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Art in Daily Life I Am Fortunate Term Paper

… Art in Daily Life

I am fortunate to be able to say that I have art in almost every part of my daily life. For example, I wake up in the morning to music instead of the sound of an alarm, so my first moments of each day celebrate art and creativity. I find the transition from sleeping, dreaming, and imagination to the reality of daily life is eased by incorporating art into that routine. My morning art experience is continued over breakfast, because I read the comics while eating my breakfast. Although defining comics as fine art may be controversial, some of the drawings and artistic techniques in the funny pages are breathtaking, and the storylines in other strips, like Funky Winkerbean, tackle serious…. [read more]

Abstract Expressionist Painting Artistic Research Paper

… [8: Ibid. ]

The following piece is an excellent example of Rothko's reductionist forms. The piece is entitied "White, Red on Yellow" and is an excellent example of reductivism and the use of color to create a dramatic impact. It is a simplistic looking painting upon first glance. However, these paintings were not meant to be viewed in passing. One is supposed to sit and contemplate them, to see if an emotion arose As the viewer continues to gaze at the painting, they begin to notice the fabulous subtelties of the painting that are not apparent at first glance or if the painting is viewed from far away. One begins to notice tha the top square is not white, but is instead muted tones of…. [read more]

Henry David Thoreau's Life Without Principle Essay

… Henry David Thoreau's Life Without Principle

Life Eschews Art

In many ways, there are a number of contradictions that appear to have been present and existent with the literature and the actual life of Henry David Thoreau, the celebrated American author who is best known for composing the manuscript of Walden and "Civil Disobedience." Within his works of literature, the author oftentimes propagated stark, profound views that would have been difficult for anyone to actually incorporate and practice in daily life. For instance, Walden is largely about the responsibility and the exertion of the individual to live in accordance with nature. Yet Thoreau was constantly aided by the help of others within his own life, and was the recipient of the largess of his friend…. [read more]

Women in Film Noir Teaching Term Paper

… A deal with kids daily and yes sometimes it is negative, but the outcomes are usually positive. I take time for the frequent flyers that are in my office. I am consistent, fair, and honest.

Kathy said her own emphasis on supporting teachers and giving them leadership roles allowed her to contribute to the daily improvement of learning and said she experiences as a staff developer helped her as an administrator.

I saw the difference in a building where the collaborative leadership was evident and initiatives from Central office were supported. I saw a huge difference in the outcome based upon the leadership of the principal.

Pat's experiences and beliefs were similar:

Sometimes it is through overseeing, evaluating, supervising teaches, and noticing how they implement…. [read more]

Art Violence and Social Engagement in Colombia Research Proposal

… ¶ … Colombia is the third-largest recipient of military aid from the United States and is at a critical juncture in its turbulent history. More than three million people have been displaced in Colombia during the past decade alone, and violent deaths and kidnappings remain alarmingly high. While violence is nothing new to the people of Colombia, their response to its sources and causes have been portrayed in the visual arts in various ways, with one of the most recent manifestations of this being portrayal such as the "The Skin of Memory," developed by the anthropologist Pilar Riano-Alcala and the artist Suzanne Lacy in collaboration with a multidisciplinary team in Colombia. Because art must also serve a social function and civic responsibility, this thesis evaluates…. [read more]

Agrees That Ethics Research Paper

… This principle is particularly problematic in today's society as evidenced by the debate over health insurance that is presently plaguing the country.

IV. Ethical Theories

Each of these principles is important and should be honored as much as possible. Unfortunately in the real world there are situations where one principle may have to be compromised in order to real the best result. For example, there may be a situation where the principle of justice might need to be sacrificed for the sake of beneficence or vice versa. This is to be expected in the health care arena as difficult decisions are often presented. In this regard, as a practicing Roman Catholic I can expect such circumstances to appear often. My responsibility is to establish a…. [read more]

Sonny's Blue Term Paper

… Sibling Choice and Sibling "Success" within James Baldwin's "Sonny's Blues"

The philosophical question of who is actually more "successful" of the two brothers in James Baldwin's short story "Sonny's Blues," Sonny or his older brother, is more complex than it at first appears. The easy and convenient answer is that Sonny's brother is more successful than Sonny is, since he holds a responsible job as an algebra teacher, is married with a family, and has never faced addictions or trouble with the law. However, Sonny, with all his quirks, addictions, and faults, has managed, against considerable odds (and self-sabotage) to become a successful jazz pianist, a rarer, more difficult-to-achieve accomplishment, even if the lifestyle that that accomplishment has demanded (and still demands) of Sonny is…. [read more]

Letter of Intent: Personal Statement Professional Writing

… Working with Specific Populations

I've always had a knack with certain populations and have worked hard to better serve them and to empower them to make their lives better. One population that I've worked with was families who had loved ones which were suffering from Alzheimer's disease. My class advisor Dr. George Adams, a specialist in Alzheimer's, gave me the privilege of assisting him with a new Alzheimer's support group specifically designed for Greek-Americans. Because of my knowledge of Greek culture and fluency in the language, I not only participated in the group counseling sessions but also acted as a liaison between the group members and Dr. Adams. This gave me some truly pertinent professional experience in working with families which even exceeded past what…. [read more]

Person Statement Term Paper

… Person Statement

Our attitude toward life determines life's attitude towards us." - Earl Nightingale.

Ambition, drive and unwavering commitment; these are all included in my attitude towards life. In return, I expect life to deliver my highest goals and ambitions: first to obtain my B.A. In Government, second to enter law school, and third to become an attorney and excel at my job. So how does one come by such an attitude? Probably the answer that first comes to mind does not relate in any way to home schooling. Yet home schooling is exactly what I needed to bring me to the levels of academic excellence I have reached so far.

Several negative connotations have developed around home schooling, but I would like to contend…. [read more]

Role of Music in My Life Essay

… Role of Music in My Life

Music is considered to be life for many. Music plays a crucial role in the life of several persons. Music modulates them and encourages them to be refined. Music is very crucial for humanity. With the assistance of music, people are able to forget their difficulties. Music also enables one to enjoy time and refine their intelligence. ("Music in my life.," n. d.) Music moves our hearts in most usual manner, fostering, reassuring, exhilarating, relaxing and encouraging us against the odds. It is quite impossible to think of a life without music, which would have been terribly frozen and calm. (Enotes, 2010)

Music has the strength that is so fundamental, so intensely embedded in the human soul, heart as…. [read more]

Women and the Home Front Term Paper

… From the beginning of the secession crisis President Abraham Lincoln viewed the supposedly loyalist mountain regions as an ideal base for military operations into vital Confederate territory, and a place to drive a wedge into Southern unity. Politically, not to mention logistically, the mountain regions turned out to be less hospitable, and certainly less cooperative, than Northerners hoped. The Southern Appalachians, however, proved equally troublesome to the Confederate command. After an initial burst of wartime fervor, many mountain residents grew increasingly resistant, and then violently hostile, to coercive Confederate mobilization policies. The mountain regions also provided havens for deserters and increasingly fertile ground for bushwhackers, bandits, and resistance movements. At the same time, the war was particularly cruel to the Southern Appalachians, and residents suffered…. [read more]

Reviving a Company Term Paper

… " (Mercer, 1994, pages 14-15). In the global economy, his point is well taken. Customers today come from a wide range of cultures and backgrounds, and every company has unique needs and wishes. Therefore, a successful company must not attempt to interpret exactly what the customer wants, based on their own experiences and values; it is important to ensure that we determine from the customer himself, exactly what he needs to make the transaction completely successful.

Atkinson attributes the success of Japanese business to their determination to target certain markets, and then thoroughly doing their homework to find out exactly what that market's customer wants. The automotive and electronics industries are examples of their success in overcoming the stereotype decades earlier of producing shoddy goods.…. [read more]

Plays of British Dramatist, Pam Gems Dissertation

… Edith once engages two marines she meets in a pub in a menage a trois; it is possible, that the bartender formed the fourth of this group. There is no indication that Edith is particularly gifted in the art of making love. She just makes her self available as a willing sexual partner. Except with Marcel Cedran, the married boxer, Edith manages to dissociate physical pleasure from any emotional foundations. With Marcel, Edith is truly in love. But this union is not to be. Anecdotes abound, that Edith's jealous sister informs Marcel's wife of her husband's "philandering." Edith's sexual proclivities and escapades are not a manifestation of her femaleness. Her sexual nature transcends gender. It is a flaw in most superstars. In Edith's case, particularly,…. [read more]

Volunteering and Its Significance Essay

… There is also the aspect of forming social bonds and strengthening the community. If the less fortunate are left to be alone the whole of their life and the people with lesser challenges segregate themselves, it would be a society that is totally unbalanced and stratified. The act of volunteering will enable us as the U.S.A. To have a socially meshed society that bridges the gap between the rich and the less fortunate in the society hence forming a good society that each person wants.

Before most volunteer works, the volunteers are given some training that will enable them work best with the community they intend to work with. This is particularly so if the mission id abroad. The training that they get and the…. [read more]

Chinese Jade Burial Suits Essay

… There are 17 Hindu caves beyond the Buddhist site, occupying the center of the complex. The walls of these caves provide stark contrast to those of the Buddhists. They are covered in epic bas-reliefs that depict events from Hindu scripture, and all the caves are devoted to the Hindu lord Shiva. Upon visiting the 16th cave in my tour, I was shocked by its sheer ingenuity. The cave is not technically a cave, but is in fact an enormous carved into the cliff. It resembles many of the temples that populate the region, representing Mount Kailash, home to the venerable Lord Shiva. There is a thick coat of white plaster covering this temple, which gives it the appearance of a snowy mountain. While the names…. [read more]

Improve Reading Skills Case Study

… ¶ … Improving Reading Skills

Reading and ESL Students

Multiculturalism in the Curriculum


Writing Assessment

Fry Graph

Instructional Implications

Lesson Plans

Scholarly Justifications

Reading and ESL Students - the way humans communicate and share ideas and concepts in society is quite complex. How are ideas conceptualized -- how are they explained -- how does discourse relate- and how do humans understand messages -- what is true about language- what is not? These are just some of the issues surrounding theories of language acquisition and development. By the time students arrive in school, unless intervention has occurred at a lower primary age, they have not only been subjected to numerous types of language acquisition, but because of the preponderance of global media and social networking,…. [read more]

Nursing Tasks, Methods, and Expectations Term Paper

… Together, this combination of factors is leading toward a health care crisis which is much larger than the question of whether or not the government finances prescription drug coverage.

The State of the Industry

As inferred above, many factors are contributing to the nursing shortage crisis. This section will discuss the major contributory influences.

1. Poor Working conditions

Dissatisfaction with pay and increasingly stressful work conditions, aggravated by a shortage of nurses at hospitals across the country, is spurring job actions in the health care field. Many nurses are choosing to leave the profession, and seek better conditions, or higher pay scales. Because of what the University of Wisconsin (UW) Hospital calls "staffing shortages," the hospital frequently calls for nurses to volunteer to work overtime.…. [read more]

America, for Every 10.000 People Research Paper

… Since we are referring to a past time event, we will illustrate the process of our interactions with the two residents as happened. Also, we will be referring to the two residents as M. And K.

One of the interesting things when spending time in an emergency shelter is that, not only do you get to know about people's life stories, but you also become aware of the person's habits and longings, feelings and thoughts over certain situations, personally related or generally speaking. Mark was a man little over thirty, with nice physical features and having nothing to betray his homelessness. This was something of which he was not very proud either. He came from a distinguished and financially stable family, with his father having…. [read more]

Socratic Reasoning to Construct an Interpretation Term Paper

… Buddhism

Pali Canon Buddhism entails certain central teachings that are easily misinterpreted by critics. Some of these teachings include the abstinence from Tanha and Upadana (desire and attachment), as well as practices with the goal of Nibbana and Nirvana. Usually the problem with these common objections is that an element of teaching is removed from its context and not seen according to the core teaching of the philosophy. Socratic reasoning is then used below in order to link the various teachings with the core concept of the philosophy, which is to evolve and improve spiritually.

Buddhist teaching recommends a number of ideals. Some of these include eliminating Tanha, not seeking for anything, consciousness has no resting place, escaping into an Unborn realm, seeing everything as…. [read more]

God the World Is Filled Term Paper

… A also know that Jesus is a loving God and forgives me for my errors. He will help me become a less selfish and more loving person. Humans, like myself, make bad choices. We fall into the trap of wanting to do things our own way. We are self-centered, independent from God, each one seeking our own way, focused on getting all we can for ourselves. It's like the two-year-old "my, my, my" syndrome. God explains it this way: "People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God-- having a form of godliness…. [read more]

Applying for the Position of Team Leader Essay

… ¶ … applying for the position of Team Leader to work in National Geographic Student Expeditions, I am hoping to prove how my experience and expertise can be an excellent match for your requirements. I am very well travelled, having visited locations such as Europe, Africa, Japan, Greece, and New Zealand. As my CV indicates, I have had multicultural exposure during these trips. I also speak Spanish, English and basic Italian.

During my many travels across the world, I also became acquainted with both the environments and cultures of the various locations I visited. I was able to use my documenting skills in the form of photography and film to capture these experiences. For this reason, I entered the Columbia University School of Arts to…. [read more]

Home Schools vs. Public High Athletic Associations Term Paper

… Home school athletes in public school sports programs.

Home education has been expanding in the United States for the last several decades, according to the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA, 2004). With this expansion has come a variety of complex issues regarding the rights of home educated students. In previous years, questions over the legality of home education and socialization of home schooled students were the focus of many debates, but in more recent times, the questions are much broader, focusing on the rights and freedoms of these students (HSLDA, 2004). One such complex issue for the home schooled is that of the question of equal access to public school sports programs.

Many high school athletic associations believe home schooled students and parents have…. [read more]

Lorenzo De Medici: An Historical Term Paper

… In this, the author suggests, he was not simply indulging in his own passion, but following the example of his mother and father's patronage of artists and scholars. He came from a family still anxious to define its status, yet confident of their ability to excel in artistic, business, and political pursuits. Also, because of the unique structure of the Italy in which he dwelt, Lorenzo was able to both become powerful in the government, to bring in painters and sculptors from Florence and the rest of the world and still refine his own artistic creations. Hundreds of painting that hung in the churches and the homes of the people of Florence depict his (ugly) face.

Yet Lorenzo himself was a poet, a writer of…. [read more]

Parenting Program for Women in Drug Treatment Thesis

… Parenting Program for Women and Children in Residential Treatment

Addiction is something that has been around for many years, and there have been increasingly new ways of treating it that have been created over the course of much research and study. There are many different forms that addiction takes, and there are many different drugs and substances that someone can become addicted to, even if they are not of the age that most people would think of when they picture people that would start down that particular road. Most individuals think of addicts as primarily young, minority men in their 20s and 30s that rob, steal, and cause other problems in order to get their drugs or alcohol. However, there are also…. [read more]

Marriage and Family Therapist Research Proposal

… ¶ … Clinical Psych MFT

If there's one TV show that could convince us having a dysfunctional family can be fun, then it would have to be the syndicated comedy series, Everybody Loves Raymond. It's hard not to like the show; anyone can relate to the all too-familiar extended family situation of the well meaning but meddling in-laws, uptight parents, and an antisocial relative or two. In the middle of these conflicts is a flippant but amiable husband, who together with an oft resentful and stressed out wife, somehow manage to raise three rambunctious children in as normal fashion as their idyllic Long Island neighborhood can be. It's a funny, constructive show, especially when you realize how silly marriage and family life can be.

If…. [read more]

Leadership Styles Among Male Term Paper

… Synthesists do not generally look for compromises, consensus or agreement on the best solution to a problem or situation. They will however look for a solution that will connect and assimilate the random and contradictory views to arrive at a best-fit solution.

A b) The Idealist

The idealist style focuses on process, values and aspirations. Idealists are people who like to take a broad view of things. They also tend to be future-oriented and to think about goals and missions to be accomplished. Idealists are much attuned to the needs of others and for the betterment of society as a whole. They will evaluate the impact of any personal decision on the society. They respect and believe in the social values and morals dictated by…. [read more]

Jim Henson -- Career Research Paper

… 2010; Muppet Central, 2011). In addition to captivating children's attention with their colorful and fuzzy personas, the Muppets characters delivered extremely effective educational programming at time when, arguably, that concept had never even been imagined, let alone deliberately developed into production. In fact, the Muppets came along at a time and during an era when parents, educators, and child behavior specialists were beginning to question the advisability of allowing children to watch television for extended periods of time (Loevy, 1988).

To a great extent, that may have been an appropriate attitude based on the types of children's programming that were available. In that regard, Henson's use of original characters that were capable of engaging the attention of children while simultaneously communicating educationally (and socially) beneficial…. [read more]

Legba the Voodoo Spirit Research Paper

… People from Haiti were transported to other islands to work on plantations and other menial manual labor positions. Any population who suffers from empirical rule will have to face a complete alteration in their perception of the world and their place in it. They were also taken to Africa where Haitian voodoo spread to those new populations as well. Author Carole Davies writes in the book Encyclopedia of the African Diaspora that:

Papa Legba represents the Haitians who have slowly journeyed a long tiresome path far from home, Africa, and who have struggled and endured down the long cyclical path toward fulfilling their destiny back to their ancestral home, across the vertical line, by trying to feel, think, and behave according to the desires of…. [read more]

Eleanor Roosevelt Research Paper

… ¶ … Eleanor Roosevelt. The critique is also to include five different websites that discusses her life and role. We then summarize her life and the characteristics that are unique to her leadership style. We identify of her behaviors, traits, and style. Finally, we summarize the effects of her role on societal changes.

"Work that Satisfies the Creative Instinct: Eleanor Roosevelt and the Arts and Crafts,"

Winterthur:Portfolio 42:2/3 (Summer/Autumn 2008): 159-182.

This article applies both the traditional and the historical interpretation of Eleanor Roosevelt life using her idealistic and largely practical solution to both social and political bottlenecks. This article is a risk analysis which simplifies her understanding of commitment to reforms as well as political solutions. This article shows how Eleanor Roosevelt supported art…. [read more]

British and German Trench Poetry Side Research Proposal

… ¶ … British and German trench poetry side by side

Teaching British and German trench war poetry side-by-side

One of the difficulties in teaching World War I is that the memory of World War II is often much sharper in the minds of students. The more ambiguous causes of the First World War, and the complex feelings of both German and British soldiers can be lost if there is too much focus on the British War Poets alone. Examining both nationalities' poetic response to war enables a compassionate cross-comparison of both traditions. It enables students to identify both similarities and differences in the responses of German and British war poets, who were responding to the same experience of bloodshed, albeit from different sides of the…. [read more]

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