in adventurous activities and shooting. Rose Ramsay who is another daughter has the capability of trying to make the world around her to be good. Cam Ramsay also is one of the daughters of the family who is naughty by nature. These are the members of the Ramsay family. Now we move on to the other characters of the story that are not part of the family

Lily Briscoe is a character in the family who is not a family member, but who becomes friendly to the family during their holidaying. Briscoe persistently is frustrated thinking about her drawings whether it would…. [read more]

Virginia Wolf Term Paper

… Lily is not expressionless like Mrs. Ramsay was, so she is not good at giving Mr. Ramsay either the direct answer he craves or the indirect one which Mrs. Ramsay was good at producing. This middle section of the book leads to the final section which raps up their lives.

It seems that the action in "The Lighthouse" is meant to be a culmination of feelings and attitudes that have been brewing throughout the entire book. It must be remembered that Lily, though a young woman, was still an adult during the first section. This means when they return to the cottage, a few people short, that she is in her middle age, but she is still unmarried and for some reason hanging around the…. [read more]

British and German Trench Poetry Side Research Proposal

… ¶ … British and German trench poetry side by side

Teaching British and German trench war poetry side-by-side

One of the difficulties in teaching World War I is that the memory of World War II is often much sharper in the minds of students. The more ambiguous causes of the First World War, and the complex feelings of both German and British soldiers can be lost if there is too much focus on the British War Poets alone. Examining both nationalities' poetic response to war enables a compassionate cross-comparison of both traditions. It enables students to identify both similarities and differences in the responses of German and British war poets, who were responding to the same experience of bloodshed, albeit from different sides of the…. [read more]

Women in War Thesis

… It is a reflection of what happens in society as reflected and translated into a work of fiction. There are characters that still maintain what is "old" such as Aunt Helena and Lady Burton, because these are old, as what one might consider old to the British empire, they are reflected as such in the book; it is interesting to watch what is old and stagnant remain this way in the novel. The female characters remain static, while Clarissa can be seen as more dynamic, even while she does not commit suicide or anything near as dramatic, her male counterpart does, reflecting the dynamic changes that occur within her. This is her becoming.

This is a key literary technique Woolf uses over and over again;…. [read more]

Virginia Woolf and Her Works Term Paper

… Feminists of the 1970s found art and politics to be inextricably connected and it was radical feminism which became the most powerful voice of the movement, opposing male culture and male authority.

Woolf had been an influence in furthering the feminist movement because of her well-documented literatures. Although her works had been subject to criticisms, it was the criticisms that made her more mysterious and famous to the writers of her future, specifically the feminist movement. From the lights of women's experiences during her period, who lived in a patriarchal society, Woolf had intentionally illustrated such conditions of women in her works, specifically in the Three Guineas and A Room of One's Own. She is among the female writers who have put an importance on…. [read more]

Tony Morrison's Sula Term Paper

… Toni Morrison's Sula & Feminism


Among the many themes that are woven so interestingly by Toni Morrison in her novel Sula, feminist themes will necessarily be the pivotal focus of this paper. Among the female themes so wonderfully presented in brush-strokes of humanity, ethnicity, culture and gender, the human body emerges again and again against a backdrop of what is happening to the body, within the body, and because of the body and its place in the culture of families and man-woman dynamics. Following a series of analyses of Sula, the paper will review several aspects of modern feminist theory through the positions taken by respected authors and feminists.

As to Sula, readers are not jerked suddenly into any heart-wrenching…. [read more]

Goblin Market - Christina Georgina Rossetti Literature Term Paper

… Goblin Market - Christina Georgina Rossetti

Literature can be read on several different levels. Some people read poetry or prose for sheer enjoyment or intellectual/emotional enhancement. Others analyze the characters or relate the theme to their own lives or other works they have read. Another method is a close reading, which is a more subtle and complex process that entails reading and understanding the meaning of the literary piece and also looking at linguistic nuances and connotations. A close reading of the poem "Goblin Market" by Christina Georgina Rossetti shows a use of myriad poetic devices and imagery that detail a sensual tale of forbidden fruit.

A brief overview of Rossetti's life is helpful for the best close reading of "Goblin Market." Born in 1830,…. [read more]

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