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Online Marketing There Is a Convergence Thesis

… ¶ … Online Marketing

There is a convergence of important trends taking place today that has fueled this author's interest in online marketing. The first noteworthy trend is the growing recognition that global warming and diminishing sources of fossil fuels are going to demand alternative and "greener" approaches to consumer products in the future. The second important trend has been the proliferation of online retail outlets that offer the widest range of consumer goods in history, with virtually any type of consumer product now being available from auctions sites, clearinghouse-type sites such as and as well as billions of organizational Web sites. The convergence of these two trends has helped fuel the growth of the online retail store of which this author is…. [read more]

Contingency Management Alcohol Marijuana Studies Term Paper

… Contingency Management


The purposes of this review are to gain an understanding of the controlled studies using contingency management (CM) in the substance abuse field, and where applicable emphasize those studies that incorporate CM with community reinforcement approach (CRA). This paper should offer a critical review of the literature with an eye toward identifying important and unresolved theoretical and research questions. Logan (1972) holds that there is much evidence that animals also respond to operant contingencies with psychoactive substances.

The New York Times reports in the work entitled: "Toward a Behavioral Economic Understanding of Drug Dependence: Delay Discounting Processes" (2006) states that many times those who are addicted to alcohol or drugs do not stay clean because they either "won't go…. [read more]

Ethical Principles and Issues in Leadership Research Paper

… Be sure to support your views with ethical theory and principles, and include all steps and tests in your response.

Despite some illegal business practices and incidents that have occurred in the recent past, businesses and their leaders are still a positive socially-responsible part of today's society. In its emissions dilemma, Volkswagen failed in some aspects of the right v. right framework. The firm did not make a decision for the most good and least harm by faking its emissions tests. In this case, the company failed to act based on the Utilitarian Ethical Theory, which stipulates that decisions should be make for the greater good of all (Hunt & Hansen, 2007). Secondly, the management did not examine the best alternative that serves the rights…. [read more]

Sports Betting Industry Essay

… Sports Betting Industry

Proponents of the sports betting industry argue that the industry is good for sport and good for consumers. A number of different business models have been developed for the industry, including the traditional bookmaker-bettor relationship and the bettor-bettor relationship at Betfair (Wray & Kelly, 2005). The latter company's model of peer-to-peer betting and high levels of transparency is especially interesting to the case of consumer welfare. In sports betting, the traditional underground bookie model put the consumer at a disadvantage, owing largely due to information asymmetry. Today's betting houses maintain this information advantage, but the question at hand is whether this advantage is significant, or if consumer welfare has truly improved as a result of the advent of betting exchanges within the…. [read more]

Creating Effective Communications in a Global Organization Research Paper

… Creating Effective Communications in a global organization

Global organizational communication: Barriers and challenges

In the modern international marketplace environment, organizations are more complex, diffuse and diverse than ever. And yet organizations must also be more responsive to the external environment and to consumer needs. "In today's global business environment, effective organizational communication -- internal and external -- has a significant impact on an organization's success" (Effective organizational communication: a competitive advantage, 2008, HR, p.1). It is also a critical factor in attracting top-level talent to the organization. "SHRM [Society of Human Resource Management]'s 2008 job satisfaction survey report notes that communication between employees and senior management is among the top five very important aspects of employee job satisfaction" (Effective organizational communication: a competitive advantage, 2008,…. [read more]

Medicare and Medicaid Research Paper

… Medicare and Medicaid

Medicare vs. Medicaid

Despite the current resistance to healthcare reform, the United States does possess two public health insurance programs: Medicare and Medicaid. Medicare is the public health insurance program designed to provide the nation's elderly population with health services; Medicaid is designed to provide healthcare services to all Americans living below the poverty line. The primary difference between the two programs is that Medicare is directly financed by the federal government while the federal funds for Medicaid are disbursed to the states, 'matching' the state money used to finance the program.

Medicare is offered to lawful residents of the U.S. age 65 or older who have lived in the U.S. more than five years. Some individuals with certain permanent disabilities and…. [read more]

HR Interview About Culture Essay

… Globalization represents a phenomenon that is responsible for many people being exposed to new cultures. In today's global economy, many people often take job opportunities overseas and find themselves in an entirely new culture. Sometimes people can be exposed to culture shock if the culture is too alien to them. This analysis conducts an interview with a HR manager in New Zealand and asks him many questions related to his perceptions of culture. His responses demonstrate the affect that culture can have on an organization and its employees. In fact, his company is actually implementing a cultural training program to help individuals understand each other. Following the transcript, there is a literature review and short discussion related to culture. Understanding differences in cultural preferences and…. [read more]

Harmonizing Personal and Professional Balance Term Paper

… Also the employers at the same time have recognized that given the current state of the labor market, with high unemployment, few shortages of labor and emergence of trade unions, they have to be strong and solid to handle the pressures to achieve a more flexible workforce.

The 1980s and 1990s exposed many employers to an increase in 'market pressure'. The employers during this period faced competition because of the increase in privatization, concentration and globalization. The customers now began to exercise choice more aggressively. Shareholders became increasingly impatient for their quick and profitable return on their investments. Now the focus of the organizations shifted towards ensuring the flexible delivery of goods and services onto the shoulders of their workforce.

The question was what kind…. [read more]

Post 9-11 Gi Bill Is a Success Essay

… ¶ … post-9/11 GI Bill: Is it a success?

The GI Bill that was passed after World War II was designed to give veterans the ability to better themselves in college. Every veteran could receive a free education, so long as he qualified for admission to a college or university. Under the current post-9/11 GI Bill as well, for resident former members of the military attending "a public Institution of Higher Learning (IHL) all tuition & fee payments are reimbursed" ("How much money will I get under the Post-9/11 GI Bill," GI Bill, 2011). All are eligible who serve "90 days active aggregate service (after 9/10/01) or 30 days continuous if discharged for disability" ("Benefits comparison chart," GI Bill, 2011). As well as universities and…. [read more]

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