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Apple (the Computer Company) Essay

… Typically, volumes do drop sequentially in the quarter and there was the fairly typical slowdown after the initial rush. (

Analyst Chris Jones had remarked this about the iPhone 4S last year. Apple seems to be sharing the same fate.

On the other hand, China still seems to be a huge productive company for Apple: small wonder since its products are made there. Whilst it is true that Apple may be seeing drops in sale from China, these drops are insignificant.

The importance of China, said Channing Smith, manager of the Capital Advisors Growth Fund, cannot be understated: "China is very important, and China will be an enormous growth market. What I'll be interested in seeing is the sustainability, and I want to see if…. [read more]

Apple's Roots Essay

… Apple

The computer industry is characterized by rapid technological change, intense rivalry and an increasing trend towards commoditization of key inputs. Apple has succeeded in this industry by adopting a differentiated strategy based on vertical integration, proprietary product development and intensive marketing campaigns. This paper will analyze the driver's of Apple's success over the years.

The company's early strengths were in innovation, marketing and differentiation. Apple gained early software success with products such as VisiCalc, a spreadsheet program. The company became a computer innovator with the Macintosh. This product was supported with a famous high-concept commercial "1984" that aired during the Super Bowl, the first of many marketing successes for Apple that helped created awareness among consumers of the Macintosh product. After the ouster of…. [read more]

Apple Corporation SWOT Analysis SWOT

… Revenues and profitability of the corporation to a large degree may be impacted due to this fierce competition (McDonald & Keegan, 2002).

Having a look at the pricing of the Apple products, one cannot ignore the high prices of the products offered by them in contrast to its competitors for instance Dell, Nokia and many others. This creates a dramatic impact on to the sale figures of the products as the buying power of international market is not equal to that of U.S. market, particularly in the underdeveloped nations where consumers are normally price conscious (McDonald & Keegan, 2002).

The uncertain economic conditions on a universal basis have become a huge threat in the current epoch that has altered the buying patterns in many countries…. [read more]

Describing Apple's Marketing Strategy Essay

… ¶ … Apple's Marketing Strategy

Steve Jobs and Steve Worzniak are the founders of Apple Computer Inc. In 1976, apple started manufacturing personalized personal computers. This was after IBM changed personal computers into open systems; Windows Intel systems structure dominated personal computers back then. Apple, formally known as Apple computer Inc. is a multinational organization based in California. The company specializes in developing personal computers, consumer electronics, computer software and hardware. Apple rose in popularity, in the United States, in the year 2008 due to increase in sale margins of the firm. Majority of American consumers purchased iphones increasing revenue of the firm. From the year, 2008 to 2012, Apple sold most of its products in the international market thus making it a global leader…. [read more]

Apple Case Study

… Apple Computer's financial performance the past three years

The profitability of the company has increased steadily in the past three years. The company's revenues have also increased from $156.5B to 170.9B (Al-Debei, Aloudat, Al-Lozi, & Al Asswad, 2014). This increase indicates the company's performance and sales have been on the rise. Great innovation and product offering are the main contributors to these increases. Competing in a global market has not been a hindrance to the company, but rather it has contributed towards its competitive advantage. This indicates that the company can compete effectively in local and global markets Apple has seen a decrease in its current liabilities, and an increase in current assets. There had been some downturn in 2012, but the company was able…. [read more]

Apple Competitor Creating Disruptive Innovation Essay

… This strategy has served them well as they continue to seek out opportunities for cost reduction throughout their supply chains, and more specifically intensive supplier qualification strategies and programs (Cusumano, 2008). Clearly there are much greater potential areas of profitability for the company that their business models will not allow them to reach out and gain sales within.

Taking a strategic view of the Tablet PC market it is evident that there is significant upside potential for a customized tablet PC, complete with an operating system that allows for real-time sharing of contacts, all forms of content (video and digital) and greater support for multiple roles being supported on the same device. A Porter Five Forces Model has been constructed of the Tablet PC market…. [read more]

Apple in the Enterprise Business Plan

… Apple tabulated iPad sales reached 17.6 million units in 2010 (Henderson, 2011). Apple's iOS operating system (OS) commanded 83% of all sales in 2010 for table systems alone (Henderson, 2011). This figure decreased slightly to 73% in 2011 as new competitors joined the market. Google's Android captured 14% of the market in 2010, and Gartner expects its share to increase only marginally in 2011, to 17%.

These market dynamics led to the enterprise sales of media tablets continually ramping, with the B2B market now generating approximately 30% of all tablets sold by 2015 (Henderson, 2011). Gartner is also predicting that between 2012 to 2015 there will be a ready ramp in tablet sales into the enterprise, with double-digit growth rates achieved (Kaneshige, 2011).

Apple's iPad…. [read more]

Apple and K-12 Education Research Paper

… Apple and K-12 Education

The tools we use to teach the students of tomorrow are constantly evolving, and information technology is becoming increasingly mandatory for any educational institute to provide. The Twenty-first century will be defined by the technological advances that mankind will surely make, just as fast or faster than the advances made in the 20th century, which were by themselves extremely significant. (Look Back from the 1980s, 1) Two primary problems have created difficulty in schools' abilities to provide this resource to their students, the first is lack of funding, and the second is lack of knowledgeable teaching staff. Apple Computers has been a pioneer on the subject of education, as they have held a higher education discount for a decade, as well…. [read more]

Apple: Integrated Marketing Communications Plan Case Study

… Apple also takes great care in knowing and marketing to its customers. It is focused. Already in the 70s, Apple was reaching out to college students, anti-establishment individuals, creative individuals and the rebels and followed this up with its famous 'Think Different' campaigns. Staying with this targeted market, the latest 'Get a Mac' commercials show Apple as painting Mac users as 'young and carefree' because they employ computers that work in contradistinction to PC users who are well-meaning, but idiotic for working with faulty systems. (Stevve, (June 15, 2010)

Apple is also inspirational in its remaining focused on all aspects of the product, straining to produce a product that is holistically pleasing and satisfying to the customer in all aspects. Careful to live up to…. [read more]

Apple Macbook Term Paper

… Apple MacBook

The product's name is Apple MacBook, and this computer was designed to replace the popular iBook; it's design is super thin, and it is very lightweight, which Apple believes will give it an edge (as most Apple products have these days) over DELL and other PCs.

The Apple MacBook with the 17" display (Model: MB166LL/a SKU: 8764465) (2.5 GHz and 2GB of memory) is available from Best Buy ( for $2,799.99; the Apple MacBook with a 15.4" display (Model: MB134LL SKU: 876447) (2.5 GHz and 2GB memory) can be purchased at Best Buy for $2,499.99. Meanwhile at www.macmall.comthe discounted Mac store, the MacBook with the 13.3" display screen (2GB/160GB/superdrive) is available for $1,219.00. Mac Mall has a number of different versions of the…. [read more]

Apple Is a Consumer Technology Essay

… It will be interesting to see how Apple responds to the death of Jobs -- to this point that company has not had the same degree of innovation without him, although not much time has elapsed to make a final determination. Essentially, the key to Apple maintaining its success will be to replace Jobs' vision, as it was this vision and tight control at the highest levels of the company that ensured the coordination of activities to leverage Apple's knowledge of technology and the market.

Having strong knowledge, however, is just the starting point. Apple succeeds in large part because it has demonstrated over the past decade that it is able to cultivate a high level of differentiation relative to its competitors. Differentiation allows the…. [read more]

Apple's Pricing Strategies Analyzing Essay

… com/article/211063-what-s-behind-apple-s-iPhone-pricing-strategy>.]

Another way through which Apple advances its smart pricing strategy and creates value for customers is by utilizing perceived price differences for different market segments, all of which are extremely successful when one looks at the company's ever-rising popularity, and revenue. These pricing strategies, in part reference in the above paragraph, are very simple. In fact, according to one article, what Apple really sells is pricing, above all, and states "Jobs is a master of using pricing decoys, reference prices, bundling and obscurity" and make a customer think that all the Apple products, despite final prices are great deals.[footnoteRef:5] [5: Kunz, B. (2010). How Apple plays the pricing game. MSCBC. Retrieved October 30, 2011, from <>. ]

With regards to the iPhone, for…. [read more]

Apple What Have We Learned so Far Essay

… Apple: What We Know So Far

After forming a friendship during high school over a shred interest in electronics and "outsider" statuses, college drop-outs turned Silicon Valley workers Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs started working together in 1976 trying to sell Wozniak's newly designed computer, the Apple I (Sanford 2010). Despite a slow start, the introduction of the Apple II in 1977 really let the company take off, and by 1980 Apple Computers had thousands of employees, the fastest and cheapest floppy drive on the market, and was already known for its innovation and its different way of doing things (Sanford 2010). In 1981, however, market saturation led to a drop in sales, Wozniak was in a plane accident and would only briefly return to…. [read more]

Computer History Research Paper

… Computer History

It is said that before 1935, a computer was a person who was performing arithmetic calculations. During 1935 and 1945, a computer was referred to as a machine but not a person. Its definition as a modern machine tends to be based on von Neuman's concepts: a device that is capable of accepting input, processing data, storing data and producing output.

Earlier there was abacus which was used for mathematical computations. Its importance was just in aiding memory of the human who was performing the calculation. A skilled operator was capable of working on addition and subtraction problems at the speed of an individual who was equipped with a calculator but slow in division and multiplication. People always wrongly attribute abacus to China.…. [read more]

Key Features of Apple Industry Assessment

… Apple

Key Features of Apple's Success

Apple, Inc. is widely recognize as one of the most innovative technology firms in the world. It owes much of this reputation to the identity of its leadership, and particularly to the sweeping changes wrought by the re-emergence of company co-founder Steve Jobs. According to the model offered by Porter's 5 Forces, Jobs helped poise Apple to become the singular powerhouse that it is today.

Supplier Power:

Apple has achieved much of its success through its strategy of propriety ownership of its software and of other compatible products. As the case study by Heracleous & Papachroni (2009) indicates, key features of Apples success "have been the focus on design, the consumer experience, and the seamless integration of hardware and…. [read more]

Computer Addiction Research Paper

… Computer Addiction: Causes and Potential Cures

The determinants and predictors of computer addiction cannot be isolated only to a specific series of demographic, psychographic or socioeconomic variables, it is an equal opportunity disease. Empirical studies indicate that computer addiction is contrary to popular opinion, not just reserved for male teenagers who have been known to spend 48 hours straight playing games on their computers or engaging in online chat sessions (Soule, 65, 66). The determinants of computer addiction are more based on lineless and isolation, and the reliance on the computer as a means to find autonomy, mastery and purpose in life (Quinn, 175, 176). The symptoms of computer addiction include significant swings in a person's mood when they are online or off, whether they…. [read more]

Apple Computer 2002 Term Paper

… Apple Computer is as old as the PC industry itself, and has led that industry for a substantial portion of its history. Early Apple models made the idea of a computer in every home a real possibility. Apple's Macintosh was the first commercially successful graphical user interface and an early leader in desktop publishing. Despite its early successes, Apple suffered as competitors' products improved and computers became more commonplace. Throughout the 1990s, Apple struggled to find and keep a market. In 1997, Apple re-hired co-founder Steve Jobs as interem CEO in the hope that he could turn the company around. Jobs dramatically changed Apple's product line and has restored the company to an industry-leading role. Apple's current strategies are working quite well for the company,…. [read more]

Management Report of Apple, Inc Term Paper

… Apple Inc. Information Systems

Overall Business Strategy

Building iTunes based on earlier missteps

Leverage over the music companies

Complexity of the WinTel solution

Simplicity of the Apple solution


Operational implications iPod and iTunes downloads iPod purchase

DRM handling

Manufacturing Operations: Source of Profit

No Buttons Simplicity -- difficult to implement

ICT and e-Commerce Strategies Employed

ICT Strategies

Server Farm, Internet Connection


E-Commerce Operations



How Apple's it strategies have assured competitive advantage

Apple's success can be demonstrated in its improved market share, improved financial condition, and stellar growth over the past 10 years since Steve Jobs returned and took the helm. An important indicator of Apple's changes is that Jobs dropped "Computer" from the company's name with the introduction of the iPhone…. [read more]

Apple Computer Overview and Historical Perspective Case Study

… Apple Computer

Overview and Historical Perspective

Apple Computer was founded in April 1976 by college drop outs Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs. The Macintosh computer finally moved Apple into the business office, and by 1988, over one million Macintosh's had been sold. Now, Apple designs, develops, produces markets and services microprocessor-based personal computers, related software and peripheral products, including laser printers, scanners, compact disk read-only memory drives and other related products; and manufactures communications products that connect Apple systems to local area networks, connect the Macintosh to other computers and integrate the Macintosh into various computing environments. One of Apple's most successful new products is considered by many to be the current "ultimate" smart phone -- the iPhone, capturing over 40 million sales in 2010…. [read more]

Apple Is the Leading Innovator in Mobile Thesis

… ¶ … Apple is the leading innovator in mobile computing devices, receiving patents for its famous touch-screen technology and Apple iOS mobile operating system. Shortly after the introduction of the iPhone, Google introduced its Android operating system, which it licensed to mobile phone manufacturers free of charge.

The introduction of a free mobile OS that was comparable to Apple's iOS reduced barriers to entry for hardware manufacturers who did not have software development capabilities, such as Samsung and HTC. Thus, Google helped create a number of new competitors for Apple. In response, Apple has filed a series of patent infringement claims against Google, claiming that the Android copies many of the patented iOS features. (Gruman; Harris).

Thesis: Apple's current patent suits against Google threatens to…. [read more]

Apple's Training and Development Term Paper

… Innovation and leadership are rather abstract concepts, and as such it may be difficult to measure them on paper. It will be important to find qualitative measures to augment ongoing surveys and rating systems.

There are also a number of steps Apple can take to measure the potential effectiveness. Apple can measure the potential success of the training plan by monitoring employee behavior to show signs of innovation and leadership through a second assessment which asks employees to rate the importance of certain behaviors and attitudes within the work environment at Apple. Asking employee opinions regarding to whether or not they think the training is helpful is also key. This would focus on allowing them to write free responses so that evaluators can access more…. [read more]

Ethical Issues at Apple Inc Research Paper

… 4. Impact of violations

The employment of under-aged laborers in Apple's Chinese plants could create numerous impacts upon some of its stakeholder categories, as revealed below:

The children found to be working in the Apple facilities were let go from the company and they were no longer able to gain incomes, which might further impact their families and financial stability

The children were nevertheless reintegrated in the educational system and would stand better chances of education and a better life. Also, they were protected from exploiting working conditions

The mature employees could have also been subjected to moral questioning as they were forced to accept the immoral and illegal practice of child labor and their morale and performance would have decreased

The Apple investors, business…. [read more]

Apple Computer Term Paper

… Apple Computer

About the Company

Apple Computer, Inc. is a Silicon Valley company based in Cupertino, California, whose core business is computer technologies. Apple helped start the personal computer revolution in the 1970s with its Apple II and shaped it in the 1980s and since with the Macintosh. Apple is known for innovative software and hardware, such as the iMac its iPod digital music player and the iTunes Music Store.

Apple has been criticized for their vertically integrated business model, which runs against the grain of much of the perceived wisdom of economists, particularly for the computer industry. However, the company is profitable. Other criticisms have included that it has been very personality driven, especially in the two different eras of Steve Jobs' tenure; some…. [read more]

Apple Computer Essay

… The first is the company's brand, which has strong associations and is a point of differentiation across the entire product line; the second is the operating system. While all of the other major competitors rely on the Windows operating system from Microsoft, Apple has always utilized a proprietary operating system that it feels is superior. This differentiates the computer on the basis of function and feel, and also in terms of the software options that are available. Some types of software are more prevalent on the Apple operating system, others on Windows.

The mp3 player industry is fragmented, but it is dominated by Apple. The company has over 70% share of the mp3 player market (Delahunty, 2009) with most competitors being having small shares and…. [read more]

Apple Computers Influence on Popular Term Paper

… The commercial "set a new standard for expensive and highly coveted ad time slots" (Li Pp). The ad showed:

crowd of bald-headed, expressionless drones were marching to an auditorium. On a large screen, there was Big Brother giving a speech in which he preached conformity. Then, a young woman, wearing

T-shirt with the Macintosh logo and red shorts, raced down the aisle and threw a sledgehammer into the screen.

The image of Big Brother vanished. The commercial ended with the message 'On January 24th, Apple Computer will introduce Macintosh. And you'll know why 1984 won't be like 1984'" (Lam Pp).

Then on January 24, 1984, the Apple Macintosh was released, featuring an absolutely new and revolutionary operating system with easy to understand metaphors such as…. [read more]

Apple Inc Essay

… There is also a customer support and expert advices available for the clients. Experienced business experts offer mobile, apps and hardware solutions. Company maintains website for 41 countries and so you can choose yours from the list. Moreover, Apple also offers its special services for the military and Government clients/employees. (Apple, 2012)

As of July 2011, Apple opened more than 330 stores worldwide. These stores deal in Macintosh Personal Computers, iPods, iPads, iPhones, software, third party accessories and various electronic devices like Apple TV. Many of these stores also offer a feature of theatre for training with Apple Products, free workshops and presentations. Most importantly, all stores provides technical support and repair services.

Apple's Smartphone Contribution

Apple's smartphones have integrated iTunes and many other applications…. [read more]

Apple's 4 C's: Company, Competition, Collaborators, and Customers Term Paper

… Apple Inc. 4C's

Apple is one of the oracular companies of Silicon Valley that rose up as the icon of personal computing and in the recent years has seen tremendous success since the return of Steven P. Jobs who opened it up for horizons far beyond the desktop. With its kind of following, the company can be deemed to have cast something similar to a spell on both investors and consumers alike through its coveted gadgets. In the music and smart-phone industries the iPod and iPhone have been major forces. The computer software giant, Microsoft, was passed in stock value by Apple in May 2010 making it the most valuable technological company in the world. With the change of guard by Mr. Jobs, Apple's business…. [read more]

Apple Case Summary Essay

… Apple is strong in innovation and design, branding and marketing. The company's use of proprietary hardware and software is a key point of differentiation, but some argue holds them back in the personal computer market. Apple should, however, remain in all of these industries. Its commanding position in media players allows it to remain profitable even as this business declines. The company has leading positions in smartphones and tablets. While the computer business is underperforming, this has always been a core business for Apple and it is still profitable and prestigious. The most important to the company's future growth is the smartphone business, because this business has more upside than tablets and penetration is still relatively low. Apple's financial performance over the past three years…. [read more]

Apple, Inc Term Paper


Apple was founded in 1976 and since then it has been the number one strongest Microsoft competitor on the market. The most acknowledged Apple products are those in the Macintosh line and the latest successful products are the iPods. What differentiates Apple from other soft and hardware producers is their unique market approach: instead of focusing on the products, Apple focuses on creating a trust-based relationship with their customers.

Demographics and psycho graphics of customer

The company with 14,800 employees and almost 14 billion dollars worth of annual sales, has been able to develop a long-term relationship with their customers and most importantly, win their confidence. Based on the surveys of J.D. Power (a market research corporation), "Apple has the highest brand and…. [read more]

Apple Company Essay

… So leave your neckties and bring your ideas" (Sullivan, 2-4).

Training and Talent Management at Apple

Steve Jobs' hiring of John Sculley was very typical of Apple's style of hiring talent. Sculley was a superb marketing executive with Pepsi, who played "…a major role in creating the 'Pepsi Generation' marketing concept" (Gupta, 1992). Sculley asked Jobs why he didn't go for someone from IBM or Hewlett Packard instead of a guy from a soft drink company. "I don't know anything about computers," Sculley explained to Jobs, who answered: "What we are doing has never been done before. My dream is that everyone in the world will have an Apple computer… [and] you understand marketing. I got excited about the idea of the Apple Generation" (Gupta).…. [read more]

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