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Audi s JIT Supply Chain Management Method Assessment

… 103). Freight is forward from the production plants to their destinations and the management of people in the operations process and in the supply chain is made possible through the use of the JIT policy that gives Audi the freedom to operate in a controlled environment where there is minimal overhead.
Audi also considers its stakeholders' input in how its operations should be run. It surveys consumers and employees, as the company itself reports, so that it can compile a decisive data basis for constructing a materiality matrix that will give the firm a better understanding of where it needs to focus its energies. Using opinion polls, online and in person interviews, and questionnaires, Audi is constantly obtaining information to add to its matrix: 'The…. [read more]

Audi, Toyota, JIT, and Lean Production Article Review

… The idea, however, as the author shows, has more to do with the West not wanting to fall behind the East in terms of productive output and therefore being willing to roll the dice on the operations system that the East was using.

As Womack and Jones (1996) went on to show, the key to lean production was the concept of banishing waste, which is a concept that has been covered in class—so there is overlap here. But Holweg’s (2007) point is that the system did not catch on simply because the idea of banishing waste was deemed logical to all. Rather, it caught on because it was what Toyota was doing and every manager in the West wanted to be like Toyota—so they…. [read more]

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