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Australian Classroom the Effect of Learners' Past Discussion Chapter

… Australian Classroom

The effect of learners' past experiences on L2 communication

Lack of opportunities for practice and use L2 at home

A transition from English teachings in Iraq to Australia

Peer interaction and learner-centred method

The choice of using educational learning resources and technology

Comprehensive input

Strategies used by learners in coping with language communication difficulties

Point of noticing in second language acquisition SLA

Self-learning, access and support

Interpersonal relationship- peer interaction opportunities for input and output

Using authentic and relevant resources- access to the media

The necessity of cultural exposure and input

Body language

Facial expressions and eye movements



This chapter presents and reports significant findings from the individual and group interviews with six Iraqi new arrival students attending the secondary school…. [read more]

Classroom Discipline and Behavior Management Essay

… Classroom discipline and behavior management in any given classroom is absolutely impacted by the grade and building levels in a clearly direct relationship. Adolescents will be able to respond to and understand a more nuanced form of discipline than children. All forms of punishment must absolutely fit the crime, but this is particularly true when it comes to older children. Adolescents also have a more keenly refined sense of justice vs. injustice; thus, punishments and disciplines with older children need to be fair and need to be specific and not overly heavy-handed. For younger children, the punishment needs to be specific as well, but it needs to be specific in a way that establishes a strong sense of cause and effect. This will assist in…. [read more]

Australian Suburbia Term Paper

… The cooperative in turn, rents those houses to its members. There are new schemes in Australia, but despite attempts to make it popular in Australia, the project has failed considerably because Australians prefer to own houses outright.

For a proposed increase in the density of houses in Australia, individuals need to understand future housing designs. Previous generations in Sydney had a positive response of their neighborhoods. An experiment of the year 1979 showed that 90% of children had positive evaluation about their neighborhood. These children had a positive response on the physical amenities as well as the open space. Children in these neighborhoods were sensitive on the bush land, parks, residential streets and gardens. These open spaces are very essential for children development. Over the…. [read more]

Australian Indigenous Group or Populations Essay

… While it's impossible to evaluate and determine the exact extent of the indigenous people's over-representation in the criminal justice system, the Royal Commission has reported that a measure of structural bias within the criminal justice system is partly the reason for the population's arrests, incarceration, and detention. Despite the assumption that these people commit more offenses due to certain underlying factors, the high rates of crime do not completely explain the varying jurisdictions in Australia. However, while the Commission cites structural bias as one of the reasons, it acknowledges the existence of several and multifaceted underlying reasons that result in high rates of crime among the indigenous people. Some of these major underlying factors include issues associated with housing, education, employment, substance abuse, and the…. [read more]

Learner Differences in Distance Learning Thesis

… Learner Differences in Distance Learning

The chapter entitled "Learner Differences in Distance Learning" underlines the importance of teachers taking into consideration the learning environment and the evolving needs of the learner when designing a curriculum. Distance learners in particular must learn in a more independent environment. Even resident learners in a more conventional classroom setting are faced with the challenges of learning from online and web-based instruction in 'regular' classes and must cope with the challenges of instruction in these more independent formats

Physical distance, the distance created by technology, and transactional distance in terms of the different understandings and perceptions of learning of teachers and students are all forms of distance that can exist in education. Transactional distance refers to a psychological separation or…. [read more]

1St Grade Classroom Management Term Paper

… Role playing refers to asking an individual to change their behavior to assume another person's role, act out an ad toped social role, which may or not be defined by the individual. Research shows that there are four issues that can be used to define role playing: 1) the playing of roles in theater or educational settings; 2) taking a role of an existing character or person and acting it out by taking someone else's role (gender, age, etc.); 3) games (video or in person) that require one to move into a different role; 4) specifically role-playing games (individuals assume the total role of a fictional character in a defined setting). Children often role-play using a variety of these techniques -- often called make believe.…. [read more]

Classrooms Are Diverse Environments Essay

… Students that most need supports to help them include students with language issues (English as a second language), students experiencing difficulties with motivation or behavior, and students with limited learning strategies, pre-requisite skills, or background knowledge (Lawrence-Brown, 2004). Learning standards and expectations must be maintained for these students in order to attain learning success, and the availability of specially designed supports enable these students to have access to the general course content and to appropriately express information learned and processed (Lawrence-Brown, 2004). Support availability is advantageous for all students, not only those that may be struggling, and there are 2 categories of supports as outlined by Lawrence-Brown (2004). The two categories include supports to aid students with diverse needs in accessing general education curriculum, and…. [read more]

Australian Airline Tiger Airways Case Study

… Australian Airline

Tiger Airways was the third major entrant into the Australian discount airline industry. The airline, a joint venture of Singapore Airlines, RyanAir and investor's groups, entered the market with the intent to undercut the existing competition. Tiger uses as a business-level strategy the low-cost model of RyanAir, which gives them several competitive advantages over Jetstar and Virgin Blue, including more efficient and comfortable planes and better positioning for the current social and economic climate. The trend in the Australian domestic airline industry is towards discount carriers, and the ability to succeed depends largely on the ability to control costs, something Tiger does well.

The company's cost-reduction model is a key strength, as are its two hubs in Melbourne and Adelaide. Weaknesses include the…. [read more]

Australian Defense Force and Whole of Government Operations Term Paper

… Australian Defense Force and Whole of Government Operations

Has the Australian Defense Force (ADF) "broken the code" to successful integration of joint-interagency support during the conduct of military operations?

Following the end of Australian involvement in the Vietnam War a decision was made by the Government of Australia to reorganize the department supporting the military services, which included the Army, Navy and Air Force, which recommended the unification into one single Department of Defense. These recommendations were accepted by the government and the Australian Defense Force (ADF) was formed on February 9, 1976. Over the course of the next thirty years the ADF would continually redefine its role and how it interacts with supporting government agencies in the conduct of military operation. The contemporary security…. [read more]

Classroom Experience and Assessment Essay

… The second example I can think of is a class I took where there were only three assessments available for grading, three papers each longer than the first but all on unassigned topics only the final of which was preapproved by the professor. This type of assessment might be effective in a writing class but in the class associated with this grading/assessment style that I took my impression was twofold, one the professor limited assignments for the purpose of limiting grading individual assignments and though other assignments were assigned for the class only the final three papers were reviewed and graded. To make this even more frustrating the final paper was graded at a higher level than the first two, constituting a full 75% of…. [read more]

Australian Public Sector Term Paper

… Australian Public Sector

Internal Report: Managing Out Executive Summary

This document highlights various concepts related to management in Australian public sector reform. As the business world changes, so does theories and concepts related to management. Increasingly, more linear than vertical relationships have been built between managers and employees, and the concept of managing out has become increasingly important.

For the Australian public sector, this is a particularly challenging, but also necessary process. The reason for the particular complexity of leadership issues in this sector is the many stakeholders and partners involved in providing public services. The public, private sector service providers, and the government all need to be taken into account when making public sector reforms. This is why it is essential to manage reforms…. [read more]

Classroom Discipline Cook-Sather, A. ) Article Review

… The article provides useful classroom discipline ideas in a clear, concise way. The information is specific to college classrooms but the general ideas are similar to those presented in articles about elementary and secondary classroom management issues and techniques.

Hulac, D., and Benson, N. (2010). The use of group contingencies for preventing and managing disruptive behaviors. Intervention in School and Clinic, 45(4), 257-262.

Hulac and Benson, professors of social psychology at the University of South Dakota, explain how the behaviorism-based classroom management technique of group contingencies can be used to address discipline problems. They point to literature that finds group contingencies to be highly effective in dealing with misbehavior when they are used correctly. Also, teachers find group contingencies easier to employ than multiple contingencies…. [read more]

Classroom Management Class Room Essay

… Two other very important points that I realized while reading this chapter where that highlighting your student strengths and communicating your believe I them. The other important thing that I learned was giving alternative or choices to your students. By giving choices, I am sure that I will be able to guide my students more effectively.

Differences and important characteristics of standards, rules and procedures

Standards, rules and procedures are the terms that are used interchangeably. However, these terms are quite distinct in nature. In teaching, these three terms hold extreme importance.

Standards are a benchmark that a teacher sets for her student to achieve. Rules are mandatory. They are the code of conduct which the students have to abide. Procedures are a method through…. [read more]

Classroom Assessment and Grading to Assure Mastery Essay

… Classroom Assessment

Being a teacher, or educational philosophy, if it is to remain vibrant and robust, must evolve with contemporary culture. The classroom of today is clearly different than the classroom of the 1960s or even the 1980s, and we are well beyond the "duck and cover" model of viewing the outside world. The three most critical issues in contemporary education are literacy, relevance, and structure. Within each of these issues, however, is a dramatic change in the demographic and psychographic make-up of contemporary society? As a teacher, one must be not only sensitive, but also an expert at dealing with gender issues, race and cultural issues, the changing family unit, parenting challenges, budgets, and individual community issues. It does little good to teach concepts…. [read more]

Australian Doctoral Students Educational Institutions Term Paper

… ¶ … Australian Doctoral Students

Educational institutions around the world have undertaken various benchmarking initiatives in recent years in which they compare themselves to other universities on various metrics in an effort to document their current levels of performance and to identify opportunities for continuous self-improvement. This study on the research experience of doctoral students will compare students enrolled in traditional PhD and taught/professional doctorate programs such as DBA, EdD, using the "Postgraduate research experience questionnaire"; in addition, the study uses a qualitative method for interviewing respondents to compare the interview data with the publications "Research training in doctoral programs: What can be learned from professional doctorates" and "The doctoral education experience: Diversity and complexity." An introduction to the issues involved is provided in the…. [read more]

Classroom Introduction- the Way Humans Essay

… Discourse Analysis in Language Pedagogy- Specifically, discourse analysis in the classroom has important applications in the areas of phonology, grammar, and vocabulary development.

Phonology -- Generally, phonology can be used to understand ethnic basis for what the student is bringing into the classroom. Within the classroom structure though, pronunciation and intonation are the most vibrant ways we can use discourse analysis. Traditional pronunciation pedagogy breaks down each part of the sound and works within that microstructure to understand dialect. From a discourse analysis method, though, the problem becomes far more complex. What sound precedes, what sound comes after -- for when words and sounds follow each other in speech they may undergo considerable changes and modifications. What then happens is that depending on the way…. [read more]

No Child Left Behind Act and Its Effect on English Language Learners Term Paper

… No Child Left Behind Act and Its Effect on English Language Learners

No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 and Its Effect on English Language Learners

The United States is no longer a "melting pot, but has rather emerged in the 21st century as a "salad bowl" where many minorities may not readily become as assimilated into mainstream American society as in years past. The implications of these trends for the public school system in the U.S. has been profound, particularly in view of the recent mandates established by the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (hereinafter "NCLB," or alternatively, "the Act"). According to Arce, Luna, Borjian and Conrad, "Proponents of the No Child Left Behind Act claim that its mission is to close…. [read more]

Kinesthetic Learners Achievement Levels Term Paper

… As of 1999, almost ninety percent of schools had Internet access and that number is expected to increase to one-hundred percent (Center for Information Technology and Health Research). Over thirty million American elementary school children had computers in the home in 2002 (U.S. Census Bureau). This number is expected to continue to increase over the next few years. There are a number of well-known research studies that demonstrate the positive effects of computer technologies on learning such as The Challenge 2000 Multimedia Project, the Collaborative Visualization (CoVis) Project, the Apple Classroom of Tomorrow Project, the SchoolNet / Rescol Report, the American Culture in Context: Enrichment for Secondary Schools (ACCESS) project, Lehrer HyperAuthor study, the Highly Interactive Computing Environments (HI-CE) research and the Lego/Logo project.

4.3.1…. [read more]

Teaching Video-Journal to Adult Learners Term Paper

… This has gone a long way in improving students' diversity appreciation and collaboration power, both of which are crucial aspects of educational progress and success in the diverse 21st century marketplace.


Technology is changing humanity in many ways. The field of education is one of the key beneficiaries of technology. Video technology, for instance, has gone a long way in increasing the degree of collaboration between learners and their instructors. Video journaling, a specific component of video technology, has proven to be an effective way of getting students to engage the theoretical concepts presented in their practice in the context of their own life experiences. Further, it takes into account the learning preferences of different learners and is therefore key in helping instructors get…. [read more]

Classroom Teacher Term Paper

… A lack of social engagement makes the world a poorer, not a stronger democracy, for all of the importance currently allotted technology.

The answer to this is not to fall behind, personally and professionally in technological innovations for the classroom, yet still make sure that classroom discussion and personal relationships and a sense of community responsibility are the focus of the educator. Students enter the classroom with different motivations to learn. Keeping the motivation upon learning, rather than upon grades for more focused students, and simply motivating less successful learners to enter the classroom and enjoy it will continually pose a challenge to the educator in the future, but it is a challenge all educators must meet.

Works Cited

Bitter, Gary. Using Technology in the…. [read more]

Racism in Australian Sports History Essay

… The Girri Girii Sport Academy enters the academy with high self-efficacy. Generally it has been believed that students with positive-identity are possibly to be associated with the success of the school and in order for the school to attain a positive self-identity then the students have no option except perceiving value in schooling.

According to (Craven, 1989)), the aspiration of evaluated Indigenous students as well as the results based on the self-concept indicates that of course indigenous students do have lower self-concept as derived from the academic facets of self-concept. Other researchers have associated identity to vocational education and illustrate that individuals tend to connect to the practices of their communities by valuing place and its learning impacts. There suggestion is on effective programs in…. [read more]

Health of Indigenous Australian Essay

… Malnutrition amongst the infants and substance abuse amongst the adult populace also beget to ill-health (Carson, Dunbar & Dunbar, 2007).


Indigenous Australians are not economically well-established, as they have limited job options and all are low income jobs. Additionally, a majority of the individuals are unemployed because they are not well-qualified; therefore, they do not fit into the criterion for most of the jobs. As a consequence, they have extensive dearth of finance and are unable to afford and access quite a few necessities including health care facilities which results in poor health quality of the native population (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 2012).

At instances, an ill person in a community remains untreated for curable diseases which may cause it to transfer…. [read more]

Improving Summer School Classrooms at a Local Research Proposal

… ¶ … Improving Summer School Classrooms at a Local High School

The local high school in question conducts summer school classes each year, including remedial coursework for students needing make-up classes as well as special curricular offerings such as drivers' education which are offered during the summer months only. The high school, though, is aging and was constructed just after World War II, a period that was prior to the widespread use of air conditioning in public schools. Over time, a series of five modular housing ("trailers") were placed next to the high school's main building and used to supplement the main building's classrooms, none of which were air conditioned either, but all o which were used for summer school classes to reduce maintenance and…. [read more]

Australian Accounting the Complicated World Research Paper

… The number of accountants employed at the professional level has risen strongly over the past decade, from around 100,000 in 1996-97 to just over 140,000 in 2005-06.

Current Practices of the Firm

The current practices of this firm are based on the adoptinon of the IFRS' standards. This began at the beginning of 2005 and is still in place today. This standard is in line with the European Union's directives and was applied with the 2004 IFRS stable platform (Grossinger 2007). The adoption of these rules is both beneficial to the client and the firm. The costs to preparers, auditors and users of multinational financial reports are now standardized and easier to read. As a result, Australian entities' financial reports are more readily understood world-wide…. [read more]

Documentary Australian and International Essay

… Australian and International

Documentary Australian and International

Documentary- Australian and International

Documentary- Australian and International

Who killed Dr. bogle and mrs chandler


A documentary creatively sketches the picture of reality so that it becomes much more attractive than a simply written down report. Rabiger (3-12) says that the documentary socially criticizes the issues of a society and helps offer a direction towards solving mysteries. Some documentaries explore the ongoing processes while others study x-files to study what might have happened. The documentary "Who killed Dr. Bogle and Mrs. Chandler" is a historical film made in Australian context but it tends to discuss how there are thousands of possibilities attached to killing of people.

Who killed Dr. Bogle and Mrs. Chandler

The documentary "Who killed…. [read more]

Australian Defense and Strategic Policy Term Paper

… In other words, it is not totally balanced, because it is meant to boost support for the defense spending measures and their hoped results. The main evidence used in this paper are defense department numbers indicating how the nation's defense force is going to get new funding, that will help the nation's security in a number of ways. They will have new warships, new personnel, and even new benefits for personnel, and they will create cyber security and enhance other systems to keep the country secure and safe. While the white paper is partly propaganda, it is also compelling, and it seems that the country will be safer as a result of the items implemented from the white paper.

The article, on the other hand,…. [read more]

Kindergarten Classroom Management Essay

… In fact, the role of teacher organization and communication of behavioral expectations cannot be minimized. In the classroom in which teachers show higher levels of instructional support, students have more task-focused behavior, which in turn contributes proactively to their performance in mathematics and their readiness for higher grades and more complex math concepts (Pakarinen, Kiuru, Lerkkanen, Ahonen, & Nurmi, 2011).

Similarly, when behavior management is coupled with literacy instruction, there is a clear relationship between appropriate levels of behavior and the mastery of basic skills like letters and sounds, meaning-focused retelling of stories, elementary prediction, and cognitive memory. Children are far more likely to become off task, remain off task, and exhibit behavioral issues when there is a lessening of teacher managed classroom and organizational…. [read more]

Social Worker Australian Term Paper

… Australian Social Workers

The objective of this work is to research and examine service provision to Aboriginal children with intellectuality disability, possibly a more culturally-appropriate service and specifically "Early Intervention" or children under the age of six years old. This work will examine the department of human services for information as well as the Aboriginal community co-op that provides services. This work will identify a problem which suggests a gap in service provision and will then develop a proposal for a needs assessment. How the problem will be addressed will be examined in relation to changes needed in existing services or the development of new services.

Social work in Australia, specifically in relation to intellectually disabled children under the age of six years old is…. [read more]

Classroom Describe Societal Technological Ways Essay

… Students can also connect with other students across geographical divides by posting their class work online as part of a project. Of course, teachers must also ensure that students are able to read 'real books 'and do not become dependent upon technology as their only source of information. Both teachers and students must understand the benefits but also the limitations of technology. Because our society is so technologically-obsessed, it is important to remember that technology is not the only way to learn, but is merely one tool among many.

Another sociological change is the lack of free time children have to play and engage in non-directed exploration. Even young children have tightly-packed schedules. Teachers are pressured by administrators and parents to prepare students for standardized…. [read more]

Welcome to Your New Classroom Essay

… The recording is age appropriate and also talks about the way that racism and other discrimination is still a problem. At the close of the article the teacher will ask for a show of hands. "Please raise your hand if you have ever been made to feel bad because you were different in some way. It could be because you are different looking or because you do something different than others or anything you can think of where someone made you feel bad about yourself because of a difference." After hands are raised the teacher will call on two or three students to begin a discussion about the circumstances and the feelings they had because of the experience. The teacher will close with a discussion…. [read more]

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