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Astronomy Keck Telescope Book Report

… Astronomy- Keck Telescope

Overview of the telescope

A telescope according to the Webster's dictionary is referred to as "an optical instrument used in viewing distant objects and heavenly bodies."

The telescope has over the years gone through a series of modification up from the tiny manual device to a now fully automated and digital telescope. However, in all this transitional development these two properties: the light collecting power which allows one to detect fainter and distant objects and the angular resolution which allows one to view the smaller and fainter images better have mainly been important. The optical accuracy has thus been maintained throughout these developments.

The keck telescope

From W.M.Keck observatory, both keck I telescope and its twin, keck II were funded; the project…. [read more]

Stars Sun and Moon Research Paper

… Sun, Moon and Stars

Data and results from your diameter of the sun activity:

Image diameter: .93 cm

Distance from pin-hole to image: 100 cm

.95 cm x 150000000km / 100cm

Calculated diameter of the sun: 1425000 km

How does your calculated value for the diameter of the sun compare with its actual value?

My calculated value for the diameter of the sun was larger 1,425,000km, which is larger than the actual diameter of the sun, which is 1,391,978km (Cain, 2012).

If the values are different, describe possible reasons for the difference.

There is a huge difference in order of magnitude between the figures I was using to calculate the distance and the total distance. This difference of 33022km is actually a very small percentage…. [read more]

Black Holes Astronomers Term Paper

… The center feeds upon the gasses that each solar mass (star) releases, taking from them the fuel they so need to survive. Once the massive black hole has leeched all of the fuel from a solar mass, that mass implodes and becomes a black hole which is then made a part of the central hole. Thus the center of an active galaxy will only continue to increase in mass.

These mysterious celestial objects have been a point of contemplation and of great consideration for decades. However, it has only been within the past decade that technological advances have allowed progress towards finding and determining the nature of black holes has been possible. In the end, it is hoped that we will be able to send…. [read more]

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