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Anti-Gun Control Term Paper

… Anti-Gun Control

Gun control is an issue of passionate debate in the United States. In fact, the issue stirs almost as much passion as the abortion issue. Both sides are adamant about their beliefs and rights. Both sides believe that they are points are logical and true, the issue of gun control is not quite that simple, nor it is as cut and dry as many would wish. However, there is alarming evidence that supports those who wish to enforce tighter control of gun availability in the United States.

In a 2000 article, David Lampo, the publications director at the Cato Institute, points out that the surge of school shootings during recent years re-energized the gun control movement, which even led to a coalition of…. [read more]

Anti-Gun Control Term Paper

… Anti Gun Control

Despite Constitutional protection of the "right of the people to keep and bear arms" embedded in the Second Amendment, gun control remains a hotly debated political issue. As if the Constitution did not clearly state that the right to bear arms is as fundamental as the right to free speech, gun control advocates continue to barrage the media with misleading messages about the damage weapons do to American society. The Second Amendment guarantees that the right of the people to keep and bear arms "shall not be infringed," meaning that gun control is a moot point: an issue that should not be debated in the first place. Gun violence is a problem; criminal behavior is a problem. However, guns are not the…. [read more]

Guns Control Gun Essay

… Lastly, gun control has the benefit of reduction in assault and domestic violence cases. These are common in family setups that experience frequent disagreements. In U.S., assaults and domestic violence are common and result in separation and divorce between couples. Extreme cases do result in death of one or both parties to the disagreement. Many a times, there is use of a gun or firearm in assault cases with the intent to threaten the victim. Gun control leads to reduction in assault and domestic violence cases where there is use of gun or firearms.

Negative effects of gun control

Gun control does have vices. However, there are no proven cases where gun control is disadvantageous to people and the society at large. The text above…. [read more]

Gun Violence in America Term Paper

… Therefore, it is liberal and enlightened to label American gun owners as deranged and barbaric, as well as anti-citizens engaged in beastly behaviors. Evaluations have accurately described opponents of gun ownership as bloodthirsty demented psychopaths with the primary concept of raining death on innocent citizens of America. These groups of people regard the issue as egregious stereotypes when others blame gay advocates for lobbying against close bath ordinances. Activists of gun ownership have been described as death merchants and murderers dismissing welfare of the community and homeless people as drug barons, retarded or alcoholic. Because opponents of gun ownership are considerably eager to raise opposition against racism, other evils such as gay bashing are also stereotypes. On the other hand, it constitutes to myopia stereotypes…. [read more]

Gun Control Laws Research Paper

… " (Liptak, 2008, p.1) According to Professor Kleck, the "period it studied was too short and the suburbs were a poor point of reference. The place most like D.C. is Baltimore…It's a virtual twin city." (Liptak, 2008, p.1)


The work of William J. Krouse (2012), a specialist in Domestic Security and Crime Policy, entitled "Gun Control Legislation" reports Congress has debated the efficacy and constitutionality of federal regulation of firearms and ammunition, with strong advocates arguing for and against greater gun control. In the wake of the July 20, 2012, Aurora, CO, theater mass shooting, in which 12 people were shot to death and 58 wounded (7 of them critically) by a lone gunman, it is likely that there will be calls in the…. [read more]

Gun Control: Restricting Rights Article Review

… Guns are still a big problem in the United States. The events of December 2012, where a gunman entered an Elementary School and killed 27 people, 20 being school going children reignited the debate on gun control ("Guns and Gun Control," 2013). This unfortunate event caused the supporters of pro-gun laws e.g. The NRA come up with proposals that would see school guards being armed to prevent a recurrence of the same.

In January of 2013, President Obama called for tougher Congress-backed gun laws that would confront the escalating cases of gun violence and mass murders. In his submission, the president proposed a plan that would see the adoption of stringent background checks, prohibit the sale of assault rifles and tighten the noose on gun…. [read more]

Gun Control. One Side Rights Essay

… People supporting gun ownership motivate their position through claiming that guns efficiently keep criminals away from people owning them. However, according to Philip J. Cook, "widespread gun ownership could also lead to increased risks of various sorts, including the possibility that guns will be misused by the owners or transferred to dangerous people through theft or unregulated sale" (2004, 4). In order to be able to support gun ownership, individuals first need to fully understand the risks associated with such a law and the impact that firearms have on the public in general. Indirect connections also need to be addressed, as gun ownership can lead to a higher crime level because individuals predisposed to committing crime find it easier to procure firearms in an environment…. [read more]

Gun Control Is Not Effective Against Criminals Thesis

… Gun Control Is Not Effective Against Criminals

If criminals want guns, they will get them, whether there is a law against it or not. What gun control laws do is make it more difficult for ordinary citizens to obtain firearms to protect themselves. Most criminals don't visit a gun shop and register, then wait the mandatory time, and then go commit a crime with their brand new and traceable gun. They get them on the street or they steal them.

How many handguns are there? No one knows for sure. A Department of Justice survey in 1994 estimated that 35% of American households own guns of one sort or another. The total number they approximated was 192 million firearms. They also approximated that handguns make…. [read more]

Gun Control and Laws Regulating This Issue Term Paper

… Gun Control and laws regulating this issue in the United States have been a controversial topic of debate for more than a decade. Since the inception of extreme gun control laws during the end of the 1980's, the debate of how much crime is really prevented by gun control laws has raged on. It appears that the government and other anti-gun extremists have sided together against others in society who feel that public possession of guns should not be subjected to such extreme laws. Below then is an exploration of these varied opinions, including that of the Bush Administration, some of its opponents, the NRA and issues sparked by the Brady Law.

The Bush Administration

The 1994 assault weapons law entails that the manufacture and…. [read more]

Gun Control Research Paper

… For Sheley, there will never be any real answer to illegal gun violence unless government took serious steps to correct the urban "environmental and social settings" where most violent crime takes place. Not since the 1960s has the federal government even attempted to address these serious urban problems, which have only worsened greatly in the last thirty years.

John R. Lott asserted that gun ownership has a positive side, particularly for purposes of self-defense and prevention of crime that is almost never covered by the liberal mass media that favors gun control laws. Instead, "we are inundated with bad news about guns are rarely hear about the benefits," and even those self-defense cases that are reported only get attention when the potential victim shoots the…. [read more]

Gun Control Debate Aside Term Paper

… Gun Control Debate

Aside from a very few other problems of contemporary import in American society, gun control ranks as one of the most hotly contested issues. From semantic arguments over the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution to statistical analyses of crime rates to philosophical debates about individual vs. collective rights, there seems to be little room for moderate and rational discussion of whether or not gun control is a reasonable social reaction to the existence of guns.

As Amar aptly explains in "Second Thought":

In one corner, gun controllers embrace a narrow, statist reading, insisting that the amendment merely confers a right on state governments to establish professional state militias like the National Guard or local SWAT teams. No ordinary citizen is covered…. [read more]

Gun Control in the 21st Century Term Paper

… Gun Control

In the 21st century, the legislature should make the ability to bear arms a privilege instead of a right.

Whether American citizens should have the unfettered right to bear arms and own guns, has been one of the most hotly debated and contentious issues ever since the Second Amendment was added to the U.S. Constitution as part of the Bill of Rights. Opponents of government restrictions on possession of guns are adamant that such laws are a direct infringement on the right to bear arms guaranteed in the Constitution and also contrary to the hunting / sporting ethos imbedded in the gun culture, which is an essential part of the American heritage. Supporters of gun control, on the other hand, firmly believe that…. [read more]

Gun Control Is One of Today Thesis

… Gun control is one of today's more divisive political issues, and people on both sides of the issue have stereotypes about what types of people support and oppose gun control. Increasingly, the question of gun control has become politicized, with the far right asserting that Republicans are the party for gun rights and Democrats advocate gun control. However, that assertion is a gross oversimplification of the reality of today's gun control debate. Gun control is a more complex issue than simply party loyalty, and people support or oppose gun control for a variety of different reasons. Therefore, this research will endeavor to determine what leads people to favor gun control. It will do so by investigating the relationships between: political party and one's position on…. [read more]

Gun Control Problems Term Paper

… 2.The federal government should aid and maintain state efforts to raise the standard and encourage consistency of state gun laws, along with intensification of achievement and enforcement.

3.At least, all state gun laws should be in harmony with the federal law. At present, this would mean a minimum age limit of 18 for ownership of any gun, and 21 for purchase of a handgun from a dealer.

4.All states should move in the direction of dependable rigid frameworks based on licensing of firearm owners and registration of guns. States should execute basic anti-trafficking measures, in particular one-gun-a-month laws.

5.States should close the ambiguity between the regulation of primary and secondary sales, by necessitating the same age limits and background assessments for new and used guns.…. [read more]

Guns on Campus White Paper

… Guns on Campus

The Case of a Nationwide Ban of Concealed Weapons on Campus

The issue of gun rights ignites a great deal of impassioned disagreement with gun advocates deferring to the U.S. Constitution's protective stance on the right to bear arms and its detractors pointing to the violent and deadly toll which guns have had on society. Today, in the shadow of an array of horrific mass casualty incidences involving gunmen, this issue is as heated as ever. Indeed, the debate is today taking center stage in the university setting, where heightened concern about student violence has come face-to-face with legislative and judicial efforts to create yet more lax gun laws in some campus contexts. It is thus that the discussion here is aimed…. [read more]

Controversial Topic of Gun Control in America Term Paper

… ¶ … Controversial topic of gun control in America [...] why tighter gun control laws are necessary and how to achieve these laws. Gun control is one of the most contentious arguments in America today. Proponents of gun control maintain it will save lives and keep guns out of the hands of criminals and gangs. Opponents believe the Second Amendment of the Constitution guarantees the right to own guns, and that control is anti-American. Statistics indicate gun usage and gun-related crime is rising in America. The only way to fully ensure criminals and gangs do not get guns is to strictly control the sales of guns and ammunition. A country without serious gun control initiatives is a country open to increasing violence and injury, and…. [read more]

Sensible Gun Control Laws an Analysis Term Paper

… ¶ … Sensible Gun Control Laws

An Analysis of the Need for More Sensible Gun Control Laws in the United States Today

Introduction common assertion heard among gun control opponents in the United States has been, "They will take my gun from me when they can pry it from my cold, dead fingers." This unwavering position has largely been based on the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution which prevents infringement of the people's right to bear arms; however, things in America have changed in fundamental ways since this amendment was penned in the 18th century, and gun control advocates suggest that the time has long since passed when more sensible gun control legislation should be enacted in the United States. Citing examples from more…. [read more]

Government Mandated Gun-Free Zones Thesis

… One cannot deny the fact that we do not want our society having a model where everyone is responsible for their own safety, thus acting as their own self-guard carrying the guns.

However, doing something which ensures one's own protection can never be a crime. There have been a lot of different opinions about it. One of the group against publically mandated gun-free zones argue that instead of gun-free zone, carry and conceal policy is more effective. However, this topic is still debatable.

Recent Killings in gun-free zones especially in educational institutions have shaken the American society and faith on the state. It is necessary to understand that we all have complete right to protect ourselves against any hazard which hampers our well-being. However, it…. [read more]

Public Opinion Crime, Criminal Justice Essay

… What is the unit of analysis?

The unit of analysis is the two speeches and the analysis of the speeches.

What is the population being studied?

The population is the criminology research institutions, the public and the legislative members in the second amendment as well as the NRA.

The report findings

The finding of the report from the article is that liberal sociologists who are ethically aligned say that gun control is worth if, it saves just one life. The Second Amendment is the act that addresses the issue of gun control. The anti-gun advocates say that the Amendment is only applicable to armed militia (Kates, 1994). This is not true as the amendment clearly protects the rights of individuals to own a gun. The…. [read more]

Right to Bear Arms Gun Control Term Paper

… ¶ … Right to Bear Arms

Gun control became an issue for Americans in the 1960s when President Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King, and Senator Robert F. Kennedy were assassinated, all with guns. People began to demand that the government do something to stop the spread of guns and murder (Ruhl, Rizer, & Wier, 2003/2004). Since then, although a large segment of the population is in favor of more laws to regulate gun ownership, gun control is a hotly debated topic and more emotional than any other constitutional issue. After 9/11, for example, the sale of guns rose dramatically, as though people thought they could protect themselves against terrorism (an airplane flying into a building or disease germs planted in the water) by owning a…. [read more]

Smith and Wesson Safety Reform Essay

… This agreement stripped Smith & Wesson from the list of defendants in 15 of the 30 lawsuits filed by several cities and the states of New York and Connecticut.

Reactions by the Primary Stakeholders

Smith & Wesson's signing of the agreement was viewed as a capitulation by the other gun manufacturers, who almost uniformly vowed to continue the fight against stricter gun control laws (Dao, 2000). The president of the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the largest gun maker trade association, predicted that Smith & Wesson would be the lone deserter. In contrast, the National Rifle Association, the largest organization representing gun owners in America, chose not to comment on the day the agreement was announced.

While gun makers, gun owners, and their lobbying organizations have…. [read more]

Ownership of Guns Term Paper

… 8 to 13.0 suicides per 100,000 population...At most...this huge increase in the gun stock might have caused a mild increase in the percentage of suicides committed with guns, which shifted from 53.3 in 1972 to 60.3 in 1994, and thus a mild corresponding increase in the gun suicide rate." (Kleck pp. 265)

So should gun control be implemented? By the evidence provided above, I conclude guns should be totally done away with. The issue is very sensitive and the lives of people depend upon the availability and free ownership of guns. A gun in the house means that the person is liable to use it. Prevention is better than the cure, it has been repeated many times, but its implementation in the gun case is…. [read more]

Guns Germs and Steel Research Paper

… Guns, Germs and Steel and the Earth Island

In Guns, Germs and Steel, Jared Diamond attempts to explain why most of the significant events of the last 13,000 years have happened on the Eurasian land mass. This idea of the "Earth Island" is controversial and the holders of this idea have, including the late Nazi advisor to Rudolf Hess, Karl Haushofer, been accused of racist, ethnocentric and primarily Eurocentric ideas. The Nazis were not the only ones who were guilty of racial theories. Karl Haushofer got his ideas from his contemporary and rival, geo-strategist and theoretician Halford John MacKinder. His "Heartland Theory" of the centrality of Eurasia was pivotal in the English strategies to maintain British imperialism well into the twentieth century (Downs 314). In…. [read more]

Evolution of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 Case Study

… The office of COPS needed to monitor a number of things. First, that in line with the requirements of grant allocation, police departments retained the new officers hired under the '100,000 Cops' initiative even after the lapse of the three-year period of federal funding (Marion & Oliver, 2012). Secondly, that the beneficiary police departments only used the grants for officers hired under the initiative (Marion & Oliver, 2012). This was probably the greatest failure of the COPS office if the numbers of agencies purported to have adjusted their budgets so as to paint a false picture of having hired new officers is anything to go by (Marion & Oliver, 2012).

Moreover, the COPS office failed to consider the rates of crime in an area, and…. [read more]

Right to Bear Arms Arguing Term Paper

… Right to Bear Arms

Arguing for the right to bear arms is a more complex and challenging task than arguing against it. The key, then, to a successful argument for the position I have chosen is to point out facts and information that would be relevant and convincing to the audience I am going to address. There are various audiences to which my arguments will be addressed. These audiences include the general public and specific sectors relevant to the issue of gun control. These specific sectors include gun owner groups and anti-gun ownership groups. Between these two groups, anti-gun ownership groups would prove to be a more challenging sector to convince than gun owners. The general public is also susceptible to the popular belief that…. [read more]

Brady Bill Term Paper

… Brady Bill

The Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act of 1993, most frequently referred to as simply the Brady Bill, established a national five-day waiting period for retail handgun purchases (Anderson, 1996). The bill was named for James Brady, the White House press secretary wounded in John Hinckley's attempt to assassinate President Ronald Reagan in 1981. The waiting period was intended to provide time for police to undertake criminal-records checks of prospective handgun purchasers so that they could enforce existing prohibitions on handgun purchase by (Brady Act background checks: The first seven months, 2000).

Convicted felons and people under indictment for a felony

Fugitives from justice

Unlawful drug users or drug addicts

Individuals who have been involuntarily committed to a mental institution or determined to be…. [read more]

Social Performance of Organizations: National Rifle Association Essay

… The first is that the NRA's ideology has shifted so far to the right that it refused to endorse such a ban even after Sandy Hook: thus, anyone attempting to push the NRA's stakeholder population into supporting an assault weapons ban would arguably have to wait for an atrocity even more heinous than Sandy Hook, such as a madman (preferably African-American) using an AK-47 in a maternity ward to take out at least two dozen infants in their bassinets. Of course, the Internet could also be used to spin any potential atrocity into something that focuses exclusively on the use of assault weapons -- but the key to success would be the stigmatization of the weapons in question. A second challenge would regard the public…. [read more]

Federalism in the US Term Paper

… Indeed the Congress can command state judges to abide by the federal law, yet state officers are representatives of the state and not the federal system. Further, it was argued that if the Congress would be able to command state officers, the role of the President as the warrant of the federal law would be diminished and the separation of powers would be reduced.

The discussion in court on this case took into account numerous previous rulings on matters of constitutionality. However, the final ruling of the Court to decide against the unconstitutionality of the congressional demand that state officers enforce federal law can be said to have been against the pure nature of federalism particularly because it assured that, even for a limited period…. [read more]

State or Local Policy Essay

… Government - Policy


Gun control has been a very controversial issue in American society since the enactment of state and local restrictions against gun ownership by private citizens.

According to proponents of private gun ownership, the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution specifically guarantees the rights of citizens to bear arms.

Conversely, gun control regulation advocates maintain that the only right granted by the Second Amendment is the right of individual states to maintain armed militias, such as state national guards and police forces.

That particular argument suggests that the original motivation for the proposal of the Second Amendment related to the concerns of the anti-federalists during the constitutional ratification period of American history. Those concerns were…. [read more]

AIDS in the Workplace Essay

… In this approach, although the principle of nondiscrimination was violated, everyone would be 'happy' because Tom would have an income and the business could avoid negative publicity of the kind experienced by other restaurants at a low cost. If Carla cannot afford to do this, another utilitarian approach would be to find pretence to fire Tom and to hire an equally competent employee who had additional qualifications to justify the firing and protect the company against future lawsuits.

After reading Case 8.5, "Have Gun, Will Travel . . . To Work," discuss the following:

Assume that either the Second Amendment or state law gives you a legal right to keep a gun in your car.

Do you also have a moral right to do this?…. [read more]

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