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ANOVA Test Research Proposal

… Video games (Independent Variable),

Aggressive behavior (Dependent variable),

Criminal behavior (Dependent Variable).

The proposal will use an ordinal scale to measure the extent the video games influence the criminal or aggressive behaviors. The proposal will also use a discrete vs. continuous as the variable scales characteristics. The operational definition of the Variable video games is a type of video games susceptible to influence an aggressive or criminal behavior. However, Variable aggressive or criminal is defined as the type and number of video games that could be watched per week, which could lead to an aggressive or criminal behavior. The proposal will use a quantitative technique to measure the variable to derive valid and reliable results.


The proposal will use ANOVA statistical tool to test…. [read more]

ANOVA Study Analysis of Variance Research Paper

… Alternative Hypothesis: There is no significant difference between the treatments that the students are subjected to.


It is important to note here that in this case, there are two assumptions that will be made;

1. That there is a normal population distribution.

2. The variance associated with each variable is the same.

Types of errors likely in ANOVA case

Accuracy in statistics is the degree of closeness of a measurement of a quantity to the quantities true or actual value. Precision also termed as the reproducibility or repeatability is the degree to which repeated measurements under conditions that are not changed. A measurement in a system can be accurate but not precise and also accurate but not precise; it can also be neither or…. [read more]

ANOVA Analysis Is Derived Essay

… From the ANOVA analysis, it is safe to indicate that the hypothesis hitherto is wrong and the null hypothesis is correct.

Regression analysis

In this kind of analysis, the patterns quantified are spatial. It is the best and most commonly used kind of analysis in social and behavioral sciences. In this analysis, the dependent variable is continuous (Statrek, 2012).

One of the instances where the regression analysis can be used is in investigating whether there are areas in the U.S.A. where people are persistently dying young. Once the 'where' question has been answered, it is worth the asking 'why' questions since from there possible variables will be put into the equation. For instance in our example here, questions like 'why are there places in the…. [read more]

Bullying Perceived Effects and Seriousness Essay

… The quantitative method also comes in two types, the descriptive design where the subjects are usually measured once and the experimental where the subjects are measured before and after the treatment (University of Southern California, 2014). In this case, the approach will be more of the experimental since the effects of bullying will only be known by respondents giving the behavior of the subjects before and after going through the 1st year bullying.

B. Sampling procedure

The sampling procedure that will be used here is the Research Purposive Sampling, which is known to be a non-probability and the decisions on the participants in the research is decided by the researcher bearing the special qualities that they have and are desirable to the researcher like being…. [read more]

ANOVA) Is a Combination Essay

… One of the major ways variance analysis can be used to improve or repair a process in manufacturing is through comparing standard, actual, and budget expenses between departments and other plants. Since the components of ANOVA enable sophisticated analyses, a manufacturing plant can conduct process improvement by comparing these factors after establishing a budget. In this case, analysis of variance can be carried out at each stage of the manufacturing process because the statistical tool understands the business logic of the production process. During this process, the tool evaluates activities, consumption of resource and materials, costs, yield, and mix differences comprehensively. In addition to be carried out in each stage of the manufacturing process, variance analysis can be used to compare departments in terms of…. [read more]

ANOVA: Fobt, Tukey's HSD, and Effect Size Calculations Essay

… Statistics and Probability

A researcher investigated the number of viral infections people contract as a function of the amount of stress they experienced during a 6-month period. The obtained data:

Amount of Stress

Negligible Stress

Minimal Stress

Moderate Stress

Severe Stress

What are Ho and Ha?

Ho: Stress levels experienced during a six-month period does not have a significant impact on viral infection rates.

HA: Stress levels do have a significant impact on a person's susceptibility to acquiring viral infections over time.

Compute Fobt and complete the ANOVA summary table.

Total Sum of Squares:

Xtot = 2+4+6+5+1+ . . . +8+1+3+5+4 = 67

(?Xtot) 2 = 672 = 4489

X2tot = 4+16+36+25+1+ . . . +64+1+9+25+16 = 349

ntot = 16

SStot = ?X2tot --…. [read more]

ANOVA Is Simply an Analysis Essay

… The dependent variable would be the average time a pain reliever takes effect where the independent variables are gender and type of medication.

The main null hypothesis (Ho) are: Gender has no effect on the mean length of time it takes a pain reliever to provide relief and the type of medication has no effect on the mean length of time it takes a pain reliever to provide relief. The main alternative hypothesis (Ha) are: Gender has an effect on the mean length of time it takes a pain reliever to provide relief and the type of medication has an effect on the mean length of time it takes a pain reliever to provide relief. The null hypothesis for interaction effect is there is no…. [read more]

ANOVA) Is a Test Essay

… A variable that has an interaction effect will have a different effect on the dependent variable, depending on the level of some third variable (, 2013).

In order to understand interaction, it is important to understand effects. The "statistical relationships between independent and dependent variables are often referred to as effects" (Price & Oswald, 2006). Studies are generally interested in finding out the impact of the independent variable on the dependent variable. "In a factorial design, a main effect is the overall effect of one independent variable" (Price & Oswald, 2006). For example, given a population of people who are moderately overweight, it may be found that a weight loss of 10 pounds decreases the person's risk of dying of heart disease by a certain…. [read more]

Downsizing the Effects Term Paper

… The assumption which would seem to underlie the practice is that people will use notice time to undermine the organization or at least to be unproductive.

From a Theory Y perspective, downsizing may be seen as a way to free up workers to do the good work they care to do. The analysis which precedes downsizing is designed with the intent of reducing unnecessary or low value work, minimizing bureaucratic controls, and eliminating unneeded communications layers. Downsizing intent, from a Theory Y perspective, is to enable workers to be challenged by interesting work and to have the opportunity to produce extraordinary results which are aligned with the organization's mission and goals.


This chapter includes the research hypothesis and design, description of the…. [read more]

Childhood Abuse Effects Research Paper

… ¶ … Childhood Abuse

Effects of Childhood Abuse

What are the effects of childhood abuse on early adulthood forming relationships?

Summer- Assignment three- Intervention

Intervention description

Theory of change

Analysis of empirical literature

Child abuse has significant implications on adolescents forming relationships. Child abuse takes place in three known forms i.e. physical abuse, sexual abuse, and emotional abuse of children. The juvenile maltreatment results in several lifelong implications for the abused child. This paper is part of an extended study that included sections I and II. Section I entailed literature search and review of pertinent literature on the said topic. Section II involved 'problem formulation' whereby literature was accessed to put the issue of child abuse in context. This section III will present an empirical…. [read more]

Pressure on Performance the Effects Lab Report

… Perhaps another way to increase the perception of stress would be to use more anagrams or less time in order to create more stress in the participants.

Related to this is the notion of the Yerkes-Dodson law, one of the strongest empirically supported observations in psychophysics (Yerkes & Dodson, 1908). This law has observed that in general performance is most optimal under medium levels of stress (arousal) and suffers at low and high levels. With respect to the current findings it appears that participants were stressed in the timed condition, but not overly so. Therefore the time pressure condition in this experiment may have actually provided optimal stress to induce better problem solving. Likewise, participants in the performance pressure conditions may have not been motivated…. [read more]

Effects of ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 on Production and Efficiency Capstone Project

… ¶ … ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 on Production and Efficiency

In an increasingly globalized marketplace, companies of all types and sizes are searching for ways to achieve a competitive advantage. As a result, a growing number of firms are looking to the standards promulgated by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to make their companies leaner and more efficient with the expectation that these initiatives will result in increased production and efficiency. This paper reviews the relevant literature to determine whether adoption of ISO 9000 and 14000 standards has an effect on production and efficiency in general and for companies competing in the car and truck tire manufacturing in particular. A summary of the research and important findings are presented in the conclusion.

Overview…. [read more]

Effects of Organic Amendments on Growth Term Paper

… Soil Amendments and Yellow Bean Production

Effects of Organic Amendments on Growth of Phaseolus vulgaris

Compost is an important element in organic production systems. The use of compost can reduce waste and improve plant yields in a farm production. This study examined the effects of four soil amendments on the growth and yield of phaseolus vulgaris (yellow beans). The results of this study revealed that manure had the greatest positive effect on bean production and yield. Sugar as a soil amendment produced plants that were weak and spindly. Leached leaf litter did little to improve plant yield and growth. Straw mulch had a slight effect, but manure proved to be far superior.

The results of this study suggested that manure was a superior compost agent.…. [read more]

ANOVA: Interaction Effects Essay

… ¶ … Interactions in ANOVA

Joseph Stevens (n.d.) of the University of Oregon succinctly defined interaction effects in analysis of variance (ANOVA) as ". . . The combined effects of factors on the dependent measure" (p. 1). What this implies is that multiple independent variables (IVs) will interact to produce the main effect, such that the magnitude of the effect of each IV on the dependent variable (DV) will to some extent depend on the magnitude of at least one other independent variable.

ANOVA is used to test for significant differences between independent groups in relation to the effects on a DV (Boslaugh & Watters, 2008, p. 232-233). In contrast to the t-test, ANOVA compares the distributions of the IVs and DV to determine whether…. [read more]

Autistic Children With Autism Article Critique

… Any changes or differences in how the child performed before and after the risperidone treatment was then statistically analyzed with the used of ANOVA. The study used a multitude of statistical concepts, which also provides greater reliability and strength to the conclusions. The t-test and Chi Square tests were used to show differences between the experimental and the placebo group. Additionally, the General Linear Models package was used from the SPSS system software to further analyze the results. P values were used to determine statistical differences.

The risperidone did help in a number of contexts, thus showing a positive correlation between the drug and cognitive functioning, which effectively disproved the null hypothesis. There was not a decline in cognitive performance for the children taking the…. [read more]

Effects of War on Soldiers Research Proposal


Comparative Study of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder between military and private contractors stationed in Iraq

Americans at War

Conflict is a part of the human condition. Although most would prefer peace, sometimes war represents an inevitable reality. Since the founding of our nations, Americans have been called to serve our nation in the armed forces numerous times. The latest conflict is only one event in a long chain of wars dotting American history. Every time there is a conflict, three things are inevitable: casualties, fatalities, and survivors.

Fatalities are a part of life in the war zone. It is a reality that every military person faces every day. For those that become casualties, they are often left with permanent reminders of their life in…. [read more]

Diet on the Metabolism Lab Report

… Results

A week after introduction of high-fat diet, body weight increased significantly more in the high-fat diet -- fed mice (+1.6 ± 0.1 g) than in the normal diet -- fed mice (+0.2 ± 0.1 g). The weight gain continued thereafter to be progressively higher in high-fat -- fed mice. The growth rate in normal diet-fed mice during the first 12 weeks was 0.40 ± 0.03 g/week which increased to 0.68 ± 0.04 g/week in high-fat diet-fed mice. The growth rate during the second phase; from week 3 onwards, was 0.10 ± 0.01 g/week in normal diet -- fed mice compared to 0.18 ± 0.03 g/week in high-fat diet -- fed mice representing an augmented growth rate of 80%.

Additionally, the energy intake was increased…. [read more]

Advanced ANOVA and Descriptive Statistics for Datasets Data Analysis Chapter

… 90














sociology psychology major
























economics psychology major
























Based on observed means.

The error term for the Mean Square (Error) = 82.932.

*. The .05 is the statistically significant level.

ANOVA Results

The study uses the ANOVA to determines the relationships between female and male students in the school majors as well as their relationship to their math background quiz achievement. The study codes data as follows:…. [read more]

Mock Research Experiment: The Generation Lab Report

… For the recognition task, false alarm rates differed between the two test conditions. There was a false alarm rate of.13 in the generate test condition and.07 in the name test condition. To analyze this data, recognition performance was calculated by subtracting false alarm rates to new items from the hit rates to old items. These numbers are known as the proportion of recognition (Pr) and their data supported the generation effect. Recognition was better for generated items than it was for named items. However, this generation effect was only found when the generated item was reinstated during the test.

For the complete/incomplete task, again recognition performance was again calculated using the same equation as in the recognition task for Pr. However, in this experiment there…. [read more]

Surviving Statistics and Understanding 2-Way ANOVA Term Paper

… Alternately, when the variation among groups and within groups is similar, the F-value is small, which means that the difference among groups is not likely to be due to a given variable or manipulation, but rather is largely accounted for by measurement error or chance natural error. The F-values and critical F-values are as follows: Factor 1 (RE) is 1.2617 @ 5.2407 f crit; factor 2 (CU) is 7.068 @ 6.8879 f crit; and Factor 1 + 2 (RE +CU) is 0.09945 or 0.10 rounded @ 5.2407 f crit.

(d) Summary of Findings and Conclusions

If the F-value is equal to or larger than the critical F-value (f crit, which is found by references a distribution table), then the results at that level of probability…. [read more]

Evaluating Research Findings Using Statistics Essay

… Probability and Statistics

Does familiarity with neighbors lead to lower crime rates? A researcher has theorized that if neighbors know each other, then the crime rates will be lower than in communities in which neighbors do not have a relationship. When communities grow quickly the closeness of the community degrades. A study was done to see if there is a relationship between the crime rate and the percentage change in neighborhood population. 10 neighborhoods in a large metropolis were studied. The results are as follows.

Percentage Change in Neighborhood Population

Crime Rate (Crime per 1000 population)

Identify the Explanatory (X) and Response (Y) variable.

The explanatory variable (X) is the percent change in neighborhood population, because the hypothesis states that increased turnover of residents will…. [read more]

F-Ratio Is Designed Essay

… Typically, gang membership is involved in violent and non-violent criminal offenses. Some offenses committed by gangs are murder, robbery, hit and run, threat, burglary, motor-vehicle theft and selling of illegal drugs. Olate, et al. (2012) argues that low empathy, educational difficulty, low future orientation and low social support are among the predictor growth of gang membership. The authors collect 174 sample and the results reveal that low empathy is the major predictor of gang membership scoring 58%.

Rodney. & Radall, (2004) in their own case carry out regression analysis on predictor of domestic violence and the authors reveal that race and ethnicity score high for the predictor of support for official attention for people suffering from domestic violence. White victim scores 47.2%, followed by the…. [read more]

Demographics of Raleigh Research Paper

… However the per capita income coefficient is a positive one indicating that the people of Raleigh are able to buy Pizza if introduced. Neither the third variable, the price of soda, nor the forth variable, which is the area, do not have positive relation to the demand of Pizza. The standard error in all the four variables is below 1.0, which is an indication that there was a small variation in the estimates given different data samples. In addition, the ideal estimates of the coefficients are found within the confidence interval and analysis in this case can be 95% confident that the true value lies within that interval. In regard to the T test, the greater the value of t, specifically more than 2, the…. [read more]

Multivariate Analysis of Parametric Data Essay

… Maddox's research design involved a qualitative analysis of consumer behavior in regard to their usage of Web sites for the purpose of gathering prescription drug information as well as product requests. The research design involved the use of a questionnaire to measure the research questions. The questionnaire was placed online on a website belonging to one of the major pharmaceutical firms for a 2-week period., the responses were rated on a five-point (Likert) scale that ranged from 1 for very unimportant or unlikely to 5 for very important or likely.

Do you agree with the following statement?

Maddox (1999) should have used a Repeated Measure ANOVA to test for differences (based on AGE and GENDER) in the set of responses.

No.It would have been better…. [read more]

Parkville Maryland Parkville Is Located Research Paper

… The main objective here is to estimate the demand for pizza and soda by the population of Parkville in Maryland. Here the demand Indicator is quantity of pizza and the drivers (factors which affect demand) are price of pizza; median household income; price of soda and population.

A close examination of the above summary output, it can be deduced that there is a positive coefficient in the first independent variable, which is the price of Pizza. This shows that there is a direct relationship between the Price of Pizza and Pizza demand variables. This is true across all the independent variables including Price of soda, Median Household Income as well as the population. This is an indication that the people of Parkville are more likely…. [read more]

Multivariate Statistics Term Paper

… ¶ … training -- the traditional model, the computer model, and the video model -- feeling that people who receive different kinds (levels) of training should show differences in the dependent variable, which is the level of math anxiety. The researcher's null hypothesis is that there will be no differences in mean level of math anxiety for the three groups (assume there is a valid, interval-level measure of math anxiety). However, after thinking about it, the researcher wonders if the methods may also be effective with anxiety related to public speaking. The null hypothesis here is that there will be no differences in the mean level of anxiety related to public speaking for the three groups (assume there is a valid, interval-level measure of fear…. [read more]

Ann Bib an ANOVA Analysis Annotated Bibliography

… One experiment conducted in Hong Kong which consists of clients, consultants (designers) and contractors and looked at project outcomes from a range of these perspectives based on nine performance criteria. The researchers used a one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) to analyze the data that was collected. The data consisted of input from the participants and their ratings of how the project fared against nine different performance criterion that are generally found within this industry.

The study found that there are differences among the levels of importance of the performance criteria with respect to performance. The positive differences between the levels of importance of the performance criteria and their performance outcomes indicate a common pattern: all of the performance criteria underperform. The results of the greatest…. [read more]

Sigma This Chapter Presents Research Methodology Methodology Chapter

… ¶ … Sigma

This chapter presents research methodology and data collection method through qualitative and quantitative research. The study combines both qualitative and quantitative method to enhance the reliability and validity of the research findings.

Qualitative Method of Data Collection

Qualitative research is the process of collecting data through in-dept interview, analyzing document and observation method. This study uses the in-dept interview and document analysis to collect data through qualitative method. Generally, qualitative research relies on the in-dept interview to collect data, and using the in-dept interview, the research collects data within the natural environment as well as immersing in the phenomenon. The qualitative in-dept interview that a researcher uses to collect data is to explore the research topic to answer the research questions as…. [read more]

Chi-Square Test - ANOVA (D) Z-Test Perform Thesis

… Chi-square test; - ANOVA; (d) z-Test

Perform a chi-square test on the following data:

Regulation is the best way to ensure a safe workplace

To compute for expected values:

Expected value= [(row total of a/row, col totals of AB) (row total of B/row, col totals of AB)] [row, col totals of AB]

O EOE Total (Row) Managers 58-62 34-29 8-4 100 Blue-collar workers 66-62 24-29-10 9 100 Total (Column) 124 58-18-200 *O- observed; E-expected

To calculate for X2:

X2= ? (Observed-Expected) 2/Expected)


Blue-collar workers

Ownership of residence

Total (Row)



Total (Column)

O- observed; E-expected



Age of shopper

& over OE Total (Row) Store a 27-22 31-24.6-11-22.6-69 Store B. 73-78 82-88.4-93-81.4 248 Total (Column) 100-113 104-317 *O- observed; E-expected

& over…. [read more]

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