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Analyzing the Erm Developments Research Paper

… ERM Developments

According to "The Economist Intelligence Unit," one of the primary reasons for financial crisis is not being able to achieve success in risk management. A process by the name, Enterprise risk management is utilized by organizations for identification of negative events along with provision of strategies for risk management. This process is amongst the different approaches recommended to defend against the different complexities caused by firm's risks. The risks faced by organizations can be rated and seen wholly owing to the basics and language developed by the integrated framework of, COSO's (Committee of Sponsoring Organizations involving the Treadway Commission) Enterprise Risk Management. Enterprise Risk Management can help handle effectively uncertainties along with any risks and opportunities associated. The value addition capacity is enhanced…. [read more]

Contemporary Financial Management Research Paper

… ¶ … Financial Management

Roles and objectives of financial management

Financial management refers to the organizing, planning, controlling and directing of finance for proper utilization of a company's funds. It also refers to the general management principles applied to the financial resources of a company Paramasivan C., 2009.

Financial management will play a critical role in the contribution towards the company's goals achievement of reducing costs and improving the financial position.

The objectives of financial management are to ensure there is adequate and regular funds supply for the enterprise. This means the company's finances must be well budgeted to ensure that proper planning is done and funds are availed when needed. The next objective is maximizing profits. Financial management has to ensure there is an…. [read more]

Wireless Electricity Research Paper

… Wireless Electricity

Wireless Transmission of Electricity

The Nature of wireless Transmission

The dynamic and evolving world presents humanity with the increasing need to modify the environment and resources in order to adapt to these emerging situations. Electricity is part and parcel of human life and its transmission is normally one of the most important factors in question. While electricity has always been transmitted through wires since its discovery, a new technology is emerging which can effectively eliminate the need to use wires in the transmission of electricity. Indeed, Wireless Energy Transmission is becoming a much interesting area of study for most researchers in the field. It is basically a method of delivering electric power from the source to the end-use product without the use of…. [read more]

Achieve the Strategic Objectives by Integrating Key Literature Review

… ¶ … achieve the strategic Objectives by integrating Key Risk Indicators in Corporate Performance Management?

The objective of this study is to assist management in the development of effective key risk indicators (KRIs) to heighten board and management enterprise risk awareness in order to increase the effectiveness of an ERM process and improve execution of an organization's strategy through the corporate performance management. This study will attempt to find gaps in the literature review in this topic and fill it with critical and unique ideas. The target area in this study is the government sector.

Difference in KPIs and KRIs

The work of Beasley, Branson, and Hancock (2010) notes that it has come to the attention of Boards of Directors that they have a great…. [read more]

Change Management -- a Case Term Paper

… For instance, lack of a communication between each person in the customer relationship chain can cause a system to paint an incomplete picture of the customer.

Poor communication can result in technology being implemented without proper support or buy-in from users (Deck, 2001). For example, if a sales team does not believe in the system's benefits, they may fail to input the type of demographic data that necessary for the program's success.

One Fortune 500 company failed to successfully implement a CRM system because its sale force resisted its efforts to share customer data.

Theoretical Perspectives, Concepts and Practices Involved in Implementing a CRM

In today's global economy, it has become increasingly difficult to manage customer relationships in any type of business. For telecommunications companies,…. [read more]

Database Modeling and Normalization Entity Research Paper

… First, the firm can face the security risks because external penetrators could take advantages of the loopholes in the database to steal sensitive data that might cost the firm several million of dollars.

The financial risk is other risk that the firm might face. If all developmental phases are not well performed, an external penetrator can use the advantages to steal sensitive government data that could affect the company credibility. The issue might make the firm to lose major customers. The firm might also face the legal risks that could make the firm to pay large sum of money as damages.

1.3: Selection and Ranking 5 Entities Required for the Development of the Data Repositories.

The entities that the firm needs to be used for…. [read more]

Friend by Any Other Name Essay

… Deborah identifies so closely with her new friend because she sees the two of them as being essentially the same. They like each other because they are like each other. Alexander, in contrast, describes his friendship more in terms of what he likes to do with friends, rather than any acknowledgement that he and his friends are in fact like each other in terms of anything as personal as character or personality.

Both Alexander and Deborah describe themselves as having good friends who are important to their lives, but they describe these friendship in very different ways. What they do not seem to be aware of is the fact that their approach to friendship reflects not only their own personalities and emotional inner landscapes but…. [read more]

Business Risks Essay

… This strategy lists all known risks that may be existent in that particular work environment and tehn checks off to see whether those risks apply in the particular work environment in question and / in a particular situation

Risk charting -- This method involves and integrates all the previous methods by listing all these possible risks to the organization and the preventative and mitigating factors to these risks. The method is worked from either end: one can start with the organization's resources and identify possible risks and then assess mitigating factors, or one can start with the threats and identify susceptible resources. Alternately, one can begin with an outcome-based situation identifying the factors that may cause these adverse circumstances (Dorfman, 2007)..

Risks are worked out…. [read more]

Growth Aided by Data Warehousing Term Paper

… This is intended to form one rational conclusion and to also gain benefits from important information regarding the current operation of the organization. (Hackathorn,1995;Wallace,1994a). These current operations can also be contrasted and evaluated in terms of the old existing data, and alongside, predictions as to future operations and about new business procedures can be developed and also new systems can be planned out to sustain these processes. (FairHead, 1995; Hackathorn, 1995; Ricciuti, 1994a; Smith, 1995d; Wallace, 1994a; Weinberg, 1995a).

These date warehouses can also store huge amounts of past data and corporate data that most companies use as potential data for important businesses. (Bull, 1995b; Brown, 1995; Cafasso, 1994d; Eckerson, 1993b; Hackathorn, 1995; Lisker, 1994; Nash, 1995c; Smith, 1995f; Wallace, 1994a). Another advantage of these…. [read more]

ERP and Information Security Term Paper

… Creating a new business department.

Entering new market or industry.

In other words, this ever going maintenance of the ERP systems results into resource drain.

One of the latest audit program conducted on various SAP systems identified that the SAP systems are instrumental in providing software management resources for financial management functions like (purchasing, accounts payable and receivable, general ledger) and human resource management processes which include project management and employee management - team management. However, it is claimed in a recent audit of Gartner that security risks in SAP systems are high mainly because of intervention causing vulnerability to these highly important and confidential assets of data. Following were the significant results of the audit:

Purchasing resource utility does not have proper filtering or…. [read more]

History Education Term Paper

… Theories


Methods and Techniques

A Specific Method


Results for the Same

Examples of Voices Singing a Canon

The Project Life Cycle

Project Management Puzzle Parts

Map of More and Less Developed Countries

Criteria for LDCs

Selected Economic and Social Indicators for LDCs (2005)


"Great music is in a sense serene; it is certain of the values it asserts."

-Rebecca West (Simpson)

Contrary to the consensus some students purport, a thesis does not constitute a torture tactic designed by professors to traumatize students. In fact, according to Teitelbaum (1), "The thesis paper, when carefully assigned and conscientiously done, has definite value." Professors usually assign the thesis paper as a major component of a course requirement. The researched…. [read more]

Physical Exertion Related to Walking on Level Term Paper

… ¶ … Physical Exertion Related to Walking on Level and Inclined Planes

An Analysis of Relative Physical Intensity Rates Related to Stride Requirements for Level and Inclined Planes as Measured by a Pedometer

Developing the skills needed to graphically interpret statistical data is not all that difficult; researchers can even use simple tools to help develop insightful analyses concerning a wide range of activities that involve walking. For example, although pedometers are simply "devices, often worn on the belt and kept on all day, usually portable and electronic, which count each step a person makes" (Pedometer 1), a reasonable estimate of the relative physical intensity required to walk a given number of steps in a set amount of time on level vs. inclined surfaces can…. [read more]

Spain and the European Union Term Paper

… Spain and the European Union

Why did Spain join the European Union? What was the criterion that Spain possessed that the European Union found sufficient enough for it to allow Spain's entry into the European Union? In order to answer these questions, an overview of the European Union and its functions and aims has to be studied at the outset. The European Union has recognized that trade is the one method by which the poorer countries of the world would be able to better themselves, and it does all it can to encourage trade and exports between the poor countries of the world. (Europa, the Gateway to the European Union)

The European Union also offers aid to poorer and developing countries all over the world,…. [read more]

Comparative and Contrasting Study of Two International Entrepreneurs Henry Ford and Adolf Hitler Term Paper

… ¶ … International Entrepreneurs: Henry Ford and Adolf Hitler

Today, given their impact on the generations that followed, it is reasonable to suggest that two of the most influential individuals of the 20th century were Henry Ford and Adolf Hitler. While they were clearly at diametrically opposite ends of the morality pole, Ford and Hitler both nevertheless managed to epitomize their respective types of entrepreneurialism according to their unique time and place in history. In this regard, Baldwin (2001), reports that, "If a person were summoned from the waiting room into Hitler's private office, he would be somewhat taken aback to see hanging on the wall beside the massive desk a large portrait of Henry Ford -- Why here? And why now, ten years before…. [read more]

Resistance to Change Organizational Culture and Climate Research Paper

Currently, Space Electronics leaders are divided on what direction to take. None of the senior managers except for Byron seem to realize the severity of the situation Space Electronics faces. If no change is taken and the company does not take on these projects, it will stand to lose far more than it would if it retained the status quo. Those concerned about employee layoffs need only to shift their thinking to embrace a new direction that focuses on transformational leadership that empowers members of the research and development teams to contribute knowledge about how to better allocate resources, cutting costs and liberating funds to fulfill the promising new contracts. Both a change management and an organizational climate approach can help Space Electronics…. [read more]

Enterprise Risk Management the Difference Research Paper

… Innovators who introduced risks management might have espoused this bold step. Its failure was expensive to corporations and to the field of risk management (Damodaran, 2008). With the rise of enterprise risk management, traditional risk managers have been pushed into a broad spectrum of risk analysis like financial risk management coupled with other risk analysis forms.

An analysis of two recommendations in the report

This section shows why organizations must determine risk response strategies and develop effective internal communication and reporting protocols. Risk response strategies refer to the approaches used to deal with risks identified and quantified. This element states that risks must be evaluated in terms of their probability and impacts. This must be done a manner that enables organizations to rank risks in…. [read more]

Organizations Promoting Business Ethics Article Review

… Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac played a key role in the housing market plunder, as they provided mortgage loans that failed to be in conformity with established standards (Hume, 2004).

The executive officers of Fannie Mae were unethical in regard to providing false information to the state regarding subprime loans. Consequently, both major investors and the general public had trust and conviction that it was less risky as compared to other prospective investment choices. The adverse effect of these unethical practices is that there was an unrelenting increase in housing credit, which facilitated the sustained expansion of the mortgage housing market up until its unexpected and precocious collapse. This adversely impacted numerous citizens. This is largely for the reason that in the course of…. [read more]

Supply Chain Management Hypothesis Thesis

… It requires the total dedication from organization within which it SCM implementation is being planned. SCM "expands the scope of the organization being managed beyond the enterprise level to include interorganizational relationships." (Strader et al., 1999)

Supply chain depends heavily on the relationships that organizations can develop and sustain through personal interactions and using the latest technology. Earlier studies in SCM focused on identifying the supply chain network (SCN) developed by organizations. Later, studies focused on supply chain demands, supply chain operation and information sharing. In the present organizational environment, competitive advantages are not just single company or organization-based. Rather, they are supply chain based. (Muralidharan et al., 2002)

There are many independent models within the SCM methodology. Each of these deserve discussion. Some of…. [read more]

Medical Malpractice Thesis

… ¶ … Health Care Organization Risk Management

The objective of this study is the identification of the role of risk management in health care organizations and how this role relates to the process across the entire health care spectrum. This work will also examine the impact of risk management on health care costs, staffing and capability as well as examine the impact of risk management on health care costs, staffing and capability. Furthermore this work seeks to examine risk management in regards to the government regulatory environment and to identify strategies and make recommendations for implementation of the risk management process. Finally, this work intends to examine the impact of the risk management process on health care policy-making.

Health Care Risk Management

Health care risk…. [read more]

Applied Game Theory Research Proposal

… Risk Tolerance and the Prisoner's Dilemma

High Tolerance and Low Tolerance Risk-Taking Profile and Cooperator/Defector Prediction in the Prisoner's Dilemma

Theoretical Section

Data/Information from Previous research

Annexes - Storyboard

Risk tolerance refers to the amount of risk one feels comfortable with in their business transactions. Everyone has a different risk tolerance profile. Some feel comfortable throwing caution to the wind and are not afraid of the consequences as long as there is great potential for gain. Others are not willing to take even a small risk, preferring stability even if it means little gain. A certain amount of entrepreneurial risk is necessary when entering into a new market. Risk assessment tests are available to assess the level of risk with which one feels comfortable.

The…. [read more]

Time Management at Rescare Inc Essay

… Training can be very costly and having well designed training programs can save an organization time and resources.

Furthermore, if the program is effective and the employees gain the appropriate work skills then this adds substantial value to the organization in terms of human capital. Therefore the measure of any training program go far beyond the just the time and money involved with having the employee go through the training. The costs associated with training programs themselves only represent a small fraction compared to the benefits to the organization that stand the likelihood of being achieved through training and skill development.

Training effectiveness is generally designed around some desired outcome. Therefore the desired outcome can be compared against the actual outcome in most circumstances. However,…. [read more]

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