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Sports Endorsement Sports Celebrity and Product Research Proposal

… Sports Endorsement

Sports Celebrity and Product Endorsement From a Consumer Perspective

Marketing as a science and as an art form relies heavily upon impression building, an understanding of the psychology of one's consumers and the ability to communicate a desired image with the aid of emotionally evocative cues. When an advertising agency constructs the print, radio, television or internet item that will carry these characteristics, a great deal of thought and discussion will typically be invested in discussion the intended presentation of the client. This discussion will touch on such matters as the visual response sought by the client; the verbal phraseology which is likely to tow the difficult balance between compelling and safe; and the human subjects which will be used to endorse the…. [read more]

SCM Basics Session Demand Management Assessment

… It will be the slowest of all the production Centers as well as be forced to carry the greatest constant load when compared to other activities.


The Production Activity Control is responsible for taking the MPS and executing it along with the MRP. It is up to the PAC to maximize the productivity of the workers and machinery as well as keep work-in-progress low and perform other duties such as directing employees and performing customer service. The control function in the PAC is of vital importance since it will essentially manage the production activities and scheduling of various work centers. Additionally, the PAC must take corrective action if the schedules do not go as planned.

Sessions 6, 7, & 8


Accounting for work-in-progress…. [read more]

Alternative Energy and Changes in the Pattern of Economic Development the Case of Lagos Nigeria Dissertation

… Alternative Energy and Changes

Alternative and Changes in the Pattern of Economic Development the Case of Lagos Nigeria

Over the last several decades, the international community has been focused on dealing with a host of economic issues in Lagos, Nigeria. The reason why, is because the country has been trying to deal with a number of challenges since gaining independence. However, many of these different kinds of programs have been proven to be ineffective. This is based on a number of different factors including: high amounts of illiteracy, the ineffective use of foreign aid programs, a lack of foreign direct investment, security issues, crippling deficits, frequent power outages, a lack of planning in infrastructure / transportation, political instability, failing to address the needs of many…. [read more]

Supply Chain Planning Under Uncertainty a Real Options Approach Research Proposal

… Supply Chain Planning Under Uncertainty: a Real Options Approach

In a manufacturer's quest to manage its supply and demand chains, one simple word aptly portrays a certain, common, contemporary concern that a company can count on having to cope with - uncertainty.

In light of uncertainty and operational needs in the supply chain realm, this qualitative case study presents a survey of the supply chain planning, and real options literatures, while it also explores the intellectual developments in these areas as they relate to supply chain management. The initial segment of this study reviews supply chain planning and uncertainty, along with the challenges these components pose for the supply chain planner, and the planning process. The researcher also reviews a number of the most popular…. [read more]

Project Management Term Paper

… According to its corporate profile, Keppel Offshore & Marine, integrating the experience and expertise of Keppel FELS, Keppel Shipyard, Keppel Singmarine and Keppel yards overseas, was established in 2002 (About Us 2004). Keppel Shipyard Benoi is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Keppel Corporation, one of the largest offshore and marine groups in the world. The company enjoys a strategic network of 16 yards serving regions including Asia Pacific, Gulf of Mexico, Brazil, Caspian Sea, Middle East and the North Sea (About Us 2004). The Keppel Shipyard (Benoi) specifications are set forth in the table below.

Yard Size

350,000 sq m


1,163 m


No. 1 drydock

300,000 dwt

350m x 60m

No. 2 drydock

170,000 dwt

300m x 60m

Mooring Quay

No. 1 quay

Length…. [read more]

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