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Anwar Sadat's Address to the Knesset 1977 and Begin's Reply Thesis

… ¶ … Anwar Sadat's address to the Israeli Knesset on November 20, 1977 and Menachem Begin's reply. This historic occasion marked a decided attempt for the Egyptian Arabs and Israeli Jews to bury their differences and bring peace to the Middle East. These two speeches show there was a willingness to work together for harmony, but in the end, the peace overtures did not work, and while the two countries did come to an agreement on peaceful terms, this did not spread to the entire region, which seems to be the ultimate goal Sadat had at the time.

In these historic speeches, Anwar Sadat, President of Egypt, first addressed the Israeli Knesset in November 1977, in an attempt to bring the two nations together, and…. [read more]

Leadership Theology of Trump's Base Literature Review

… This, Jones who also recalled similar voting behavior of the evangelicals toward another Republican candidate, George W. Bush 2001, believed, reeked of being partisan than of value. He revealed that the values voting and morality which the evangelicals was known for, has dissipated to "transactional and utilitarian political ethics." He pointed out that the evangelical's attitudes towards political issues and their alliance with Republicans can best be described "elect our guy." In other words, the narrative among the leading figures of the formidable Christian groups in America has now wholly been shifted from morality sake to pure partisanship.

Also, in trying to make sense of the evangelicals choice of Trumps amongst several other Republican candidates at the primary election, and over Clinton at the…. [read more]

Arab-Israeli Wars Essay

… Arab-Israeli Wars

Palestinian and Arab views on the Middle East conflicts and the Israeli views could not have been more in conflict over the last several decades. As many of the post second world war conflicts have had as cause, the colonial footprint of the "great powers," has left a severe mark on the Middle Eastern region, particularly because of the Israeli-Palestinian issues. The British Empire tried to create a region of stability between the Arabs and the Jews but failed severely as it became perceived as an intrusion in a region that was seeking its own identity and power.

As Peter Calvocoressi presents, the 1937 Peel Commission enforced a separation of those territories in three equal parts: an Arab, a Hebrew and a British…. [read more]

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