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Art History the Clouds Gleamed Term Paper

… "

The Voice now wanted to know more about the materials with which the artists worked, to get a better idea of the mundane aspects of art.

Leonardo," began the Voice, "you are in many ways more versatile a creator than your counterpart before you. You have composed sketches of objects and devices that will not be constructed for hundreds of years. Your knowledge of anatomy is almost as intimate as mine!"

With this last comment, both Michelangelo and Leonardo burst out laughing.

In all seriousness, would you care to comment about your materials of preference, and why? When he is finished answering, Michelangelo, you can answer the same question."

Leonardo began his statement without hesitation. "As you know, so much of my time was…. [read more]

Art History and Contemporary Essay

… Perhaps this is the genesis of the very nature for humans that we need to continuously explore and explain the unknown. And, different cultures in time and location find different approaches and solutions to this -- but in similar ways that lead us to believe that there is perhaps more to this myth and realization of myth through art than simple repetitions of archetypal themes. In a sense, then, it is necessary for us to continually recraft the past so that we may acculturate towards the future. Art then, in its many forms, serves as the catalyst for this journey.

We can certainly understand this if we look at the global oral tradition that turns into folk art as an expression of culture -- with…. [read more]

Art History Roy Lichtenstein Term Paper

… They are totally formed by the way their culture has defined them. Even the title Stepping Out implies a falseness. They are dressing up and moving outside their true reality into a night life culture which they have been programmed to crave.

Stepping Out like the bulk of Lichtenstein's work stands in the center of the Pop Art era. As quoted in Art News in November of 1963, Roy Lichtenstein said: "Pop Art is an involvement with what I think to be the most brazen and threatening characteristics of our culture, things we hate, but which are also powerful in their impingement on us" ( Other artists like Andy Warhol, with his repetitive advertising industry images as seen in 32 Capmbell's Soup Cans (1961-62) and…. [read more]

Art During Renaissance the Evolution Thesis

… Comparisons of Renaissance and Medieval Art

There are a number of comparisons that can be made between Renaissance and Medieval Art. For example, medieval art's colors are mostly drab and dull because the pigments are mixed with egg yolk. They also have more religious aspects to them. Renaissance art is more realistic and the colors are a lot richer. Moreover, the focus of medieval art was primarily on religion; very focused on creating symbols of Christian concepts/values and not concerned with realism. Renaissance art is very focused on realism; on portraying things as they look in nature. In part, the realism of Renaissance art is attributable to the use of linear perspective in painting. As previously noted, there was a diminished focus on religion; however,…. [read more]

Art Culture: Public Space Term Paper

… This is because the 20th century public sphere constitutes organized individuals that exert their influence over public debate and sphere institutionally. This public cannot appreciate the placement of public art in the public sphere, unlike the 18th century public. According to Habermaes, public art gained popularity in the 18th century, since the public was subject to political decisions and interests. In that era, the public sphere was marked by a close link between church, state, public, and private sectors, under a feudal system. In this system, the power relations and levels of power saw political authority hold the highest levels of power (Habermaes 52). At this high level of power, politicians and rulers represented their ideals and state inform of symbols in the public sphere,…. [read more]

Art History -- High Renaissance Term Paper

… Another massive sculpture by Michelangelo is his Moses (1513-1515), originally meant for the tomb of pope Julius II. In order to appreciate this fantastic piece of marble, one must study it in detail -- the sense of relevance in each detail of body and drapery forces the viewer to raise his emotional levels. The muscles bulge, the vein swell, the great legs seem to begin to move ever so slowly. In addition, the turned head concentrates the expression of terrible wrath that appears to stir in the eyes. With David, all of the ideals of the Renaissance are fully at work, for it demonstrates the power and magnificence of not only the church but also of man himself.

In conclusion, Raphael, Leonardo Da Vinci and…. [read more]

Art History - High Renaissance Term Paper

… The various influences that played an important role in the development of Raphael's artistic ability are evident. The round format is indicative of Florence, yet the picture within is different from Raphael's own Florentine Madonnas. The Virgin Mother's pose resembles a work of classic sculpture, with the robes of ancient Rome, and the landscape itself is seen as an idealized view of the Roman campagna. There is grandeur to The Alba Madonna, lending it a seriousness, the need for which could be interpreted as emanating from the focus on a slender reed cross that defines the work's intended meaning. Church doctrine holds that from birth Christ had an understanding of his fate. In The Alba Madonna, the Christ Child is shown accepting the cross of…. [read more]

Art History War Imagery Term Paper

… War imagery has been around ever since armed struggle became a large part of Western civilization. Archaeologists have discovered images of the Battle of Kadesh, from 1275 B.C., on papyrus scrolls and wall reliefs; the Trojan War is central to the art of the Greek vase. However, art history's view of war is that of the rulers and the victors, as few artists in ancient years were visibly anti-war.

A modern perspective of artist as anti-war iconoclast comes from Francisco de Goya and his cycle of 80 prints, The Disasters of War, five of which are displayed at the Metropolitan Museum (Pollack, 2003). Created from 1810 to 1814 during the Napoleonic occupation of Spain, de Goya's work depicts both the invasion and the resistance, with…. [read more]

Art of Classical Antiquity Essay

… The story of the trial and death of Socrates as it is told in Plato's Republic, brought to life on canvas by David, had direct historical reference. Socrates was put on trial by those who would not listen to reason: the jury of Athenians was too beholden to the ancient social structure. David drew much from this historical reference and is making a political statement in the painting. In ancient Greece, the art was not making as much of a political statement as it was an expression of pride in the pinnacle of Hellenic culture. Other Neoclassical works, including those by David, do not address the themes of classical Greece. They are, such as "Napoleon Crossing the Alps," more squarely rooted in contemporary imagery. However,…. [read more]

Art History vs. Accounting Essay

… Art and economics are often believed to reside in totally different dimensions, different realities. On the one side is the creative artist, who distances himself or herself from monetary needs. The Vincent van Goghs of the world spend their lives in abject poverty because their spiritual desire to create transcend their worldly needs. Artists are, in a sense, viewed as spiritual leaders. They are ascetics just as they are aesthetically inclined.

On the other side of the equation are the financiers. We the economists and accountants are the money behind the art. Unseen forces driving art, we are the people who historically have commissioned painting and other artistic expressions ranging from the ancient artists of Greece, Rome, China, and Egypt throughout the Holy Roman Empire…. [read more]

Art Analysis: ART21 After Reviewing Essay

… The title of this work states: this is no time for dreaming. For whatever feelings or opportunities dreaming provides us, this is no time for that now. This logic begs the question, if it is not time for dreaming, what is it time for then? Tossing papers about in an empty room might be the perfect time for dreaming because the reality of the situation is not fun.

Forever is a series of installations where the primary source material is bicycles. Weiwei used approximately 1,200 bicycles to construct his exhibit. Weiwei is an artist that often expresses messages that are aware of the 21st century Chinese reality, condition and culture. His work is very connected and heavily themed around the diversity of meaning of the…. [read more]

Art Therapy Research Paper

… History Of Art Therapy

Art Therapy

The Different Ages and the Overview of the Periods

History of Art Therapy

What is Art Therapy?

History of Art Therapy

Classical Period - 1940s to 1970s

Middle Year Period - 1970s to 1980s

Contemporary Period - 1980s to Present

Psychodynamic Approaches

Humanistic Approaches

Development and Learning Approaches

Family Therapies along with other Approaches

History of Art Therapy

In this paper, a brief introduction of Art therapy is given so that the reader can get an idea of the term. The paper proceeds with a summarized history of this term in such a way that everyone can find the details by the jargons being used.

The history of art therapy is then distributed into three periods, which are related…. [read more]

Art Period's Styles Represent Research Paper

… The statue of David largely contrasts the Artemision Bronze, as the former demonstrates that individuals were no longer inclined to value physical strength during the Renaissance. Instead, they focused on promoting the importance of intellectual power and Donatello thus used the feminine aspect of David with the purpose of showing that people had to focus on more complex matters in their struggle to achieve greatness.

Although it would be difficult to determine the exact effect that the Artemision Bronze has had on individuals at the time when it was created, conditions are different in the case of Donatello's David. The Italian artist performed a daring move by deciding to create the sculpture, considering that it is the first significant nude statue performed during the Renaissance.…. [read more]

Art Time Period -1910) Catches Essay

… It is actually probable that his mental state contributed to him adding more emotion to his paintings and turning them into art that can almost speak to individuals seeing it (Crispino 50).

In spite of the fact that the scene apparently displays the view from the hospital window in Saint-Remy-de-Provence, there are also a series of concepts that one could associate with his background. "In Starry Night, Van Gogh seems to be combining reality and imagination, and elements of Provence and his northern homeland" (Crispino 50). It is probable that the fact that he was cut off from his family, country, and artist friends contributed significantly to making him want to introduce his part into Starry Night. In addition to being physically isolated from his…. [read more]

African and Asian Influences on Western European Art Essay

… She is standing on a Chinese carpet and wearing a Japanese kimono. However, Asian influence was just one out of several styles that affected European art. African art had a profound effect.

African art influenced 20th century styles of European art which is evident in cubism. Looking at the Bakota reliquary guardian figure from Gabon, Mbulu-Ngulu, we see an intermediary between the living and the dead. It is formalized into geometric shapes, the base taking the shape of a diamond, the solid contrasting the empty space (Soltes). The head depicts the connection to the soul and the realm of the dead. Another geometric piece of art is the Fang mask from Gabon, with geometric reduction and geometric emphasis on light and shadow. The Kifwebe mask…. [read more]

Art the Renaissance Heralded in an Entirely Term Paper

… Art

The Renaissance heralded in an entirely new tradition of art form during the 14th and 15th centuries, with a wide variety of painters, poets, writers and architects that literally and figuratively saw the world in a different light from the dark and dismal Middle Ages. Humanism developed in Italy in the field of literature, once again honoring the Greek and Latin classics for their scholarship and moral ethics. The humanists emphasized an enormous confidence in the power of reason as a source to understand human nature and its place in the world's order (Art: A World History, 215). The Reformation, a religious revolution with an emphasis on individual faith, was promoted by individuals or "protestors" such as Martin Luther, Ulrich Zwingli, John Calvin and…. [read more]

Art and Society Term Paper

… Art and Society

An Analysis and Discussion of Gender Construction in the Toilet of Venus (1647-51) by Diego Velasquez

While women in the United States and the United Kingdom have enjoyed the right to vote for several decades now, things were very different at the turn of the 20th century when the suffragettes emerged to challenge the male-dominated status quo of Western society. One of the events that highlighted this period in history was Mary Richardson's attack on Velasquez's "The Rokeby Venus," an event which has since assumed its place in the historical record as one of the most important such events in women's struggle for equal rights. This paper provides an overview, an analysis of Velasquez's "The Rokeby Venus," including a description of the…. [read more]

Art Movement Dada the Phenomenon Research Paper

… 99).

The second, notable tenet of Dadaism is its unmistakable, albeit utopian politicization of art, which, under any conditions, must not be ignored. There are, of course, many interpretations relating to this aspect. Benjamin's theories of "distraction" and "emancipation" offered a good starting point for the discussion of Dada's political momentum. We have analyzed art's promotion of political ideas in its special historical context, interpreting this tenet as a result not only of a special political situation, but also mainly as a result of Dada's anti-modernistic nature. Ultimately, we have also emphasized the apparent contradictions that emerge from this surprising association between anti-modernistic nihilism and utopian politics.

Works cited

Benjamin, Walter. The Work of Art in the Age of Its Technological Reproductibility and Other Writings…. [read more]

Art Critique of Surreal Essay

… Contrary to the complexity and darkness of the Dali piece described here above, Van Gogh's work would radiate with a sense of brightness looming over the horizon. The irony of this work can perhaps only be properly contextualized with the understanding that its painter would take his own life only a year after its completion. This fact seems to contradict the warming texture of Olive Trees but may in fact be detectable in a certain melancholy just beneath the painting's surface.

Van Gogh succeeds in creating something highly emotive by blending extreme hues, drawn directly from nature but distinguished by the artist's signature style and technique. Here, he presents a place that is captivating for its realism and likewise disturbing to the senses in its…. [read more]

Art in South America and the Pacific Term Paper

… Art in South America and the Pacific

Aboriginal Creation Myths and Art

The Aborigines have existed for approximately 40,000 years in parts of Australia. They boast one of the most ancient cultures in the world that is as varied as the people themselves throughout different regions of this continent. Due to the length of time that this civilization has existed, one would think that its traditions, cosmology and art would have a significant impact on the world. However, largely due to the fact that the Aborigines are a non-Westernized group of people and have never fully embraced technology, which is one of the principle Western markers of the "progress" of a civilization, most of its cultural manifestations are largely ignored by the outside world. As…. [read more]

Abstract Expressionist Painting Artistic Research Paper

… [8: Ibid. ]

The following piece is an excellent example of Rothko's reductionist forms. The piece is entitied "White, Red on Yellow" and is an excellent example of reductivism and the use of color to create a dramatic impact. It is a simplistic looking painting upon first glance. However, these paintings were not meant to be viewed in passing. One is supposed to sit and contemplate them, to see if an emotion arose As the viewer continues to gaze at the painting, they begin to notice the fabulous subtelties of the painting that are not apparent at first glance or if the painting is viewed from far away. One begins to notice tha the top square is not white, but is instead muted tones of…. [read more]

Art Movements Cubism vs. Futurism Essay

… Target Audience: the Futurists work is targeted their art and skills to mass audience since their subjects have been social issues and political movements. Cubism had contracted their market to elite art educated audience and art lovers who understands the real meaning of artistic design.

Art movement: In the initial period of movement, Futurists worked in performances and have written many manifestos in exaggerated languages. Cubist has confined itself in intellectual writing and making wise contribution by linking their work to the French classical art and recent scientific ideas. Cubism art movement was defined in terms of gallery and art exhibitions making active contribution in the field of art through work of Picasso, Braque and setting exhibitions for the Salon Cubists. However Futurism movement has…. [read more]

Art History Raphael's Career Term Paper

… Within the study of art history, it is accepted that one of the defining characteristics of the Renaissance is the use of perspective. Art historians concur that one of the many reasons why Raphael is considered so talented and revered is due to his masterful understanding and use of perspective.

The Renaissance use of perspective reached its apogee at around 1500, as represented by the incandescent work of Raphael. In a career that paralleled that of Masolino, Raphael started his oeuvre painting Madonnas of unequalled grace and composure. Later in his short life (he died at 37), he produced some of the most imposing perspective compositions of the Renaissance, representing a kind of culmination of a century of perspective exploration. Unlike most of his predecessors,…. [read more]

John Singleton Copley Term Paper

… Art History

John Singleton Copley: An American Painter in European Clothing

One of the foremost painters of his generation, the American John Singleton Copley brought the experiences of the New World to the traditions of European art. Born in Boston in 1738, Copley grew up in a world that, in his words, regarded painting as, "no more than any other usefull trade, as they sometimes term it, like that of a Carpenter tailor, or shew maker, not as one of the most noble Arts in the World."

The American colonies were provincial adjuncts of the British Empire. Massachusetts, like the most of the Northern colonies, was commercial in outlook. Boston was a growing center of trade and small crafts, but not much more. Art and…. [read more]

Art Elkins, James. Stories of Art. Routledge Term Paper

… ¶ … Art

Elkins, James. Stories of Art. Routledge, 2002.

Imagine a book that was entitled 'World Literature a-Z' or 'Science -- Everything You Need to Know.' Very likely, you would be suspicious of such texts as superficial, and would not regard them as serious, academic overviews that treated their subject matter in any real depth. Yet according to James Elkin's Stories of Art, art survey courses often adopt a similarly inclusive project into their own ambitious scope. They are accepted by undergraduate students as having absolute academic authority as to what constitutes art and the history, or story of art. But Elkins argues that: "The single story of art is too flawed to function as the repository for the current sense of art history...…. [read more]

History of Mosaic Art Term Paper

… ¶ … history of mosaic art: A brief overview of an ancient art form

Mosaic art seems so simple, yet is so compelling when executed well. Almost every child has attempted to excel in the medium by pasting stones to a piece of cardboard. But this vehicle of artistic expression has existed since the beginning of artistic craftsmanship. It has been used by some of the greatest artists who ever lived. Extant mosaics suggest that the technique extends as far back as 4,000 years in human history, "with the use of terracotta cones pushed point-first into a background to give decoration" ("History of mosaic art," Joy of Shards, 2008). The Greeks began to craft more artistically and technically complex mosaics around 400 BCE, usually on…. [read more]

There Is a Long List Research Paper

… A work of art is never beautiful by decree, objectively and for all" (Tzara 249).


Despite the fact that almost everyone who created and participated in the Movement were really serious, Dada art is completely ridiculous, irrational and senseless to the point of fancy. Dada Art was not founded on any predominant medium. The Dadaists used everything ranging from algebraic textiles, glass, plaster and wooden ornaments. The noticeable fact is that Dadaist Art paved way for the use of "assemblage, collage, photomontage and the use of ready made objects" (Essak). Dada certainly created a lot of subdivisions in everything that had no sensible meaning. Not only did it spawn a number of literary journals, Dada influenced many contemporaneous and coexisting trends in the visual…. [read more]

Art History Essay

… A well-defined list of artist competencies would soon develop and evolve based on expanding knowledge of geometry and linear composition. More esoteric seeming concepts like harmony could be nearly quantified using geometric principles. DaVinci's studies are among a great canon of Italian work testifying to the increased value placed upon realism, precision, and also geometry in art. Content had psychological, social, and political merit, too. As patrons and clients of art became increasingly secular, religious motifs nearly divorced themselves from the heaviness that they had possessed during the Byzantine era.

2. During the Renaissance, a relationship between economic and cultural value developed. Value had been once tied to rather mundane factors including the price of pigments. For instance, the use of ultramarine and of course,…. [read more]

Conceive of a Work of Art Term Paper

… Art Conception: Early Renaissance

Imagine a statue of Pallas Athena, the ancient goddess of wisdom and the protector of the city of Athens being born, as was alleged, from the skull of her father Zeus, or Jove (as the ancient Romans preferred to call the King of the gods). According to legend, Zeus feared that the daughter of one of his consorts named Metis would be more intelligent than he was, so he swallowed the pregnant woman. But Athena, or Minerva, was born from the skull of her father, after the god suffered a colossal headache. Hepatus, her half-brother, freed her from Zeus' skull with an anvil. Thus Athena or Minerva as she was called by the Romans was born.

In the statue, Athena would…. [read more]

Art Consumption Essay

… Art

Consumption is one of the most challenging themes in contemporary art, because of art's centrality as a consumer object while art may simultaneously critique its own function as commodity. In the PBS series Art21, season one addresses the theme of consumption in an episode featuring Barabra Kruger, Michael Ray Charles, Matthew Barney, Andrea Zittel, and Mel Chin. The film starts with tennis superstar John McEnroe talking about his relationship with art as a tennis player who, ironically, has been described as being an "artist" on the court. McEnroe discusses the way both tennis and art are associated with bourgeois social strata, "out of the reach" of most people because of financial barriers, in spite of the fact that both tennis and art have no…. [read more]

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