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Ethics and the Legal Term Paper

… On the flipside, should more people be ultimately injured by the contaminants set free by nighttime emissions at the Hondo plant, George should report the company to the EPA and let it move to Mexico, ensuring that there would be minimal upwind chemical repercussions to the people of his community.

Rights-based ethical decision-making would proffer the same conclusion: George Mackee should not deceive the Environmental Protection Agency. The Rights Perspective offers a paradigm for ethics that identifies certain fundamental civil, political, and economic rights that merit protection for the sake of dignity in each individual. Among these rights are a freedom of conscience and physical integrity; George Mackee should not, for the larger sake of the community's employment patterns hide the actual emissions at the…. [read more]

Ethics in the Workplace Organizational Essay

… However, they would also be at risk of getting laid off unless they bring in some business to the hotel.

The management of the hotel could face a cut in its salaries if the request is rejected and business continues to suffer. If the request is accepted, they would benefit from the increased revenue and raised profile of the hotel. However, it could lead to grievance issues and complaints of discrimination against black employees. Negative media publicity would also result in public humiliation and probably litigation and termination.

The guests would experience comfort as a result of compliance with their wishes. It would also give them the leverage to gain acceptance of further requests during their stay. They would also suffer from the service quality…. [read more]

Ethics and Leadership, Forming Research Paper

… ¶ … ethics and leadership, forming a set of principles that can be applied in my particular leadership role. The paper is organized according to the principles that I have learned. This paper is divided into 3 three sections. The first section discusses philosophical and historical background of ethics. The second section fashions the role of educational leadership and its links to ethics and assesses how the two have evolved over time. The third and last section discusses my personal view of ethics within the role of educational administration.

Ethical Frameworks

In the Western custom, the debate of ethics dates to Plato (427 -347 B.C.) as well as Aristotle (384-322 B.C.). The origin of the phrase "ethics" is from the Greek word ethos, "which means…. [read more]

Ethics and Moral Theory Essay

… Ethics - Moral Theory


Life is Beautiful and Dishonesty:

The movie Life is Beautiful (1998) portrays the life of Guido Orefice, a Jewish tourist traveling in Italy just before the outbreak of World War II. Under Fascist rule, Italian Jews were rounded up and dispatched to Nazi extermination camps as part of Hitler's "Final Solution" to Europe's "Jewish problem." To keep his five-year-old son Giosue from being frightened by the ordeal, Guido tells him that their purpose for traveling by train to Germany is to compete in a contest to win a shiny new tank because the child greatly admired military vehicles. The film suggests that Guido's deception was justified by its purpose and raises the larger…. [read more]

Professional Ethics in the Fitness Industry Essay

… Professional Ethics in the Fitness Industry

There are various approaches and views towards the human behavior and how each behavior should be treated. The ultimate goal of these behavior system controls is to ensure that the people can coexist in peace and there is maintenance of order throughout the society. The varying views of behavior patterns and the way they are handled are what are referred to as the ethical systems. They can also be referred to as the standards or rules governing the conduct of a person / group of people or the conduct of the members of a profession/community (Farlex Inc. 2011).

Ethics, however has a quite an ambiguous definition and reference all depending on the person viewing the concept itself and the…. [read more]

Applied Social Theory Economic Crisis Ethical Issue Perspective the Economy and Society Essay

… Social Theory

Applied Social Theory -- Since the late 19th century, the new disciplines of anthropology and sociology have looked at the way that society is organized, what different stimuli causes action and interaction, and if there can be an overall theory to identify the manner in which social problems seem to occur regardless of the chronology or geographic location of society. Functionalism is one way to place this into a template; a way to perceive the individual in the micro way and society in the macro as means of generating knowledge and meaning by experience. Since each individual has unique needs and backgrounds they are, in effect, a complex and multidimensional part of the whole (De Maio, 2010, 29-31).

Functionalism, in effect, is a…. [read more]

Ethics in Management Research Proposal

… Ethics and Management

Management and Ethics

In this paper, the author investigates the ethics of business management. After reviewing the literature to determine the concerns mentioned by business ethicists, the author compares those concerns with the concerns of a small business man, as revealed in a case study. The first part of the case study involves a covert participant observation of the ethical practices of a privately-run small business. The second part of the case study consisted of an interview with the small business owner, to determine whether or not he perceived ethical conflicts in the course of his business, and the nature of any ethical conflicts that he perceived. Finally, the author compared the ethical concerns described by the business scholars and commentators to…. [read more]

Ethics as With Darwin's Theory of Evolution Article Review

… Ethics

As with Darwin's theory of evolution, gene testing has opened new frontiers in understanding medicine, as it allows us among other things to understand the degree to which we are predisposed to specific diseases and conditions (Miller, 2007). The case of Burlington Northern Railway v. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) marked the first time the law had addressed this issue. The railway had been conducting gene testing on employee for the identification of a specific disorder that in theory predisposed workers to carpal tunnel syndrome (Schafer, 2001). This example illustrates one of the ways in which companies can use genetic information -- in this instance to find ways to opt out of insurance and disability payments. Miller (2007) argues that such abuses…. [read more]

Ethics and Morality Case Analysis Morality Pertains Term Paper

… Ethics and Morality Case Analysis

Morality pertains to moral conduct or standards, which in turn, determine the rightness or wrongness of one's conduct (Perle 2004). Ethics is the study of standards of conduct. It is also called moral philosophy. Ethics and morality are often used interchangeably because of their connectedness. It is generally believed that morality is ethics in action. Ethics has been categorized into descriptive, normative, analytical and applied (Fieser 2006). Descriptive ethics describes human behavior. Normative ethics establishes norms on human conduct. Analytical ethics or metaethics investigates how people determine norms of their own behavior. And applied ethics examines specific controversial issues, using analytical and normative ethics as conceptual tools.(Perle, Feiser).

Ethics establishes norms and evaluates when a moral act is right or…. [read more]

Ethics and Moral Development Term Paper

… S. Mill, presents an altogether different perspective of Janice's dilemma. Since Utilitarianism considers the ethical value of an action or behavior based on its outcome, that is, there is an achievement of greatest happiness for most (or majority) of people. In this theory, collective happiness and satisfaction is considered, and not the individual's benefit only. Thus, since the second situation presented, wherein Janice connives with John to present his program as her own in exchange for a raise in salary and promotion, creates happiness for both Janice and John, then this is the action that Janice must adopt. In effect, using the utilitarian perspective, the ethical thing to do when put in Janice's position is to offer John a raise and promotion in order to…. [read more]

Ethics and Integrity in the Workplace Thesis

… Ethics and Integrity in the Workplace

The focus of this paper is ethical integrity in the workplace. Workplace ethics and integrity encompasses more than one might think and in fact, ethics and integrity it will be noted in this study, are either intentionally woven into the fabric and composition of the organization or alternatively, not integral to the organization's makeup due to the lack of principles that make ethics and integrity non-optional factors within the organization's framework. This work addresses what factors are required in order to integrate principles of ethics and integrity within the basic structure of the organization in a manner that perpetuates these principles throughout the organization or in other words, this work seeks precisely from where organizational ethics and integrity derive.…. [read more]

Theoretical Approaches to Ethics Essay

… Applied ethics questions how moral knowledge should be practically implemented. Meta-ethics questions ethical terms, such as the meaning of 'truth', 'justice', and 'rightness'. Descriptive ethics conducts investigations and places its query on what people in general, or people as groups or individuals think is right. Descriptive ethics, in other words, is an empirical investigation of people's moral beliefs.

Descriptive ethics crosses over into philosophy when arguments are based on its findings or facts, but it more often serves as the basis for research in action-based disciplines such as psychology, sociology, evolutionary biology, or anthropology.

As example of descriptive ethics would be Lawrence Kohlberg's famous research where he questions a group of adolescents regarding the ethical actions that should be selected by a man whose wife…. [read more]

Nursing Ethical Theories Essay

… Due to this deficiency mostly thinkers have supported deontological ethics theory.

Justice Ethics vs. Care Ethics

Justice Ethics

The word 'justice' means 'to be fair with all people' and it is intimately attached to the legal system. In the nursing profession, decisions have to be taken on each and every spot, therefore, there is a code of justice ethics to be followed for elderly, poor or disable patients.

All the human beings are liable to look for the well-being of humanity and to reduce pains from the world and this relates to the basic duties of a nurse. The basic principle of this theory has been placed on the right and wrong of an act and on principles that coerce the performance. According to Emmanuel…. [read more]

Defend the Ethics of Your Values Essay

… Defend the Ethics of Your Values by Using One or More of the Four Kinds of Ethical Theories

Personal values development

Although it may sound strange, given that religious values have not formed the core of my moral development, the ethical theory with which I most identify is that of Kantian deontological or duty-based ethical theory. I believe that certain moral values are absolute, and cannot be distilled with situational variables. These moral values include tolerance, respect for other human beings, and the need to make meaning out of one's existence beyond merely serving one's material desires and needs. While some aspects of various ethical systems may vary between cultures, for a human being or a society to be ethically functional, there must be some…. [read more]

Business Ethics Focus on Merrill Essay

… Ford's senior management calculated the cost per life lost on the basis of the National Traffic Safety Administration's data and stated that recall for correcting the problem with the Pinto would cost $121 million as compared to only $50 million for injuries and deaths caused by the problem.

The decision-making process in this case was flawed in that the Ford Motor Company attempted to place value on the life of a human being. How could it possibly be that lives lost totaled less than the cost of a recall and modification to the company's vehicles? This happened because of the failure of the Ford Motor Company and its employee to assign intrinsic value to the life of human beings which would mean that the company…. [read more]

Advanced Nursing Ethics Essay

… A second intervention is found in the Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing. The nurse is always responsible and accountable for practicing ethically, and she herself determines the "appropriate delegation of tasks, consistent with the nurse's obligation to provide optimum patient care" (Cohen, 2006). In other words, the nurse can, through "individual and collective action," intervene in a situation where life and death of a patient hang in the balance. Nurses face intense ethical challenges in order to live up to their professional duties, and some nurses do have "difficulty recognizing and articulating" those duties and responsibilities (Cohen). When there is moral uncertainty a nurse can and should determine the ultimate appropriate intervention to save lives, according to Cohen.

(f) Identify one model of ethical decision-making…. [read more]

Ethics and Morals Measures Thesis

… Researchers have found moral identity is directly related to actions of moral outcomes. Scholars collect the information directly from the participants; however they use scientific methods to validate the research.

Reliability and validity are the two most common tools utilized by researchers and scholars to test theories and validate ethical practices. Reliability and validity are considered necessary components in research (Bannigan & Watson, 2009). Validity refers to the degree in which the test, scale or research method measures what it was intended to measure. Reliability refers to the stability of a measure scale (Bannigan & Watson, 2009). These are all important aspects of ensuring the ethics and morality of research collected. Researchers use repetition method to validate and test theories. Research is conducted, and repeated…. [read more]

Biomedical Ethics: Euthanasia. One Way of Interpreting Term Paper

… ¶ … biomedical ethics: euthanasia. One way of interpreting euthanasia from a moral point-of-view is utilitarianism.

Utilitarians interpret the rightness or wrongness of an action based on its consequences alone, this being one of the reasons why utilitarianism has been considered a consequential theory. However, at the same time, such an assumption, of judging actions mainly on taking into consideration the consequences has been considered a limitation and a weak point in this theory. Utilitarianism is based on the principle that we ought to do the greatest good for the greatest number of persons involved (the person requesting euthanasia, dependents, relatives, health care providers, or society). In the case of incurable disease, like cancer for instance, utilitarianism may be a way of providing ethical decision-making.…. [read more]

Ethics Since 1900 by Mary Term Paper

… .. We must accept either that the word 'good' denotes a simple unanalysable property or that it denotes a complex and analyzable property, or that it denotes nothing at all" (24). Applied in the context of identifying one's path towards self-realization, it cannot be said that self-realization is good, simply because, as Moore argued, goodness is an unanalyzable concept. However, like the concept of goodness, self-realization is best identified and determined by experiencing rather than rationalizing on it -- in effect, like goodness, self-realization is only known when one experiences it.

Indeed, succeeding studies on the moral philosophy among humans showed an inclination towards equating morality with self-realization. Or more specifically, these discussions of succeeding philosophies on morality focused on the utilization of a moral…. [read more]

Ethics a Few Months Ago Term Paper

… In my professional life, I manifest my ethics by analyzing each situation differently. Many of my ethical judgments are also based on utilitarianism: the right course of action is the one that benefits the most people and creates the greatest amount of happiness overall. However, I also know that when applied to large groups of people such as in a place of employment, utilitarianism often neglects a significant number of persons. Therefore, I always rely primarily on critical thinking and judgment when confronted with a complex ethical situation.

Our coursework has introduced me to a vast array of ethical theories. I have since been able to analyze situations with a more broad-minded perspective, able to weigh the pros and cons of each decision more thoroughly.…. [read more]

John Dewey Ethics Essay

… John Dewey Ethics

Dewey: A Study on Ethics

Dewey's introduction in Ethics is rather broad in scope and makes an attempt to illustrate a brief overview of the reasons necessary to write this particular treatise. In keeping with this purpose the author provides a general definition of ethics -- "the science that deals with conduct, good or bad" (Dewey 1) -- as well as a brief overview of the history of this particular discipline which involves the etymology of the terms ethics and morals. By the means of the aforementioned definitions, the author stratifies the pursuit of ethical thought and action into a pair of categories, one related to a confirmed form of conduct or etiquette that is readily acceptable throughout society, while the other…. [read more]

Ethics a Number of Differences Essay

… However, chances are that with such a move, ISIS would be pacified - given our country's superior military capabilities. Given the atrocities the terror formation continues to visit on the people of Iraq, the loss of a few lives would be a small price to pay for the huge benefits that would accrue, i.e. with regard to the neutralization of the group's ability to continue its criminal activities.

Assignment Details: Health Care Finance

The most beneficial method a manager would make use of in seeking to evaluate the utilization of the Ocean View Diabetic Clinic's money is present value analysis. One of the key advantages of this particular method, in comparison to such methods as IRR, is that it takes into consideration the time value…. [read more]

Ethics in Nursing Article Review

… This is the essence of Bishop's attempt to redefine ethics and ethical approaches in modern 21st century organizations. By using ethics as a tool and not a reward or thing itself, a new understanding of the ideals that lie behind ethics can be revealed to assist the organization in performing its duties in a professional and agreeable manner.

Ethical Nursing

The role of nursing is unique within the healthcare industry, and the pivotal role that this profession plays is largely underrated in the healing process. The core values of nursing need to be examined for ethical quality and to align them with the practices and clinical approaches that are being used by any given nurse. Vanlaere & Gastmans (2007) wrote "nursing is essentially concerned with…. [read more]

Ethical Theories and Contemporary Issues Essay

… Even though relativism can work well as a universal theory, this does not mean that there are universal principles related to it. The individual applications that are a part of relativism are the most "universal" thing about it (Fagothey, 2000). In other words, the idea that each person takes relativism as an individual issue and does with it what they will makes it universal in that sense, but there is no actual universal use for it. It is fundamentally unable to be universal, simply because it is something that implies no universality in how people do things, handle things, or conduct their lives (Becker & Becker, 2002). When people in one culture cannot even agree on ethical requirements and rules that are followed by everyone,…. [read more]

Sociology: Ethics and Responsibility Essay

… Rather, when it comes to ethics, Cooper cites the work of Preston who most succinctly describes what ethics means as manifested by the Humane Society: "ethics is concerned about what is right, fair, just or good; about what we ought to do, not just about what is the case or what is most acceptable or expedient" (2012). Clearly all the effort, time, energy and money exerted by the Humane Society are in the name of rightness and justice to animals, as it would be faster and save more money in many respects to just allow the animals to suffer.

Ethics go hand in hand with responsibility as responsibility honored exhibits and inherent sense of virtue (, 2009). The Humane Society of America exhibits the necessary…. [read more]

Ethics in the Accounting Profession Term Paper

… Brian Strugats

Accounting Ethics

Dr. Nathan Slavin

The Role of College Ethics Classes in the Reduction of Professional Accounting Scandals

Ethical values provide the foundation on which a civilized society exists. Without the foundation, civilization collapses." (Smith)

The ability to choose right or wrong, or good vs. evil, is a part of the human condition. While some decisions are smaller than others, like stealing a pack of gum, some are larger and have more severe consequences. In the business world, the bottom line is often the only criteria for success or failure. People are tempted to sometimes take shortcuts or intentionally omit certain information in order to speed their climb up the corporate ladder. In the accounting profession these shortcuts or intentional omissions are unacceptable.…. [read more]

Ethics in Psychology Academic Fraud Term Paper

… Academic Fraud - Psychology

Ethics in Psychology: Academic Fraud

A Notorious Case of Academic Fraud

This paper discusses the "notorious" case of academic fraud by Sir Cyril Lodowic Burt as presented by Beloff (1980). The research will focus on the ethical problem presented, the ethical principles breached according to the Australian codes of ethics, the motives and justifications of a commitment of this breach, justification for such actions and solutions for dealing with instances of academic fraud such as this one. While a brief discourse on the case of Sir Cyril will be provided, the primary purpose of the case is to address motives and justifications for academic breach, and actions or solutions to such cases that academic institutions can implement to prevent fraud from…. [read more]

Ethical Theory and Moral Practice Thesis

… Their work shouldn't be interpreted as a move to jettison the pursuit of objectivity, however. Rather, it is an effort to identify how "to triangulate across multiple fallible perspectives" (Trocham, 2006) in order to achieve objectivity. According to Trocham (2006), objectivity can be obtained through the efforts of many individuals -- through the conscientious critique of science by truth-seekers in their respective fields -- and not by any one individual. Trocham reminds the reader that "[w]e never achieve objectivity perfectly, but we can approach it" (2006).

Empiricism -- as a methodological assumption of the epistemological paradigm -- is a limited means of acquiring truth and knowledge. Therefore, an exploratory review of literature is an apt choice. Gastmans (1998) and Beauchamp (2007) reveal ethical theory and…. [read more]

Wikileaks Ethics Issues Raised Term Paper

… America's treatment of Assange seems to be costing the government a great deal of credibility throughout the world. A cost benefit analysis would allow the stakeholders to improve the reputation they have acquire as a result of the way this ordeal was handled The primary stakeholder in a cost benefit analysis is the American government and some of her allies.

Ethical issue 3

Attempting to sensor free speech and infringe upon the rights of a free press and also ethical issues that arise in this case. These ethical issues do indeed have legal ramifications. Attempting to prevent free speech and freedom of the press is a violation of the constitution of the United States. In the United States and in democracies all over the world…. [read more]

Business Ethics Everybody Research Proposal

… Business Ethics

Everybody can agree that business needs to be conducted ethically. The problem with business ethics, however, is that there is no clear concept of what precisely is meant by the phrase 'ethical'. Managers have different stakeholders to concern themselves with. They operate businesses that are subject to multiple sets of laws simultaneously. They are subjected to the ethical judgment from dozens or hundreds of different cultures, each with its own ethical standards, and some with many different sets of ethical standards. It is no wonder that many firms stick to basic platitudes regarding ethical behavior. Pinning down specifics is almost impossible. As a consequence, however, we have situations that arise with alarming consistency in which managers make choices that would seem to violate…. [read more]

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