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Analyzing Corporate Governance Case Study

… ¶ … organizational governance case study of former energy company, Enron Corporation.


Interstate pipeline corporation, Enron was engaged in the business of supplying power to utilities ever since its establishment in the year 1985. An InterNorth-Houston Natural Gas merger led to its founding. In the next two decades, the corporation quickly developed into the world's largest energy company. By the end of the 20th century, the company ranked amongst the leading global electricity, communications, and natural gas companies as well as among the most admired companies across the globe (Skilling v. United States, 2010). As competition grew in the years that followed its establishment, the company decided to invest in international markets and diversify, in order to retain its position in the market. However,…. [read more]

Corporate Governance of Finances Case Study

… corporate governance fiasco.

It is the incentives to act in accordance with principles of good government that are at the heart of issues with independent directors. The company had a majority independent Board of Directors and the obvious question arises as to how things could go so badly in this type of regulatory environment (Kumar, Paul, and Sapkota 2011 3). Despite this, Indian companies, information in Indian companies is closely held. Therefore, the companies seem to lack the proper disclosure and other governance requirements that might seem to be normal to Western eyes. With no clear understanding of their role, it is no wonder that they would fail in a regulatory role (ibid. 4).

So, this raises the question of why the auditors did not…. [read more]

Corporate Governance in Harris Scarfe Essay

… Some of the firm's senior management such as the executive chairman and Mr. Daniel Francis McLaughlin were charged with allowing these financial irregularities to be carried out in the company. Even though McLaughlin was a respected and hardworking executive, he failed to provide truthful financial information to the board in his monthly reports. Together with other top executives, he failed to act honestly in exercising his powers and carrying out his duties in a manner that exhibited good faith in the best interests of the firm.

Relationship between the Board and Other Corporate Stakeholders:

Before the collapse of Harris Scarfe, its evident that the relationship between the board and other corporate stakeholders was poor. The board basically provided false information that they received from the…. [read more]

Disney Australia Management Case Study

… At Disney, the employees share common beliefs and thoughts, respect the minorities, and strictly avoid gender or cultural harassment with coworkers (Trevino & Nelson, 2010). All the employees and cast members are directed towards common goals of their organization; to do business profitably, grow competitively, and contribute towards the social welfare of the society in which it operates (Davidson, Simon, Woods, & Griffin, 2009). The workforce is directed to show deep concern and respect to the customers, guests, and audiences of the Company. Together as the Disney Team, the employees and Cast members are committed to be a genuine reason for smiles and laughter of the society members.

6. Human Resource Management

The Walt Disney Company Australia believes that its employees play an essential role…. [read more]

Corporate Social Responsibility and Transnational Essay

… Charitable organizations on the local level are supported be adding individuals and families to their support network. Disable people and elderly can get the support of Primark. Another social responsibility they took in consideration is that they work with a local job centre and help the people to get trained and get better jobs along with some financial help as well. Primark take the responsibility with the help of their facilitators of environmental impact and introduced a regulation for this purpose ("Corporate Social Responsibility").

Microsoft works with a small team they call Citizenship team for all the CSR activities. Citizenship leaders work with citizenship team and provide them the leads on issues for the development and betterment of local communities. NGOs, governments and a wide…. [read more]

Corporate Governance in Australia Term Paper

… Corporate Governance in Australia

Australia Corporate Responsibility and Corporate Governance

The proper governance of companies will become as crucial to the world economy as the proper governing of countries... strong corporate governance produces good social progress. The two go together." James Wolfensohn, President of the World Bank (qtd in Detomasi, 2002)

Economic prosperity is a product of a strong collaboration between the investors and the government. Both local and foreign investors need an assurance of their security and protection of interests from the government. A call for a responsible corporate governance in return yields a rewarding economic stability that eventually contributes to the country's progress.

Corporate governance and responsibility of a particular country are measured up by international investors in order to protect their interests,…. [read more]

Corporate Governance and Ethical Responsibility Essay

… DoRight should have taken measures to oversee that the illegal practices and negligence on the part of the medical practitioners did not continue.

Utilitarianism Principle and its Application to the Ethical Dilemma of Dr. Do Right

Utilitarianism is constituted on the power to anticipate the outcomes of an action. Ridley A., 1998.

To a Utilitarian the option that bears the greatest welfare to the most people is the ethically correct choice. The benefit emanating from this theory is that a proponent can evaluate similar solutions predicated and use that which, in his/her evaluation, yields the most benefits to the most people.

Utilitarianism is based on rationality and logic to arrive at a solution that yields most benefits to the most people Ridley A., 1998.

In…. [read more]

Lufthansa Structure and Governance Essay

… "

No commercial banks would lend Lufthansa the money, and only one state-owned bank stepped up, allowing the airline to hobble along for a little bit longer. Because for all of its history to that point Lufthansa had been a state-owned company, observers both inside and out the organization had never truly considered the possibility that it might go under, and as a result serious, systemic problems were allowed to go unchecked. Without the threat of failure posed to private companies, Lufthansa essentially "got soft," and acted as if it need not worry about the political and economic factors influencing its competitors.

However, all was not lost, and the newly elected Weber recognized the severity of the situation. Together with Lufthansa's Executive and Supervisory boards,…. [read more]

Sociology -- Human Services Governance Essay

… After working for a decade of this incident, Canadian Blood Services has been successful to a great extent in regaining the faith of Canadian's in their blood supply. According a marketing research conducted by Ipsos Reid in 2007, it was found out that eight three percent of the Canadian general public now trust the Canadian Blood Services which was only fifty six percent in 1998.

Kumanan Wilson, who is an expert in the Canadian Public Health Policy, wrote in an issue of Canadian Medical Association Journal, in 2007 that "The reformed blood system has regained public confidence and has even received high marks from the group representing the primary victims of the tainted blood tragedy (Abecassi et al., 2007)."

The "Canadian Hemophilia Society" also awarded…. [read more]

General Motors Company Case Study

… The departments in the headquarters and regional offices of General Motors have an effective reporting and communication system through which all types of information flows through a defined chain of command. It makes the whole organizational structure of the company fully functional and centralized.

5. Leadership and Motivation

The managers at General Motors use both transformational and transactional leadership styles to lead, motivate, and encourage their subordinates effectively. Using transactional leadership styles, the managers ensure that every employee at General Motors works with full commitment and dedication towards the achievement of his assigned targets or fulfillment of normal job responsibilities. They use both intrinsic and extrinsic motivational techniques to keep the morale and satisfaction of these employees at the highest level (Rowley & Jackson, 2010).…. [read more]

Organization Analysis Analysing Organisation Essay

… The conversion of inputs into outputs is how any company's main task gets accomplished and the company design is usually around this tasks Wijnhoven, 2003.

Therefore each department within the company gets its design from its specific subtask. A company has integrated and yet differentiated units that are based on these three factors technology, time and geographical location. Reduction in the number of conflicts is achieved if the departments are integrated and differentiated effectively within the company and thus the company effectively gets its design around the main task Zorab & Lloyd, 1995()

As all the departments within Compulyzed Telecommunications will be integrated and differentiated there will be fewer conflicts between the various employees in these departments. Conflicts within Compulyzed Telecommunications arise from the fact…. [read more]

Corporate Conduct Global Corporations Essay

… The experience that the UN has in this area makes it a practical alternative to establishing some type of international guidelines for global corporate conduct.

The major disadvantage of this type of mechanism is the type and extent of the control that the UN might attempt to exert over multinational corporations. If the UN tries to have too much control over these corporations the end result might be the stifling of the corporations and their ability to be profitable. The UN has also had its fair a share of scandal as it relates to some of the leaders receiving kickbacks. As such the UN might not be the most qualified party to handle the responsibility of monitoring the conduct of multinational corporations.

State and National…. [read more]

Strategic Management KFC Holdings (Malaysia) Case Study

… Operations a third enable products and services to be provided to the consumers and hence it is a value creating activity that involves activities such as maintaining stock level and operating the businesses in accordance with the operating hours.

Outbound logistics a third stage in the value chain is main concerned with the delivery of products to clients, KFCH could add value by making home delivery of meals, bakery products and feed mills it can further gain competitive advantage by offering parking facilities for its restaurant clients.

Sales and marketing- KFCH can use radio, TV networks and local newspaper to reach its consumer and hence will be able to reach its consumers promptly. These activities can also act as value destroying as will be keen…. [read more]

Cohousing: A Model for Australia Essay

… On the other hand, new models have developed in the United States, which have reduced risks, costs, and resident involvement (McCamant & Charles, 1994).

Developers have shown an increased interest in financing and building cohouses both speculatively and in partnership with prospective residents (Durrett, 2005). In addition, residents are forming their own cohousing communities in current neighborhoods through creating communal facilities, taking down fences, and assuming responsibility for general maintenance and management. In the recent decade, the percentage of communities opting to retrofit or tear down existing barriers such as fences to create a community space has tripled. For future prospects, McCamant and Charles (1994) wrote:

"The cohousing concept is as much a process for developing housing as it is a new housing type…The cohousing…. [read more]

Integrated Corporate Communication Dissertation

… Integrated Corporate Communication and Corporate Communication

Reflective Analysis Report

Integrated Corporate Communication (ICC) and Corporate Communication (CC) are the major communications and business developments of recent time, could be described as a millennial approach to business. While both have their history in marketing, they are more than simply communications or marketing approaches, but describe a synergistic management approach, in which communication is paramount. The idea that all of a corporation's public interactions helped shape its brand and its reputation led to the development of CC, which required approaching every potential interaction as an advertising opportunity, and reinforcing the brand at each of those opportunities. When the internet exploded, and it was no longer feasible for corporations to keep their internal communications from becoming external communications,…. [read more]

Vertical Farming in Singapore Research Proposal

… With vertical farming, we can also rule out the occurrence of poor harvests due to weather problems such as floods and drought (Venter 2010, P. 105). The production of the crop can also be done all year round as it is taking place in a controlled environment (Hopkins & Goodwin 2011, P. 228). This to a significant extent increases the quantity of the food produced since the seasons are eliminated. These are all steps towards the ultimate goal of producing enough food for the expanding population.

In the process of increasing production, vertical farming also serves to restore the balance in the natural ecosystem. It utilizes a system where water is constantly recycled (Venter 2010,P 106). This way, loss of water through runoff is avoided.…. [read more]

International Financial Markets and Institutions Essay

… International Financial Markets and Institutions

During the past decades, a trend of increased volume and mobility of capital flows has been observed in the global financial markets. According to a rough estimate, global GNPs annual value is now less than financial transactions' volume in all the financial markets of the world. Increase in financial mobility can be attributed as a result as well as cause of the increased financial integration of the economy of the world. Increased financial integration also plays a vital role in creating an impact on the domestic financial markets. Some powerful economies' governments held negotiations among themselves so as to focus on the policy stances of each other with regard to interest rate, monetary and the exchange rate.

In earlier years,…. [read more]

External Auditing Essay

… External Auditing UK

Modern corporations are run by directors and managers, who are essentially investing the funds of investors. These managers owe a fiduciary duty to the investors, but as far back as Adam Smith it was recognized that managers could not be expected to treat the money of others with the same care that they would treat their own. Thus, it has been recognized for 275 years that some degree of corporate governance must be built into the management structure of modern corporations.

Corporate governance in the United Kingdom, at least with respect to firms traded on the London Stock Exchange, is based on the Combined Code. The code is based on the Code of 1998, with input from other codes and reports, dating…. [read more]

Strategic Positioning Essay

… DD has options before it. First, it should privatize, second it should remain purely public service broadcaster and third, a middle path. The challenge seems to be achievable as DD's immense potential and emerge as a key player in the mass media.

i. What is the best option, in your view, for DD?

ii. Analyze the SWOT factors the DD has.

iii. Why do you think that the proposed alternative is the best?


(i) For several years Doordarshan was the sole broadcaster of television programmes in India. After the opening of the sector to the private entrepreneur (cable and satellite channels), the market has seen major changes. The number of channels has come into the market and the quality of programmes has improved, backed…. [read more]

Successful the Business Essay

… Over time, Paddy matures to take on an increasingly heavy load of responsibilities yet never falters in looking at how to create shared value with the primary, secondary and key stakeholders throughout the value chain of the business. Ultimately, he emerges as a transformational leader after passing through some very significant challenges, and could be credited with saving the company as a result. Making himself accountable to the board of directors, creating more focus on his results and not his ties to relatives, frees him to excel and earn trust yet also puts him in a very vulnerable position. Yet the stakeholders rally around him and see that finally the family has been able to separate business to internal bickering and vicious politics, and he…. [read more]

Liberating Entrepreneurial Energy Continental AG in De Wit and Meyer Essay

… Liberating Entrepreneurial Energy @ Continental AG in De Wit & Meyer

Continental Case Study

The business environment that characterizes the world's economy encourages and somewhat forces entrepreneurs to develop innovative solutions to the necessities and demands of the customers they intend to serve. As a consequence, innovation becomes extremely important in creating competitive advantage. The use of innovation by entrepreneurship is intended to sustain the growth of corporations.

Corporate entrepreneurship is acknowledged as the process used by individuals inside organizations in pursuing opportunities without taking into consideration the resources they possess at that moment. Technology plays a very important role in this process, given the fact that entrepreneurial managers connect small pieces of technological knowledge in order to respond to customers' problems, requests, and needs…. [read more]

Toyota) Strategic Implementation Essay

… "

Their efforts paid off. Consumer Reports surveys once again rate the quality of Toyota to be at the top of the heap whilst a recent study by Experian found that Toyota had regained the top spot in Corporate Loyalty for the first time since the third quarter of 2009. Sales globally, too, are booming and reports indicate that Toyota seems to stand by its promise of focusing on quality as opposed to quantity and on reversing its errors.

The implementation of a strategy is one of the most important parts of the strategic management process. Most of the strategies tend to fail because of the poor implementation. In the case of Toyota, their strategies succeeded precisely because they articulated them clearly and definitively, implemented…. [read more]

Leadership Behavioral Approach Essay

… Steve has built solid leadership credential by making Apple to enjoy continuous growth. Based on the rate Steve has revitalized Apple, the paper has confirmed that the following hypothesis is positive.

Hypothesis 1: Leadership behaviour relates relate positively to organizational performance and employees' positive attitudes.


The paper reviews leadership behaviors and approaches common to the organisations. By comparing alternative leadership theories, the paper has been able to assess the validity and utility of these theories with reference to the behaviors of leaders at Apple Computers. The paper develops a hypothesis, and the hypothesis is tested positive after analyzing the critical incident to judge the leadership performance.

List of References

Bass, B., & Bass, R. (2008). The Bass handbook of leadership: Theory, research, and managerial…. [read more]

Sustainability of Forest Logging in Tasmania AUS Essay

… Sustainability of Forest Logging in Tasmania, Australia

This is a case study about the sustainability problems of the ongoing logging actions taking place in Tasmania, Australia. The case study focuses on the current situation of logging in Tasmania and reasons why it is becoming more and more of an urgent sustainability issue. The major players in the industry are identified and examined as well as relevant policy and policy issues, including problems within its governance structures and an analysis of how to fix the governance problems. The final sections of the case study will offer insights into what needs to be done to remedy the situation and recommendations concerning how to achieve these remedies. The research strategy was to focus on certain key areas of…. [read more]

Strategic Leadership Mckinsey 7s Model Essay

… , 2011).

Throughout the virtually 5-month problem in the Gulf coastline, BP was required to relocate in between Advocacy and Lodging in order to work its escape of the disagreement it discovered itself into. If we were to look at the list of aspects from Cameron's list we would see that BP was had an effect on more by the exterior elements than internal elements. Particularly we can see that Social Environment, The External Public, and the Problem under Concern elements were affecting them even more than anything (Harlow et al., 2011).

As the crisis started, BP was on the side of Advocacy. The company defended the problem at hand and worked to an option. As option after option fell short and the general public…. [read more]

Employee's Rights to Health Essay

… " (nd)

Laws that are "written, adopted and enforced by governments are designed in part, to protect such rights and enforce these kinds of duties. But the deontologist claims that even in these cases, the law is not creating the rights and duties. These were there all along. The law is simply codifying these rights and duties in an enforceable way." (Grush, nd) For Kant the ethical regulation defines the duty of all people and the rights of all people and states, "we all have the duty to treat all people with respect." (nd) Kant holds that these core duties and rights "are duties for all and rights held by all." (Grush, nd) Grush writes that in many cases utilitarian views and deontological principles result…. [read more]

UK Public Limited Company Vodafone Essay

… Policies on regulation include restrictions to engage in anti-corporate business associations, production effectiveness and quality maintenance, together with how to handle clients and employees in the market. For instance, one of the regulations ensures that the company has lived within the precepts of customer preferences and tastes in the market.

Policies on regulation serve the Vodafone PLC in various ways. Production efficiencies are ensured under regulatory policies. The policies enable Vodafone PLC to coexist with other producers and competitors in the market. With regulation polices, the company manages to access its steps of production without having to derail on services and products from its competitors in the market. Moreover, profit accrual is essential as it does well when policies of regulation are directed at bringing…. [read more]

1998 Dupont Spin Off Essay

… ("Conoco Company History," 2011)

Table 3: Revenues of Conoco Phillips from 2008 to 2010


Revenues (in millions of dollars)


$198.6 billion


$152.3 billion


$246.9 billion

("2010 Annual Report," 2010)

When you compare these figures with the ones that were presented in table 2, the purchase of Conoco helped to increase Phillip's earning by over 100%. This is an indication that if DuPont officials had maintained their stake in Conoco, their earnings would have increased dramatically. Where, the company has seen total revenues of $32.7 billion in 2010, which is considerably lower than what Conoco Phillips earned during this time. As a result, this alterative choice should have been selected due to the fact that oil prices have fallen to their lowest…. [read more]

Skills That a Forensic Accountant Essay

… This meant identifying who was involved and where the funds from investors were sent. When this was taking place, actuaries were working with individuals who had knowledge of the scheme. (Wright, 2011)

At the same time, they were concentrating on recovering funds for investors who were defrauded by Stanford. This helped to build a case against him and locate individuals that are beneficiaries of his activities. Once this occurred, is when actuaries were able to introduce evidence and insights to demonstrate how these actions were deliberately planned. (Wright, 2011)

During Stanford's trial, he continued to claim how he was the victim of an over aggressive prosecutor. However, when the jury returned their verdict, is the point that he was convicted of running the scheme. This…. [read more]

Smakey Dog Foods Essay

… For example, if the auditor failed to uncover something that the company purposely hidden, then the firm might argue that they performed their duties to the best of their abilities and would not incur legal liability.

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