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Brigade the 56Th Heavy Essay

… There are across-the-board problems with coordination that must be addressed for the BCT to successfully transition to Train / Ready.

capacity to of the units to function effectively and efficiently

Description of vision for the Brigade

I want to see the HBCT exceed it past levels of high quality leadership and functioning. The characteristic of the HBCT that I want to restore as the absolute commitment of leadership to continually improve and to build and sustain engagement of the officers and the non-commissioned officers. I believe the Battalions can be find distinction as members of the best maneuver brigade in the Forces Command, rather than seeking distinction as stand-out battalions at great cost to the Brigade. The driver of positive change for the Brigade is…. [read more]

Tighter Regulations for Buying Guns Essay

… Regulations would ensure that private sales are monitored and recorded, which would result in reduced illegal sales. People with prior offenses would also find it hard to acquire weapons, and this would most probably reduce the overall crime rate. People should understand that crime rate will not fall immediately, but with consistent implementation of these regulations will ultimately reduce the rate of crime.


There is need to implement stricter regulations in the purchase of guns. The regulations will not only cover the purchase if guns, but also ammunition. Restriction and ban on the purchase of assault weapons would reduce the number of potential massacres as the perpetrators would find it hard to purchase the weapons or the ammunition. These kinds of regulations will also…. [read more]

Toulmin-Based Argument in Support Essay

… To this end, there appears to be a direct connection between income level and pet-adoption preferences that indicate public awareness campaigns may be effective in promoting animal adoptions from shelters and reducing euthanasia levels. For instance, pet adoption rates have been shown to differ significantly according to ZIP codes. In this regard, Fine reports that, "Pet-keeping practices vary with neighborhood and community. A study of residents in Salt Lake County revealed that residents' ZIP code areas were highly predictive of the sources of pets residents used in acquiring their pets. Certain ZIP code areas showed high levels of pet adoptions from shelters, while other neighborhoods favored purebred animals, and feral cats were adopted in other areas" (2006, p. 77).

In addition, the Humane Society has…. [read more]

Validity of the Argument Essay

… The country did not institute the ban because corporal punishment was a problem necessarily; Sweden instituted the ban as an experiment and challenge to the parents of the culture to find more innovative and effective ways to discipline their children without the use of physical harm. The ban also was an attempt to curb physical abuse with even earlier interventions by the appropriate family or social service agencies.

In America, corporal punishment is considered by many parents to be culturally normative behavior. Furthermore, as Turner & Finkelhor will contend, the exercise of corporal punishment is critical to the perceptions of parents within parental culture. Meaning this is an issue that polarizes the parental community based on how each parent responds to the question of corporal…. [read more]

Watch Argument an Assessment Essay

… Nowhere in the entire argument contained in this section does Paley mention God or the fact that he is arguing for God's existence, and only in the very last sentence does he mention atheism -- the belief that there is no God. In other words, Paley's entire argument regarding the watch and its designer are all parallel rather than direct arguments, not actually tied to the point he is trying to make (namely, that there must be a God acting as at least the central designer of the universe) save by means of example. While his argument holds up quite strongly in direct terms, easily applied to watches and their designer(s), he does nothing to tie this argument directly to the universe and the existence…. [read more]

Abortion in Response to Argument Essay

… Legal and Philosophical Arguments

Your legal argument relies heavily on the beginning-of-life definition as described above, and thus unless this discrepancy is cleared up I feel little reason to address it -- again, your logic is sound, if the facts were there to match. Your philosophical argument, in the meantime, appears simply to be that some have pushed arguments for abortion not arguments for infanticide. While some ethicists might have done this, you do not attempt to either disprove their conclusions or to prove that abortion is philosophically wrong -- you only suggest that it could lead to worse. Here, your reasoning fails to hold up.


I truly did enjoy reading your arguments, and I hope you take my questions and criticism in the…. [read more]

Immigration Hardin's Argument Begins Essay

… Immigration

Hardin's argument begins with, and ultimately fails as the result of, metaphor. Metaphor is the rhetorical tool of people who cannot clearly express their ideas. Hardin's inability to write clearly hinders his ability to make a convincing argument. While he is talking about spaceships and lifeboats, he could just be talking about the earth, and nations. To continually jump back and forth between the clumsy, artificial metaphor and the real world is tiresome. So a lot of what Hardin wants to say is lost in translation. He has little hope of being convincing. When he quotes incorrect GDP figures and lumps Christian and Marxist viewpoints -- Marx's spinning body could provide heat for a small country -- he only diminishes his credibility further.

Now,…. [read more]

Cohabitation Epidemic Argument Analysis Essay

… Overall, there is a poor argument construction that fails to take a tone of empathy for the other side. Failing to understand reasons for cohabitation rather than marriage eradicates the common ground between the two view points, therefore pitting Warren's argument against his opposition in a very combative way. He states "here's why they should reconsider," rather than presenting his argument on any sort of common ground (Warren 2003). This tends to undermine the opposition opinion, rather than a more strategic format of rebuttal with respect for common ground.

I will end by explaining why I disagree with the part of Warren's argument that assumes that there is enough evidence to show that this increasing rate of cohabitation is actually causing either psychical or psychological…. [read more]

Religion Argument Why Religion Should Be Kept Essay

… Religion Argument

Why Religion Should be Kept Out of Public Schools

The right to freely practice any religion in this country is one of its founding principles. This has led to major difference of opinion on the issue of whether or not prayers should be allowed in school. Some claim that students and teachers cannot be prevented from praying in whatever way they choose, while others claim that this constitutes the government sanctioning religion, specifically Christianity. Due to the effects that this has on students that are not of a Christian background, it is clear that prayer should not be a classroom affair.

There is, of course, no reason that individual students should not be given the opportunity to pray during school hours if it…. [read more]

Socratic Argument in the Apology Essay

… (Plato, 2000) ("The Apology," 2012) ("Analysis of the Apology," 2010)

A third argument that is made by Socrates is that the laws of the deities are superior to that of humankind. When there is a clash between the two is the point that everyone should follow those from a higher moral authority. In this case, he argues that his interpretations are utilized to provide better insights about them and the best practices everyone should be embracing in their daily life. (Plato, 2000) ("The Apology," 2012) ("Analysis of the Apology," 2010)

A good example of this can be seen with Socrates saying, "Gentlemen, I am your grateful and devoted servant, but I owe a greater obedience to God than to you; and as long as I…. [read more]

Biblical Argument William Apess Essay

… edu). Rather than the Native Americans being the ones who violate the Bible, it is the white race that abuses the Bible.

Although the white race assents to virtuous conduct they consistently inflict abuse upon a race to which they should treat as neighbors. Apess recalls the Biblical passage (from the Gospel of John) that "By this shall all men know that they are my disciples, if ye have love on to another" (John xiii: 35). By discriminating against Native Americans the white race violates one of the most fundamental adages of the Bible. He notes that "females are left without protection, and are seduced by white men, and are finally left to be common prostitutes for them, and to be destroyed by that burning,…. [read more]

Sub-Disciplines of Philosophy Final Argumentative Essay

… Therefore, skepticism could be used in reducing the possibility of errors, but it would not be good to use skepticism in questioning everything that people presume and know.

Conflict of science and religion

The main aim of science is to understand the natural world behavior. Science is not concerned with abstract universals or supernatural objects as they are not considered scientific. Religion is mainly concerned with that which cannot be detected by senses and is immaterial. It is not easy to define science and religion, mainly because there is no sufficient condition that can describe either of them.

The theory of evolution is one of the main contentious issues between science and religion. Religion believes that God created the universe, while scientists believe that creatures…. [read more]

Pursuant Essay

… Scores on relatively generic personality tests is a fairly narrow sampling of the wide variety of traits human beings can manifest. Additionally, it is important to ask 'why' we need to know if parents do indeed have a profound influence upon their offspring. Harris suggests that other than parental egos, it is important to pinpoint the social influences that do exist so we can enact meaningful social changes. By trying to create social environments where peers can reinforce one another's good behaviors, such as doing well in school, we can accomplish more with scarce resources than haranguing parents to be a better influence upon their children, which does little good.

Winner asks if parents had no influence upon their children, how could psychologists remain 'in…. [read more]

China IP China's Intellectual Property Essay

… Given the positive outcomes associated with stronger intellectual property rights, however, it is more likely that Western standards will prevail and China would be better off to adopt full Western standards sooner rather than later.

A third criticism of the criticism of China's IP protection regime is that Chinese culture is different. The West's concerns with Chinese intellectual property rights protections are overblown because Western firms apply their own standards and do not take the time to understand the Chinese perspective (Chaudhry, Zimmerman, Peters & Cordell, 2009). However, if Chinese firms wish to attract Western foreign direct investment and knowledge transfer, they will need to make their country attractive to Western investors, and that means adopting Western intellectual property rights protection standards.

By taking improving…. [read more]

Marihuana Legalization Essay

… Marijuana

The recent election resulted in a change to the discussion about marijuana, when Washington and Colorado voted to legalize the plant (Smith, 2012). It is time to take this debate nationwide, and address the falsehoods that have led to the futile prohibition of marijuana and the horrible failure that is the war on drugs. I believe the marijuana should be legalized. There are several reasons that I believe this, and put together they form a very strong case. Legalization in this case refers to the legal possession and sale of marijuana, and importation as well, either by consumers is small amounts or by businesses in large amounts. My argument extends to all drugs, but I will focus only of marijuana for the present paper.…. [read more]

SOPA Objective Argument: The Stop Essay

… The recent Manager's Amendment to SOPA was passed, "narrowing definitions of bad actors, limiting the private right of action that allow copyright and trademark owners to sue, and addressing concerns that anti-piracy measures could eventually denigrate the security and integrity of the Internet" (Gardner 2011). The Manager's Amendment also eliminated the legal duty of servers to monitor activity on a network or face criminal penalties. However, the website could still be taken down, which would mean that the business of many servers could be hampered.

Some of the bill's critics acknowledge the need for greater regulation. One alternative bill entitled the Online Protection and Enforcement of Digital Trade Act (OPEN). OPEN would allow copyrights-holders "to file petitions against 'rogue' foreign sites with the International Trade…. [read more]

Classical Argument Drug Prohibition Essay

… Classical Argument

Drug prohibition has been about as successful as alcohol prohibition, which is to say, disastrous. The 18th Amendment to the Constitution was a radical step, motivated by temperance leagues that feared alcohol was tearing apart American society and creating crime. Although prohibition lasted thirteen years, ultimately the policy failed. Not only did it fail; prohibition bolstered organized crime and did little to quench the public's thirst for recreational drinking. The same can be said for drug prohibition. Around the same time as alcohol prohibition, the fear of drugs gripped the nation. Drugs like marijuana have been banned for decades without any constitutional amendment. The prohibition of drugs has created more problems than it has solved. Drug prohibition has fueled transnational organized crime syndicates…. [read more]

Nursing Argument Getting Old Essay

… Remembering that each choice as both positive and negative connotations attached to them well help the decider reach a conclusion that is tailored to their best interests and the best interests of those loved ones and family that will also play a role in this decision.

Nursing homes appear to be cheaper and more crowded than in home care, so if this appeals to you, this is the right choice. For those wishing to age and die in a more private, but more expensive environment, in home care is the choice to make. No choice is right or wrong in general but must suit the person making this important decision.


Berger, Joseph, (2012). A Shift From Nursing Homes to Managed Care at Home. The…. [read more]

Assisted Suicide Should Be Legalized Essay

… For those who are afflicted, the right to die in a manner they control is fundamental. They have, by the time they are to make this decision, only their basic human rights. At that point, they are likely stripped of all else -- health and dignity among the things they have lost. They are in a position of constant suffering, and that suffering will only end with death. Death, for the terminally ill, is not only inevitable but it is pending. The AMA suggests that palliative care is sufficient. For those about to die from horrible illness, there is little to expect from palliative care but drug-induced numbness. This denies them the ability to say goodbye on their own terms, but rather to drift into…. [read more]

Holy Trinity Doctrine Basil's Argumentation Essay

… Basil's opponents assert. Numbers deal with quantity, not with essence. One may use numbers to weigh gold or tin. Numbers are practical tools, but they deal with quantity and never with the essence of a thing. To suppose a thing's essence could be modified by applying higher or lower numbers to it, or by placing it in a different order, is patently absurd. Therefore, Father, Son and Holy Spirit possess one divine nature, not three varying natures (Basil 71).

Regarding the Holy Trinity, one may count but never add. In this context Christians do not say, "one, two, three," or "first, second, third." God says (Isa. 44:6), "thus says the Lord the King of Israel, and his redeemer the LORD of hosts; I am the…. [read more]

Distance Relationships Are Leading Essay

… They have determined that the separation does not necessarily cause fractures in relationships, but travelling apart does worsen marital problems. "The situation can be likened to water pressing against a ship's hull. Although the water doesn't cause the holes in the hull, it does find them and seep inside" (Experiencing 2011). It is easier to find fault with someone and to blame a person for unhappiness if they are not present to create a counterargument.

Musicians and professional athletes likewise spend long periods away from home. Their jobs require them to perform in different cities around the United States, or even around the world. For these types of unions, separation leads to anxiety. There is the stereotype of the musician and the large amount of…. [read more]

La Basilique Sacre Coeur Essay

… By citing moral decadence as compelling reasons and by claiming to be the saviors of conflict-struck French, Basilica of Sacre Coeur was being built.

The materialist values that industrialization brought with it were contrary to the norms, values, and aesthetics of Christianity. The bourgeoisie culture threatened the 'redemptive' status of priests and secularism had expelled these Archbishops from their once grandeur position as fathers of the nation. After the industrialization started affecting the traditional way of French life, the aristocrats and priests struck the 'tacit' partnership to challenge the new order. After the temporal power of Pope was suspended by Napoleon III, the Pope got himself retired to Vatican and threatened not to come back until temporal powers were revived. The release of some of…. [read more]

Closing Argument a Modern-Day Reenactment Essay

… But it's also why he became a hero in the eyes of the Irish populous.

The incident giving rise to the charge

So, it was only in pursuit of independence for his people that Ned and his group devised the grand plan to derail a special police train. It was about declaring a Republic of North East Victoria. That led to the final battle with police, where Ned and his crew were outnumbered and overpowered by the police force.

In that battle, Ned did not kill an officer with premeditation and deliberation. Ned acted in justifiable self-defense. Let's take a look at the legal definition of self-defense:


The killing of another person in self-defense is justifiable and not unlawful when the person who does…. [read more]

Selling Human Organs: The Ethical Essay

… In this way, not only is organ-selling a monstrosity in that distinction will be made between who is to live and who to die, but this will also result in a form of genocide where poor will be encouraged to die (or, at least, to become potentially seriously ill) in order to proliferate the lives of the rich. (Borna, 1987).

Thirdly, organ selling will also encourage corruption since profiteers may well end up putting pressure on misinformed and naive individuals possibly even misleading them about the real value of their organs and paying them less than its true value. Such incidents happen routinely in parts of impoverished third-world countries and are referred to by critics as the "plundering of peasants' parts for profits." (Chapman, 1984).…. [read more]

Freedom Speech Guarantees Freedom Extend Essay

… Society needs change and reform needs to happen urgently in order for the world to be saved. Protests are one of the only tools that people can use against their oppressors and this tool needs to be used wisely. The masses need to examine the events that provide good opportunities for them to perform protests and to take advantage of these respective events.

Individuals who attend the Westboro Baptist Church and who lost someone close to them are likely to express disproval in regard to someone picketing their funeral and sending extremely disturbing messages, especially as long as they are likely to promote the belief that their dearly-departed friend or relative had nothing to do with the messages that picketers put across. As said before,…. [read more]

Argument for Bbcor Baseball Bats Essay

… However, it is a switch to an entirely new system and will create some negative fallout in the case that will need to be addressed. Still, the switch has its merits in science.

One of the reasons that the switch is necessary is because the old standards, called the BESR criteria were falling short of maintaining safety in the sport as it relates to ball exit speed (NFSHSA, 2011). The NCAA has also already banned all composite bats based on their research so the baseball world fully expects that the NFSHSA will follow their lead (NFSHSA). It is particularly important that players in high school and college are regulated to ensure that the best safety practices are implemented and followed and that the integrity of…. [read more]

Existence of Evil Proves That God Essay

… Problem of Evil

One of the oldest arguments against the existence of a supposedly omniscient, omnipotent, and omni-benevolent god proposes that this god is logically inconsistent with the "evil" observed in actual reality, because there is no way that an omnipotent, omni-benevolent god could allow such evil to exist. There are variations to the "argument from evil" meant to refute certain counter arguments, and when taken as a whole the "problem of evil" is sufficient evidence to accept the impossibility of an omniscient, omnipotent, and omni-benevolent god. While the problem of evil is not sufficient to disprove the existence of every definition of god, it can at least demonstrate how the version of god proposed by some of the world's largest religions is logically impossible.…. [read more]

Using Argument to Decide About Ethics Essay

… Claim B. supports the main argument. A is the main argument. Claim G. does not support the main argument. Claim G. is counter to Claim B.

Snowden claims that he told two supervisors and multiple others about his findings, and that he used internal channels of dissent to do so (Gellman, 2013). If this claim by Snowden is accurate, then his actions do quality as whistleblowing for this property. However, a NSA spokesperson stated that the department had not found any evidence that Snowden attempted to bring the finding to the attention of others as he claimed. If this statement from NSA is accurate, then Snowden's actions do not constitute whistleblowing according to this property.

Gellmann, B. (2013, December 24). Edward Snowden, after months of…. [read more]

Birth Control: Arguments for and Against Essay

… Birth Control: Arguments for and Against

The birth control methods have been with us for many decades now and without shadow of doubt they are meant to control or stop untimely pregnancies among teenagers who may be sexually active or even among married people who are not ready to have a child at the time they are having intercourse. There are varieties of methods that are taken ranging from those taken before and those taken after the sexual intercourse. These controls have solicited arguments and counterarguments as much as they have been around and in use. There are groups of people who are against their use and those pro-their use and both with vivid reasons.

Arguments for birth control

The first obvious argument is undoubtedly…. [read more]

Arguments for and Against Prison Privatization Essay

… , 1999).

Arguments for prison privatization

Economic ventures undertaken by the private sector have a key feature of being efficient compared to state run ventures. The argument for privatization of prison owing to the potential efficiency to result follows from this argument. It is observable that private organizations have the advantage of being more rigorous and flexible in making vital decisions relating to the operation of the prison. The aspect of privatization and economic efficiency follows from the fact that private operators will face competition. This on its own is an incentive to provide state services reflective of money value. The efficiency that lack is state operation owing to bureaucratic red tapes is absent in private organizations (Committee, 1996; Thomas et al., 1999). This guarantees…. [read more]

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