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Ethical Issues in Group Counseling Research Paper

… Ethical Issues in Group Counseling

Any counseling scenario introduces a variety of ethical issues because counseling involves human beings who are frequently at their most vulnerable, seeking help and advice from human beings who are fallible. What complicates the ethical rules and norms that surrounding counseling scenarios is that the relationship between the counselor and the client is central to the efficacy of the counseling. Rules that stifle the development of an organic, helpful relationship can stifle the goal of counseling. However, there are clearly rules that must be followed to ensure that the client is protected from counselors who may act in an unethical manner. The very fact that counselors and clients enter into unique, personal relationships as part of the therapeutic process can…. [read more]

Performance Management Through the Lens Essay

… The optimal performance evaluation will be objective, consistent, job related, and well-documented (Van Bogaert, n.d.). Concerning the latter point, Keys did receive a poor performance evaluation in 2006, despite meeting all performance expectations, and was placed on a program of performance improvement (Keys v. Humana, 2012). Around the same time close to a dozen African-American managers were also placed on performance management, but no Caucasian managers were given a poor evaluation. These performance appraisals eventually triggered resignations and terminations of exclusively African-American employees. Keys responded by filing an internal complaint and the resulting investigation went nowhere. In 2007, Keys requested and received a favorable interim performance appraisal, but the 2006 appraisal was later used to terminate her employment. The appeals court held that these allegations,…. [read more]

Applying an Ethical Lens in the Workplace Term Paper

… 3. Explain your core values and classical virtue(s) from the ELI. The core values identified in the Ethical Lens Inventory were sensibility and autonomy and the classical virtues were moderation and self-restraint. Although each ELI element was scored in the 'mild' range, this combination of core values and classical virtues means that a higher priority is placed on selecting life goals and the optimal career path to achieve them, but these plans can be influenced and changed by others along the way.
a. Discuss how these core values and classical virtue(s) compare to the top five values from the Clarifying Your Values exercise, found in the course of study. The top five values identified in the Clarifying Your Values exercise were as follows:
1. Customer…. [read more]

Ethics Game the Simulation Essay

… I believe my decision was ethically consistent.

4. My mind was made up fairly early in the simulation as to the best course of action in this situation. I believe the role that the ethical lenses played was to support my decision. I feel that integrity and moral courage are important, and it takes courage to order a decision that will cost the company profit. I also believe that contributory justice is part of my decision, because I feel like all people should be treated equally, and to me that means not dumping a faulty product on consumers just because they happen to have been born in another country. I feel that the company's value and providing accurate information are two keys to my decision,…. [read more]

Crowdsourcing Techniques in Call Centers Dissertation

… [EXCERPT] . . . promising phenomenon that lends itself to call centers' ability to improve their own and their other business units' efficiency is the employment of crowdsourcing. Crowdsourcing is an online, distributed problem-solving and production model already in use by for-profit organizations such as Threadless, iStockphoto, and InnoCentive. Speculation in Weblogs and wisdom of crowds theory assumes a diverse crowd engaged in crowdsourcing labor. Crowdsourcing is the act of taking a job traditionally performed by a designated agent (usually an employee) and outsourcing it to an undefined, generally large group of people in the form of an open call. Furthermore, and as crowdsourcing is in some ways similar to open-source software production, prior research suggests that individuals in the crowd likely participate in crowdsourcing…. [read more]

Adult Education and the Internet Term Paper

… Second, the quantity or length of experience is not necessarily connected to its richness or intensity. For example, in an adult educational career spanning 30 years the same one year's experience can, in effect, be repeated thirty times. Indeed, one's 'experience' over these 30 years can be interpreted using uncritically assimilated cultural filters in such a way as to prove to oneself that students from certain ethnic groups are lazy or that fear is always the best stimulus to critical thinking. Because of the habitual ways we draw meaning from our experiences, these experiences can become evidence for the self-fulfilling prophecies that stand in the way of critical insight. Uncritically affirming people's histories, stories and experiences risks idealizing and romanticizing them. Experiences are neither innocent…. [read more]

Academic Integrity Exercise Essay

… Academic Integrity

Exercise 1- Academic integrity

Academic integrity implies being open and honest in the fulfilment of the academic responsibilities therefore, establishing mutual trust. Honesty and fairness us fundamental in relationships and interactions of the academic community and is attained through respect for the ideas and opinions of others.

Academic honesty means intellectual honesty: fairness and honesty in the formulating argument, using information, and other tasks related to understanding and knowledge pursuit. It is the main principle that determines how students live and learn in a society of inquiry. As the academic community members, students and their instructors are entitled to an intensive degree freedom in their pursuit of scholarly interests (Bertram, 213). Also, with this freedom, however, comes the task to maintain the academic…. [read more]

What Are the Effects of Illegal Insider Trading on Corporations? Research Paper

… Insider trading has two distinct effects on the financial sector. The first is a purely economic effect while the second is an indirect effect that, while harder to measure, in all likelihood, has a more serious overall effect. The first effect is that insider trading (which is also known as "informed trading") reduces the liquidity of a marketplace or a market sector (Fishe & Robe, 2002). Liquidity can be understood as a function in large measure the result of the degree of asymmetry that exists in the marketplace in which information is dispersed along legal lines. When the degree of asymmetry shifts because of insider trading, therefore, the liquidity of the market will almost necessarily also shift.

The less measurable but potentially even more important…. [read more]

Ethics and the Legal Term Paper

… On the flipside, should more people be ultimately injured by the contaminants set free by nighttime emissions at the Hondo plant, George should report the company to the EPA and let it move to Mexico, ensuring that there would be minimal upwind chemical repercussions to the people of his community.

Rights-based ethical decision-making would proffer the same conclusion: George Mackee should not deceive the Environmental Protection Agency. The Rights Perspective offers a paradigm for ethics that identifies certain fundamental civil, political, and economic rights that merit protection for the sake of dignity in each individual. Among these rights are a freedom of conscience and physical integrity; George Mackee should not, for the larger sake of the community's employment patterns hide the actual emissions at the…. [read more]

Can Christianity and Business CO-Exist? Essay

… Since the authors in this scholarly piece assert that "…spiritually is the narrow band of searching for meaning" before one grabs on to "any particular beliefs, practices, or structures," I believe I was spiritual before accepting Christ as my Savior (Lynn, et al., 2009).

Looking back on my original spirituality, as a child moving into adolescence, I believe I followed what Lynn writes on page 229: the transcendent character of God and His universe led me to embrace a kind of spirituality that had a "mystical dimension" (Lynn, 229). I wasn't yet old enough or intellectual enough to understand that my spirituality was really just a young person seeking wisdom and meaning through my own secular experiences. I will have those secular experiences in my…. [read more]

Schumacher, Gunter and Wasieleski Article Critique

… There is a need to be flexible with future market conditions and other environmental pressures which could affect the organization's evolution.

The authors integrate this philosophical view with the ethical worldviews of the social sciences (their emphasis is on organizational culture and structural functionalism) and also with an evolutionary view of change from the natural sciences. They have created their own ethical model called ICM (Integrated Causal Model) which embraces the fact that change is a constant process, but which also emphasizes certain stable values. From the natural and social sciences it offers a simultaneously objective and subjective view of reality: organizations must acknowledge 'hard data' but they must also reflect upon how decisions will filter through the unpredictable, subjective lens of human agency (Schumacher…. [read more]

Whistleblower HR Management and the Whistleblower Protection Essay

… Whistleblower

HR Management and the Whistleblower Protection Act

The last decade in American corporate culture represents a nadir of ethical performance and effective organizational stewardship. These two realities have interceded to promote a period of deep corruption, aggressive shortsightedness and an absence of safeguards against rampant corporate abuses. The outcome is a seriously negative context from a Human Resource Management perspective, as major corporations have shown themselves to be increasingly less secure job occupational contexts and their cultures have come to extent greater concession to myriad abuses of sound management or ethical appropriateness. One of the key shortcomings in the area of private corporate orientation derives from a failure of accountability such as that which is designed to protect against the same realities in public…. [read more]

Dan Brown's the Davinci Code Term Paper

… Dan Brown's "The DaVinci Code" did not violate the copyright and other rights of others in his story line regarding Jesus and Mary Magdalene. This is because it was a fiction story even though it used a true story to explain a very vided imagination of the author.

From there, if Brown claimed wrote the Bible, that would be violating the copyright laws due to the fact he did not it. Furthermore, there is not a passage in the Bible that says Jesus married Mary. Due to that fact, the author certainly did not violate any copyright laws.

First of all, I don't think anyone, even people who think "The Da Vinci Code" is the best book they've ever read (i.e., people who haven't read…. [read more]

Academic Autobiography Term Paper

… Academic Autobiography

For the past ten years I have worked in a psychiatric division of a local hospital where I have worked with dual diagnosis patients. Every day I find myself using something I learned from my college education when working with these patients. Whether it is a theory from a Psychology and Play course or a method of organizing and conducting group counseling sessions, it is clear that without my higher education I would not be able to succeed on a daily basis in my current employment environment.

My undergraduate education, in which I pursued and successfully earned my bachelor degree, gave me the diverse and all-encompassing education I needed to succeed as a drug and alcohol rehabilitation counselor. As I look back on…. [read more]

Leadership: Emotional, Social, & Cognitive Intelligence Literature Review

3.2.3 Contingency Theories

They hold that the style of leadership adopted should depend on the situation and the circumstances influence the person in charge. Therefore, leaders with high levels of cognitive intelligence know which style is best suited when quick decisions need to be made. Leaders who are people oriented exhibit high levels of social and emotional cognitive intelligence and use a leadership style, which reflects the situation on the ground for his or her followers.

3.2.4 Power and Influence Theories

The approach undertaken by power and influence theories is different from the others. In this approach, leaders use their power to varying degrees to achieve their goals. Transactional leadership is one of the power and influence style used. In…. [read more]

Employee Motivation in a Pcba Contract Manufacturing Dissertation

… Employee motivation in a PCBA contract manufacturing industry -- an example of Plexus

Today many organizations are going through change due to globalization and ever changing technology. Organizations have to cope with these changes by broadening their networks, introducing new systems at work place, hiring new staff or other many such type of changes. These changes influence workplace atmospheres as well as existing employees and they feel it difficult to cope with the changes. Current paper is a case study of Plexus Company a part of the PCB contract company. Plexus organization went through change as its widened its network and as a result workplace atmosphere was affected. The researcher explored the change affect in the company at operational level by exploring the factors of…. [read more]

Immigration Ethics and Social Responsibility Research Paper

… If these immigrants are sent back to their native countries, perhaps this drug-related violence would increase even more, as those captured would simply be assassinated when nobody would be able to provide funds.

Once again, "customary international law does not permit refoulement (returning someone to a place where her life or freedom are at serious risk), and the United States has an obligation to ensure that it is not repatriating immigrants to places where violence is likely." (Reynolds, 20110). The United States, however, in addition to breaking this law, in no way guarantees the safety of immigrants once they have been deported back to Mexico. Furthermore, as Reynolds states, "If found deportable, the least the U.S. government could do is ensure that they are not…. [read more]

Cloud Computing Research Proposal

… They're more alert than ever, and seek not those brands that offer only "a me to" approach to loyalty. Customers are demanding away from the norm, with ubiquity comes skepticism and constant comparisons which makes it difficult to impress consumers by offering more of the same. Cloud computing will allow companies to enhance their software. For example, Microsoft and Google have already got into the field of cloud computing but there are others like Amazon have just started to get a feel for it as seen below.

Large companies such as Microsoft and Google aren't the only ones getting attention from the surge in interest around cloud computing. RightScale, a startup that offers developer tools for setting up server clusters that run on Amazon Web…. [read more]

Ethics and Corporate Governance Research Proposal

… Corporate Ethics

OSHA, Ethics, and Liability

The provision of proper working safety conditions is the dual responsibility of the employer and of the state-sponsored Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), both of which must uphold legislatively constructed standards intended to prevent injury, reduce workplace hazards and to diminish the risk of workplace accidents. Before proceeding toward an examination of the case in question, there is some use in understanding the bureaucratic structure of OSHA, which enters directly into a discussion on the legal implications of the subject. To this end, in 1970, Congress passed the Occupational Safety and Health Act, which "established for the first time a nationwide, federal program to protect almost the entire workforce from job-related death, injury and illness." (McLaury, 1) This…. [read more]

Proper Skills Needed for CEO Term Paper

… Leadership

Four major questions have been posed when it comes to business, leadership and the skill sets required to excel in both. The first question centres on the role of Chief Executive Office. The role itself will be defined. There will also be a listing of the competencies and skills that a typical or desirable CEO should demonstrate and have. The second question will centre on what the effective communication skills are. Indeed, it will be defined what skills will be mastered and displayed if a business and its leadership wishes to engage its employees and excel in business overall. Third, there will be an identification and definition of three different leadership styles and how each of those styles is best applied based on the…. [read more]

Leadership Styles Among Male Term Paper

… Synthesists do not generally look for compromises, consensus or agreement on the best solution to a problem or situation. They will however look for a solution that will connect and assimilate the random and contradictory views to arrive at a best-fit solution.

A b) The Idealist

The idealist style focuses on process, values and aspirations. Idealists are people who like to take a broad view of things. They also tend to be future-oriented and to think about goals and missions to be accomplished. Idealists are much attuned to the needs of others and for the betterment of society as a whole. They will evaluate the impact of any personal decision on the society. They respect and believe in the social values and morals dictated by…. [read more]

Roanoke County School System Faculty Term Paper

… The school system should see increased school district wide participation. However, the current PTD participation continues to suffer from severe lack of interest.

Roanoke county is not the only county experiencing challenges in the area of PTD involvement. For the last thirteen years the Collaborative Teacher Education Program at Indiana University (CTEP) has been offering continuing education courses by distance education to teachers in rural communities. The program is comprehensive in that it enables inservice teachers to obtain teaching licenses and master's degrees without coming to campus. The primary mode of course delivery is videoconferencing, but Web-based conferencing and instruction has also been integrated into the program to help promote ownership and collegiality among the teachers. They have also added a completely Web-based course to…. [read more]

Teachers as Action Researchers Thesis

… Teachers as Action Researchers

The idea of technology in the classroom is one that is growing in popularity. One of the reasons for this is that it is a kind of cooperative learning technique and promotes interaction between the students as they work on computers with one another. This interaction and the cooperative learning techniques that these students learn help them to succeed in school and in later life as they move into college or into their careers. Cooperative instructional techniques such as working together on a computer to solve a problem have been around for some time and they have been used more widely in recent years as certain topics lend themselves to this type of learning more so than basic and traditional classroom…. [read more]

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