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George Washington the First President Research Paper

… George Washington

The first president of the United States, and the general of the Continental Army fighting forces during the Revolutionary War, George Washington has been one of the most revered figures in U.S. history. According to author Michael L. Cheatham, Washington has attained "an almost divine status" as the first president. This paper explores Washington's experiences growing up and his service to government and to the military.

Washington the Leader: Certainly the life and times of the first president of the United States, George Washington, has been well chronicled by numerous historians, scholars, journalists and other writers. But author Mark McNeilly has added to that legacy with some very interesting material. McNeilly is likely the first to write an entire book about Washington's business…. [read more]

John B. Rayner Term Paper

… John B. Rayner

Crucial Moments in Texan History Book Review:

Cantrell, Gregg. Feeding the Wolf: John B. Rayner & the Politics of Race, 1850-1918.

Wheeling, IL: Harlan-Davidson, 2001.

The complex career of the Texas politician John B. Rayner demonstrates how the Civil War, the end of slavery, and the rise but ultimate failure of Reconstruction defined the history of Texas during the 19th century. Despite the profound prejudice that existed against African-Americans during the era, John B. Rayner was able to rise to public prominence during the latter half of the 19th century in Texas. His politics fused populist rhetoric with a desire to bring about a multiracial coalition of Texans with mutual economic interests.

Yet coupled with this populism was a frequent elitist streak…. [read more]

Anti-Semitism Term Paper

… Anti-Semitism is often thought of as something that is entirely European in its history. Yet, it can be traced in nearly every nation of the world and was even particularly strong in the United States during many periods. The message of the 1930s and anti-Semitism in America which has been termed antisemetica by some can be seen in this 1930s flyer, which reads;


Slavery in 1619 (a Year Term Paper

… Slavery

In 1619 (a year before the Mayflower landed in Massachusetts) more than 20 black people from Africa sailed into Chesapeake Bay in Virginia and were traded to the colony's authorities by their captain in exchange for supplies he needed for the ship. They are often thought to be the first slaves in North America, but actually, African people were working in St. Augustine, Florida in the early 1500s. These Spanish-speaking Africans built houses, shops, and other buildings, planted gardens, and fished. Some sold fish in the local market. Others were paid as drummers, fifers, and flag bearers in the local militia. They were typical of early black population, which were a mixture of enslaved and free.

Forces worldwide, however, were combining to cause the…. [read more]

Tony Morrison's Sula Term Paper

… Toni Morrison's Sula & Feminism


Among the many themes that are woven so interestingly by Toni Morrison in her novel Sula, feminist themes will necessarily be the pivotal focus of this paper. Among the female themes so wonderfully presented in brush-strokes of humanity, ethnicity, culture and gender, the human body emerges again and again against a backdrop of what is happening to the body, within the body, and because of the body and its place in the culture of families and man-woman dynamics. Following a series of analyses of Sula, the paper will review several aspects of modern feminist theory through the positions taken by respected authors and feminists.

As to Sula, readers are not jerked suddenly into any heart-wrenching…. [read more]

Suicide Marilyn Monroe, Ernest Hemingway Term Paper

… A textbook of abnormal psychology explains it more aptly:

In general, any trait or any action of the individual will not be considered abnormal by the social group unless it proves to be an annoyance to the group. A man may possess an extraordinary fear of germs that will lead him to excessive hand-washing, but society as a whole will pay little or no attention to the peculiarity since it does not interfere with the comfort or activities of other members of the group.

Activities that are not harmful to the personal well-being of the individual, or that are not injurious to society may go unnoticed for years....Attempts at suicide are dealt with by law. Suicide is disapproved of by society, not because it is…. [read more]

George Washington Term Paper

… After his first term, he won again, in 1792 with a majority of 132. In his 1789 proclamation on Thanksgiving, Washington promised the people, and implored them:

to perform our several and relative duties properly and punctually -- to render our national government a blessing to all the people, by constantly being a Government of wise, just, and constitutional laws, discreetly and faithfully executed and obeyed..." (Thanksgiving, para3).

Washington finally left office in March 1797. He had established a strong financial system, and the Native American threat east of the Mississippi had largely been eliminated. Washington was tired, and due to retire on many occasions and finally he was able to return to Mount Vernon to continue a life in peace and comfort.

George Washington…. [read more]

Prudence Is a Trait Essay

… A rational student is someone who maximizes her time in order to absorb the most learning, whilst a rational life choice will be making a choice that is most congruent for one's life. The rational person is the one who thinks wisely -- ideally the one who bends emotion to head and these definitions are very similar to those of Leibniz, Aristotle, Aquinas, and so forth. There is also 'rational agent' in the field of Artificial Intelligence where a rational agent is one that maximizes its expected utility, given its current knowledge. The only difference possibly between the thought of the early philosophers of prudence and that of our later day sages is that the classical philosophers believed prudence / rationality to be possible. Modern-day…. [read more]

Jurisprudence as a Theory Term Paper

… In this way, legal realism is subject to differing, subjective interpretations because that is the nature of man.

Critical legal studies

As a critique of the well established norms and mores in a society, the critical legal studies school of legal theories suggests that logic and structure of the law are derived from relationships of power in a given society. In this way, the critical legal studies school theory seems similar to a Marxist ideology concerning social power struggles. In fact, proponents of the critical legal studies camp believe that the law is a primary mechanism used to support and foster certain socially desirable outcomes, even to the detriment of less powerful, less authoritative groups or classes of people. Thus, law is simply an amalgamation…. [read more]

Oil Crisis in Nigeria Thesis

… Oil Crisis in Nigeria

Nigeria, a land of 137 million people coming from 250 ethnic communities, achieved independence from Britain in 1960 and turned into a republic in 1963. This country which has witnessed crisis after crisis in terms of colonial rule, religious strife and harsh military dictatorships saw a small silver lining of economic hope when oil was discovered beneath its land. (Leech, 91) Until then agriculture had been the mainstay of its economy and a large fraction of its development plans relied on it. This mono-cultural economy underwent a drastic change in 1958 when oil was discovered in Oloibiri. (Emmanuel; Olayiwola; Babatunde, 226) However, foreign exploitation of its bountiful oil reserves in conjunction with economic mismanagement has failed to deliver the much-anticipated economic…. [read more]

Conflict Avoidance Prevention and Containment in the International System Term Paper

… International Relations

The Yugoslavian Civil Wars: Implications for Future Conflict

Study of the Individual, Domestic, and Systemic Causes of the War

Although in the earliest civilizations scholars and learned men were expected to advise the king and military leaders on matters of state, international relations as field concerned with the impartial observation of the interactions and causes of interactions between states is a relatively new discipline. Preceded by the study of foreign relations, in which a student studies the impact of states on the international system on one particular state in order to make policy recommendations, the study of international relations considers more liberally the international system, made up of states, NGOs, and IGOS, when contemplating the cause of international phenomena -- like war. Indeed,…. [read more]

Frankenstein and Dr. Jekyll Term Paper

… (Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde)

Jekyll and Hyde like that of Frankenstein, depends on and even exploits public anxieties about scientific developments and regarding the direction of this development if taken in the absence of moral guidance, but this understanding seems to be largely metaphorical. (Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde) The scientific basis is very perfunctory and Jekyll slides over it, showing that details would only lead to a bore. What he does not slide over is his levels of attempts to comprehend the exact level of the relationship between himself and Hyde, which Stevenson carefully tries to avoid explaining just as a relation of opposites. Hyde is not Jekyll's opposite, but which is within him: the reality that he is less than the doctor,…. [read more]

Philosophy Human Nature Essay

… For example, Aristotle posited that reason was necessary for human happiness. St. Augustine also recognized that base desires in human beings for instant gratification and egotistical satisfaction are innate, but they are destructive only when the will is weak. The key is to harness the aspect of human nature that can temper elements like hunger and aggression.

Generally, the rationalist view of human nature that suggests that human nature is inherently good. Reason is a part of human nature, just as much as appetite. However, Plato did suggest that a person can easily lose the ability to heed the call of reason. This does not mean that human nature is inherently bad, but that a person needs to harness the power of the will using…. [read more]

History Evolution Espionage. Pay Attention Essay

… Espionage works as a strategic technique meant to assist a certain body gain a more complex understanding of the threat it is facing, of the enemy's weak points, and on attitudes that it can take on in order to remove the threat. U.S. Catholic bishops used their 1993 statement "The Harvest of Justice is Sown in Peace" with the purpose to emphasize the fact that accurate information was, indeed, required in order for armies to be able to understand more about their enemies and in order to be able to remove threats (Olson 20).

Espionage evolved throughout history and it came to be regarded as an essential concept during warfare. While people generally have the tendency to look at espionage as something cold and immoral,…. [read more]

Emile Zola and Honere Thesis

… Prices were cited -- the five days' sale produced more than six hundred thousand francs." (Zola, and Ripoll 302) To see the extent of spending that Nana did and the constant attentioned she garnered from men, helped paint a portrait of the coquettes of Zola's time as well as the way people interacted with the starlets of France. Zola continues Nana's escapades that lead to men committing suicide and writing scathing articles.

As were in many of his novels, Zola uses time in a way that changes from scene to scene. Minutes may seem like days in some scenes and days may seem like seconds in others. A good example of this is on page 136: "The very armchairs, which were as wide as bed,…. [read more]

History Naval Warfare Essay

… In the 1760s American regal seaports from Newport to Norfolk refused to accept press gangs in a series of great insurrections; the disturbances were helpful in radicalizing American seaports and making regal sailors in the middle of the fiercest opponents of British regal rule. During the American Revolution, impressments were greatly opposed in Britain and this caused overwhelming shortages of manpower in the Royal Navy. After the Revolution, due to its continuing cultural and commercial networks United States remained a casual part of the British Atlantic world. But the ongoing impressments of American sailors once more caused separation in the Atlantic and ultimately ended in the War of 1812. In the two Anglo-American wars, press gangs had their contribution disintegrate the British Atlantic power that…. [read more]

Evidence-Based Models Research Paper

… The only probable way of controlling this is by placing the persons in some community program. (Champion, 1994) Thus there cannot be a model that ignores both these aspects.


The two models -- medical model that treats addiction as a disease has a lot of merit when the criminal addict is treated at a facility under strict supervision and care. This is effective in addressing the biological nature of man discussed in this paper and hence can be the model ideal and suited for the therapy inside the prison, and a correctional facility. However the model lacks enforcement once the person is released. On the other hand the community-based system is very effective in the society.

The ideal model would be where a convicted…. [read more]

Era S-1920s) Coincided Essay

… That is the strength of the birth control movement. (Jones, 2000, p. 279)

Of course, the Rockefellers and Carnegies had many interests -- and the work of behavioral scientist John B. Watson was one of them. Watson paved the way for the 20th century's desire to socially condition a nation of consumers into buying products. The control was none other than sex -- a course promoted by Edward Bernays (the father of modern advertising and the nephew of psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud). Here was progressivism at its core -- ruthless, commercial, and completely unreal.

The social and governmental limitations of the Progressive Era were seen especially in the 1920s. Also known as the Lawless Decade, the 20s were a perfect expose of the hollowness at the…. [read more]

Gender Segregated Math Classes in Middle School Research Proposal

… Gender-Based Education

For many decades there have been disparities in education along the lines of gender. Some of these disparities were as a result of sexism and an unwillingness to teach female students. However, in the current educational environment many of these disparities can be attributed to the fact that boys and girls simply learn differently. As such, adjustments have to be made as it pertains to teaching styles. These adjustments are particularly needed at the middle school level where subjects such as math and science become more difficult and female students start to lose interest. Gender segregation within the context of middle schools is a topic that has received a great deal of attention in recent years. In addition a great deal of attention…. [read more]

Civil Unions and Benefits for Same Sex Couples Thesis

… Civil Unions and Benefits for Same Sex Couples

Gay individuals in this country have recently begun fighting in earnest for the right to legally be bound to one another. Some states allow them to have civil unions, but they are generally not happy with this and they want the full rights that marriage would allow them, such as insurance and other issues. There are other states and other countries, though, that have ruled in favor of marriage for homosexual individuals. When couples get married in these areas and then move to places where marriages are not recognized it becomes a problem, and they have to fight for many of their rights. Gay marriage is something that is still a very touchy subject for a lot…. [read more]

Family, Deliquency, and Crime Explain and Contrast Term Paper

… Family, Deliquency, And Crime

Explain and contrast the Social Control Theory and the Self-Control Theory. Which theory, based on your understanding of the readings, best explains why people engage in criminal behaviors?

To understand the two theories of social control and self-control, it is perhaps best to consider the individual meaning of each theory, which will form a basis of understand that will allow for contrasting the two theories.

The social control theory arises out of Travis Hirschi's (1969) work theorizing that the human response to the conditions of external control: processes that inculcated attachment, involvement, commitment, and belief. Having been inculcated with the elements of attachment, involvement, commitment and belief an individual is less likely to behave in a way that is adverse to…. [read more]

Influence of Renaissance Term Paper

… influance of Renaissance.

Renaissance, in its general understanding is viewed as a historical age in Europe which covered the period between the Middle Ages and the Reformation. Its extent was from the 14th to the 16th century. "The Italian Renaissance of the 15th century represented a re-connection of the west with classical antiquity, the absorption of knowledge (particularly mathematics), a focus on the importance of living well in the present (Renaissance humanism), and an explosion of the dissemination of knowledge brought on by the advent of printing. In addition, the creation of new techniques in art, poetry, and architecture led in turn to a radical change in the style and substance of the arts and letters. The Italian Renaissance was often labeled as the beginning…. [read more]

Immigration the United States Term Paper

… (Dinnerstein)

What did they Achieve?

The largest group of early European settlers in America was the English Puritans. Because of their Protestant "work ethic" which valued hard work, education and commercial success, they greatly influenced the culture of the American colonies and later of the United States. They also achieved economic prosperity for themselves and were in the forefront of the American struggle for independence.

The Second Wave of Immigrants (1820s to 1914)

After the early wave of European settlers during the colonial period, the rate of immigration from Europe declined to an extent in the 1770s. The second influx of European immigrants gathered pace in the 1840s and continued unabated until the start of WWI. In this period there was a more even distribution…. [read more]

John Quincy Adams Term Paper

… JOHN QUINCY ADAMS was the sixth (1825-1829) President of the United States. He was the son of President John Adams and the first President whose father was also President (Wikipedia, 2004). Before he won the election in 1824, Adams ran for President in the presidential election of 1820. At the time, President James Monroe ran virtually unopposed for re-election, but one elector cast his ballot for Adams, perhaps to make sure it was not unanimous.

When Adams ran again in 1824, he lost in both the popular and electoral votes (Wikipedia, 2004). However, none of the candidates were able to secure a majority of the electoral vote, thereby yuring the power over to the House of Representatives, which to the surprise of many chose Adams…. [read more]

Delany Sisters' First 100 Years Term Paper

… They did not need to do that; their lives spoke for themselves. Another weakness was how they often mentioned they were light in color, and that it often helped them in their lives. It was understandably an important element in their lives, but it came up so often that it got to be annoying. Perhaps their light color (except Bessie) did indeed help them through their lives, and get them out of some interesting situations, but it seemed to come up too often, and it seemed like it was extremely important to them, perhaps more important than it should have been.

In conclusion, this book is an excellent work of history, but it is much more. It tells in quite poignant terms how difficult it…. [read more]

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