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Secular Humanism Research Proposal

… Secular Humanism

The rise and influence of Secular Humanism in the 20th century


Brief Overview of the Antecedents of Secular Humanism

The Enlightenment and Renaissance

Political and Economic Factors

The Modern Era

Historical aspects; The Formalism of Secular Humanism

The Role of Science

Secularization in the West

Influential Thinkers

Secular Humanism in the Twentieth Century and its Crisis

The Influence of Secular Humanism

The phenomenon of secular humanism is a central facet of the constitution and character of contemporary Western culture and society. The modern development of this ideology or worldview has progressed from the humanism of the Enlightenment to the particle style of secular humanism that we find in the twentieth century. This cultural phenomenon became a dominant social and cultural force during…. [read more]

Business Scenario on Parent Company Fedex Thesis

… Business Scenanario on Parrent Company FedEx

The matter of manpower recruitment and training of the new staff members remains a pivotal component in FedEx's expansionist strategy within Kava. This chapter is focused on revealing the available courses of action in achieving the personnel desiderate and the selection of the most adequate solution with the aid of the cost-benefit analysis as a decision-making technique. The cost-benefit analysis is generally used with financial applications, but it can often be simplified in order to help the individual in making a decision. With the aid of this tool, managers are able to pin point and assess the limitations and advantages pegged to each available solution. The final decision is retrieved through the weighing of the importance of the costs…. [read more]

Business Scenario on Parent Company Fedex Thesis

… Business Scenanario on Parrent Company FedEx

Pacific Express in Kava

Setting the basis for the new Federal Express office in Kava is a more challenging task than initially assumed. For once, there is a growing need for a more organized and well structured logistics system -- this element is pivotal in any economic entity, but even more so with PacEx (Pacific Express), since delivering packages and general logistics represents the main focus of its business operations. Then, another issue is given by the necessity to train people, which is sadly expected to generate some shortages. The desire to train the indigenous population and introduce it to the concepts of organizational culture, as forwarded in the western parts of the globe, represents, in its essence, a…. [read more]

Strategic Management Case Analysis Thesis

… Strategic Management (Case Analysis)


Strategic Business Analysis of United Parcel Service

In this era of rapid technological change, the business community has undergone numerous mutations. Some of the most important changes refer to a growing focus on the human resources, intensified marketing efforts to overcome a competition that is fiercer than ever or sustained efforts in support of territorial expansion. Aside technological advancements however, the underlying element of all modifications has been constituted by the forces of globalization and market liberalization which allowed organizations to transcend boundaries, benefit from the comparative advantages of various global regions and register international revenues. But aside these gains however, a negative effect was obvious in the globalization of risks and losses, the most relevant example in this instance…. [read more]

Female Genital Mutilation and Violence Against Women Thesis



Violence against Women


While the population for this study is women worldwide, since gender violence is a matter for all women, that particular focus for this research is the topic of Female Genital Mutilation. Certain cultural pockets both in Africa and the Mid-East have practiced what is know culturally as female circumcision, but also now referred to as of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), usually by those who do not practice it. There are variations as to how and who performs these surgeries; frequently they are preformed without anesthesia and by unlicensed surgical practitioners, often by midwives or other family members. It is a tradition that usually goes back many generations and its origins are often quite difficult…. [read more]

Dietary Pagoda it Is Typically Believed Thesis

… ¶ … Dietary Pagoda

It is typically believed that Chinese foods are healthier than American fast food choices. However, when compared side by side, they are quite similar in terms of calorie content, fat content, and protein content. The following will review the nutritional content of a typical Chinese meal that one can get at any Chinese restaurant. The Chinese meal ordered was curry chicken over steamed rice with a side of wonton soup and a spring roll. For drink, I had green tea and water. This was followed by a fortune cookie.

Nutritional Content

Proportionally, the meal contained much more rice than anything else. The amounts of protein and vegetables appear to be much less than rice. Upon first glace, it would appear that…. [read more]

20th Century US Foreign Policy Research Proposal

… Truman in Hypothetical Crisis

As President Harry Truman faces the Russian missile crisis in Venezuela, the situation in the states is one of cautious alert. President Truman is known for his hard line position when it comes to the Russians (Brown, Seyom, 1994, p. 17). Truman believes in flexing his American Military muscle, and will stand up to the threat of Russian missiles in Venezuela. The Venezuelan's claim that they fear the United States has a goal of "regime change," for Venezuela. President Truman abandoned what was once a successful and mutually beneficial "good neighbor" policy between the United States and South American countries (Rabe, Stephen G., 1998, 1). This kind of approach to foreign affairs is not Truman's way. He is a president that…. [read more]

Voss 2001 Thesis

… ¶ … education, as an institution, moved toward a state of equilibrium?

The simple definition of institutions reveals that education has moved toward a state of equilibrium, and by this I mean that the definition of institution, and consequently the educational institution, has mutated along the years to include various and more complex features, such as the physical form of the institution, the rules and regulations that govern it or the generated outcomes. Their inclusion in a more comprehensive formulation suggests the achievement of equilibrium.

Then, the educational institutions tend to implement similar regulations, and the students, teachers and other players in the field have to obey these regulations. This then means that the expected outcome is similar to all students and teachers, meaning once…. [read more]

Poverty and Children in the U.S Term Paper

… Poverty and children in the U.S.

Today's world is marked by numerous changes, all affecting life as we once knew. Globalization, the excessive industrial revolution commenced two centuries ago, various technological advancements, economic growth, all change the world as well as the individual. The contemporaneous society is centred on consumerism and the American individual works up to 50 hours a week so he can buy more. This accelerated rate of consumerism destroys the planet and it destroys the developing countries where America has moved its natural extractions activities because U.S. is running out of them. The core of today's economy and society is the corporation which does not think in perspective nor does it care about the future of the planet. And the sad thing…. [read more]

NATO and the European Union the Cold Term Paper

… NATO and the European Union

The Cold War period represented an important time in the history of the European continent and in the development of the concept of security and the way in which it was dealt with at the level of the national security strategies. The bipolar system that succumbed following the fall of the Iron Curtain had established up to that point a security structure based on the alliance system, NATO and the Warsaw Pact. However, when the Pact no longer represented an adversary for the Northern Alliance, the major problem for NATO as well as for the European Union became obvious in the lack of threat such a construction must face. At the same time, the challenges facing the new, emerging, international…. [read more]

Market and Behavior Analysis in the Oil Term Paper

… Market and Behavior Analysis in the Oil Industry

According to a Council on Foreign Relations report published December 10, 2007, 'Oil prices went up as much as 40% in 2007, a change that rivals the historic price spikes of the 1970s oil embargo." (Johnson, 2007) Analysts are responding to the growing concerns about the high prices of oil which "rivals the historic price spikes of the 1970s oil embargo" and states that the "trend can no longer be explained simply by the increasing demand from countries like as China, India, and Russia." (Johnson, 2007) Johnson relates in the Council on Foreign Relations report that increasing speculation on the part of investors which are more diverse than traditionally combined with hedge funds, pension funds, and investment…. [read more]

Police Crisis Intervention Training Term Paper

… ¶ … philosophers have spouted doctrinal differences and a wide variety of theories that tend to relate such differences in more concrete terms. Currently many of these theories are still studied, discussed in a vigorous manner and espoused by many as the panacea of life itself. Differences seem to be along the lines of either the analytic viewpoints or the personal experience viewpoint. Analytics often has as its focus language, science and mathematics, while the personal experience viewpoint often focus' on the experiences the individual has throughout life, and especially the affects each experience has on that individual.

Phenomenology is among the theories espousing that personal experiences are the reason for living. In a recent book review on the Things Themselves: Phenomenology and the Return…. [read more]

Amazon.Com, and Projects Term Paper

… ¶ …, and projects whether or not the Amazon model will be as successful in the future. This paper then analyzes the case for the opposite type of e-commerce company, one based on very narrow or "walled" competitors.

Although Amazon's strategy today appears to be a winning strategy, this was not true for several years after Amazon's founding, a period during which it consumed massive amounts of capital. Now that Amazon is making significant profits and growing its top line, it is not clear that the Internet of five years ago will be the same as the Internet five years from now.

This paper will argue that Amazon's model must morph into a modern-day distribution business, similar to Sears Roebuck in the 1800's. It…. [read more]

Global Corporate Finance Term Paper

… Global Corporate Finance

With the breakdown of the Soviet Union and the apparition of new states on the world map, correlated with strong economic developments in countries formerly categorized as developing, new corporations from countries like Kazakhstan, Hungary, Vietnam or Poland began to play an important role on the international financial markets. The strong economic growth in their countries of origin and the underlying profitable economic returns that could be obtained pushed companies from developing countries to seek sources of finance outside their own countries in order to finance their businesses and speculate the current profitable economic conditions.

On the other hand, before the globalization phenomenon, their access to foreign and international capital would have been most likely either impossible or extremely difficult. However, globalization,…. [read more]

Attitude and Behavior Developmental Task Term Paper


There is an acknowledged identity crisis present in the African-American race due to the high rates of incarceration and low education achievements. The college environment serves to influence the development required in the self-identity transition toward the self-actualization of the individual in gaining a view of identity characterized by achievement. There is a delay in achievement associated with the failure to accept self or group identity. This work will illustrate that attitude is linked to talk development and behavioral adjustment which is part of the requirement for making the commitment for achievement in educational attainment. Principles of military discipline and leadership will also be reviewed…. [read more]

U.S. Foreign Policy Authors Lafeber, Offner Term Paper

… U.S. Foreign Policy

Authors LaFeber, Offner, Gaddis present revisionist ideas about the outbreak of Cold War in their works which are not widely recognized in the U.S.A. And Europe. According to their opinion, based on historical documents they provide, and conclusions made after analyzing those sources, the U.S.A. And Great Britain were also responsible for the outbreak of Cold War, as their strategy of foreign policy was short-eyed and in many respects lacked responsibility for future. LaFeber makes a clear point that the period of Cold War was a period of "Hot War" for third world countries, countries where ambitions and interests of both superpowers met. Starting from the war in Korea in 1950 and up to 1989 (the end of military campaign of Soviet…. [read more]

How Leadership Style and Characteristics Affect Business Success and Failure Term Paper

… ¶ … Leadership Style and Characteristics Affect Business Success and Failure

While the debate over nurture vs. nature continues, it is clear that some people appear to be "natural-born" leaders who are capable of motivating others to achieve far more than others. These leaders seem to possess the right combination of personality, vision and motivational skills and can use them to their maximum advantage in a wide variety of organizational settings. These leaders also have an enormously positive impact on an organization's bottom line, and it is not surprising that an increasing amount of research in recent years has been devoted to identifying what characteristics these leaders share and what they do that is so fundamentally different from ineffectual leaders. The purpose of this study…. [read more]

Financial Times in Today's Hyper-Competitive, Global Media SWOT

… Financial Times

In today's hyper-competitive, global media market, media organizations need to continually assess their current positioning, in the marketplace, in order to remain competitive and gain valuable market share in a mature market. Following is an analysis of Financial Times positioning. This includes: a SWOT analysis, PESTEL analysis, Michael Porter's Five Forces Analysis, Michael Porter's Generic Strategies, Michael Porter's Value Chain, the Boston Matrix, and the Ansoff Matrix, as tools.


Financial Times has several strengths that it has to draw upon in order to be competitive in the marketplace. They are as follows:

Strong brand name that has been a part of the media industry for generations

Solid, historic reputation for accurate information

First rise in circulation in four years, in April 2005,…. [read more]

Inequalities Rampant Among the Dod Term Paper

… Recently, according to one article surveyed, the principal director for equal opportunity at the DOD was present at an African-American History Month celebration at Tougaloo College, a black college, in order to "inform African-American students and minorities of military civil service opportunities" (Sample, 2003). The article points out that at present the current representation of African-Americans as officers within all branches in the military is only 8%, while representation in general is at 20% (Sample, 2003). This has proven a somewhat effective method thus far, as any candidate wants to know that the people recruiting them are going out of there way to meet them on their turf and in their environment.

Bowling (1995) notes in his observation that the Navy and other military branches…. [read more]

Nanotechnology All Manufactured Products Term Paper

… With a genetic disease, the nanobots would burrow into your DNA and repair the defective gene.

Power Storage: Nanotechnology could help build smaller and more efficient fuel cells to cleanly store energy.

New materials: By bonding a molecule with a nanoparticle, or single atom, scientists could create tubular fibers. When these fibers are threaded together and crystallized, they could act as metal, but 100 times stronger and four times lighter than steel.

Environment: Nanobots could manipulate the atoms in an oil spill and make it harmless. It could also purify the air in homes and office buildings.

Energy: Atoms bonded together could create a machine that converts water to hydrogen with the use of sunlight.

Military: Advanced forms of weaponry, electronic tracking devices.

NASA space…. [read more]

International Business: Nike Corporation Term Paper

… VIII. Competitors:

Nike Corporations Top Competitors are LaCrosse Footwear, Inc., Brown Shoe Company, Inc. And Candie's, Inc.

IX. Future Outlook:

Nike Corporation has reported a record in future sales for the company for the first quarter of 2005.


It is vital that Nike Corporation continue to make progress in reference to working conditions in the third-world country manufacturing plants as well as adjusting the labor costs to a range that is "fair" for the individuals employed by the Corporation. Nike shoes are traditional and are still the number one athletic shoe which, barring any disastrous public relations or business decisions on the part of Nike Corporation will likely be number one in the industry for some time to come.


Nike Reports First Quarter…. [read more]

Catholic Church in Spain Term Paper

… On the flip side however, rising attitudes of liberalism, republicanism, socialism, anarchism, and intellectual pluralism ensured a direct and stiff challenge to the once accepted view of the clergy that Spain was always a catholic nation and would be one always.

The author has divided the book into twenty-four chapters. There is an introduction that surveys the Church from 1808 to 1873, followed by which there is a critical examination of the Church and politics from the year 1874 which signals the restoration of the Bourbon monarchy until the year 1930 which brought about the fall of the Primo de Rivera dictatorship. There is also a brief description and analysis of a host of topics that comprise the religious organization, clerical demography, the size, positioning…. [read more]

Evolving Diversity: Packs a Punch Term Paper

… Intercultural marriages meant a combination of genes and a variety of genetic pools. Slowly the weak alleles began to be removed and a more superior gene pool arose. What Hitler tried to achieve through the annihilation of a race we have achieved through simple acceptance. We assimilated and thus thrived.

Coming to the contemporary times we must once again reassemble our notions. So far in the past we have seen conflict and then resolution. Sociologists will tell us that this is a usual state of affairs. In a changing society conflict arises and then certain forces act to resolve that conflict. When we decided to abolish slavery the Southern States believed that their monetary advantages far outweighed the rights of the African-Americans. The Northern states…. [read more]

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