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Database Security Term Paper

… " (Murray, 2010) The problem stated with inference is that no ideal solution exists to the problem and the only solution recommended includes the controls "related to queries (suppression) or controls related to individual items in a query." (Murray, 2010) Sensitive data a query requests is not provided or the answer provided are close but not exact and the user is prevented from acquiring enough information to make inferences. Therefore, neither solution is ideal due to their restrictive nature.

VII. Auditing

Auditing of the database is used for tracking database access and activity of users. Auditing is used for identification of who has accessed objects on the database and what actions were taken and notes any data that has been changed. However, it is important…. [read more]

Auditing the Role of Databases Essay

… Auditing

The role of databases in the auditing function is to analyze a much larger volume of information more quickly and accurately than what has been done in the past (Cascarino, 2012). That role is important because manual systems were far less reliable than systems that utilize computers, and those old systems could cause auditors to easily make mistakes that they would not otherwise have made. Now, there are fewer mistakes because of the databases. Companies can get their auditing needs addressed more quickly, as well, and auditors are able to do more work in a shorter period of time (Cascarino, 2012). Both privacy and security are parts of the database role, as well (Cascarino, 2012). Manual systems were more prone to being examined by…. [read more]

Databases and Regulatory Compliance Research Paper

… As it has been mentioned before, the management and utilization of databases is regulated by several laws. Nevertheless, these laws had initially been created to regulate other aspects of organizational affairs. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act for instance has been created to standardize governance issues within firms, but it also makes several references to the operations of the IT department. This shortage of specifically created legislations to regulate databases usage and management in firms allows for interpenetrations of the available legislations. In such a setting then, another notable challenge to regulatory compliance is given by the interpretation of the laws, which leads to uncertainties. At this level then, there are five distinctive means in which the companies could fail to comply with the compliance regulations, as follows:…. [read more]

Database and Data Mining Security Strategy Essay

… Database and Data Mining Security Strategy

Providing analysis and recommendations for securing the network connections, databases, and data mining applications of the Making Money Corporation (MMC) is the goal of this paper. The characteristics of the company's environment that impact the creation of a data mining and security strategy, the identification of roles involved in selecting a database and data mining security strategy are included in the analysis. Recommendations are also provided for products that are most appropriate for the organization to use as part of their database and data mining security strategy. The analysis concludes with a recommendation of an enterprise-wide security strategy for the databases and data mining applications.

Assessing the Characteristics of Making Money Corporation (MMC)

MMC has a highly distributed organizational…. [read more]

Database Administration Thesis

… Database Administration Today

In evaluating the current field of database administration, the areas of Database Management Systems (DBMS), Database Administrator (DBA) roles and responsibilities, the concepts of database designs, performance of databases, and data integrity and availability are all critical concepts that need to be covered. In addition, database security, so essential for any company to continue operating, as is evidenced by the many breaches of databases today, which happen nearly on a daily basis. The breach at social networking site Twitter is particularly troublesome given the rapid growth of that social platform and the information stored on its servers. Additional areas include database backup and database recovery. Each of these topic areas forms the foundation of a DBAs' many tasks in supporting an organization.…. [read more]

Database Design Term Paper

… Database

What is a database? Is a database the same as a database management system (DBMS)? Why or why not?

A database by definition is a collection of data records organized in a relational data structure which makes them capable of being replicated, retrieved and analyzed in a myriad of applications or use cases. The majority of databases in use today are based on relational technology, with the minority relying on object-oriented schema (Velicanu, Litan, Virgolici, 2010). Object-oriented databases, due to their data structures, are more attuned to the specific needs of the engineering and scientific community (Jadhao, Bamnote, 2012). Databases has progressed rapidly in the last decade, including advanced Structural Query Language (SQL) support, great Business Intelligence (BI), analytics and support for Big Data…. [read more]

Database Security Plan and Requirements Research Paper

… Part 6 Data Isolation Policies

Changes made by one operation on the database may become visible to other operations occurring at the same time. The timing and extent of this visibility are controlled by the degree of Isolation levels. Isolation should be set at a moderate level as setting to high or too low can cause specific problems. As Burleson consulting advises, "The higher the transaction isolation level is, the more careful the system is about avoiding conflicts. On the other hand, there generally is a price for this avoidance of conflict. The higher the transaction isolation level, the locking overhead can increase while user concurrency can decrease" (Theriault and Heney, 1998, p 58).

Triggers may be used to provide sophisticated auditing and to gather…. [read more]

Audit and Accountability Case Case Study

… Audit and Accountability Case Study

Researchers have discovered that spear phishing is the most common method used by sophisticated attackers to compromise highly value targets. Unlike classic phishing that uses a net casting approach, spear phishing employs social engineering mechanisms to create a targeted invitation to open an attachment or click on a link containing a message. Recipients who open click on the links might be invited to give a user password and name or some personal information, leading to the installation of a malware to the target's computer. This study focuses on spear phishing, how attackers use it successfully to lure victims, and how individuals can adopt some precautionary measures to evade such attacks. This study appreciates the growing trends of cybercrime, which appear…. [read more]

Awarding Audit Contracts by U.S Term Paper


3.1 Summary

The information available for researching this project was based on a cross-section of materials. Although this was an immense task because of all the government guides available on the subject, not to mention non-government materials, most of it was readily available on the Internet.

Some of the major websites that provided basic information included the following.

Non-Government Sites

American Bar Association Section of Public Contract Law. It is organized into six divisions that have links on the home page.

NASPO-National Association of Procurement Officials. Has a section on contract information and auditing procedures., The Federal Marketplace

Government Sites

Defense Contract Audit Agency. Provides audits, reports and financial advisory services.

CBDnet, which is Commerce Business Daily. Provides information…. [read more]

Legislation and Standards Term Paper

… Issues of legal protection, like the degree of recourse given to creditors of investors who have been hurt as a major aspect of the nation's regulatory and legal framework might affect the audit. In the business world where investors have limited authority of the resource, it might expedite the creation of a dominant position for management to impact or miss-use their position, distort the assessment of liabilities, and override controls (Bode, 2007).

Implicit in standards

A nation's norms and values may not be consistent with those that are implied in worldwide standards. The dangers of ISAs have recently been recently highlighted based on philosophy and illustration of the diversity of auditing in some nations. Similarly, while this paper does not explicitly address implicit cultural biases…. [read more]

Sarbanes-Oxley Impact on Auditing Thesis

… Sarbanes-Oxley Impact on Auditing

The Impact of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act on the Auditing Profession

The accumulated effects of government-defined compliance legislation on the auditing profession has created significantly greater opportunities for providing services, yet has also introduced an entirely new and higher level of complexity as a result. The intent of this paper is to evaluate how the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (2002) is influencing the auditing profession specifically concentrating on how the advantages and disadvantages of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) (2002) are impacting this profession today and in the future.

Despite the significant growth of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) as a framework for ensuring corporate-wide compliance to government-based reporting and auditing, there still exists significant variation between actual auditing practices and performance to standards (Jelinek,…. [read more]

Database Management Systems DBMS Term Paper


Database Management Systems

Since the emergence of networks and the Internet, the security and safety of information particularly in use of information database, has been an issue that required critical attention in the area of information technology. Due to the advanced technology of information exchange in many of today's day-to-day business transactions, made convenient through electronic transfers utilizing the computer, the safety of information became vulnerable because of the diverse computing problems and crimes where illegal and malicious threat to databases, such as viruses and hacking of information, happen. This is especially a problem to information that is classified to be confidential.

To solve the problems that exist in database security, laws and legislations for the safety of information and databases were created to…. [read more]

Inherent Risk and the Audit Plan Financial Term Paper

… Inherent Risk and the Audit Plan

Financial Report Audit Risk Analysis for Admiralty Resources NL.

Hi, wasn't sure if you wanted/needed an abstract for this kind of report, so I left the page blank just in case you wanted to fill in a short one.

This report is a risk analysis of the inherent risks for the financial report audit for Admiralty Resources NL (ADY). The following report will form the basis for the Audit Plan for Admiralty Resources NL.

Analytic Review for Admiralty Resources NL. (Part I)


Admiralty Resources NL. is a diversified mining company operating in South America, Northern Chile where they mine for iron ore. Additionally they explore for nickel in Western Australia (Pyke Hill Tenement), and explore for zinc and…. [read more]

Role of Land Settlement Cooperative in the Kingdom of Thailand and Its Business Performance Term Paper

… Role of Land Settlement Cooperative in the Kingdom of Thailand and Its Business Performance

Prior to the Cooperative Crisis

Agriculture is a mark of civilization for the mankind.

It is beyond economy.

It is a part of our society, and a part of our culture." (Kittiampon)

Interview: Thailand...," 2000)

Cooperative Contentions

This researcher contends that in Thailand, an agricultural cooperative's business duties, when dealing with farmers may be divided into two primary scopes:

The first "scope" consists of the original idea founding the agricultural cooperative, focusing on money, in the realms of either savings or loans.

Another "scope," marketing needs to cover the dual aspects of marketing agricultural products, such as providing pertinent agricultural input to members and gathering members' products to resell.

The primary…. [read more]

Accounting for Income Taxes Term Paper

… Accounting for Income Taxes

The role of the tax professional has changed substantially in the past decade. Previously, the focus was on tax planning and the marketing of tax products. The focus today is more on the corporation's tax provision and compliance work. This shift has occurred as the result of changes in the regulatory environment. In particular, the enactment of Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) has shifted emphasis towards the compliance side of the business. This paper will analyze the changes in the tax accounting profession over the past decade with particular attention to the increase in emphasis on compliance. Not only did SOX change the operating environment for tax professionals, but another concern arose concerning the use of abusive tax shelters. In the mid-1990s the use…. [read more]

Strategic Audit of a Corporation Research Proposal

… Strategic Audit

Current Situation. A. Current Performance

FedEx Corporation (NYSE: FDX) has struggled in the past couple of years as a result of the global economic downturn. For the 2009 fiscal year (year ended May 31, 2009), FedEx earned $35.497 billion in revenue, down from $37.593 billion the year before. The company's net income was $98 million, down from $1.125 billion the year before. FedEx has reported that they are gaining in market share, however, in all of the company's transportation segments (Carey, 2009). Unofficial sources estimate FedEx's share of overnight to be 49%, making it the market leader. The company's share of "fast delivery," a combination of overnight and 2-day, is estimated to be 31%, ranking it just behind USPS and just ahead of…. [read more]

Object-Oriented Database Management Systems vs. Relational Term Paper

… Object Oriented vs. Relational Database management systems

Comparing Object-Oriented vs. Relational Database Management Systems

The proliferation of database technologies, systems and data structures continues to be driven by the needs organizations have for making more efficient and economical use of their data. Web-based applications that have increased in speed and security have acted as a catalyst of database growth, and will continue to as programming languages continue to become more agile and flexible in design. The continual improvements in Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) and Object-Oriented Database Management Systems (OODBMS) are also leading to the development of enterprise systems that can scale across a company's entire value chain as well. The intent of this paper is to evaluate the purpose, development and functions of RDBMS…. [read more]

Rich Society, Database Management Term Paper

… Further, strong user identification and access control, as well as event logging and security auditing are also important for security (RSA Security, Inc.).

The control of data is also an important step in ensuring database security. Today, more people than ever can have access to sensitive information in a database, as companies become more interdependent. Control of data certainly means using firewalls and other measures to prevent external attacks. However, control also means regulating the access to sensitive database information by internal employees and contractors (RSA Security, Inc.). Notes RSA Security, Inc., "attacks by employees who have access to sensitive information are often even more devastating (than attacks by hackers) - and cannot be prevented by perimeter defenses like firewalls" (p. 1).

Concurrency refers to…. [read more]

Personal Essay

… The smartphone allows viewing the map directions which help me in finding my destinations and saves a lot of time because now I do not have to ask people for directions as everything is on my fingertips. The world has changed now and now it has become virtual. It is not possible to meet everyone in person. People are busy with their schedules and often are unable to take out time from the work to meet personally or professionally. Skype and other messengers have made things easy as now business conferences can also be held online.

How would I ensure that I maintained a work / life balance?

In the previous answer I mentioned that technology has made life pretty simple. However that is not…. [read more]

Security Roles Research Paper

… Security Roles

In the present digital age when a substantial amount of data and other key corporate information is stored in servers, the word "security" takes on a new and more important meaning. "Security" in the past has simply meant keeping the doors locked, hiring a professional agency to protect the building and employees, and taking other steps to assure the security and safety of the assets of any given company. But today a security agency -- or a security officer in any company -- takes on a far greater duty and responsibility because of the threat that is posed by criminals, hackers, and other interlopers that would steal or malign a company's precious secrets and strategies. This paper delves into the need for a…. [read more]

Comparison of Database Management Systems Research Proposal

… ¶ … Management Systems

Appendix a Project Process Integration Diagram

Appendix B Process Flow Chart

Open Source Security Tools

DBMS Features Analysis

Figure 2 Three Pillars of Security

The database market continues to consolidate with Oracle acquiring Sun Microsystems, who had acquired MySQL AB in January, 2008. While there are dozens of vendors in the database management systems (DBMS) market, IBM, Microsoft and Oracle dominate the market with 88% market share according to International Data Corporation (Worthen, Kiviniemi, 2009). As DBMSs are often customized to the specific needs of the companies using them, this consolidation does not spell the end of the heterogeneous nature of this market. Organizations' needs are so diverse and the structure of their data and use of applications so varied, that…. [read more]

Business Requirements Document Miller Inc Essay

… . [read more]

Starbuck's Pricing Strategy Essay

… This strategy is reasonable for this firm because it has a significant competitive advantage in the coffee industry and has adequate knowledge that it can charge such prices.

Role of Discounting in Starbuck's Strategy:

Throughout the years, Starbucks Corporation has been renowned for its premium pricing strategy that has enabled it to establish relatively high prices. While this strategy has made the company to be successful for long in the coffee industry and given the firm a competitive advantage, the growth of the market has contributed to numerous challenges. This growth has not only resulted in the entrance of new firms in this industry and market but it has also increased competition, especially price wars within the market. Companies in this market are increasingly reducing…. [read more]

SEC Internet Exercise - Kmart Term Paper

… The Annual Report for 2001 is based on the audited information. The Kmart website gives complete financial information on its website through links to other services and websites such as the SEC. The following audited Balance Sheet was obtained from ( asthe link to the 2001 Annual Report on the Kmart site did not seem to function.

Annual Balance Sheet

Get Quarterly Data (values in 000's)

Period Ending:

Current Assets

Cash and Cash Equivalents


Other Current Assets

Total Current Assets

Long-Term Assets

Fixed Assets

Other Assets

Deferred Asset Charges

Total Assets

Current Liabilities

Accounts Payable

Short-Term Debt/Current Portion of Long-Term Debt

Total Current Liabilities

Long-Term Debt

Other Liabilities

Total Liabilities

Redeemable Stocks

Stock Holders Equity

Common Stocks

Capital Surplus

Retained Earnings

Total Equity…. [read more]

Accounting Careers Term Paper

… Public Accounting, Corporate Accounting and Governmental Accounting Careers

Career options that are available to entry-level accounting graduates include those of public accounting, corporate accounting and governmental accounting. Each of these vocational options are divided into more specialized areas of practice.

The purpose of this study is to examine and in-depth research study into the areas of accounting represented by the specialized areas of practice within the public, corporate and governmental accounting vocations.

Accounting seniors and recent graduates are in possession of theoretical knowledge of accounting theory, but often know little to nothing regarding the careers available to them upon graduation.

Objective of the Study

In order to make a competent decision about which career to pursue the available options should be scrutinized. That is the…. [read more]

Kudler's System Integrity Validation Essay

… Audit productivity software in CAAT

The Kudler's system of integrity and validation will use audit productivity software in fraud detection, which are data patterns not consistent with the normal routine of accounting, this can be achieved through evaluating the financial statements given then comparing such statements with non-financial information available from the records like accounting ratio to confirm whether they are consistent with one another or not. Audit productivity software will also detect information that are not verifiable that had been fixed in the records given to conceal fraudulent activity (Lovata, 2000 p 60-68).

Data management by providing the system designed with electronic connectivity which will give the company's auditor access to input additional files into a centralized data repository system,

The audit productivity software…. [read more]

Windows Migration From XP Capstone Project

… Windows XP to Windows 7 Migration

Submittal Cover Sheet

Four Digit Assessment/Project Code: TWA1

Mentor Name: Janet Bringhurst

For Revisions Only Indicate Previous Grader:

Submissions received with an altered, incomplete or missing cover sheet will be returned for resubmission.

Submit to:

Attn.: Assessment Delivery Department

4001 South 700 East, Suite 700

Salt Lake City, Utah 84107-2533

Technical Writing Project Cover Sheet

Capstone Proposal Project Name: Migration of Windows XP to Windows

In today's world of technology, it is imperative that you stay current with what is new in the it world. What makes this particularly challenging is the pace of change in it systems, and the continual need to make sure they align to a department, division and in the case of the City of…. [read more]

Direct Marketing Help Companies Deliver Research Paper

… Thus, all the creative decisions regarding marketing campaign in direct marketing should be explainable from the mathematical response point and net profit evidence.

Critical analysis and commentary on the topic

The basic objective of any business, organization or company making transactions by providing its services and products in the market is to make a profit. Therefore, for the organization to have a successful run in the market there is a need to establish working strategy of marketing campaign. Direct marketing facilitates the establishment of a working campaign that will bring respective results to the company. In the business-to-business marketing structure, it entails businesses that deal in manufacturing, such as factories that manufacture hardware products (Meyer, 2007, p. 21). Therefore, the target market for such companies…. [read more]

Security Policy Document: Global Distributions White Paper

… All GDI personnel are tasked with immediately reporting any unauthorized act in this regard.

Rationale: This maintains the privacy as well as the physical security of GDI's client companies and their property.

3.3.5 Handling of Unsealed GDI Client Property

No GDI personnel shall identify, disclose, or in any manner discuss any GDI client property handled or observed save as required for safety or legal purposes, and then only to relevant parties that require this information for the carrying out of their duties.

Rationale: Again, this protects the privacy interests of GDI's clients and greatly enhances security through the limited knowledge of GDI client property movements/contents.


3.4.1 Legal Supersedence

No policy contained in this document or any other policies, guidelines, or documents produced…. [read more]

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