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Film Analysis From a Design Essay

… These elements combine to create the semblance of a real person. Without these layers of detail, the character, the story, and thus the film are unbelievable and no one will watch.

The mise-en-scene in this scene is brilliant, simple, and appropriate. The lighting is stark. Jake wears a simple white tee shirt and slacks. There is no furniture in the room and nothing on the walls. Because there is no window, it is uncertain as to where the impossibly bright shafts of light are coming from. The only things in the cell are the bed, the walls, and Jake. The mise-en-scene reflects what Jake possesses internally and externally: nothing. Therefore the mise-en-scene effectively harmonizes with the content of the scene and Scorcese's overall message about…. [read more]

Film Discussion Early View of Modern Cities Essay

… Film Discussion Early View of Modern Cities

View of Early Modern Cities Through the Man with the Movie Camera and Modern Times

"And time marches on into the late afternoon," time always seems to pass us by at an incredible speed (Chaplin 1936). The dawn of the twentieth century speed up the rate of advancement for industry and urban growth. This had a tremendous impact on the various societies at the time, as seen in the two films The Man with the Movie Camera and Modern Times. Each film plays on the idea that the growing industrialism is essentially isolating the individual from the social and agricultural roots we all once had ties to, and thus has a seemingly negative viewpoint of the early modern…. [read more]

Film Review of Mystic River Direct by Clint Eastwood Film Review

… ¶ … Mystic River

Through decades of roles in television and film, Clint Eastwood established himself first as a strong actor, then as an acting icon, such as "Dirty Harry." He later continued his film career by moving into directing. Since becoming a director, he has made several high grossing and critically acclaimed films that challenge the viewers as much as they challenge the actors within the film. One of his films, upon which the paper will focus, is Mystic River, which was released a decade ago, in 2003. This is a film in which Eastwood served as director, producer, and film scorer; therefore, he was heavily dedicated and involved in the film because he occupied multiple key roles. The film has quite an all…. [read more]

Film Noir a Style or a Genre Essay

… Film Noir: a style or a genre?

According to the Webster Online Dictionary, a genre is a "a category of artistic, musical, or literary composition characterized by a particular style, form, or content." As we can see from this definition, a genre is, first of all, a category that reunites different artistic objects (artistic encompassing a generic term to include all art-related work, including music or literary pieces) with a similar style. From this definition, the concept of style is included in the concept of genre in the sense that it is one of the common elements that a piece must have to belong to a certain category.

At the same time, the style is "a distinctive manner of expression" or a distinctive type or…. [read more]

Compare and Contrast the Movies Rear Window Stewart v. Disturbia Lebeouf Essay

… ¶ … movies Rear Window Stewart v. Disturbia LeBeouf

It is certainly difficult not to take into account Alfred Hitchcock's 1954 film Rear Window when attempting to review D.J. Caruso's 2007 motion picture Disturbia. Although the more recent film is a hit through the fact that it brings forth a series of elements that differentiate it from the typical Hollywoodian horror films produced in the last few years, its resemblance to Hitchcock's movie cannot be ignored. It is somewhat ordinary for contemporary movies to have several things in common with some of the film industry's earlier productions, since it is believed that a great deal of them contained the recipe for success.

Starring some of cinematography's best actors from the time, such as James Stewart…. [read more]

Movie Production Term Paper

… The authors cite several examples of independent and low-budget films such as The Blair Witch Project that have pleased critics, moviegoers, and reaped box office profits.

The chapter offers a thorough yet brief explanation of the film industry and its influence on modern society. Indeed, movies do help shape cultural values, as the authors suggest (p. 124). The power of film is in the media itself: in the intense visual and auditory experience of being in a dark room for several hours. The authors also examine the issues of censorship in the film industry, showing how even in its infancy the film industry was criticized for contributing to moral degeneracy. The so-called Legion of Decency tried to squelch filmmakers and stop them from producing films…. [read more]

Artistic Elements in Movie Term Paper

… The availability of data and its analysis in historic perspective enables the companies to take decisions with respect to the upcoming events. The future consumer trends are also likely to be measured in terms of present and past data. With respect to tsunami warning system, the historic hazards database is required to be synchronized with the global Geographic Information Systems (GIS) (Joseph).

The work of MacInnis and Chun is particularly relevant for aligning the consumer behavior in relation to normal market conditions, as well as the element of hope depicted in the latter half of the movie Impossible (2012). The hope for getting medical aid for the mother is one of the most significant elements for Lucas in the movie. There are different levels of…. [read more]

Film Is Not Yet Rated an Uncensored Essay

… ¶ … Film Is Not Yet Rated

An Uncensored Review: "This Film is Not Yet Rated"

Film ratings have been present on the top of marquees for so long, movie-goers are likely to take them for granted and assume they 'have' to be there. However, the 2005 documentary directed by Kirby Dick entitled "This Film is Not Yet Rated" questions the ubiquity of the modern film rating system. Even Dick's documentary was not so engaging and entertaining, it would still be a 'must see documentary' for that reason alone. It demonstrates the subjective nature of film rating. Film ratings have become part of the cultural landscape but they are, at heart, arbitrary, subjective, and contextual. The variety of standards that have existed to rate a…. [read more]

Terminology Used in Film and Television Production Research Proposal

… FILM & TV Terminology


Film is more than the twentieth-century art.

Don Delillo (b. 1926).

Visual storytelling, whether in film or in television (TV), some argue, constitutes the hardest of all the art forms. "In the making of a movie, between the idea and the finished print so much can go wrong and often does."

Knowing the right techniques, however, as well as, the correct terminology, the researcher asserts, enhances the opportunities for a filmmaker or TV producer to more effectively produce a film/TV program. Consequently, this thesis purports:

As the terminology used in film and television production illustrates the specific lingo professionals utilize in the business, the use of this terminology may contribute to the success of the…. [read more]

Film Noir Movement by Examining Research Paper

… The role of femme fatale is an integral characteristic of film noir especially for the detective film. The femme fatale is "mysterious, duplicitous, double-crossing, gorgeous, unloving, predatory, tough yet sweet, manipulative and desperate women" (Dirks 2). They are more than likely caught up in distressing situations where they are the victim of violence from their husbands or other family members. They have a legitimate reason for seeking the help of the hero which later become clearer as an ulterior motive to gain status or financially. They play on the fact the hero will feel sorry for them and want to help in some way. In detective films, they usually hire the services of the hero and this is where the mystery begins. In order to…. [read more]

Silent Film and How Critical Research Paper

… A good example of the first movement would be Robert Wiene's The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari." (Blakeney, 2009) Blakeney write that the films' atmosphere and plot are through visual means almost entirely revealed through use of sets that are "wildly abstract and dramatically exaggerated makeup." (Blakeney, 2009) The film is reported to unfold "in an enthralling completely artificial environment where even the movements of the actors echo the distorted angular shapes of their setting." (Blakeney, 2009)

According to Blakeney (2009), Bazin is correct in the statement that films such as the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari are "an entirely separate art form. The story is conveyed through the intricate interactions between images, lighting, composition, and movement. If The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari was suddenly flooded with…. [read more]

Movie ( Snapshot). Essay

… digital or computer printing, it is necessary to point out the largely impersonal nature of the latter option. Fonts are generally pre-arraigned and, although they enable graphic designers some degree of manipulation, largely lack the hands-on look and feel of the woodblock technique. With woodblock printing, virtually all aspects of the character and type are adjustable. This fact, and the degree of individuality it bestows, is not only evident in the aberrations that this method produces, but also in the very way it is constructed. The subsequent quotation demonstrates this fact. "In wood and metal type the space is as tangible as the letters. You can touch it and move it around" (Jeffery). This passage underscores the degree of flexibility that wood type presents users,…. [read more]

Film and Perspectives on History Film Remains Essay

… ¶ … Film and Perspectives on History

Film remains in the subconscious of culture as a means of expression and storytelling to the public. Many people see film as a much-needed form of entertainment while others see it as art and a way of conveying a message to the public. Filmmakers use the medium as a means of expressing their ideas and view of the world whether it is an original story or an historical event. The trouble with filmmakers using history as a genre to appeal to the mass audience is that most times the view of history is skewed to fit the status quo perception of the event. Fortunately filmmakers like Spike Lee, Gary Ross and William Wyler have brought it upon themselves…. [read more]

Silent Film Era Research Paper

… Silent Film And Its Effect on the Imagination

As Richard Abel observes, "The materiality of silent cinema…has become so unfamiliar to us, so different from that of our own cinema in the late twentieth century" that it is difficult to view silent film as anything but anachronistic (4). However, with 2011's the Artist -- an homage to silent film -- winning Best Picture at the Academy Awards, it may be worthwhile to examine the nature and appeal of silent film. In a way, silent film does something that the modern day special effects spectaculars do not do: it leaves more to the imagination and calls upon the viewer to use his or her own mind in correspondence with the moving pictures. This paper will analyze…. [read more]

Dark Knight Movie Critical Review Movie Review

… The cinematography of The Dark Knight is simply amazing and spectacular. The movie makes use of this artistic approach as a great enhancement to the storyline. For instance, in an attempt to makes scenes more potent and intense, the movie routinely makes use of camera movement. A good example of this would be the scene where we have an argument at the rooftop. To further raise the excitement, we have the camera moving around persons of interest who are largely immobile/stationary. It is also important to note that in quite a number of instances, the film assigns relevance to issues by making use of close-up shots. For instance, the camera zooms-in in quite a number of instances, i.e. like when a character like Batman or…. [read more]

History of Film Term Paper

… Film History: Expressions of Existential Philosophy

The post-Second World War climate was that of tremendous transition and change for its people. The world was full of tension and uncertainty. Much of how people were functioning had a direct relationship with the outcome of the war and new realities associated with war such as technologies like the nuclear bomb. By going to the movies, one could forget about the reality of what was happening. Movies created a place for people to escape the worries of their lives and forget about the everyday hardships. Many people went to the movies to regain something they had lost during the war.

The horror and atrocity associated with Nazi Germany and the dawn of the Cold War left filmmakers with…. [read more]

Psycho as a Fan Movie Review

… ¶ … Psycho

As a fan of film, I had always been told that Alfred Hitchcock's version of Psycho was the penultimate suspense movie, paving the way for later movies in the genre, like Silence of the Lambs. Furthermore, it served as source material for a later remake by the same name, which I had seen and found unimpressive. As a result, I skipped watching Psycho until this assignment. When I did watch it, I turned the lights down, so I was surrounded by the dark, like one should be for a horror movie. However, the film was so successful at creating the desired atmosphere, that I found myself sleeping with a light on that night!

For a film that is considered pivotal, it is…. [read more]

Spanish Film That Obscure Object of Desire 1977 by Luis Bunuel Film Review

… Luis Bunuel

It Takes Two

How do we know what is real? Because we share our perceptions of what happens with others and their agreement with our own perceptions and beliefs about the nature of even our own personal reality is thus bolstered by the attention of others. Left to our own, embroiled in a world in which we have only our own perceptions and our own memories to help guide us. Luis Bunuel's surrealist 1977 masterpiece That Obscure Object of Desire (or, Cet obscur objet du desir in French, Ese oscuro objeto del deseo in Spanish) is in part an exploration of the ways in which a man tries to make his life understandable to himself. A task in which he fails completely.

The…. [read more]

Schindler's List Movie Review Movie Review

… Cheap Labor Using Undocumented Aliens

Schindler's List, is a 1993 motion picture based on the life of Oskar Schindler a cataloged in the book Schindler's Ark, written by Thomas Keneally. Schindler, a German businessman, employed thousands of Polish Jews in his factories to hide them from Nazi persecution. The film received seven Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Original Score and was ranked by the American Film Institute as the 8th best film of the top 100 American films of all time. With a $22 million dollar budget, the film has surpassed all expectations by earning $321 million as of 2009 (Schindler's List, 2010).

Plot -- the story revolves around Oskar (Liam Neeson) who bribes the local Nazi leader for contracts in…. [read more]

John Grierson the Documentary Film Developed Term Paper

… John Grierson

The documentary film developed alongside the narrative film, though largely during the sound era. It was shaped most profoundly during the 1930s as filmmakers began to record sociological an anthropological studies of different populations. Some of the early films were treated much as narrative films were and were widely released in theaters, achieving some popularity. In the early 1930s, this included such films as Nanook of the North and Moana, both by Robert Flaherty. These films were different not only because they presented real people in real situations but because they were filmed on real locations and not in studios. The silent film had sometimes gone outside the confines of the studio, but the advent of sound tied the camera to the soundstage…. [read more]

Cinematic, Generic, and Artistic Reference in Post Research Paper

… Cinematic, Generic, And Artistic Reference in Post 1960 Film

A common and highly salient feature of international films made after 1960 is the comment on other films, film styles, and other artistic media that are presented directly and purposefully in modern attempts at cinematic expression. Such deliberate referencing serves not only to provide symbolism and a sense of the cinematic tradition for specific films, in turn providing specific contexts from which to view this cinematic tradition, but also unifies and unites the films in a collective sense through the same referencing. Though some instances of a celluloid homage might be more explicit and apparent than others, a variety of such references made from a variety of perspectives and in many different contexts can prove important…. [read more]

Commercial and Art Film a Comparison Research Proposal

… Commercial and Art Film

A comparison of Commercial and art film

The distinction or difference between art and commercial film is one that is often discussed and debated. There is a general view that art films are 'better' and philosophically have more depth and meaning than commercial films. They are also usually referred to as having more cinematic acting and directing qualities. Commercial films are often seen as 'popular entertainment 'and not much else. This however is a stereotypical distinction that is not always clear.

At the same time is it clear that there are various essential differences that cause some films to be termed art films and others as commercial films. This paper will examine the debate between so-called artistic and commercial films and…. [read more]

Women in Film Noir Term Paper

… Women's sexuality has been traditionally linked - in Western tradition at least - with this particular fragility. Women's fecundity has all too often linked them in the minds of men as agents of chaos. Artistic creation is the mirror image of birth, but it is controlled, refined, limited, civilized: Creation without the messiness of birth. The act of creating an artistic product is for many a male response to the act of birth; however, it is rarely undertaken with any attempt to honor the forces of female creativity but rather to demonize and so diminish them. We see this attempt throughout this movie.

Kiss Me Deadly

Robert Aldrich's 1955 movie takes us further away from the wake of World War II and deeper into the…. [read more]

Chinese Film the 2002 Film Infernal Affairs Term Paper

… Chinese Film

The 2002 film Infernal Affairs, which follows the interwoven tale of Chan and Lau, an undercover police officer and a triad mole, respectively, is notable for its use of violence, which is brutal but never gratuitous. In this sense, Infernal Affairs owes much of its tone and narrative aesthetic to the action and thriller films to come out of Hong Kong in the 1980s, but it also succeeds in transcending these origins by minimizing any sense of melodrama and confounding viewer expectations. The film's particular portrayal of violence contributes to this confounding of expectations because it portrays death as an intimate, final affair, so that while the film lacks the extreme body count of many action and thriller films, the deaths it does…. [read more]

Film: Family Prays Together Stays Essay

… From this point-of-view the action is complete and takes into account the development of all the characters involved.

The complexity of the story line as well as the artistic performance of the characters manages to keep the interest of the audience. It must be pointed out that the audience for this type of story is specific in the sense that the producers of the film take into consideration a segment of the general audience that is familiar with this genre of artistic creation. In effect, given all elements, the film is a drama in its purest sense. Therefore, the targeted audience is the melodrama lovers spectators. With due consideration for this fact, the plot is complex and at the same time sufficiently intriguing for the…. [read more]

Space Odyssey Thesis

… ¶ … Space Odyssey

This film has been lauded as innovative and groundbreaking in terms of cinematic art. It is also referred as director Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece in terms of concept and cinematography. The film's stunningly conceived images are still as exciting and provocative as they were when it was released in 1968. One can refer to the opening sequence of the film where we encounter the strange and awe-inspiring black obelisk. This leads to the later sequences in the film that progress to the intriguing and mysterious finale.

The plot is a result of Kubrick's interpretation of a story by renowned science fiction writer, Arthur C. Clarke (Greydanus). The film deals with a number of themes. The most significant of these is human evolution,…. [read more]

Watch Movie Clip: The Departed Essay

… The lighting actually contributes to creating the calm scene that Billy is about to disrupt, taking into account that the scene turns from being normal to being frenzied as the characters engage in an argument and takeover the apparent serenity present throughout the scene.

The scene presents a contemporary setting and it takes place in a shrink's office in North America in the Boston area, according to the accent.


The costumes point toward the belief that Madolyn is a middle class professional while Billy is a blue-collar patient. This makes it possible for viewers to understand that Billy somewhat depends on Madolyn and the fact that he stands before her practically makes it somewhat of a subject. The middle-class professional practically holds power over…. [read more]

Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds an Analysis Thesis

… For instance, in the scene where the Basterds are interrogating a small group of Nazi soldiers in order to find where they are stationed, Tarantino makes use of high-angled to "look down" on the captured Nazis, creating the illusion that they are inferior to their captors, which are shot using low-angled shots as though their captives are looking up at them. In this scene, Tarantino also positions the Basterds at different heights, all looking down at their captives, thus making it appear as though there is a gladiator-like battle taking place at the center of the scene. Likewise, in the final scenes of the film, where Donnie Donowitz and Omar Ulmer are shooting the trapped Nazis in the movie theatre, Tarantino employs high and low-angled…. [read more]

Films: Royal Tenenbaums and Nosferatu Essay

… (accessed October 10, 2012).] [15: Gerald Mast and Bruce F. Kawin, A Short History of the Movies, 149.]

In Nosferatu, Murnau manipulates the scenery not through the use of painted backdrops as was demonstrated in The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, but rather set design and camera angles. Nosferatu's use of realism in terms of landscapes and cityscapes help to add to the horror of the narrative. Because Nosferatu does not use painted or fantasy backgrounds, distortion is created through set design. For example, when Thomas Hutter sits down to eat at Count Orlock's castle shortly after meeting him, perception is altered through the use of long or tall objects, such as the high-backed chairs, or even Count Orlock himself. By continuously playing with dimensions,…. [read more]

One of the Principal Concepts Essay

… Lasse Hallstrom's 1993 What's Eating Gilbert Grape is to a certain degree similar to Forrest Gump, considering that they both deliberate on the lives of men as they struggle to thrive in spite of the fact that fate provided them with little chances of doing so.

7. Jenny's character is a stereotype for the counterculture that lived through the sixties and seventies. She is constantly portrayed as being negatively affected by the choices that she makes, even with the fact that she is simply interested in expressing herself freely in times when war efforts are considered to be one of the country's main priorities. Jenny is most probably meant to contrast Forrest, given that his lack of interest in joining a particular community prevents him…. [read more]

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