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Decision Analysis System Computers Research Paper

… These solutions do not only analyse the data at a place but also eliminate the data extraction requirement by cutting off the network traffic. It also reduces the rate of risks present in duplicating and converting the required business data (?eref et al., 2008).

Spreadsheet program can easily be overpowered by large amount of data files as this program does not possess client/server design. Spreadsheet does not also support the transferring, duplicating as well as importing data to PCs for the further analysis (?eref et al., 2008).


Variety of programs and software are used by various firms to collect data in many different formats. However a unique analytical tool must be used to in order to make decision-making process more effective. That analytical tool…. [read more]

Virtualization Technologies Research Paper

… ¶ … Virtualization Technologies

Virtualization refers to a methodology of partitioning the resources of a computer into different implementation environments particularly within data centers. This is achieved through application of one or more technologies such as software and hardware partitioning, quality service, emulation, time sharing, complete or partial machine simulation amongst other applications Golden, 2007.

The use of virtualization technology for high performance technology computing applications is however limited despite existing potential for providing resource guarantees to its users and improving resource utilization. The wide spread usage of virtual technology include server consolidation, supporting multiple operating systems, system migration, secure computing platforms and kernel development and debugging. It is important to note that though the usage of virtualization technology may present similar operating environments to…. [read more]

Technology Decision Making Effect Essay

… Technology has seen the old methods of heaped files being overtaken by computerized records. This has also reduced the physical space that was being occupied by these files. The manual work of arranging these files is long gone. Technology through online patient management has seen both patients and doctors keep up with the vast information that sometimes compromises a patient's medical history and current position (Greenes 2009). Management systems encourage the updates of patient's information on an everyday basis while allowing their doctors to monitor these updates. Technology has also allowed remote monitoring of patients. There have been cases of cardiovascular patients being monitored through online receiving systems.

Cases of people reporting to remote clinics for assistance during emergencies and being given medicine that they…. [read more]

Technology on Health Care Services Essay

… This development has had positive impacts on health care delivery because of its huge benefits.

Some of the major benefits of health information technology on delivery of care services include reduction of paperwork and workload of caregivers, enhancing administrative efficiencies, and expanding the affordability and access of health care services (Jamal, McKenzie & Clark, 2009). In addition, these technologies are effective in preventing clinical errors through the enforcement of care protocols and clinical guidelines.

Factors that Influence the Growth of Technology in the Health Care Field:

As technological advances have become common in the health care field, there are various factors that affect or influence in medical care. Some of these factors include:

Consumer Demand:

Innovation in the health care sector is influenced by consumer…. [read more]

Technology for Management Essay

… Technology in Management

The Fargus Benevolent Fund is a regional specialty insurance company providing weekly-premium health insurance primarily to lower-income customers. They currently operate on a large mini-computer system that they have had for 18 years (with upgrades). All computing is handled at the home office where the mini resides. Agents in multiple cities keep many records themselves in paper ledgers and periodically mail or fax reports to the home office. The system tracks customers, payments and benefits and also performs organizational administrative computing such as payroll, commission tracking, GL and AP. The mini will continue to be supported by its manufacturer for some time, and the software works adequately for what it does. However some executives in the organization want to totally revamp the…. [read more]

Technology and Logistics Essay

… Technology and Logistics Development-A

Technology and logistics

The development of technology is affecting the global economy making the market structures in terms of consumer needs hence forcing the productions to start operating at the global scale while adopting the new management forms based on a collaborative links within the present highly competitive environment. The excellence of the global logistics through good management has provoked a revolution in both manufacturing as well as, shipping enabling most companies to focus on the managing logistics from the perspective of supply chain. The firms are still trying hard to seek for the competitive advantage based on complex strategies such as acquiring new emerging technologies for information processing to continue helping in the management of the global logistics. The aim…. [read more]

Technology Costing Methodology Essay

… For the past few years, off campus students have been provided access to field-based and online programs through the Department of Continuing education in conjunction with specific faculty issues in various programs. One example under review is the Library Media Endorsement Program and concurrent faculty involvement based on the question of whether online or in person delivery was more efficient, filled the educational needs of the student better, and its impact on faculty. The question was if this course delivery method was more efficient and more cost effective in the long run, and how it affected faculty activities such as driving to remote locations for course delivery and advising or whether using the Internet to deliver the entire academic experience was best.

Using traditional accounting…. [read more]

Decision Support System Executive Presentation Essay

… The third component of the system is clinical reminders. The package incorporates a valuable aid to the treatment of the patient. The reminders are educative in nature as they facilitate the clinical decision-making process and educate the providers of the appropriate care. The clinical reminder component also improves the documentation of the patient information and accurate follow-up on the patient. The last component in the template is that of health summary (Whyte, 2005). The health summary component of the system supports the generation of the report containing all the specified information requested about the patient. This report extracts data from the CPRS system used in the setting, displaying this information in a standard format. This component can generate a wide range of information related to…. [read more]

Technology and Privacy Duties and Laws Term Paper

… Technology and Privacy

Advancements in technology generally raise ethical concerns, simply because technology has the capacity to usher in social change. Often, the evolution of material culture - such as technological devices - far outpaces any changes in laws or in ethical beliefs. In the past, for example, the development of mechanized farming tools raised concerns that humans would become lazy and slothful.

Currently, an ethical debate is swarming around the issue of technological devices and privacy. This paper will focus on the use of technology - most specifically, recording devices - in supermarkets. This paper will examine the issue from a deontological point-of-view, with a special focus on rights and duties. It will look at how ideas regarding retailers' duties and customers' rights, especially…. [read more]

Technology Assessment Application Term Paper

… Technology Assessment in Nursing

Changes in healthcare management are really requiring that nurses to become a little more technically knowledgeable and capable to rapidly familiarize themselves to by means of tools that are technical in their exercises. Educators that are nurse are acclimatizing to this obligatory capability by presenting technology into nurse education core curriculum as their finances will support and their technical services will allow. The instruments to support nurse education quickly change with new ones continually developing on the horizon, just as is arranged in nursing practice. So we have a double authorization: to bring ourselves up to speed with these technical skills as well as maintain our awareness of what technical potentials are obtainable to accelerate quality and constancy in the release…. [read more]

Technology and Ethics Companies Essay

… However, as quickly as negative press about a company spreads, so does positive press. Word of mouth as to the standard of business within a company allows prospective clients to understand fully the environment in which they are taking part. A company that maintains ethical standards within the workplace and extends these standards into their dealings with company outsiders will afford all individuals they come in contact with a sense of comfort and certainty that is needed to keep an office fully functional and keep clients and prospective clients happy.

Technology in Human Resources

Technology in the office has taken the functions of a company's human resources division to unparalleled levels of efficiency that were impossible in years passed. Before the implementation of technological functions…. [read more]

Decision Making Barnes and Noble Essay

… The market research assists executives in determining whether or not developing a new product that will be the most beneficial for all stakeholders. Stakeholders are inclusive of employees, investors and consumers.

New business acquisitions

New business acquisitions are vitally important to the development and growth of Barnes & Noble Inc. Over the years the company has been involved in revolutionary business acquisitions that have assisted the company in becoming the large corporation that it is today. One of the most important acquisitions came in 2009 with the company's acquisition of the Barnes & Noble College bookstore business. This acquisition was important because it combined Barnes & Noble retail and college businesses permitting the company to increase its brand recognition while also ensuring that the company…. [read more]

Decision Support Systems Term Paper

… Decision Support Systems (DSS) are designed to help organizational decision makers make decisions. DSS usually have three major components: a database, a model base, and a dialogue module.

The database contains data relevant to the decision to be made.

The model base contains one or more models that can be used to analyze the decision situation.

The dialogue module provides a way for the decision maker, usually a non-technical manager, to communicate with the DSS.

By running the data and possible decisions through one or more models, the decision maker can compare possible solutions to the problem at hand. The DSS allows the manager to test or propose different solutions and see what the results may be before committing to any particular model.

The first…. [read more]

Decisions in Paradise Essay

… Decisions in Paradise Case Study

Nokia is considering establishing a greater presence here in Kava. I am taking this opportunity to analyze, synthesize, and prescribe new forces to help in the process. But I have noticed there are many challenges to overcome. Nokia is known for its exceptional relationship with the regions in which it operates out of. We have commitment to the families and communities that we serve. Therefore, when deciding to enter new markets we must thoroughly examine the risks and benefits of this major step for our company.

About Kava

There are multiple issues with the business scenario, since first of all that the place that was supposed to be paradise was a mess. Kava is an environmental mess due to recent…. [read more]

Decisions in Paradise III Essay

… Much of the lack of efficiency and organization is due to a disjointed work flow situation. Once the work flow is set up correctly, many problems will work themselves out almost immediately. As new problems arise, work flow needs to be changed and developed to meet those challenges.

Evaluating Resources and Actions Required for Decision Implementation Solution(s):

Work Flow Streamlining

As the organization grows, it will depend upon the work flow laid down in its infancy. While tasks may not be distributed exactly as planned in the beginning, as operations grow, the basic work flow template will need to followed to have maximum organizational effect. "Jumping the chain of command" at a later date will have even more dire consequences than in the beginning mistakes…. [read more]

Technology Learning Environ New Term Paper

… Similarly, engineers need to take into account the diverse needs of a heterogeneous society when developing educational technologies. Sociological and psychological studies can lend insight into the particular ways educators and engineers can tailor their research, development, and implementation programs.

Implementing new technologies into the existing classroom environment will be challenging, requiring a structural reworking of the school's physical infrastructure as well as a remodeling of the school curriculum. In order for technology to reach its maximum potential it must be seamlessly integrated into each school. Learning styles, variances in cognitive styles, linguistic background, cultural needs, and disabilities must be taken into account in order to develop the most accessible educational technologies. Finally, using technology for educational ends must be in accordance with the changing…. [read more]

Organization Analysis Analysing Organisation Essay

… The conversion of inputs into outputs is how any company's main task gets accomplished and the company design is usually around this tasks Wijnhoven, 2003.

Therefore each department within the company gets its design from its specific subtask. A company has integrated and yet differentiated units that are based on these three factors technology, time and geographical location. Reduction in the number of conflicts is achieved if the departments are integrated and differentiated effectively within the company and thus the company effectively gets its design around the main task Zorab & Lloyd, 1995()

As all the departments within Compulyzed Telecommunications will be integrated and differentiated there will be fewer conflicts between the various employees in these departments. Conflicts within Compulyzed Telecommunications arise from the fact…. [read more]

United Technology Corporations Essay

… This ratio is calculated by taking the earnings that the company has received from the ordinary shares then divides that figure by the weighted average of the ordinary shares that have been in issue during that financial year.

The Price Earning (P/E) ratio

This ratio is got from dividing the prices of the shares in the market by the earning received from the shares. At any given time this ratio gives the indication of how the market values the business is the rating that the market has given the business. The best context to view this ratio is to allow the sector or the market average to get the feel of the relative value of the stock or the prices of the stock in the…. [read more]

Technology and Management Functions Term Paper

… Technology and Management Functions

The objective of this work is to provide examples, based on experiences in the workplace, of how management at a company expects technology to improve business. This work will discuss how a company's current technology is meeting or not meeting business needs.

Today's technology and management functions cannot be viewed as separate functions because technology is the primary tool used by managers to deploy, implement, instruct, teach, and lead their teams in the business environment. This makes technology knowledge a key skill area for members of management in businesses today. Technology when used effectively can drive the business to new growth and expansion as well as allowing the business to attain never levels of excellence and profitability however, in contrast when…. [read more]

Decision to Perform an Acquisition Term Paper

… Question 2. Risk analysis is a critical part of the acquisition process and is often not done very well. Looking back at the risks you identified, which ones do you believe would be most likely to be identified and accurately measured and which ones either less likely to be identified at all or measured correctly. Explain why

The ones that I believe would be most likely identified and accurately measured were the following:

1. Problems with technical security namely:

Communications (e.g., dial-in, system interconnection, routers)

• Cryptography

• Discretionary access control

• Identification and authentication

• Intrusion detection

• Object reuse

• System audit

2. Possible problems with operational security, namely:

Control of air-borne contaminants (smoke, dust, chemicals)

• Controls to ensure the quality of…. [read more]

Organizational Behavior Conflict and Decision-Making in the Workplace Essay

… Organizational Bahavior: Conflict and Decision Making in the Workplace

Organizational Behavior: Conflict and Decision Making in the workplace

The workplace environment is quite dynamic in itself. This dynamicity comes as a result of the different skills, backgrounds, beliefs, views, ideologies and values that are borne by the employees of the companies or organizations, increasing consumer knowledge on the products and services being provided, increasing customer demand for quality goods and services. Other factors that make the workplace environment to be dynamic include increased competition from new market entrants or existing companies or organizations which shift their strategies to gain more competitive advantage. As a result, companies or organizations are finding themselves in the situation where they have to deal with conflict in the best way…. [read more]

Decision Making the Business Community Term Paper

… Decision Making

The business community of the twenty-first century is more dynamic that ever foreseen and this is due to numerous forces belonging to both external as well as internal environments. The external forces are generally more responsible for generating change and they could refer to any phenomenon, including the strategies implemented by the competition, changing behaviors of the customers, political changes (such as the introduction of new regulations on tariffs or increased laws that promote recycling and pollution reduction), economic changes or technological changes. A most important source for change resides in the international context and materializes in the liberalization of markets and the globalization of the world's economies. These meant increased living standards for the population but they also brought along increased competition,…. [read more]

Safety Towards Telecommunications and Technology Research Paper

… The other DSS include knowledge driven, document driven and model driven. Model driven use the available types of models in manipulation of data. Knowledge driven DSS is a system that uses expertise to solve problems. Document driven uses analysis, summary and retrieving of data; it provides as a summary of the documents relevance hence used to make decisions for continuing functionality (Khosrowpour, 2005).

Without electronic communication, there will be reduced speed in communication, no ease at work and reduced work output. Technology helps in managing the most complicated tasks in an organization, organization's profitability, and survival depends on IT. Absence or inappropriateness in the IT sector can lead to the collapse of an organization.

Online back up

When a disaster occurs in an organization, communication…. [read more]

Analyzing the Impact of it on Strategic Decision-Making Term Paper

… ¶ … information technology and the strategic decision making process, as it is reflected in companied in the given conditions of the business environment they evolve in the beginning of the 21st century. In order to fulfill this task, I intend to emphasize some of the main phases of the decision making process, while analyzing how information technology not only affects and impacts, but may also improve any of these steps

It is obvious that the challenges of the economic world of the 21st century and of globalization are an incentive for companies to try to improve their decision making process and to become more competitive on the market. Information technology appeared as an excellent help in achieving these desiderates. Increased speed in decision making…. [read more]

Technology Support Building Effective Essay

… Our findings point to the positive contribution of co-worker relations, even when they are informal and contested by management, as they are in bureaucratic settings. But, despite our generally positive findings about the value of co-worker relations, we did not find evidence of a convergence toward the empowered worker model in the formal design of either service or sales work, which continues to be based on regimentation. In practice, however, we observed elements of the empowered worker model, suggesting a lag between formal work design and informal practice. In the technology support teams workflows, the empowered worker model is the formal design. Nonetheless, analyses of co-worker relations revealed considerable problems in communication, especially among individuals with discrete specializations. Cross-national evidence indicates that the hybrid model,…. [read more]

Technology -- Blessing or Curse? Building Term Paper

… Technology -- blessing or curse?

Building a better mousetrap, or using technology to solve the world's problems has become reduced to even a more absurd exercise through what Siva Vaidhyanathan calls in his 2007 introduction to Rewiring the Nation: The Place of Technology in American Studies "techno-fundamentalism." This is the idea the problems created by past machines can be fixed by future machines. For example, the lack of world security generated by nuclear technology can be solved by Star Wars rather than a conscientious effort to reduce nuclear proliferation. This belief in progress as inevitable and good is misguided, says the author. Technology is only as great as the morality and spirit of the society that wields the technology.

Video technology, when put into the…. [read more]

Technology Enhances Pedagogy Term Paper

… Technology Enhances Pedagogy

Technology does not replace pedagogy. Technology enhances pedagogy."

The increase in the accessibly and popularity of technological devices and solutions in the world today has led to numerous innovations in all fields and disciplines. This is particularly the case in the area of education and teaching. However, many teachers and educators at all levels are also of the opinion that, while technological innovations can be a great aid to education and enhance the teaching process, yet technology in itself is not capable of replacing the teacher or the process of teaching per se.

As many studies show, the main reason for this view is that technology cannot duplicate the human and interactive element that exists in the reciprocity between teacher and student.…. [read more]

Technology the Case Argues That Sunsweet's Supply Essay

… Technology

The case argues that Sunsweet's supply chain is constrained both on the supply side and the demand side. On the supply side, weather and the growing season are both variables. The growing season constrains when supply of fresh fruit will be available The drying process helps to smooth this out somewhat because it allows Sunsweet to store fruit from the harvest all year round. Demand conditions are much smoother than the supply conditions. The other constraint is the harvest itself, which is affected by the growing conditions that season. The quality of the fruit and abundance of the harvest is affected by the quality of the growing season. Again, drying helps to smooth this out, as this process helps to mask flaws in the…. [read more]

Decision-Making: What Are the Newest Concepts Utilized Thesis

… Decision-making: What are the newest concepts utilized in decision-Making? What are the most applicable concepts?

The most common form of traditional decision-making analysis is a 'rational actor' model. In this model, an individual logically makes decisions based upon a variety of alternatives, carefully weighing pros and cons and then arrives at the 'right' solution, based upon his or her self-interest. In real life, decision-making seldom functions in such a clean, neat fashion, and is reliant upon deciding between a variety of contingent circumstances, or 'if then' scenarios. In game theory, for example, decision-makers attempt to make various forecasts about the future, based upon a projected array of possible future actions. The future scenarios are reliant upon the actions of other, influential actors, over whom the…. [read more]

Technology Essay

… Personal computers and laptops computers are now drifting towards cloud technology where is more resembling the cable companies model of centralizing recording hard data and not allowing the consumer to control and do with the data it he pleases. This is perhaps the most troubling and eye-opening trend in how this technology relates to the greater part of society and where it fits into how it should be viewed academically, historically and socially.


Digital video recording is presently here and strong but will ultimately die off as other of his predecessors did such as the VCR and as we see the DVD player slowly entering the stage as well. It is very important however to recognize how these different technological advances impacting from parts…. [read more]

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