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Art of Mentoring Book Report

… Mentoring is a subset of leadership, an experience too often relegated to the context of situations too soft to be considered corporate. However, Shirley Peddy shows that mentoring is one of the core facets of enterprise-level leadership. In the Art of Mentoring: Lead, Follow, and Get Out of the Way, Peddy illustrates the definition of mentoring, the role of mentoring in organizational culture, and techniques for effective mentoring.

The title of the book sets the stage for what is to come, clearly defining mentoring as an art and not a science. After all, diversity precludes mentoring from being anything quantifiable. What is quantifiable are the results that come from effective mentoring programs that are adopted by organizations. This is one of the reasons why Shirley…. [read more]

Mentor and the Shawshank Redemption Term Paper

… As Andy becomes bitter and impatient with his sentence, Red keeps him from lashing out. In this way, Red protects Andy from the great harm that Andy could do to himself.

Red's most important quality as a mentor is the emotional support he gives Andy. From the beginning of his sentence, Andy is clearly distraught. He has received two life sentences for crimes he did not commit. At first, he is hopeful that he will receive parole, but he is repeatedly denied. As time rolls on, Andy begins to lose hope. Red is there, providing Andy with emotional support throughout this long ordeal. Red understands that the true brutality in prison is not in the mistreatment by guards or other convicts: it is in the…. [read more]

Mentoring Has Long Been Used in Academic Term Paper

… Mentoring has long been used in academic settings and the workplace. Classic mentoring is defined as one-on-one relationship in which an experienced adult who is responsible for providing encouragement and advice to a younger person. Within schools there are particular groups that are referred to as at- risk. These groups include students with special educational needs, minority students, transient student, students that are young care givers, students from dysfunctional homes and teenage mothers. Many studies have revealed a positive correlation between mentorship and academic achievement. This seems to be the case even when the mentorship program does not emphasize academic achievement.

Mentoring has long been used in academic settings and the workplace (Black et al., 2004). In most cases mentoring is a process that benefits…. [read more]

Ohr-O'keefe Museum Visit Essay

… In my mind, the use of browns, beiges and tans across a sampling of ceramic pottery or sculpture is indicative of the artist's chosen medium, as clay and bronze both come from within the earth itself.

The exhibition featuring work from master potter Joseph Fortune Meyer was also quite intriguing to me, as Meyer actually served as an artistic mentor for Ohr, offering the younger ceramic specialist an apprenticeship in 1879. In total there were 34 pieces of Meyer's pottery on hand at the Ohr-O'Keefe Museum of Art during my visit, with each display providing a tangible link between Meyer and Ohr through the subtle stylistic influences found in their work. Much of Meyer's pottery was finished with a distinctive blue hue, with the surrounding…. [read more]

Liberal Arts and Business How Liberal Arts Relates Literature Review

… Liberal Arts and Business: How Liberal Arts Relates to Business

Liberal arts and business

There has been a huge debate roaring in Canada and the U.S. On the virtues of a broad education system as compared to a practical education system Carr, 2009.

This debate is and continues being heated for many reasons. Siegfried and Bidani (1992)

assert that the most important reasons are powerful emotional factors. In the past, vocational training was reserved for the lower classes while the more academic subjects which include the liberal arts were reserved for the upper classes. In the present, this argument continues roaring on as a result of the many people who are in favor of the liberal arts. These people have this favoritism as a result…. [read more]

Museum Methods Term Paper

… Although I agree with the basic structure of this definition, I would prefer more emphasis on the level of required professional standards necessary to designate an institution as a museum. Many non-profit institutions are established to enrich our society including, schools, libraries and community social and cultural organizations. Many of these institutions are essential in the preservation of values and identity and education of our citizens. The term museum should not be generally applied to these entities simply because they offer public enrichment under a non-profit designation. Museums should also be very clear in determining the scope of the institution; their role should be defined with clarity and selectivity, and with a recognition of wider social and cultural purpose. Attracting individuals with comparable interests to…. [read more]

Michelangelo and the L'antico Research Paper

… Michelangelo and Antiquities

Michelangelo and the L'antico

The preservation of antiquities plays an important role for humans. They connect us with out past and remind us of who we were, who we are today, and how we got where we are. The preservation of antiquities is not a new idea. The stewardship of antiquities has always been considered to be an important role. This job was often only relegated to those who played an important role in the current society. As such, the stewardship of antiquities became a status symbol as early as the Middle Ages. The importance of antiquities in human society and the love of them led to the desire to reproduce many of the great works that marked important civilizations or important…. [read more]

Win-Win Peer Mentoring and Tutoring Program Research Proposal

… ¶ … Win-Win Peer Mentoring and Tutoring Program; a Collaborative Model

The Big Buddies program is a peer mentoring tutoring project designed to decrease the school dropout rate and increase youth interest in volunteerism. Susan Dennison review this program in the article "A win-win peer mentoring and tutoring program; a collaborative model." This important works can provide an example that can be used to develop similar programs in other areas of the country. The following review examines the quality of the research project as presented in the article.

The first area that will be explored is the literature review. The literature review provides the rationale and development of the theoretical underpinnings of the article. The literature review for Dennison's article presented an excellent summary of…. [read more]

Email to Mentor -- Team Term Paper

… Next, I will also apply other factors that will have a positive impact on the team's level of effectiveness. The communication process as a change management tool for me as the team leader will utilize multiple communication pathways to ensure that no single path like the company email system will become a bottleneck in the transitional process. I intend to have some repetition in the communications to cut the risk of confusion. Another tool I will use is to apply a great deal of training and coaching for the team. The coaching and training process will not always be the formal classroom type but more on the fly coaching sessions in the daily routine. And the third tool I will use to have a positive…. [read more]

Arts and Crafts Movement Term Paper

… ¶ … Arts and Crafts Movement, beginning in 1860, was a movement pioneered by William Morris and Charles Voysey. The movement came in response to the industrial turn of the century. It was a way to rebel against the mechanical way of manufacturing in order to bring back traditional crafts as a decorative and valuable form rather than the requirement it had been previously. The Arts and Crafts Movement or the "anti-industrial movement" founded by Morris and Voysey was immensely successful, although the industrial revolution pressed on as technology progressed.

The movement gained traction due to its challenge of not just manufacturing, but also challenging Victorian era tastes. These attitudes stemmed from social reform concerns of thinkers such as John Ruskin and Walter Crane who,…. [read more]

Edward Steichen Term Paper

… Steichen

Edward Steichen -- His Life, Times, and Art

In one of Edward Steichen's most famous photographs, the ghostly, lovely face of a woman looks out through a gauzy whisper of a lace veil. Her gaze is directed at the viewer with a disturbing directness, only broken by the filtering lens of the veil. The effect is strikingly modern, but the actress is the young Gloria Swanson and the year the photograph was taken was 1924.

Long before Herb Ritts and other famous celebrity photographers made the art of the publicity still into a revelatory act of a celebrity's soul as well as a mere glamour shot, Edward Steichen engaged in such acts of photographic psychological exploration. Steichen was constantly stretching what was once construed…. [read more]

Biography and Artistic Work Essay

… Hollywood Artists

Vincent and Theo…and Robert?

Popular lives of Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) tend to gloss over most of their subject's short life and career in order to focus on the artist's breakdown, intense final period, and suicide. This is partially a function of the documentary sources available -- the famous correspondence with his brother Theo is somewhat fragmentary before 1882 -- but also reflects abiding interest in portraying the artistic passion of van Gogh in opposition to the conventions of formal training and participation in the artistic community. As a result, highly regarded biographies like Julius Meier-Graefe's Vincent van Gogh: A Biography rush through most of the artist's life in a scant 15 pages in order to spend approximately eight times as much time…. [read more]

Claude Monet Is Widely Recognized Term Paper

… Perhaps the biggest break from classical art tradition is the lack of a smooth finish to this work. Even a cursory look at the painting would reveal the brushstrokes and dabs that Monet used to capture the scene. While critics during the time saw this as an example of a loose and undisciplined brush technique, Monet used his swift brushstrokes to capture the illusion of light and movement. As a result, in addition to seeing a woman with a parasol, a person viewing the painting also gets an impression of the floating clouds and the rustling of the grass.

Later Work

In 1883, Monet moved his family to Giverny, where he stayed for the next 43 years. He purchased a house in 1890 and began…. [read more]

Art Hallen Corporation Compensation Management Program Term Paper

… Art

Hallen Corporation Compensation Management Program

Compensation Management

To understand compensation management one must first understand what the term compensation refers to, and then decide how to "manage" it. Compensation is largely considered any "reward or payment for services performed" typically offered to employees of a company (Caruth & Handlogten, 2001). Compensation is not limited to financial incentives and direct incentives; rather, compensation may include wages, bonuses, insurance or other "monetary benefits" that the employer provides to the incumbents of a facility (Caruth & Handlogten, 2001). Compensation in a more defined sense is "total reward package offered by an organization to its employees" (Caruth & Handlogten, 2001:2). This paper will provide an overview of the compensation management program for Hallen Corporation, which employees 50 people,…. [read more]

Thomas Gainsborough Term Paper

… Thomas Gainsborough (1727-1788)

I am the son of a cloth merchant from the country and yet I have lived a life of infamy and intrigue, though it did not always seem so at the time. I am the fifth son of John Gainsborough and Mary Burrough, baptized Thomas Gainsborough in 1727.

Waterhouse 8) When I was very young I began to draw and paint and my father indulged me when I was 13 to attempt to apprentice me to a painter in London in 1740.

Waterhouse 8) a friend of the family, visit form London had viewed one of my landscape paintings Wood Scene, Village of Concord and beseeched my father to allow him to attempt to find me a position in London that would…. [read more]

Communication on Some Level Essay

… Raising concerns about a creative project also requires self-confidence. To develop self-confidence within the context of effective communication, the artist or animator needs to develop knowledge. Staying current with the latest techniques of design or software systems means being confident enough to have and share opinions or ideas about the project. It is important for the communicator to "be updated," so that the information that is expressed is truthful ("Effective Communication Skills: The Art of Communication"). As an animator, designer, and artist, I hope to inspire others. This also depends on developing the confidence to view myself as a mentor. If I want to be a leader within my chosen field, I need enough confidence to share my background knowledge and enthusiasm.

Listening is a…. [read more]

Team Management Creating a State-Of-The-Art Essay

… The second phase of the project plan needs to concentrate on inclusion and bringing a strong sense of belonging, team communication, task ownership and shared team accountability (pg. 5) for the team to become cohesive today and into the future (Ammeter, Dukerich, 2002). These first two phases of the plan will deliver significant gains in team cohesion.

The individual differences between and among team members also must be dealt with as the latest round of meetings are showing that despite the time pressures increasing, team members are still resisting becoming a fully functioning group. These differences are most evident in situations where they need to learn how to trust each other. In the initial phases of the team projects today they are making progress, yet…. [read more]

Cezanne Pissarro Compare and Contrast Term Paper

… " (AP 2005) In such a light, of the two studies of Jallais Hill, Pissarro's main distinction in relationship to his more famous student is perhaps best evidenced through his somewhat lighter palette of his landscape of Jallais Hill. Throughout his career Pissarro remained faithful to painting directly from nature, as did the impressionists before him. However, "Cezanne reacted against the lack of structure in the Impressionist paintings." Cezanne, unlike Pissarro said that he intended to make Impressionism into "something solid and durable, like the art of the museums." In the Cezanne, the rendering of the greenery is both bolder and more realistic than the lines of the Pissarro, thus showing how Cezanne strove to "innovate beyond Impressionism" and unlike his mentor is ranked alongside…. [read more]

Insights From Literature of Art Essay

… Leadership Insights From Literature of Art

My essay focuses on the leadership insights and qualities of Atticus Finch in Harper Lee's novel "To Kill a Mockingbird that was published in 1960. Atticus Finch is a widowed attorney and father of two small children. Together with his small family he lives in Maycomb County, Alabama, in a small town in the segregated southern United States of the 1930s. In an attempt to avoid the changing times, the small town southerners of Maycomb County hold onto their fixed attitudes regarding race and class. Told through the eyes of Atticus Finch's six-year-old daughter, Scout, the reader learns about her father, Atticus, who stems from an old Southern family and who in his profession as an attorney in courtroom…. [read more]

Perfecting the Art Essay

… It's just time and effort. You've got to be interested.

Q.4. The greater the span of one's responsibilities, the larger the amount of information that must be synthesized, summarized, and accessible. This processing of information is accomplished by strata of staffers who are information management specialists -- not in the IT sense. How do you know who to trust?

R.R. What I do, first I try to hire people who have the ability to demonstrate good judgment and who have trust in me and in whom I have trust. When there's that relationship at the beginning, and it's developed over time, the people with whom you work -- ostensibly. Your employees, in this case, your peers, potentially -- if you have any control over their…. [read more]

Student Residence Journal the Role of Art Term Paper

… Student Residence Journal



The aims of the Fine Art Student Programme is one that builds on the three aspects of skills, experience and theory and that extends the comprehension and competence in the practice of art in the public realm and fosters the learning of students who are less experienced. The role of art in society is many-faceted and one that is far-reaching socially, politically, and culturally. Art may persuade, stimulate the mind, or stimulate changes within the fabric of society. Art not only provides a contribution to the development of the human being in understanding the physical, emotional, intellectual, aesthetic, social, moral and spiritual dimensions of the human experience but as well art assist with…. [read more]

Leader Business Leadership: A Literature Term Paper

… London provides a good discussion on how to inculcate a managerial mindset. He presents the different personality traits needed to be a good business leader, and equally importantly, those characteristics that one would like to eliminate in potential managers. A mentor is a role model. And a good role model will teach his pupils how to build character and self-reliance. It is extremely important that the manger in training not lose confidence when she is left on her own. She must not view the world as coming apart, must not imagine herself incapable of making decisions without the guiding hand of her mentor. The mentor must act as a kind of coach, first teaching by example and then watching from the sidelines, and providing the…. [read more]

Substitute for Experience Term Paper

… This is a relatively new phenomenon that has arisen in the modern society, especially in the United States.

In the planned mentoring programs, mentors are selected from religious, corporate, or neighborhood communities by seeking volunteers. These mentors are then matched to the mentees through interviews, personal profiles, comprative interests, or getting acquainted sessions. The need for such 'planned' mentoring programs have arisen due to the changing family structures. In the traditional families such mentoring or 'role-modeling' for the youth is provided by the parents. With the increasing number of single-parent families or broken families, the need for 'natural' mentoring is fulfilled by these planned mentoring programs.

Not everyone can be a good mentor. This is because a good mentor, just like a good coach or…. [read more]

Hero's Journey -- Life Coach Essay

… Would you be interested in these tai chi sessions?


Tai chi can be described as "meditation in motion" but experts report that it is also "medication in motion" ("Harvard Health, 2009). Mind-body practices, such as Tai chi, are often associated with an origin in Chinese martial arts. But the modern emphasis on this ancient practice is its value as a treatment or prevention form many health problems, especially those associated with aging. The benefits of Tai chi are particularly salient for people too frail for other forms of more robust conditioning, or for people who experience joint stiffness, impaired balance, or poor awareness and body-in-space awareness ("Harvard Magazine," 2010).

Long-Term Effects

Actual changes in brain plasticity have been observed in people who regularly train…. [read more]

Walt Disney Including: A History Essay

… In 1949, the Disney Corporation was flagged by the U.S. Department of Labor for inconsistent awarding of pensions and its poor treatment of workers and shareholders alike (Krasniewicz 79). Disney thus placed emphasis on his vision inspiring his workers to excel, rather than using conventional incentives such as salaries and bonuses. The attitude at the company from the beginning was that workers should be happy for the chance to be working at such an excellent organization, rather than worry about something mundane like pay. All training and mentorship was focused on making a better product for Disney, not nurturing the skills of the individual employee.

However unjust this may seem, this also underlines Disney's status as a transformational, rather than transactional leader and the darker…. [read more]

Utilizing Intrinsic Motivation and Transformational Leadership in Professional Services Organizations Research Paper

… Professional services organizations of all types and sizes are faced with some significant challenges in an increasingly globalized and competitive marketplace, but properly managed, these challenges can be translated into opportunities for growth providing that the right blend of intrinsic motivation and transformational leadership methods are used. These issues are particularly relevant for professional services firms competing in the information technology sector today. Therefore, to identify what optimal approaches are currently being used and advocated for improving performance and productivity in professional services firms today, this study examines the relevant peer-reviewed and scholarly literature, followed by a summary of the research and important findings in the conclusion.

Utilizing Intrinsic Motivation and Transformational Leadership in Professional Services Organizations


Professional services organizations such as law firms,…. [read more]

Leadership Hospitality Management Term Paper

… Leadership (Hospitality Management)

This report will discuss the effective leadership style and motivational factor in hospitality management, particularly managing Red Sea Restaurant given their established culture and work environment.

Currently, Red Sea Restaurant is in need of Restaurant Manager who will contribute his or her expertise in attaining consistent, if not, exceeding, quality service performance. Qualifications for the position are ascertaining proper execution of operational duties, delegating tasks, boosting staff's moral and ensuring all are in accordance to standards, among others.. Applicants which passed the screening process are Grace Hannaford and Ronan Atkins

Selecting candidates that would fit the qualifications is a very critical step. This could lead to either success or failure of the team which could have a good or adverse effect in…. [read more]

Personal Leadership Style Term Paper

… Carson's emphasis on honesty, self-honesty in particular. Her iteration of the quip "to thine own self be true" relates to humanistic leadership in a direct manner, reflecting both transformational and servant leadership. This emphasis on the character of the leader as it relates to her style reminds me of trait theories of leadership. Balancing "soft" traits like empathy and compassion with "harder" traits like persuasiveness, decisiveness, and goal-orientation, an effective leader will demonstrate an ability to get the job done. Goals should never be sacrificed; the members of the group do not always need to like the leader personally, so long as harmony is preserved. "To thine own self be true," because a leader can't please everyone.

From the theories taught in class, I can…. [read more]

HRM Organizational Issues at Fine Case Study

… However, Randy's lack of positive participation in the team should be seen as one of the influences on the current team performance, but it is not a cause of the difficulties.

The first issue to be addressed is that of leadership, starting at the top, with Eric who has brought into manage the team and the turnaround and Jack the firms CEO. Eric is comparing his experience at Fine Arts which his experience in Manhattan, which indicates is bringing along perceptions regarding the way in which the team members should operate. In Manhattan Eric worked in a consultancy team, where individuals all the professionals had the relevant skills and knowledge to operate in that team, not only in terms of their own areas of expertise,…. [read more]

Leadership Theories Essay

… At which point, this can create even more amounts of confusion and animosity among team members. (Traditional Theories of Leadership 2011)

The Situational Theory

The situational theory is when you have certain kinds of leadership styles that will work well under specific conditions. Yet, they may not be effective in other situations, because they are using tools that work under predetermined circumstance. For example, during a war a more adversarial kind of attitude is embraced by leaders. The reason why, is they want everyone to take into account the seriousness of the dangers they are facing. In the business world, this kind of leadership is considered to be abusive. This is because the overall amounts of danger are significantly less. As a result, those individuals…. [read more]

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