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Arctic Climate Change Term Paper

… The Inuit have also become adaptable to their environment because of the diversity and flexibility in the usage of resources. They take chances in harvesting. They harvest whenever and wherever the conditions allow them. They are now really clever in identifying and taking advantage of particular conditions. The climate change gives them the opportunity of creating new situations. For instance, they get benefitted from the later ice freeze-up during autumn by making the fishing season longer. They wait for the occurrence of freezing and resume their normal activities (Ford, 2005).

The Inuit need to organize themselves to raise awareness regarding the magnitude of Arctic climate change. They must come forward to advocate action for the reduction of greenhouse gases. They must stop playing the part…. [read more]

Climate Change -- the U.S Essay

… The regulations that the EPA has issued "…impose additional costs on all sectors of the economy," the letter warned; the EPA's regulations will have "…no perceptible impacts on global greenhouse gas emissions, weather or climate conditions," the letter explained (Energy & Commerce Committee).

Meanwhile the Speaker of the House, John Boehner, has said that the idea that "…carbon dioxide is a carcinogen that is harmful to our environment is almost comical. Every time we exhale, we exhale carbon dioxide. Every cow in the world, you know, when they do what they do, you've got more carbon dioxide" (Organizing for Action).

Notwithstanding the resistance from some politicians to the reality of climate change, the White House established the Climate Change Adaption Task Force in 2009. The…. [read more]

Climate Change Effects Research Paper

… This will reduce the availability of fresh water, summer tourism, potential of hydropower and the crop productivity of nations such as Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece. In Central Europe there is increasing health risk because of the heatwaves which are projected to rise. The overall forest productivity will also decline. Here, the rich nations of Europe have the advantage of their financials, they can plan in advance on investing on new technology which can help in bringing them fresh water from the seas, this can greatly reduce their fresh water problem.

Europe can also use nuclear power or gas power to fuel their economies and can reduce their dependency on hydropower whose potential might decline due to the climate change. Since almost all of Europe…. [read more]

Arctic Climate Change Essay

… Arctic sea ice consists of two types of ice. The first is old ice that has existed for thousands of years, since at least the last Ice Age, and the second is new ice that forms each year. The older ice is thick, while the new ice is thinner. The retreat of the Arctic sea ice is being driven by reductions in the older, thicker ice. New ice typically thaws each summer anyway, so the reduction in summer ice cover is strongly related to the thawing of the older, thicker sea ice.

Climate change is responsible for this melting. The Arctic climate is warming at a faster rate than the overall global climate. More heat is being brought into the Arctic through the atmosphere and…. [read more]

Climate Change in the Polar Term Paper

… Many people still do not take climate change seriously, and that is part of the problem in finding a solution. Perhaps if more of what is going on in the Polar Regions really became public knowledge, the people would truly see that climate change is already happening, and affecting the lives and livelihoods of many people. Many of the Native Americans in the Arctic survive on the animals that live there, and if the bears and seals disappear, they will have no way to sustain themselves. There have been some reports and publicity about the polar bears and their plight, but the Native Americans have not made nearly enough information available about what is happening to them and their villages. More people should be made…. [read more]

Polar Bears Gone? Climate Change, Global Warming Essay

… ¶ … Polar Bears Gone?

Climate change, global warming, El Nino, and disaster movies (2012, etc.) are a part of contemporary culture. Children, from a very young age, are exposed to the concept of climate change, but sometimes are not familiar with something to make that issue relevant for them. This is particularly true for younger students, who do not yet have a good concept of seasons, temperature variation, or what consequences the melting of polar ice might have. Using a framework, though, of a Polar Bear family and their home; we can structure a week long lesson plan to help them understand the very basics of the topics.

Level -- Adaptable K-2 depending on curriculum, group, and time.

Timing - Week long, multidisciplinary lesson…. [read more]

Changing Behavior to Reduce Global Warming Essay

… Behavioral Changes: Reducing the Effects of Global Climate Change

What is Global Warming?

The world's climate has been changing since the late 19th century and it has been changing dramatically for the past fifty years, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Temperatures are rising, glaciers are melting around the world, the ice cap in the Arctic is melting, ocean temperatures are slowly rising, sea levels are rising around the world, and there are dramatic changes being witnessed in the way the world's plants and animals are responding to the rise in temperatures.

The EPA explains that the greenhouse effect is at the heart of the global warming issue. It is perfectly natural for the sun to heat the earth, and a good share of…. [read more]

Arctic Melt Unnerves the Experts Term Paper

… There are a number of charts and images as illustrations of some of these issues.

The article goes on to speculate at the possibility of reversing climate change. It argues that the effects of climate change are unavoidable, at this point, but that if we take steps to reduce emissions drastically, effects will come slower and be less intense, giving societies more time to adapt. It concludes by saying that climate change has very serious implications for the Arctic region.


I believe the New York Times piece accurately reflected the information given in the Corell's article. However, not all the information in Corell's article was presented in the Times piece. This is either for the sake of brevity or because the Times piece did…. [read more]

Eco-Friendly Hotel Industry Trends Climate Change Essay

… Eco-Friendly Hotel Industry Trends

Climate change is no longer a theory to be debated on talk radio and cable TV -- it is a fact of life. Many venues in the hotel industry are using whatever tools and technologies they can to reduce their use of energy, water, and otherwise present a green experience for the traveler. The brightest and most visionary of hotels are making adjustments and being very alert to the need to reduce their carbon footprints. And they are not just doing it to attract eco-minded guests and make a positive impression; they are turning to green concepts and technologies because it is the right thing to do to help reduce the greenhouse gases that are a main source of the problem.…. [read more]

Arctic Sovereignty Introduction to International Thesis

… "[footnoteRef:23] In the Arctic, the main issue is not so much "the precise limits of Canada's territories" as the international legal limits of its rights within these territories.[footnoteRef:24] [20: Ibid, p. 98.] [21: Ibid, p. 99. ] [22: Byers, p. 4.] [23: Ibid, p. 4.] [24: Ibid, p. 5.]

Borders do not exist in the Arctic but boundaries do, since most of the region is part of the high seas or international waters.[footnoteRef:25] Canada regards the Northwest Passage as an internal waterway under international law, but full sovereignty only extends to 12 miles (22 kilometers) from shorelines, and no one has sovereignty over the North Pole.[footnoteRef:26] Sovereignty rights exend to 200 nautical miles (370 km) from shore, and sometimes further depending "on the shape and…. [read more]

Climate Change Term Paper

… The most recent bill addressing climate change -- that was passed by the conservative-dominated House in September, 2012 -- omitted the "sense of Congress" clause (Geman, 2012). That clause asserted that "There is established scientific concern over warming of the climate system…" but the Republican-led House has not accepted that as fact. What Republicans are doing is packaging a bill to "block EPA rules" that seek to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and the GOP has worked to block or delay federal policies that affect the coal industry (burning fossil fuels contributes mightily to global warming). The House Republicans call attempts to regulate coal emissions "The White House 'war' on coal" (Geman, p. 1). In other words, there is no political will in the Congress at…. [read more]

Global Warming Climate and Weather Essay

… Natural and Anthropogenic Climate Change

Richard Hilderman (2011) asserts that though some believe the current global warming trend is part of the natural cycle and there is nothing to worry about scientific data does not support this hypothesis. It is true that over geological time the Earth has experienced higher temperatures than currently see however there are two important differences between natural past cycles and the current global warming trend. Previous global warming trends evolved over thousands of years, a significant amount of time. The current trend is evolving much faster. Secondly, humans were not a contributing factor in earlier natural cycles.

The natural cycle is a result of orbital variations of the sun. This initial warming triggers the release of the greenhouse gasses carbon…. [read more]

Remote Sensing Satellite Images and Climate Change Thesis

… Remote Sensing (satellite Images) and Climate Change

The objective of this work is to evaluate the role that remote sensing (satellite images) has played in studies of climate change. This work will focus on the terrestrial essential climate variables and place particular emphasis on how remote sensing is used as a tool for the detection of changes in ice-sheets and glaciers. Finally, this work will compare the use of satellite images with ground-based measurements in change direction of ice-sheets and glaciers.

It is reported by Vinnikov, et al. (1999) that in order to reveal "a long-term systematic climate trend, we need observations from a period long enough so that the influences of natural interannual and interdecadal climate variability, as well as random errors of observation…. [read more]

Global Warming Trends and Impact Essay

… It is now believed that everyday activities such as mass production, transportation activities, and using electricity and aerosol products in our homes, all contribute to greenhouse gases. The one natural protection humans have -- trees that reduce greenhouse gases and produce oxygen -- have been devastated by human development and monetary ventures (Weart 44). Rainforests are estimated to be destroyed at the unprecedented rate of one and a half acres per second, and could be gone within the next 30 years (Prothero 19). The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (known as the IPCC) has now concluded that most of the increased temperature in the twentieth century is related to human industrialization (Weart 48).

The goal today among scientists, organizations, and activists is slowing…. [read more]

Six Degrees of Climate Change Essay

… In short, it would probably mean the death of the Amazon forest. As the video calls it, it would be the "perfect drought." The Amazon river would literally run dry. It has already happened to a lighter extent in 2005. If three degrees happen, it would almost certainly happen again and it might not recover. Drought and fire would surely follow along with whatever happens (Iulian, 2016).

Fourth Degree of Change

Four degrees of change would lead to sharp ocean risings and this would wipe out the deltas of several countries including Italy (Venice), Egypt and Bangladesh. Northern Canada would become lush and green due to the vast meltdown of ice and tundra that is present there right now. The two men drawing a chalk…. [read more]

articles on climate change social psych Essay

… Both the Heinberg (2017) and Al Jazeera news article highlight some of the social psychology concepts that illustrate differences in opinion, attitude, and perception. For example, both articles tacitly refer to attribution theory: human beings explain phenomena like global warming differently depending on their cognitive frameworks. Attribution errors are linked to cognitive biases, such as attributing global warming to something other than human activity.
Neither article directly mentions group polarization, but group polarization is what happens when political partisanship creates cognitive biases in attitudes towards global warming. As both articles offer critiques on media coverage of global warming, they also demonstrate social learning theory. Because the climate change debate can be socially constructed, it is important to understand how the media shapes public perceptions, and…. [read more]

Global Warming Effects on Arctic Animals Research Paper

… ¶ … Earth passed through various processes of warming and cooling. Most parts of Canada and Europe was covered with glaciers during the Ice Age. The temperatures then was 5.4-9° Fahrenheit (3-5° Celsius) cooler in comparison to temperatures these days. The last Ice Age ended 20,000 years ago. Temperatures today are higher than they should be. "Earth's average temperature has risen by 1.08°F (0.6°C) in the past one hundred years." (Stuart Baker, page 4) Global warming is causing negative changes in weather configuration.

The Arctic Region gathers "the North Pole and the land and sea north of the Arctic Circle." (Idem, page 5) the word "arctic" comes from the Greeks. They named this region Arktikos; "the country of the Great Bear." (Arctic Climate Impact Assessment,…. [read more]

Arctic FOX Term Paper

… ¶ … ARCTIC FOX (National Geographic, online at,2008)

Understanding the Arctic Fox

Peripheral to the concern and implications of the melting artic regions is the concern about the wildlife supported by the region. What will become of the polar bears, the giant water animals like whales and walrus, to the smallest animals like the arctic fox? Some, more than others, will adapt to the changing environment. The research presented here focuses its study on the artic fox, to build an understanding and image of this elusive creature, and about which very little attention been given in discussions on environmental concerns. This study will examine the role of the arctic fox in the environmental balance of the arctic region; because in the harsh environment of…. [read more]

Global Warming in the Arctic Term Paper

… Global Warming in Arctic

The Arctic might be the key to understanding and alleviating global warming across the planet. Global warming affects the Arctic at a more rapid and intense rate than other regions of the globe. Also, global warming is causing ice in the Arctic to melt, contributing to rising sea levels everywhere. Scientists should therefore significantly focus their attention and research on the causes and effects of global warming in the Arctic.

One of the reasons global warming affects the Arctic more rapidly than in other parts of the globe is that ice naturally reflects solar radiation back into space. When large stores of Arctic ice melt, less solar radiation is reflected back into space, and more is absorbed by the surrounding earth…. [read more]

Environmental Changes the Physical Term Paper

… Environmental Changes

The Physical Environmental Change

What is global warming? How does it affect the weather, what are the contributing factors? Global warming is the gradual process increase in earth temperature; the warming is attributed to the increase of greenhouse gases in the Earth's upper atmosphere like carbon dioxide and methane emissions caused by human activities like farming, industrial and deforestation. These kind activities discharged smoke that contributes to warming of the environment. Many scientists believe that an increase in temperature may lead to changes in weather patterns that would cause harmful effects like flood, drought and storms. This might also harm the wildlife like plants and animals. Animals like birds may force to transfer to another place. According to Time Magazine, "heat waves storms,…. [read more]

Climate Change Global Warming: Fact Essay

… This is why significant investment in science and technology is important to the private world as well as public government agencies, so that discoveries can be made which will be financially beneficial.

Concluding Opinions

In conclusion there are two divergent beliefs on the topic of global warming, those who follow science and believe in it, and those who oppose science and who follow their own individual beliefs. Both of these points are valid opinions for a good debate, however I believe in the 21st century the debate is more like, how much should be done as a result of global warming, rather than arguing whether global warming does indeed exist.

Science has been conclusive on this subject and only growing more so each day. Most…. [read more]

Arctic Security Threats and Canadian Government Essay

… ¶ … National Security

The Canadian government's response to Arctic's security

The Canadian government is one of the powers that have exercised their sovereignty and security strength in matters of the Arctic. In the Canadian Arctic, the governance system has done enough to ensure its borders are well protected through a peaceful process of devolving territories from the ever evolving arctic region. The government of Canada has been effective in securing its place in the arctic region, and the federal government hardly diminishes sovereignty of Canada as a state when it transfers power to the major territories; Nunavut, the Yukon and Northwest Territories.

Descriptions of Security issues in the Arctic

One of the fundamental issues that faced the arctic region during the cold war was…. [read more]

Global Warming Formal Outline Research Paper

… The United States has the funds necessary to alleviate some of the suffering caused by hurricanes like Sandy. However, Haiti does not. Another reason why global warming has a moral component is that people like Palmer and the energy tycoons are lying about it: raising a question about morality in business ethics. Finally, global warming and climate change are moral issues because the environment is a moral concern. The world around us has inherent value, and to deny global warming or work to hasten it are acts that can be considered ethical violations.

It is important to speak of climate change not just in terms of global warming, but in terms of more global and nuanced effects. As Silverstein, Silverstein, and Silverstein point out in…. [read more]

Impacts of a Warming Arctic Research Paper

… ¶ … warming Arctic

Global warming has reached alarming levels and the effects of the event are felt throughout the world. The Arctic region is one of the territories that have experienced the full hit of global warming and because of the importance that the area has to the rest of the planet, the effects of a warming Arctic are manifested through severe environmental changes occurring around the globe.

The planet's climate is rapidly changing because of the rising temperature in the Arctic. The speed at which the climate is changing is apparently going to be accelerated in the near future and the effects resulting out of the process are expected to influence social, economic, and physical changes.

Scientists, environmentalists and other concerned people have…. [read more]

Global Warming in the Arctic Essay

… Global Warming in the Arctic

Global warming is no myth. Since the Industrial Revolution, the earth's average surface temperature has risen about one degree Fahrenheit, "with accelerated warming during the past two decades," according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency ("Climate"). Most of the global warming that has occurred over the past several decades is a direct product of human activities: factory emissions and automobile emissions especially. The emissions from factories and automobiles create what are known as "greenhouse gases," mainly carbon dioxide. The earth actually has a natural "greenhouse effect," a layer of the earth's atmosphere that keeps surface temperatures warm enough for biological life as we know it. Without a natural greenhouse effect, Earth surface temperatures would be far lower than they…. [read more]

What Are the Effects of Global Warming on Arctic Animals? Research Paper

… Global Warming

The Arctic homes some of the most distinctive animals These include migratory and resident birds, the world's major fisheries, polar bears, some species of seals among others. Culturally and biologically the arctic is a unique environment and hence the continued survival of these animals. In the arctic the whole ecosystem depends on the presence of sea-ice for their survivals from the plankton that live in the sea bottom all the way up to harp seals and polar bears (Chapin, 2008) Therefore global warming will have an adverse effect on animals that depend on ice as a platform like ringed seals, walruses and polar bears since their habitat would be lost. The arctic faces major drastic changes in its climatic conditions. However the natural…. [read more]

Polar Bear Habitat Powerful Term Paper

… The energy required to live and to hunt is supplied by a diet that consists mainly of seals. Seals are the bear's favorite foods because of the high fat content in seals. A diet with such high caloric requirements cannot be adequately supplied by eating land animals because of their lower fat content. When seals are unavailable bears have been known to consume land mammals and ocean birds. Consequently, when consideration is given to the habitat, the lifestyle, and the diet of the bears global warming would have a tremendous impact on the continued existence of polar bears.

Global warming is a modern environmental condition and it has its cause in the action of humans. The evidence that supports global warming is widespread. This essay…. [read more]

Geology Case Study

… S. have been declining significantly. Have the number of observed tornadoes gone down as well? Is there any relationship between these two variables? What does this tell us about cause-and-effect relationships? Over this time period, how has the impact of tornadic storms on U.S. society changed and why?

A 2012 U.S. Tornado Climatology Report states that there were an average of 1253 tornadoes in the United States between the years of 1991 and 2011. (NOAA, 2012) In fact, the United States "has the highest occurrence of tornados of any nation in the world." (Wild, Wild, Weather, nd) Tornadoes, while decreasing in their occurrence since 2004 have become stronger and have killed more individuals than ever before. For instance in 2010 more than 200 individuals were…. [read more]

Tomorrow Was an Excellent Film Movie Review

… The main flaw in this film is that the thermohaline circulation cannot change over only a few days as seen in the movie. This is because:

a) the oceans do not respond to changes in the amount of freshwater input

b) the atmosphere cannot change over the timescale of a few days

c) the volume of the oceans is huge and water has a high heat capacity

d) the volume of the oceans is huge and water has a low heat capacity

4. Which of the following statements is FALSE.

a) Hurricanes only form over the sea in tropical regions.

b) A 300 ft 'wind-driven storm surge' would require winds of over 1200 mph

c) The Gulf Stream current is responsible for moving warm, salty…. [read more]

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