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Country China and Foreign Policy Essay

… But as China has tries to mediate better ties between Pakistan and India in a bid to encourage stability in the region, Chinese Indian relations have also become stronger. Additionally the two countries have put the war of 1962 behind, recognizing each other's might as economic powers and being among the emerging superpowers of the world. The two countries have increased trade relations in the last few years with China on the back of its better relations with India becoming their largest trading partner.

As far as Japan and Vietnam are concerned, they have been in conflicting relations with China, but in 2000 a major issue with maritime borders with Vietnam was resolved, even though some border disputes still exist. But there was a blow…. [read more]

Are Indian-Israeli Relations Useful for India's National Interests? Thesis

… ¶ … Indian-Israeli Relations Valuable to India's National Interests?

Today, India stands at an important juncture in its historical development. Following its independence from Britain in 1948, the years that followed have been turbulent ones for India, with a relentless series of political, military and economic challenges confronting the country time and again. Despite these challenges, India has emerged in the 21st center as an increasingly important actor within the international community and has enjoyed steady economic growth for the past two decades. Notwithstanding its enormous geographic size and population, though, India continues to perceive a number of external threats, most especially with Pakistan over the Kashmir issue and relations with much of the Arab world that have often been ambivalent or even hostile. In…. [read more]

International and Comparative HRM Term Paper

… Culture and Diversity Issues in Expanding to Singapore

In today's increasingly globalized economy, expansion beyond an organization's national borders offers many benefits. For many organizations, expanding to operations into other countries offers access to a broader consumer base, as well as distribution networks. In addition, organizations many realize increased efficiencies by locating production processes and conducting business transactions outside of their national borders. These multinational enterprises (MNE), as Choy (2007) notes, are better positioned to capitalize on new specialized resources. These include: technological competencies, capital, production capabilities, and information and tacit knowledge that can enhance the organization's services and product development. Other benefits for multinational expansion include increased cost efficiencies due to economies of scale due to a world-wide distribution network and opportunities for product…. [read more]

Multiculturalism and Korean Immigration This Paper Explores Term Paper

… Multiculturalism and Korean Immigration

This paper explores many issues of culture, race and the concept of multiculturalism within the context of the American melting pot. These issues of culture and especially multiculturalism warrant analysis as they define the American experience for immigrants. This paper will focus specifically on the Korean-American experience and what factors within that country led to many generations of families to leave for a better life in America. The paragraphs will first examine the concepts of culture and multiculturalism of today's America and look at how the melting pot has changed. By defining these concepts one can better understand the state of multicultural relations today and how these relations influence the future of American urban life. Second, this paper will look at…. [read more]

China's Taiwan Policy Term Paper

… It included an intensive use of propaganda broadcasts, infiltration of agents, and mobilization of support from the overseas Chinese against the ROC. More importantly, the PRC conducted an effective diplomatic campaign to get admitted to the United Nations and to unseat Taiwan from the major world body. For some time, the United States prevented this from materializing by using the Korean War as an excuse and depicting China as an aggressive nation. China, too, got bogged down in its internal affairs and the pursuit of radical reforms such as the Cultural Revolution and a self-imposed isolation. Eventually, after the election of Richard Nixon as President of the United States, relations between China and the U.S. began to improve. China remained steadfast in its stand regarding…. [read more]

China Is Equivalent to Europe Term Paper

… ¶ … China is equivalent to Europe in many ways in terms of its internal development and the kind of impact it has on countries around it. It is important to understand China's current rapid growth and its economic, political, social and cultural influence through the prospective of its earlier growth and influence.

Early Influences

China's civilization was recognized for centuries as one of the most important in the world. China "outpaced the rest of the world in the arts and sciences, but in the 19th and early 20th centuries, the country was beset by civil unrest, major famines, military defeats, and foreign occupation. After World War II, the Communists under MAO Zedong established an autocratic socialist system that, while ensuring China's sovereignty, imposed strict…. [read more]

US Foreign Policy Towards North Korea Research Proposal


The objective of this work is to examine U.S. foreign policy towards North Korea and to identify some policy issue in the area of peace and conflict and analyze the situation and the proposals to resolve this issue upon some theoretical understanding of the problem and its resolution.

The forceful stance taken by the Bush administration in the first term of President Bush's presidency was one that resulted in North Korea fearing even more greatly than previously for national security reasons that this is the primary driver behind North Korea and its seeking to harness nuclear weapon and energy production.

The work of Lin (2006) entitled: "The North Korean Nuclear Test and Its Implications" reports that North Korea conducted…. [read more]

Expanding an American Company Into a New Country Term Paper

… American company expanding to a foreign market - India

Indian Economic System - Besides the fact that it has the second largest population in the world, above the critical figure of 1 billion inhabitants, India is known at the global level, for the fact that its economy is booming. The economic growth rate reached the value of 9.4%, right after the most fast growing economy of the world - China. However much is to be done in the direction of economic development since the major international organisations offer India the title of 'underdeveloped country' This unfortunate denomination is attributed to the enhanced level of poverty and lack of economic equalitarian distribution of incomes and revenues. With an income per capita of 885 American dollars, expressed…. [read more]

Russia Globalization the Economic Intelligence Essay

… This again highlights the country's mistrust of foreign involvement and the Western path of development, which it still views as having caused significant problems in the 1990s.

Russia's view of globalization therefore is one of skepticism, while simultaneously embracing the trend because of the importance that oil and gas revenues play in Russia's development. The country became accustomed over the course of the 20th century to guiding its own policy, and is therefore uncomfortable with a role in the world that would allow outside interests to dictate not only internal domestic policy but any policy the country might have. Russia is determined, therefore, to submit to the globalization process at its own pace, and under its own terms.

Russia's economy, certainly, has benefited from the…. [read more]

Vietnam Policy on Ethnic Affairs Minorities From 1975 to 2000 Term Paper

… Vietnam Policy on Ethnic Affairs (Minorities) From 1975 to 2000.

This paper provides an analysis and evaluation of the role ethnic affairs played in Vietnamese governments from 1975 to 2000. These years are significant because they represent a time where the Vietnamese government moved from supporting greater autonomy among minorities to adopting policies that supported a unified state, where ethnic minorities and nationalities were encouraged to practice their unique cultural and traditional ideologies provided those ideologies did not conflict with the government's unified front.

This policy adaptation did not initially come off well, causing much unrest particularly among smaller groups of ethnic minorities living in mountainous areas. For some time there was great disparity among the Chinese and Hoa, who held some aggression toward the…. [read more]

FDI in India Is Ripe Essay

… A long-term relationship exists between FDI and service exports and outputs in India (Feng, 2009). The service sector has emerged as one of the key growth drivers in the Indian economy. Many other MNCs can leverage these services to spark their own success. (Pailwar & Shah, 2009). The service sector has the potential to drive growth in other areas of the Indian economy by providing valuable resources for FDI. This is an example of the spillover effect of FDI (Sasidharan & Ramanathan, 2007).

Babu & Prabheesh (2008) found a direct relationship between FDI and stock returns. This demonstrates that FDI has a significant impact on improving GDP and the internal economy of the host country. Competition, such as China's emergence as key target for FDI…. [read more]

International Business Environment of India Spread Research Paper

… International

Business Environment of India

Spread over three million square kilometers and located entirely in the northern hemisphere, India is the seventh country in the world in terms of geographical size. India's neighbors are Bangladesh and Myanmar in the east, Bhutan, China and Nepal in the north, Pakistan in the west and Sri Lanka in the south (Doing in Business in India, n.d.).

When entrepreneurs put together a business plan and try to get off the ground, the first obstacle that they often face are the actions required to incorporate and register the new firm before they can legally do business. Economies fluctuate greatly in how they control the entry of new businesses. In some the process is straightforward and affordable. In others the actions…. [read more]

International Business Thesis

… International Business

The objective of this work is to develop a report acting as the employees of a consulting company who have been hired by the Australian Trade Commission (AUSTRADE). Austrade's mission is to help Australian Companies succeed in International Business by providing advice, market intelligence and support to Australian Companies to reduce the costs and risk involved in the selection and development of International Market (AUSTRADE, 2008) the scenario is as follows: The writer has been hired by Austrade to write a report advising on the attractiveness of Indian and China for Australian Companies interested in developing their International Markets. India and China are two of the largest banks in the world and the fastest growing economies worldwide, however, both markets still present considerable…. [read more]

China Town Idea Analysis Essay

… ¶ … China Town Idea" Analysis

"the Chinatown Idea:" Chinatown as a concept and geographical location

In his essay, "The Chinatown Idea," author Eric Liu analyzes the concept of a 'Chinatown' within major metropolitan areas. Liu's approach is intriguing, given that the existence of 'Chinatowns' is something many people take for granted, without assessing their ideological implications. Visitors to cities often come to gawk at Chinatowns as tourist attractions, even though 'real' people live there, and conduct their daily lives there. The language of Chinatowns, the appearance of signs in Chinese characters creates a vision of an 'otherworldly' place for outsiders and a sense of a different country and place for both Chinese and non-Chinese observers. Chinatown is thus an epistemological concept as well as…. [read more]

Macroeconomic Activity Poverty Around the World Case Study

… Poverty

The economic quality of life is correlated to the GDP, but the two are not one and the same. The GDP per capita figure gives a pretty good indication of a country's wealth, but wealth distribution must also be taken into account when considering the overall quality of life. With respect to per capita GDP, the CIA World Factbook is led primarily by smaller countries whose economies are driven either by banking (Liechtenstein, Jersey, Bermuda) or oil (Qatar, Kuwait, Brunei). While citizens of the former group have a normal Western quality of life, citizens in the oil nations lead lives more akin to second-world developing nations. Wealth inequality is high in these countries because land ownership is concentrated in the hands of a few…. [read more]

Kentucky Fried Chicken in China Research Proposal


A) When KFC entered the Chinese market, it had just begun to open its economy. The chicken outlet had originally begun to develop its Chinese market strategy in the early 1980s, half a decade after Deng Xiaoping began his market reforms. At the time KFC opened its first Beijing outlet, Chinese economic development was still nascent, but beginning to progress quickly. The government was still hesitant to eliminate its social controls, but was beginning to trust private enterprise to some degree. There were few, however, if any foreign brands present in China at the time.

The fast food industry, at least the Western conception thereof, did not exist when KFC entered. Indeed, restaurants were relatively uncommon in China up until the mid-1980s. Chinese were…. [read more]

History Post WWII Term Paper

… India After Colonialism

India is one of those countries that exhibit the most promise in terms of economic growth and presence in the international community. On the surface, it appears that if there is one third world nation that has truly benefited from lifting of British rule, it is India. There is consistent increase in its GDP, the economy is steadily growing and foreign investors have shown confidence in India's economic infrastructure and indigenous products are found in abundance.

But that is all you can see on the shining surface. Beneath the obvious, however, lies a flood of ugly and disillusioning disparities. Unemployment is rampant; corruption in political and economic circles is inexorable, and poverty is a pervasive issue. It is important to see where…. [read more]

Rise of the Nationalist Faction Term Paper

… S. Policies

From 1988 Taiwan's political segregation from its military dominancy has given way to more openness to general bodies for election. With the election and president of President Lee the threat of interference from the military has decreased. With the majority of the Taiwanese population supporting general election, the constitution has been revised to cater to the masses [Ku 2002]. The recent actions of the U.S. especially after the relations between Taiwan and the U.S. have become closer are encouraging to the Taiwanese because the U.S. has been progressively taking a pro-independence stance with regard to Taiwan. On the other hand the Taiwanese government will also look to the U.S. As a protector of democracy since it has an established anti-communist policy [Baker, 2003].…. [read more]

Global Business Cultural Analysis India Term Paper

… Global Business Analysis - India

Global Business Cultural Analysis:


During the past few decades, global trade agreements have opened up one of the most important international markets: India. Due to these agreements, and especially with regards to internet businesses, the relationship between the U.S. And India thrived at a never-before seen level, as cultural barriers started succumbing to outsourcing en masse.

As more and more American companies realized the relatively low costs of outsourcing labor, especially IT-related, to India, the country started rising from a sleeping giant to an awakened and still-growing global power.

India, which occupies 2.4% of the world's landmass, supports "over 15% of the world's population."

According to the Central Intelligence Agency, India's median age is 26.3 (the U.S. is at…. [read more]

Why Did the Cultural Revolution Take Place What Were Its Outcomes? Essay

… China

Why did the Cultural Revolution take place? What were its outcomes

Cultural Revolution

Why did the Cultural Revolution take place? What were its outcomes?

The changes and developments in China's social and economic history over the past one hundred years have been dramatic. It has emerged from a period of extreme social and cultural change and revolution to become one of the economic and industrial giants of the Twenty-First Century. Many critics and commentators such a Naughton (2006) refer to the modern history of the Chinese cultural and economic revolution as nothing short of miraculous. This is a view that is reiterated by a number of other critics. For example, in a work entitled the Search for Modern China (1999) by Spence, the author…. [read more]

Gandhi's Perception of His Religion and Civilization Term Paper

… ¶ … Gandhi's perception of his religion and civilization and how these perceptions in turn led to his triumph over the British Empire and later to the independence of India. It will also take into account significant figures such as Nehru and Jinnah when analyzing certain aspects of Gandhi's decisions. Mahatma Gandhi was a great man, a great leader, and a strong advocate of using peaceful means to gain important ends. Gandhi led his people to independence, and is still one of India's most intriguing figures today.

I want to avoid violence non-violence is the first article of my faith" -- Mahatma Gandhi, 1922

Mahatma (Mohandas Karamchand) Gandhi was born on October 2, 1869. His parents were well to do by Indian standards, and he…. [read more]

China on Hong Kong Term Paper

… The Far Eastern Economic Review, a storied regional voice of press freedom and a pillar of Hong Kong's media industry since its 1946 founding, halted weekly production on Thursday to go monthly with the loss of 80 jobs.

Despite headlines to the contrary, overall luxury property prices are not yet matching the record levels last seen in 1997, market analysts say.

Octopus Cards, a smart cards issuer controlled by MTR Corp, plans to introduce its cards to more local retailers, restaurants, taxis and tunnels to broaden its business scope.

Huaneng Power International - the biggest Hong Kong-listed power generator - will assume nearly four billion yuan (HK$3.76 billion) in debts through its planned acquisitions of two power plants for two billion yuan, the company said.…. [read more]

Cultural Characteristics of China Research Paper

… China: 21st Century Cultural Changes

Once upon a time, China was seen as a poor nation, the source of manufactured goods for the world. However, China's expanding middle class is changing its world image. More Chinese citizens can afford cars, consumer goods, and also to aspire to a new life far different from that of their parents: "For China's emerging middle class, this is an age of aspiration -- but also a time of anxiety. Opportunities have multiplied, but each one brings pressure to take part and not lose out, and every acquisition seems to come ready-wrapped in disappointment that it isn't something newer and better. An apartment that was renovated a few years ago looks dated; a mobile phone without a video camera and…. [read more]

China's Role in Thailand/Cambodia Relation Research Proposal

… China's Role in Thailand/Cambodia Relation

Analyze the People's Republic of China's role in the Thailand-Cambodia border dispute.

The border between Cambodia and Thailand has long been a source of conflict between the two countries; much of the recent conflict has to do with Preah Vihear, a temple constructed by the Khmer in the 11th century. Though Cambodia has had legal control of Preah Vihear -- granted by the World Court -- since 1962, the border still remains a site of turmoil for the countries. The People's Republic of China (PRC) is playing an increasingly important role in Asia. Today the PRC has taken a permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council as well as other multilateral organizations and asserts its devotion to helping reduce…. [read more]

Social Impacts of the Khmer Rouge Term Paper

… Khmer Rouge & Cambodian Education


Murdering of Cambodian Teachers

Cambodian Children's Propaganda Song

Child Prostitution / Sex Slavery & Child Labor

Methods, Research Design & Analyses

Results, Discussion, Implications

What many people in the U.S. remember about events in Southeast Asia in the year 1975 is the hasty departure of American military personnel from Saigon. But there was another momentous event in Southeast Asia in that year; in fact, on April 17, 1975, the murderous troops of the communist Khmer Rouge took over Cambodia, and their entrance into the streets of Phnom Penh began a killing spree that took the lives of an estimated 1.7 million innocent people.

This bloodbath - known today…. [read more]

Chinese Migration to the United States a Dissection of the Push Pull Theory Term Paper

… Migration

Chinese Migration to the United States:

Dissection of the Push-Pull Theory

This report aims to provide insights into the historical shift of a large number of Chinese citizens' and their migration to the United States over the course of the past few centuries. The foundation of this work is based on the notion that all migration, whether it occurs on the local, national or international scale, usually occurs due to some combination of underlying factors of the philosophy of Push - Pull. For this report, Push Factors entail that some impelling reason such as demographic growth, low living standards, lack of economic opportunities, political repression, war, or even natural hazards or disasters made the people choose to leave their origin or host country. Pull…. [read more]

Blair Water Purifiers India Term Paper

… Blair Water Purifiers, India

There are two sets of key issues in the potential entry of Blair Company, Inc.', and its projected entry into the Indian consumer water purification market in India. The first set of issues involves the structure of the company. The second set of issues involves the positioning of the product in the market.

Concerning the issues of company structure, several alternates are possible. There are advantages and disadvantages to each of the three possibilities Chatterjee identified.

The first alternative was a joint working arrangement. If this manner of entry were chosen, the Indian company, to which Blair would supply key purifier components, would remit license fees to Blair for, typically, five years with an additional three-year renewal option.

In a joint…. [read more]

Indian Culture and the Dalit Essay

… The Indian caste system is a most exact example of cultural violence.

Social conflict perspective. Structural violence -- the forces that created and sustain the caste system in India -- is a phenomenon made manifest through social inequalities (Christie, 1997). The organizational structures of political and economic systems -- in fact, of every system within which marginalized people come in contact -- cause and sustain the sort of hierarchical relations that enable dramatic differences between and across sectors of societies. Within these hierarchies -- which are dramatically present in Indian castes -- the people at the top have privilege, wealth, and power, while those at the bottom of the hierarchy are dominated, oppressed, and exploited (Christie, 1997). People are harmed and killed as a result…. [read more]

Myth of Asian Miracle Critical Term Paper

… Counties such as Japan (and possibly China) have the fundamentals right and are expected to continue to grow although at a modest pace. Japan is already the second largest economy of the world and has the potential of competing with the best. The economic might is however not the same as political, economic and military might. Japan's economic growth is dependent on trade with the developed countries and on imported raw materials. Increasing oil prices will affect Japan more than many other developed countries of the west. United States political and military clout will give it preferential access to the energy resources required for development while countries such as Japan could be in a weaker position to meet their energy requirements for development. The favorable…. [read more]

Personal Statement Decide Term Paper

… Thus, for the past two years, I have studied the Public Policy Analysis at Pepperdine University. Over the course of one of my classes entitled "Roots of American Order," the Professor not only asked the class to read the "Federalists Papers" in their entirety, but to memorize the whole U.S. Constitution.

I am proud to add this accomplishment to a resume that also includes a recent summer internship aiding reporters at Maeil Business TV News Seoul, a Korean television financial news stations and financial companies and an internship with HIMC, a Hyundai Investment Trust Management Company in South Korea. Through this work I was able to glean a better understanding of the integral relationship of international law, the media, and the international economy, particularly the…. [read more]

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