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Art Culture: Public Space Term Paper

… This is because the 20th century public sphere constitutes organized individuals that exert their influence over public debate and sphere institutionally. This public cannot appreciate the placement of public art in the public sphere, unlike the 18th century public. According to Habermaes, public art gained popularity in the 18th century, since the public was subject to political decisions and interests. In that era, the public sphere was marked by a close link between church, state, public, and private sectors, under a feudal system. In this system, the power relations and levels of power saw political authority hold the highest levels of power (Habermaes 52). At this high level of power, politicians and rulers represented their ideals and state inform of symbols in the public sphere,…. [read more]

Art in South America and the Pacific Term Paper

… Art in South America and the Pacific

Aboriginal Creation Myths and Art

The Aborigines have existed for approximately 40,000 years in parts of Australia. They boast one of the most ancient cultures in the world that is as varied as the people themselves throughout different regions of this continent. Due to the length of time that this civilization has existed, one would think that its traditions, cosmology and art would have a significant impact on the world. However, largely due to the fact that the Aborigines are a non-Westernized group of people and have never fully embraced technology, which is one of the principle Western markers of the "progress" of a civilization, most of its cultural manifestations are largely ignored by the outside world. As…. [read more]

Art History Roy Lichtenstein Term Paper

… They are totally formed by the way their culture has defined them. Even the title Stepping Out implies a falseness. They are dressing up and moving outside their true reality into a night life culture which they have been programmed to crave.

Stepping Out like the bulk of Lichtenstein's work stands in the center of the Pop Art era. As quoted in Art News in November of 1963, Roy Lichtenstein said: "Pop Art is an involvement with what I think to be the most brazen and threatening characteristics of our culture, things we hate, but which are also powerful in their impingement on us" ( Other artists like Andy Warhol, with his repetitive advertising industry images as seen in 32 Capmbell's Soup Cans (1961-62) and…. [read more]

Art of Collage Research Paper

… Art of Collage

Collage refers to the art of expression that is created by pasting a variety of materials on a given surface. A collage artist may use materials such paper, sand, wood among other materials on a surface to produce the art. This paper seeks to discuss collage with specification to collage artists such as Michael Anderson. The paper will talk about Anderson and his particular collage arts such as 'the five deadly venom' and beyond bling. The paper will also be integrated with a number of other collage artists.

Michael Anderson

Michael Anderson is reported to have been born in the United States in the state of California and grew up in a number of places that includes Texas. According to one of…. [read more]

Art in America Term Paper

… Art in America

There was a move away from a product-based aesthetic in the arts (sculpture, painting, etc.) to event or performance based art in the fifties; cite some examples as to why this occurred. For instance: Was this due to a changing political climate? Was it in reaction to what came before? Be as specific as you can.

The move away from product-based art was partially philosophical, rooted in the move to a more postmodern aesthetic, in which art that impacted the viewer's imagination 'in the moment' rather than art that had to 'stand for all time' became en vogue. After the recent horrors of World War II, the idea of permanence began to seem like a lie to ordinary Americans and American artists…. [read more]

Art and Society Term Paper

… Art and Society

An Analysis and Discussion of Gender Construction in the Toilet of Venus (1647-51) by Diego Velasquez

While women in the United States and the United Kingdom have enjoyed the right to vote for several decades now, things were very different at the turn of the 20th century when the suffragettes emerged to challenge the male-dominated status quo of Western society. One of the events that highlighted this period in history was Mary Richardson's attack on Velasquez's "The Rokeby Venus," an event which has since assumed its place in the historical record as one of the most important such events in women's struggle for equal rights. This paper provides an overview, an analysis of Velasquez's "The Rokeby Venus," including a description of the…. [read more]

Art Nick Cave's Exhibition at the Seattle Term Paper

… Art

Nick Cave's exhibition at the Seattle Art Museum blends childlike passion with art and fashion. The "Meet Me at the Center of the Earth" exhibit is characterized by its whimsy and is evocative of Sesame Street. Yet viewed in their three-dimensional delight, Nick Cave's "sound suits" truly are art in motion.

Cave calls his pieces "sound suits," but they are more than that: they are multitextural and multisensory. In fact, the colors and the textures are the most immediately outstanding features of the spacey sound suits. All of them are vivid; not one is dull, drab, or depressing. The overall mood of the viewer is elevated, without Cave asking for metaphysical inquiry or deep philosophical analysis. There is no underlying social commentary or political…. [read more]

Denver Museum Culture and Visual Essay

… Her body is greenish blue like the sea or the grass, but her hair looks similar to lines of dirt that one would see on the ground after planting seeds. The man is a warmer orange color and he rides a black horse. Whereas the woman's features are soft and peaceful in appearance, the man and his horse look angry and stiff. They are aggressive and the woman uses her hand to beckon him to her view of the world. Behind her are other, natural beings such as the bird and what appears to be a snake and another person as well. The patterns and colors are more complicated as well. Behind the man, the patterns are still present, but they are less varied and…. [read more]

Art Five Notable 20Th Century Term Paper

… Unlike a concert experience, listening to a music album is standardized and solitary. It is a private experience like viewing a work of art in silence, rather than a collective experience. But still, one could enter into the minds of five unique artists, through a directed and guided tour of their psyches, on one's own living rooms.

The living rooms, one might add, of individuals, over the course of the 20th century, had experienced profound changes, not due to the least of efforts of Frank Lloyd Wright's "The Kaufman House," which profoundly changed notions of space and decoration in the 20th century. Now, architecture did not use, as it did before Wright in the 19th century, outer decorations and representational carvings to create meaning and…. [read more]

Conceive of a Work of Art Term Paper

… Art Conception: Early Renaissance

Imagine a statue of Pallas Athena, the ancient goddess of wisdom and the protector of the city of Athens being born, as was alleged, from the skull of her father Zeus, or Jove (as the ancient Romans preferred to call the King of the gods). According to legend, Zeus feared that the daughter of one of his consorts named Metis would be more intelligent than he was, so he swallowed the pregnant woman. But Athena, or Minerva, was born from the skull of her father, after the god suffered a colossal headache. Hepatus, her half-brother, freed her from Zeus' skull with an anvil. Thus Athena or Minerva as she was called by the Romans was born.

In the statue, Athena would…. [read more]

Art "Any Brief Definition Essay

… The eye blends the colors when viewed from a distance. It is thus self-expression, with both logical and imaginative applications of paint.

Sculpture: Moore, H. (1966). Late Large Forms. [Bronze]. Gagosian Gallery, London.

Retrieved from

The sculpture consists of two enormous, separate bronze pieces that are smooth and organic in shape. Although they are not connected, the pieces relate to one another, although one cannot say for certain what they represent; even the title does not give a clue. Their size gives them great presence, illustrating the skill and imagination of the sculptor.

Architecture: Wright, F.L. (1939) S.C. Johnson Administration Building, Great Workroom,

Racine, WI. Retrieved from

The genius of Frank Lloyd Wright is that his designs still look fresh and modern, even…. [read more]

Gender and Western Art: Gentileschi, Picasso, Chicago Essay

… But it is worth noting that, unlike older models for a war memorial, Lin is here reincorporating the domestic element: what is included here is a roll-call of names of the dead, the sort of thing that would be put together on the home front by those receiving news that their son had been killed in action. Beyond that, however, Lin's work is remarkably understated -- it effaces grandiose gestures in an effort to register quiet grief and gravitas. It is therefore suited to the contentious Vietnam conflict -- which ended ambiguously, and was conducted under vigorous domestic protest in America -- insofar as it does not heroize or glamorize the dead or the conflict in which they died. Instead it seems like a public…. [read more]

Modern Art of the Twenty First Century Thesis

… Modern Art of the 21st Century

Throughout the course of history, artists have used a number of different techniques in illustrating their ideas and thoughts about particular images. This is because various tactics utilized in the past were often incorporated into contemporary thinking. In the 21st century, these views are being used to tell a unique story by embracing these and other attributes. (Rathus) According to Robertson (2012), different beliefs have been utilized to create new ways of expression. (Roberson)

Evidence of this can be seen with her saying, "21st century art is a burgeoning field of practice, research, and publication, making it an incredibly dynamic field of study. Many important topics have been resonating in the new century and inspiring new thinking and scholarly…. [read more]

Culture Industry the Cultural Industries Essay

… In addition, such industries also help public institutions that have an involvement in the social services. However, there are a number of challenges that cultural industries are facing in the contemporary times. Firstly, for the enhancement of innovation, an improvement is needed in the people-institutions connection. Secondly, public and private support needs coordination for the minimization of redundancy. Such industries also face the challenge of creating emphasized focus on the economic conditions that may be improved by both cultural and artistic elements. Thirdly, small and medium scale organizations must be provided with reliable funding sources.


To cut a long story short, it is the need of the time that the world starts giving the due importance to arts and culture. Every country must be…. [read more]

Gender Borders in Art: Visible and Invisible Essay

… This painting, one of the first Impressionist works, caused public scandal because of its depiction of naked women matter-of-factly eating and bathing with a group of clothed males outdoors. In contrast to late Impressionists, such as Monet, Manet used a more realistic style. The sharply-defined bodies of female nudes and clothed males are in stark contrast to the hazier depiction of water and grass.

Like Kruger, Manet enjoyed taking aspects of existing art -- in Manet's case, high art -- and making new meaning from them. The female nude has historically been a typical subject of art and used to 'represent' sexuality but the realistic (as opposed to classical) setting and its cheeky provocation caused many art critics of the day to see Manet's work…. [read more]

Arts Management the Evolution Essay

… Arts Management

The Evolution of Arts and Cultural Districts

For decades now the process know as gentrification is often the end result of the creation of Cultural districts created b artist willing to live in substandard conditions as they work on an promote their art. Galligan reviews the process of creating and cultivating cultural districts in an attempt to understand and revitalize the process as well as circumvent the eventual gentrification of the area that is seen resulting, "… in a loss of the very quality of life that artists bring to an area." (Galligan 140) She cites from several authors on the subject and creates a well-rounded history and project development overview in the creation of cultural districts and compounds with the view of…. [read more]

Art, Picasso, Matisse, Diego Rivera Term Paper

… These paintings contain certain principles of Picasso regarding heroic ambition and importance and are among the best paintings of Matisse in the cubist style. At the same time, Picasso continued on his pet theme of harlequin and ended up with Man Leaning on a Table in 1915. The use of the prostitute or harem girl was quite often used by Matisse and even Picasso used similar girls. This was probably a part of their styles. They were personal friends and this also contributed to their similarities. At the end of the War, Picasso and Matisse met in the south of France. Both artists were now wealthy and kept meeting regularly, and this was the period when their relationship became the closest.

Matisse's painting Large Red…. [read more]

Funding or Defunding in the Arts Term Paper

… Funding or Defunding the Arts

Recommendations on a Proposal to Defund the Arts

This report considers the recent proposal in the House of Representatives to eradicate federal funding for the arts. This proposal cannot be taken lightly, considering that such a move would drastically alter the face of art as we know it in America today. With this in mind, I have presented in this report a thorough consideration of all sides of the issue, including academic theory about the nature and consequences of public art, its functions in the capitalist marketplace and its role in the lives of its creators and its consumers. I also examine recent public opinion about the arts, the role of government in national culture, and the value of public…. [read more]

Interactive Art Essay

… Interactive art is an artistic piece that promotes interaction between the spectator and the artistic work. Spectators influence the piece by movement, body heat, or by direct interaction from standing or walking on it, in it, or around it. One piece of particular interest is David Rozen's 'Wooden Mirror'.

In this paper, we will discuss the history, definition, and influences of interactive art. David Rozen and his piece "Wooden Mirror" will also be discussed.

Definition of Interactive Art

The definition of Interactive art must be truly broken down to get an accurate description of what it means. Interaction is a mutual or copying action or influence. The relationship between the art, artist, surrounding, and audience are important variable in defining art. Three categories are used…. [read more]

Diller Scofidio + Renfro: MOMA Expansion Research Paper

… Not all will fit. But the building enshrines the desire to comprehend as an American freedom" (Muschamp 1). The private art of folk art is being crowded out by more conventional images of modern art in some eyes: which is highly ironic, given the extent to which Picasso, Miro, and so many of the artists preserved within the walls of the current MoMA were considered outsiders long ago.

Yet AFAM was originally conceptualized as a modernist project as well to some degree and a merging of folk art and modernism in a way that was not ultimately successful. A positive review in the New York Times of AFAM noted: "The architects have acknowledged that the form created by the triangle atop the window is an…. [read more]

Abstract Expressionist Painting Artistic Research Paper

… [8: Ibid. ]

The following piece is an excellent example of Rothko's reductionist forms. The piece is entitied "White, Red on Yellow" and is an excellent example of reductivism and the use of color to create a dramatic impact. It is a simplistic looking painting upon first glance. However, these paintings were not meant to be viewed in passing. One is supposed to sit and contemplate them, to see if an emotion arose As the viewer continues to gaze at the painting, they begin to notice the fabulous subtelties of the painting that are not apparent at first glance or if the painting is viewed from far away. One begins to notice tha the top square is not white, but is instead muted tones of…. [read more]

Art After 1980 Term Paper

… Whereas McCarthy focuses his attention on the perversion of the world underlying the clean veneer of mythology, Kruger is far more concerned with the iconography of popular culture and the detrimental effect it has on humanity. The thesis of Kruger's work is that the modern era is so consumed with popular culture, that we have relinquished and claim to real culture. In her book Remote Control: Power, Cultures, and the World of Appearances, Kruger said, "To those who understand how pictures and words shape consensus, we are unmoving targets waiting to be turned on and off by the relentless seductions of remote control. We are demi-living proof that the video camera has replaced the mirror as the reflection of choice" (5). For Kruger, there is…. [read more]

Visual Culture Research Proposal

… Visual culture: A museum and mall comparison decided to select a mall and a museum as my sites of comparison because both are public places in which individuals, often accompanied by friends and family members gaze upon objects. However, the mall is perhaps the ultimate in 'commercial space.' It is an area where virtually all of the objects an individual sees can be consumed -- clothing, books, music, food, and ornaments. In contrast, in a museum, none of the objects seen can be taken out of their original places, or touched by the public (with the exception of children's museums and museum gift shops). Even objects that were once useful, like pots and pans of ancient peoples, now have reverential status as they are put…. [read more]

New Genre Public Art and Social Policies Term Paper

… New Genre Public Art and Social Policies

New genre public art developed as a result of artists becoming interested in addressing social issues and changes through their artistic endeavors. Prior to having such interest in contemporary social concerns, artists were confined to focusing their energies towards creating abstract and innovative works of art that were to be privately displayed in museums and art galleries away from general public view.

The evolution of public art began in the late 1950's, when artists at the time were initially trying to simply break free of conventional ties to galleries and museums. By 1966, artists began to question through their artwork the structures maintained and propagated by the elitist art establishment, including the notions that a piece of art's…. [read more]

California Landscape Art Term Paper

… California Landscape Art

The Californian landscape has constantly been the theme of American art throughout the decades and the evolution of the American artistic environment has been prompt to acknowledge its importance. The value of the Californian landscape resides not only in the beauty of the natural surroundings but also its diversity. Thus, there are numerous artistic creations which try to capture the entirety of the physical landscape such as the ridged coasts, the Central Valley, the mountainous region of Sierra Nevada, and the surrounding deserts.

The landscape art of California from the late 1800 tries to capture the true essence of the Californian environment while adapting the images to the different artistic movements. In this sense, while in the early beginnings there were simple…. [read more]

Rococo Genre and Neoclassical Painting Social Change and Artistic Style Thesis




According to Liselotte Andersen, writing in Baroque and Rococo Art, many art historians retain the view that the artistic creations of the eighteenth century in Europe "are merely an extension of the Baroque, a mellowing and refinement of it and not sharply distinguishable from it either chronologically or stylistically" (1969, p. 45); however, after a close examination of the artistic periods which followed the Baroque, being Rococo and Neoclassicism, there are distinct differences, especially related to how European artists portrayed everyday life in their paintings which generally exhibited what it known as genre painting. Thus, during the eighteenth century, European painters boldly attempted to distance themselves from the Baroque style and made a concerted…. [read more]

Ancient Art Essay

… Using only gravity to move the water, the aqueducts were a tremendous feat of engineering that helped keep the city in fresh supply of clean water.

Much of the information scholars now have of the Roman water supply comes from the extensive research done by Julius Frontinus, the water commissioner of the first century AD. As commissioner, it was his job to check on all the aqueducts of the city and to keep them functioning. Often he would have to clear away illegal pipes that had been hooked up to the aqueducts to divert water to other destinations. After all, as Roger Hansen (n.d.) observes, "Most of Rome's dwellings were ill-supplied with heat, light, and water. The sanitary arrangements, if judged by modern standards, were…. [read more]

19th Century Art During Term Paper

… 19th Century Art

During the 19th century, a great number of revolutionary changes altered forever the face of art and those that produced it. Compared to earlier artistic periods, the art produced in the 19th century was a mixture of restlessness, obsession with progress and novelty, and a ceaseless questioning, testing and challenging of all authority. Old certainties about art gave way to new ones and all traditional values, systems and institutions were subjected to relentless critical analysis. At the same time, discovery and invention proceeded at an astonishing rate and made the once-impossible both possible and actual. But most importantly, old ideas rapidly became obsolete which created an entirely new artistic world highlighted by such extraordinary talents as Vincent Van Gogh, Jacques Louis David,…. [read more]

History of Architecture Essay

… Art Nouveau: Art, Architecture and Its Effect on Daily Life

In all of its interpretations, Art Nouveau constituted a movement in the arts and architecture that marked a clear departure from the Victorian style popular at the tail-end of the 19th century. What follows is a brief outline of the many ways in which Art Nouveau separated itself from past styles, and how the practitioners of the movement attempted to define their art, progress their art, and change the fabric of daily life by taking a totalitarian approach to architecture, and a richly decorative and sometimes direct philosophy to the fine arts. The practitioners of the movement desired to be original, and many of the architects designed each part of a building on which they…. [read more]

Art and Ideology Term Paper

… Art & Ideology

Art has always been considered as one of the most important means of expression available to a culture and a cultural space. It represents the tool with which a country can develop the practical and physical nuances of its cultural identity. However, along the history of time, art with all it entangles has also been used as a means of propaganda and as a political tool for developing a different set of values and morals the society was either forces to identity with or did so in time. History tends to offer relevant examples in this sense. France and its culture was deeply marked by the image of its kings, whereas Russia's architectural specificities are deeply connected to the way in which…. [read more]

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