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Asian Studies as Far as the Distribution Term Paper

… Asian Studies

As far as the distribution of power throughout the world is concerned, the position of supremacy of the United States of America has always supported the opposition between the East and the West. Power has various dimensions. Among them we can mention the economical, financial aspect, the political one, as well as the cultural side. The political power is supported by the other types which have already been mentioned. Military power is supported by a state's economy and at its turn supports the political power.

There has been a long lasting opposition between the distribution of power in the East and the West. The manner in which the states from these parts of the world have used the resources which have available for…. [read more]

Analyzing the Asian Economies Term Paper

… South Asian Economy

South Asia comprises of Afghanistan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Maldives, Pakistan, Bhutan and India. The region hosts about 600 million people who are currently undergoing a lot of socioeconomic changes. There are new forms of poverty and new forms of wealth that continue to emerge in the region. Conflicts over rights, power, social injustices and identity have become a common phenomenon among the people who live in this region. However, South Asia is a region of diversity and comprises of eleven countries that have different cultural traditions, history, political and economic systems, and resource bases, save for the geographic proximity and similar ecology and tropical environment. They share a few characteristics that link the entire region into a coherent whole (Brass,…. [read more]

Japan and Korea Research Paper

… ¶ … economies of Japan and South Korea. This is accomplished by analyzing the underlying strengths and weakness for each country. Once this takes place, is when we will draw conclusions about what steps can be taken to deal with any kind long-term challenges. This is when both nations can more effectively compete in the world markets.

Since the end of World War II; Japan and South Korea have seen a number of transformations. As, they both had their industrial base destroyed by conflict and were forced to rebuild. During this process, is when they would shift the focus of their economies to become major industrial powerhouses. The only difference is in the way overall scope of these changes was taking place at different times.…. [read more]

China's Economy the Sustainability Essay

… Ekins, P., 2000. Economic growth and environmental sustainability: The prospects for green growth. London: Routledge.

Garnaut, R., & Song, L., 2004. China's third economic transformation: The rise of the private economy. New York: Routledge.

Jefferson, G.H., Hu, a., G., & Su, J., 2006. The sources and sustainability of China's economic growth. Brookings Papers on Economic Activity. 2. pp. 1-12.

Kohli, A., Moon, C.-I., & Sorensen., 2003. States, markets, and just growth: Development in the Twenty-First Century. New York: United Nations University Press.

Kong, L., 2009. Making sustainable creative/cultural space in Shanghai and Singapore. The Geographical Review, 99(1). pp. 1-27.

Krumm, K., & Kharas, H., 2004. East Asia integrates: A trade policy agenda for shared growth. Washington, D.C.: World Bank.

McMahon, C.J., 2007. Mobilizing sustainable industries.…. [read more]

Confucianism in East Asian Essay

… In China Japan and Korea the state organized education systems in order to transmit knowledge that was based on neo-Confucian orthodoxy as well as the subsequent recruitment of government services of those that had mastered neo-Confucian classics. Confucians held the belief that there was a body of absolute truths that combined principles alongside cosmological laws and this body of knowledge was understood and written down by Confucian sages. This scholastic belief within a body of truths gave energy to a direction towards mastering classical writing as well as standard interpretations.

Filial piety, Humaneness

Attributes of Confucianism such as filial piety and patriarchal authority are identifiable broadly within characteristics of Confucian political and social relations that are sustained within extended family like termed as network institutionalism.…. [read more]

Economy, Monetary Policy and Monopolies Essay

… This money can also be invested in infrastructural projects where employment opportunities can be generated. Other than the above mentioned federal government interventions, trade policy can also be used to create job opportunities. Import and export taxes and subsidies can increase job opportunities in industries. They can however lead to inefficiency and economic distortion that can have deleterious effects on the GNP. The strategies can lead to fewer total jobs. Great care must therefore be taken before such strategies are implemented.

In 1974, United States Department of Justice's Antitrust Division filed a law suit against AT&T because of their monopolistic tendencies that threatened to throw their fellow competitors out of market. The case was finalized in 1983. AT&T was using monopoly profits to subsidize costs…. [read more]

Asian Financial Crisis and How it Affect the International Monetary System Term Paper

… ¶ … Asian Financial crisis and how it effects the international monetary system

International monetary system or IMS is a structure of rules and principles, which manages international finance. It has major distributive consequences on the authority and the well being of states in the international system. IMS does not maintain a non-aligned status either economically or politically. IMS deals with three technical issues. Liquidity of supply of money to fund business and monetary assets; Fine-tuning of appropriate short-term imbalances and; Bringing back trust in the national currency and avert weakening swing in the currency of the country. Gold standard was the foremost modern global monetary system. In force during the late 19th and 20th century, the gold standard gave for free movement among countries…. [read more]

Asian Financial Crisis Essay

… Asian Financial Crisis -- Recovery of Malaysia

The modern day society is currently facing one of the most difficult moments -- the emergence of the internationalized economic crisis. It initially commenced in the American real estate sector, but quickly expanded to the rest of the American -- as well as global -- sectors. The impacts of the crisis are tremendous, but one should not despair as these would be gradually overcome. Economic crises had occurred in the past and will continue to occur in the future. Probably the most relevant example in this sense is constituted by the Great Depression of the 1929-1933, which is held as the most critical economic depression, but which was eventually overcome.

Economic crises are a given of the economic…. [read more]

Traditional Southeast Asian Bamboo Flutes Studies on Origins and History Research Proposal

… Traditional Se Asian Bamboo Flutes: Studies on Origins and History

The study investigates the bamboo flutes found in Southeast Asia, as well as their history and origin. The earliest known extant bamboo flute, a chi, or ancient Chinese flute, from the Zhou Dynasty, discovered in the tomb of Marquis Yi of Zeng, dates from 433 BC. Southeast Asian bamboo flutes, diverse in shape and size, vary in the way musicians play them. During the ethnography, a qualitative study, the researcher utilizes an extensive literature review to explore the development of bamboo flutes in SEA and examines the link between these instruments and music, as well as traditions from and beyond Asia.

As the study focuses on the flutes from three main areas: Mainland SEA, Maritime…. [read more]

Singapore Mncs Essay

… Instead, its importance is founded on its geographical location, the importance of its ports and the relationships which it has established making it a functional bridge between the economic powers of the East and West. According to LowTax (2009), "Singapore's main industries include electronics; financial services; chemicals; oil-drilling equipment and petroleum refining; ship repair; rubber processing and products; offshore platform construction; life sciences; and entrepot trade." (LowTax, p. 1)

First and foremost among these industries and the sector which attracts the greatest saturation of foreign interest is Singapore's financial industry. Here, Singapore has established itself as one of the preeminent destinations for participation in global stock exchange, trading and investment banking activities. According to Ogg (2011), even today in the midst of a global recession…. [read more]

How Do Immigrants Influence the Economy in Taiwan? Term Paper

… ¶ … Immigrants on Economy of Taiwan

Taiwan was initially inhabited by the people of Malay-Polynesian descent. The migration of the people from China, and foreign aggression of Dutch compelled those early inhabitants to move into mountains. The country was exposed to the international community by Dutch navigator on a Portuguese ship. The region was called, 'Ilha Formosa' i.e. beautiful island. The Dutch authorities captured the administrative authority over the island, and brought in the Chinese laborers. The immigrant workers were employed as sugar and rice plantation workers. The immigrants established their long-term affinity with the region by marrying with the local women.

During 18th century war in the Chinese continent, number of Chinese escaped and migrated to Taiwan (Formosa). Taiwan under went several political,…. [read more]

Best Practices Investment Promotion Term Paper

… The nation has over 120,000 sq. km of farmland, which means that around 10% of the total size of the entire country is land area which can be used for agriculture (, 2007). In fact, when it comes to agriculture, China is able to grow a wealth of cash crops such as wheat, rice and corn, among a range of other cash crops along with around 70,000 sq. km of fresh water lakes that offer aquatic crops as well (, 2007). China also has abundant rainfall each year (6 trillion cubic meters) which make it a strong candidate for theoretical hydropower "Theoretical hydropower resources provided by the country's rivers amount to 676 million kw, of Which 378 million kw can be exploited for power generation,…. [read more]

Nation Examined Term Paper

… Economic Growth of Japan

Cross Cultural Perspectives

Ms. Emily Archer

Economic Growth of Japan

Japan boasts one of the strongest economies in the world. In terms of capacity, Japan's economy ranks third after the United States and China. Extensive emphasis on the technology, which acts as one of the strongest resources of the country, has thrust Japan into a world economic power. The emphasis on technology has helped Japan become one of the greatest automobile manufacturing countries. Although recently challenged by the emerging electronic and automobile technologies of Korea, Japan's highly successful electronics industry focuses on the cameras, computers, music and video-related products. International trade relations have contributed significantly to the development of the country's GDP. Japan's powerhouse economic engines -- and its people --…. [read more]

Crossvergence: Questioning the Hofstede Paradigm Essay

… The author's hypothesis was relatively simple: from 1985-2000 the cultural dimensions between the U.S., Hong Kong, and Taiwan would fundamentally change within the framework of indigenous banks in all three countries, thanks to the phenomenon of crossvergence. The degree of Hofstede's indicators would not change consistently, reflecting internal dynamism that was not universally present in the global context. The specific subjects under scrutiny were middle managers at indigenous banks, to focus upon specific cultural differences of the Hofstede index with minimal impact of other variables. Nine Likert scale items were used, with particular focus on the constructs of collectivism, uncertainty avoidance, power distance (Kelley, MacNab, & Worthley 2006: 74). Despite the fact that there have been some changes to the Hofstede components since the 1980s…. [read more]

India's Economic Development and Foreign Research Paper

… Hypothesis 2: Changes have occurred in the foreign policy of India and these have been generated by the development of economy.

As it has already been proven, changes have indeed occurred in India's approach of its foreign relationships and policy and the cause for these changes has commonly been represented by changes in the international setting, such as globalization or the changing roles of different global powers (the Soviet Union vs. The United States). While these macroeconomic movements have been the sources of policy changes, a question remains of whether the very economic development of India has represented a cause of policy changes in the country's foreign relationships.

Directly linked to the fall of the Soviet Union, India changed its economic strategy and made it…. [read more]

How Globalization Affected China Positively Essay

… ¶ … Globalization Affected China Positively

In this paper, we are examining the positives and negatives of globalization on China. We then analyze how a solution can be introduce that will address both viewpoints. Once this occurs, is when everyone will see how this is influencing their standing in the world community.

Over the last several years, China has gone through a major transition. What happened was, the nation used to be at the forefront for art and science until the mid-1800's. This is when the country would go through a series of: civil wars, famines, military defeats and occupations by foreign powers until 1948. It is at this point, that Mao Zedong was able to unite the mainland together under a communist government. Some…. [read more]

Chinese Economy Xinhua Reported That Beijing Recorded Essay

… ¶ … Chinese Economy

Xinhua reported that Beijing recorded 80% blue sky days in the first quarter of 2009 (Xiong, 2009). The concept of a blue sky day is unusual for most of the world, but it represents the price that China has paid for its rapid economic growth trajectory. As cities sprout from villages and a labor force in the hundreds of millions is mobilized, China has experience double-digit GDP growth for much of the past thirty years. This growth, however, is under threat from several sources. The environmental consequences of growth are just one threat. China also faces chronic resource shortages -- its industry does not want for coal but the Chinese people do struggle with shortages of oil, food and clean water.…. [read more]

Trade Agreements Essay

… International Trade

Pacific Alliance captures zeitgeist in era of 'mega' trade agreements

This article discusses a recent agreement between four Latin American countries (Chile, Columbia, Peru and Mexico) to lower tariff and non-tariff barriers and create a commercial framework that can increase and substantiate the connections and economic links between these countries. The overall objective of such an agreement is to make all four economies more competitive in the international arena, more able to compete with rising Asian economies.

The article looks in detail at the premises of such a deal, pointing out correctly that most of the large commercial blocks (the EU, the U.S., Japan etc.) have grown tired of the inconsistency of negotiations and, particularly, of the results of the latest Doha Round…. [read more]

Singapore Is a Small Asian Essay

… There are additional arguments in favor of beginning a business enterprise in Singapore. The country benefits from a political system that, although not fully respecting human rights principles, is very stable. The absence of some of the characteristics of a fully functional democracy, including the government's authority in media matters, is not something that would affect a new business: as previously described, the authorities of Singapore have undertaken significant efforts to ensure that the business climate is the best in the world in encouraging new business.

The judicial system in place, similarly, was created to protect and encourage investors. A survey undertaken with international business executives in 2008 showed that Singapore, along with Hong Kong, had the best judicial system in the world (Agence France…. [read more]

Japanese Political Economy Has Been Caused Term Paper

… ¶ … Japanese political economy has been caused by globalization and other changes in the domestic and international economies. Are Japan's changes, then, similar to those of other industrial countries that are also subject to the same systematic pressures? Is Japan's political economy converging to other industrial economies or is Japans' changes different from others'?

Japan's Political Economy

Up until the sixteenth century, Japan had been cut off from the rest of the civilized world and the strongest economic powers of the time had no idea of the abundance of treasures and resources possessed by the Japanese lands. In one of the most internationally acknowledged best selling books ever written, Shogun, James Clavell presents the long and exhausting journey from the ports of Holland and…. [read more]

South Africa Economy History Research Paper

… South Africa Economy

History of South Africa

Political Situation of the Country

South African Economy

Key Macroeconomic Variables

Justice/Judiciary System of the Country

Environmental Concerns

Health Concerns in South Africa

Society/Family/Culture of the Nation

Religion practiced in South Africa


History of South Africa

South Africa has been a land of people with multiple cultural backgrounds since it was inhabited. Several centuries ago, people from different corners of African land migrated towards south and settled there with families. Additionally, many settlers came from European countries during the period of colonization together with black individuals from other African nations who were hired as slaves. Furthermore, many Asians travelled to South Africa in search of better employment and dwelled there.

Amongst the initial groups of foreigners that…. [read more]

Colonization in India From English Term Paper

… ¶ … colonization in India from English colonization until today. Specifically it will discuss whether colonialism was a better alternative for India. When the British first began colonizing India in the mid 1750s, the country was ruled by emperors and other leaders who tried to fight British Imperialism, but could not win out over the powerful British. The British occupied Delhi in 1803, and the country was under British control from then until the 20th century. Since then, India has made great strides in many areas including their economy and in technology, which has helped the nation grow stronger and more successful.

While the British took over control of India in the early 19th century, it was not until 1857 and the Rebellion of 1857…. [read more]

Economy Was Booming a Decade Admission Essay

… Working at Popeye's caused me to imagine a scenario in which local Thai restaurants applied the principles of the American franchise to their operations. Ironically, when I envisioned the juxtaposition of American and Thai business principles, I couldn't see it working out. For one thing, the nature of Thai food negates placing frozen meals into a frying machine. The delicious flavors would be destroyed. However, I did learn key business management strategies while working at Popeye's. It inspired me about the world of business and led me to my current path in pursuit of a higher degree in business administration in the United States.

As a Thai working for a prominent American franchise restaurant, I realized that cultural barriers prevented Thai businesses from operating to…. [read more]

Corporate Social Responsibility in Indian Dissertation

… Therefore, those who are provided with more assets have responsibility of sharing them with the deprived ones in the society. Hence, the owners of the assets are actually trustees in nature who are expected to serve the society, take from their assets as per their needs and use their property to the best interest of society. It is important to note that Gandhi was a supporter of neither capitalism nor socialism. However, communism was an unacceptable theoretical model for him. He believed in giving everyone equal rights of continuing their lives; therefore, use of non-violence and unjustified means was not expectable for him at all.

Due to his compliance to socialism and capitalism, he presented an idea of economy which was capable of using its…. [read more]

Globalization Increased and Standards Essay

… Government level support in production of Eco Cars with annual production of above 2 million units of output providing a prosperous potential in the small car sector.

Reduction in excise duties in order to assist the Eco Car production resulted in lowering cost production for small cars thus making them more competitive in the international market (Ou, Massrour & Noormohamed, 2009).


Rising oil prices and high political instability post 2007 has resulted in maintaining cost efficiency thus threatening the competitiveness of the Thailand automotive industry.

Thailand has a high technological gap with not only the west but also with other Asian competing markets in the automotive sector.


Increased labour supply in knowledge workers creates a potential of availability of cheaper labour.

Increase in…. [read more]

L Marketing Tassal Is a Tasmanian Company Essay

… ¶ … l Marketing

Tassal is a Tasmanian company engaged in the farming of Atlantic salmon and the subsequent production of frozen salmon entrees. The firm is increasing production and looking to expand overseas in order to increase its sales. Tassal has targeted the Hong Kong market, both for its sophistication and acceptance of ready meals, and as a gateway for future expansion into the Chinese market.

The Hong Kong market for ready meals is growing in most segments. At the low end are Chinese producers; at the higher end are international producers. The economic situation is not good in Hong Kong at present, but the market is still growing despite this. There are few barriers other than intense competition to the Hong Kong market.…. [read more]

International Economics - South Korea Term Paper

… International economics - South Korea

The international context is subjected to numerous changes that not only affect the greatest powers of the world, but also the more insignificant players on the global scene. The palette of examples in this sense is various but one could simply look at the American automobile industry, which has decreased in sales in favor of the Japanese manufacturers. The example is similar in the case of technologies, where the Asian continent is becoming significantly more important. In this line of thoughts, the supremacy of Asia becomes obvious. But however the countries in the region possess cheap and skilled workforce to produce the latest technologies and contribute to the political, economic and social advancements, they remain growingly dependent upon other international…. [read more]

Creating an Overseas Business and if it Is Viable Term Paper

… Creating a Chain of Internet Cafes in India
II. Table of Contents
Specific Competitive Advantages of Proposed Business
Developing A Foreign Country Strategic Framework
. Analysis of economic factors
. Analysis of social/cultural factors
. Analysis of political factors
Analysis of Entry Mode to be Used
Other Factors Influencing Decision
III. Introduction
The purpose of this plan is to evaluate the creation of a series of
Internet caf?s throughout India, specifically concentrating on the cities
of Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad, all located in the southern regions
of the country, and all experiencing rapid growth as call and outsourcing
centers. Both the influx of expatriates from Europe and North America to
manage outsourcing and call center operations in these cities, and the
increasing interest…. [read more]

Cambodia Economic Development Term Paper

… Royaume Du Cambodge

Cambodia is one of the poorest countries in the world, and certainly in Asia. After emerging from the rule of the Khmer Rouge, Cambodia had nothing as was forced to start over. From that starting point, the country's economic development was never going to be easy, and even its low levels today represents healthy progress. Yet, by objective measures and without taking history into account, Cambodia has a lot of issues that it needs to remedy going forward.

This paper takes a look at several major issues. The first sections introduce the company -- its history and the current state of the economy, including trade measures, a discussion of key industries and the key issue of energy. From there, a number of…. [read more]

Japanese Spirit, Western Things While China Article Review

… Japanese Spirit, Western Things

While China is often referred to as "the sleeping giant," Japan has been known as "the rising Sun," for a variety of reasons. Many Westerners do not realize that Japan, in fact, has been open to the West for only a century and a half, and are reluctant to consider the events of the 20th century in context with the longer historical paradigm of Japanese culture, social and cultural traditions, and the view Japan has held about the "outside" world for centuries. In fact, it is this island nation template that has played such a strong role in the making of modern Japan.

Japan had been visited by European missionaries and traders as early as the late 16th century, but it…. [read more]

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