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Annotated Bibliography Enterprise Architecture Annotated Bibliography

… Gotze, J. (2013). The Changing Role of the Enterprise Architect. Proceedings of the 2013 17th IEEE International Enterprise Distributed Object Computing Conference Workshops (EDOCW 2013), 9-13 September 2013, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Retrieved June 11, 2014, from

The article provides an understanding of the ways in which enterprise architecture is beneficial to organizations and boundary issues associated with its practice. The article is important for the study as it analyzes the benefits of the enterprise architecture.

Authors Notes: Gotze works with the University of Copenhagen, IT management and Leadership section.

Greefhorst, D. & Proper, E. (2011). Architecture principles: The cornerstones of enterprise architecture. Berlin: Springer.

The authors of the book provide an understanding of the different key factors that play a role in influencing…. [read more]

Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Annotated Bibliography

… While the Olympus example is global in scope, it holds insights into why many SMEs struggle at a local level with transaction-based support and customization.

The advantages of SaaS-based ERP systems however far outweigh these limitations. First, many SMEs for the first time have a very accurate view of their financials for the first time in decades as the many operating areas of a business can be tracked using these systems. Second, the cost to implement the latest generation of ERP systems using the OPEX-based method of payment makes ERP systems on the SaaS platform very affordable., Third, there is increasingly a focus on the part of SaaS ERP vendors to allow for ongoing testing and porting of data during the evaluation period which can…. [read more]

Information Technology -- Annotated Bibliography Annotated Bibliography

… Later in the article, the author provides simple and explicit instructions as to how one could begin using the cloud if completely unfamiliar with the technology and its uses.

Marsan, C.D. (2010). Census Bureau counting heads in the cloud. Network World -- Trend Analysis, 10 -- 11.

The trend analysis provide examples of how large organizations that handle mountains of data as their business are now utilizing clouds, such as the Census Bureau. The article praises the use of cloud computing. It serves to be a shining example of the benefits and strength of cloud computing on a large and federal scale.

No listed author. (nd). Chapter 2 -- Securing the Cloud. The Future of Technology. 41 -- 77.

This chapter is about the history…. [read more]

Importance of Big Data to Organizations Annotated Bibliography

… Big Data Annotated Bibliography

Bayuk, J. (2010). CyberForensics: Understanding Information Security Investigations. Springer.

Bayuk (2010) in his book presents the computer forensic techniques used to curb cyber insecurity. The author analyzes the security investigations used in the development of counter intelligence system against cybercrime. To support the intelligence systems, the author uses different case studies on cyber crime investigations to develop a computer forensic technology that can be used to eliminate cyber crimes in an organization. The book is important for the study because its provides cyber-forensic concepts applicable in conducting cyber security investigations. It also provides expertise of the pioneers of cyber investigations and explores a number of examples from malware and accounting cyber-forensics.

Author Note: Bayuk is an information technology and security management…. [read more]

Vose, D. ). Risk Analysis Annotated Bibliography

… Section 404 has been specifically discussed that outlines the internal control assessments required of the firms. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) also requires publicly traded companies to comply with Treadway Commission's Committee of Sponsoring Organizations (COSO). The case of Motorola IT governance model is taken to demonstrate how compliance with SOX can be ensured for data and IT security by organizations. The article observes that SEC fails to provide specific guidance on IT security; rather it leaves room for interpretation by firms. There is brief mentioning of SOX acts that outline compliance related issues such as Sections 302, 404, 409, and 802 of SOX 2002. The article concludes with an observation that firms with least effective IT security made decisions related to IT governance at…. [read more]

Challenges of Enterprise Resource Planning ERP Implementation Dissertation

… ERP Systems


The contributions of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems continue to be problematic for many organizations globally. Continually challenged across industries to get the greatest potential value from their significant investment in ERP systems, many organizations continually add on incremental applications and processes. This continual addition of modules, or as they are often called, ERP extensions, only serves to create a far greater level of system, prices and integration complexity. Ironically organizations choose to expand their use of ERP systems to reduce process, system and integration complexity, yet ironically the opposite often occurs. The role of ERP system as central catalyst and coordination point of information throughout an organization is going through a fundamental change today. No longer siloed…. [read more]

Human Resources Development Annotated Bibliography

… Bundy, R. "Changing role of human resources has vast implications." Wichita Business Journal, Wichita: July 11, 1997.

During the past ten years a number of companies in American have really endeavored to obtain and maintain competitive advantages over their competitors. However, in the present times, many managers are realizing that the management of human resources is the only way through which companies are capable of remaining competitive. The managers are also realizing that workers are important assets that are the most valuable in the organizations. They have also found out that if a lot of effort and time is spent on these assets (employees), the organizations will achieve higher returns. In a landscape that changes speedily and due to the increasing demand for better provision…. [read more]

Database Security Annotated Bibliography

… ¶ … Security Issues and Features of Database Management Systems (Feeney, 1986) the author creates a taxonomy and framework to support his contention that while a distributed database architecture creates new security problems or challenges, these can be met and overcome through use of three core technologies. The author also provides insights into how the traditional database management systems (DBMS) taxonomies and data structures will also be expanded to support user identification and authorization across entire network-based platforms. The author covers the existing areas of user identification and authorization, incorporating an analysis of how views and assertions in database architecture have the potential to authenticate network-based users globally. While the author only briefly touches on the area of role-based authentication throughout a network, there is…. [read more]

Vertical Farming in Singapore Research Proposal

… With vertical farming, we can also rule out the occurrence of poor harvests due to weather problems such as floods and drought (Venter 2010, P. 105). The production of the crop can also be done all year round as it is taking place in a controlled environment (Hopkins & Goodwin 2011, P. 228). This to a significant extent increases the quantity of the food produced since the seasons are eliminated. These are all steps towards the ultimate goal of producing enough food for the expanding population.

In the process of increasing production, vertical farming also serves to restore the balance in the natural ecosystem. It utilizes a system where water is constantly recycled (Venter 2010,P 106). This way, loss of water through runoff is avoided.…. [read more]

Social Engineering and Information Security Term Paper

… P address, mail servers, Phone numbers, address of the company, employee names and designations, etc. Further running the Maltego metadata transform provided more information in the form of more files with dates, creator information, etc. Particularly one file named InvoiceApril.xls grabbed the attention of Hadnagy. The file contents indicated that it was an invoice for a marketing venture organized by the local bank. Hadnagy immediately called the bank, posing as a Mr. Tom from the accounts department of the printing firm, and asked for the details of this particular marketing event run by the bank. It was found that it was the annual Children's Cancer Fund Drive organized by the bank.

Hadnagy gathered more information about the CEO like his native place NY, his favored…. [read more]

Challenges Facing Transformational Leaders With Reference to Service Delivery Annotated Bibliography

… ¶ … Transformational Leaders With Reference to Service Delivery and Leveraging of New Technologies

This study develops the annotated bibliography of six research papers to investigate the finance transformation and challenges that transformation leaders face in delivering effective services based on the business models and leveraging new technology.

Annotated Bibliography

Cavazotte, Moreno, & Hickmann, (2012) in their scholarly article investigates the effects of personality traits, intelligence, as well as transformational leaders' emotional intelligence and their effects on organizational contexts. A meta-analytical review reveals that there is a positive relationship between organizational efficiency and transformational leadership application within a contemporary business environment. While the authors believe that personality traits and intelligence are related to the leadership efficacy, nevertheless, a relationship between emotional intelligence and transformational leadership…. [read more]

Modernism and Culture Studies Annotated Bibliography

… The subsequent articles expand how individual works are perceived in the context of modernist canon: Syndey Bufkin, in a bid to connect romantic traditions with a utopian novel, re-contextualizes Dark Princess by W.E.B. Du Buois – a work frequently deemed to be propagandist in nature. Lastly, Timothy C. Baker examines A Scots Quair by James Leslie Mitchell, historically regarded closely in Scot literary canon, revealing its applicability to modernist notions of romance and fiction.

Crary, Jonathan. Suspensions of Perception: Attention, Spectacle, and Modern Culture. Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 1999. Print.

This work, which concentrates on the era between 1880 and 1905, explores the links between subjectivity’s modernization and the remarkable growth and development of auditory/visual culture. The crux of this work is contemporary…. [read more]

Shaw Industries Quality Improvement Deployment and Organizational Change Plan Thesis

… Shaw Industries Quality Improvement Deployment and Organizational Change Plan Author

Competing in a mature, contracting industry that shrank 3.7% in 2008 with continued contraction of industry sales in 2009 (Stewart, 2009), Shaw Industries, a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, relies on quality improvement, process improvement, lean manufacturing and supplier management to remain profitable. According to the latest quarterly financial statement form 10-Q Berkshire-Hathaway filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on June 30, 2009, the company generated $2B in revenues, reporting Earnings before Interest and Taxes of $85M. Year-over-year declines for Shaw Industries are currently at 21%, with 23% reduction in revenues from A1, 2008 to Q1, 2009. Berkshire-Hathaway claims in the latest 10Q that the ongoing global recession, specifically the slow-down in residential real estate…. [read more]

Communication Upgrade Plan Communications Essay

… It consists of a microphone and speaker or a headset. The style of the input device and headset is a matter of preference. Phones range from around $60.00 for a simple unit, to upwards of $400 to $500 for a professional headset such as those used in a customer service bank (Fortinet, 2011). The type of phone purchased and the numbers needed would determine the final cost.

As one can see, the equipment costs for VoIP are much less than the original Centrex System. The company can use much of the existing equipment with only a few small purchases of the router and phone that they will use to connect to the service. There many choices in the type of phone and the expenses that…. [read more]

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