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Approaches to Second Language Classroom Interaction Term Paper

… SLA Second Language Aquisition

As the world has become increasingly more global, interests in second language acquisition has also increased. More specifically second language acquisition as it pertains to the second language classroom has become a focal point. The following research will examine three methods that are utilized in Second Language research including conversation analysis, stimulated recall and the Think Aloud Method. For the purposes of this discussion, we will explore the relationship of each approach to theory and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each system. Illustrate your argument through the use of transcribed extracts from second language classroom interaction. Let us begin the discussion with some background information about second language acquisition and second language classrooms.

Second language acquisition and second language classrooms…. [read more]

Cultural Diversity in the Classroom Essay

… It's important to do everything possible to treat all the children equally. If they are singled out, it should be for something that is not related to their diversity. In other words, it's understandable to say that Sally received the highest grade on the test, but not acceptable to say it must have been because she was Asian. One thing I would try to do in my curriculum and teaching methods, as well as any student or parent interactions, would be to break through the stereotypes that so many people have and teach more about how people are all alike, as opposed to how they are all different. It's more important to see the commonalities that belong to society instead of the ways in which…. [read more]

English Language Learners in the California Elementary Term Paper

… English Language Learners in the California Elementary School

In recent years, learning English as a second language has become a significant issue in the California elementary schools. Ensuring that all California students learn both English and academic content has proved to be a challenging task, and there are many opinions regarding the most appropriate means of achieving this goal.. This is an unenvious task, for almost a million and a half children attend public schools knowing little or no English. Additionally, an estimated 70% of them are in elementary grades, and over a million live in Spanish-speaking households (E-Source Online, 2005). In the California elementary schools, there are several different programs for English language learners, however, the school districts which provide these services have limited…. [read more]

Motivating the Adult Learner Being Term Paper

… Presently the adult learners are more motivated to undertake educational program in higher educational institutions. The instructors must be able to identify and devise the appropriate learning strategies suitable to them. (Mezirow, 1991, p.52)

The means of motivating the adult learners is to make them aware of the basic objectives of pursuing the education and also reducing the different obstacles to their learning. The instructors, only after being aware of the characteristics of adult learners, significance of the learning in their workstations, the effective means of motivation etc. are able to motivate the adult learners effectively. The objectives of adult learners as well as the obstacles they face in the process are essential to be understood by the faculties. Only after this they can address…. [read more]

Cultural Diversity in the Classroom Essay

… ¶ … Cultural Diversity in the Classroom

If one examines any social setting in the world today, they will find that there is an obvious presence of more than a few heterogeneous groups, whether it is a workplace, an it corporation, or a classroom. Globalization has made its way into people's lives and its here to stay. In such a situation, it is hard to find a completely standardized group, in any surroundings, based on the source of their nation or the like. Since this change, it is necessary to incorporate these diverse groups into one standardized group becomes very important for the even flow of any association which is why intercultural communication becomes so important (Borkar, 2010).

Cultural diversity in the classroom is very…. [read more]

How Have Ethical Responsibilities Changed in the Classroom Term Paper

… Ethical Changes in the Classroom Over the Past 50 Years

The ethical responsibilities of teachers have undergone dramatic changes over the past fifty years, reflecting the changes in our culture today. As contemporary society becomes increasingly diverse and complex, so does the process of preparing young people for life as independent thinkers, productive citizens, and future leaders. The changing nature of students, the collegiate experience, learning, teaching, and outcome assessment all have substantive implications for altering educational practice. Trends such as appearance, actions and language have set the pace that there are no absolutes, no common values, and no core set of moral ideas. Ethical relativism has become the norm due to our current society's vast historical events that have led to distinct changes in…. [read more]

Nursing What Effect Does Simulation Lab Literature Review

… Nursing

What Effect Does Simulation Lab have on the Confidence and Critical Thinking of Nursing Students as Licensed Practical Nurses?

Nursing graduates must have self-confidence and critical thinking capabilities in order to resolve multifaceted patient care issues. The use of human patient simulators to supplement teaching in schools of nursing is rising; however, further research is needed in order to validate the declaration that learning by way of simulation enhances critical thinking and self-confidence (Soucy, 2011). Nursing educators are increasingly utilizing technology to provide realistic educational experiences to prepare students to enter the workforce. Human patient simulation (HPS) is one type of technology that nursing educators are using with the belief that when students encounter a real-life experience after simulation, they will perform in a…. [read more]

English Language Learners Philosophy of Education Thesis

… English Language Learners

Philosophy of education is a study that has been around since the classical teachers. Socrates has a particular philosophy of education, which developed into a theory, the Socratic method. Educators throughout history have each had theories and practices that they decided were best used for their teaching methods and their classrooms. Some educators have used ideas and theories from those contributed by previous educators. Others have coined their own theories, practices, and educational philosophies. Regardless of the type of philosophy that one chooses, however, each educator does, indeed possess an educational philosophy. As an educator, it is important for me to state my own educational philosophy so that I can filter my classroom practices and materials through this ideal. In addition, as…. [read more]

Auditory Learners Thesis

… Auditory Learners

The academic recognition of differences in learning styles has elicited a large amount of research attention. The literature suggests that learning styles play an important part in learning, processing, and academic performance. In addition, tests to determine learning styles have become increasingly sophisticated. Even within the main learning styles themselves, differences in particular learning preferences have emerged. Of all learners, those with the auditory learning preference benefit the most from the traditional "talk and chalk" instruction method, whereby children are expected to listen to and memorize new information.

Auditory Learners: Background

Auditory learners, as the phrase suggests, prefer to learn by listening to the spoken word. According to Pengiran-Jadid (2003), these learners can remember at least three quarters of what they hear during…. [read more]

Inclusion or Pull Out What Is Best for Students During Literacy Literature Review

… ¶ … Inclusion on Student Performance

The field of education has long been plagued by the question of how to handle a divergent student body. Particularly challenging in this regard is the group of students that has become known as "special needs" students. In the past, these students have generally been subject to "pull-out" strategies, where they received targeted education outside of the "regular" classroom. More recently, however, inclusion strategies have been hypothesized as more effective not only for the promotion of the self-esteem of these children, but also for their actual performance on an academic level. According to Robbins (2010), however, empirical studies in this regard have been far from conclusive and indeed contradictory. This suggests a need for further study regarding the academic…. [read more]

Play and Its Effects on Childhood Literacy Term Paper

… Play And Literacy

Play and its Effects on Early Childhood Literacy Development

Over the last two decades, a dramatic change has taken place with kindergarten students. Play has been pushed out of the curriculum by a range of factors, including larger class sizes and a focus on standardization of testing and curricula that have reached all the way down to the youngest students. Play has also been marginalized by elementary teachers who in the last generation began substituting words like 'explore' or 'discover' for play. This substitution has been made in an attempt to make literacy and math activities more exciting for students. The traditional classrooms, with their spacious rooms, unlimited time for unstructured art, music, dance, and freedom to take time to practice and…. [read more]

Adult Learner Nursing Essay

… While previously adults would have to commit to being educated at a standard 'brick and mortar' institution (often a community college) or going to night school, today there are a myriad of online options for adults who wish to balance work and life commitments. For adults with families to support and full-time jobs, online education is a vital way to enhance their personal marketability or prepare to make a complete 'career switch.'

Principles of adult education

Even adults who are comfortable with their current career path can use new options to enhance their credentials. Executive MBAs and other minimum-residency graduate programs enable this balance to be achieved: "The main differences between a more traditional M.B.A… and an executive M.B.A. are job status and program structure"…. [read more]

Clinical Assessment of Learners Essay

… The mentor must be able to assist "students to gain skills and develop confidence; promote a professional relationship with students; provide the appropriate level of supervision; assist with planned learning experiences; and offer honest and constructive feedback" (Andrews & Chilton, 2000; Atkins & Williams, 1995; Cahill, 1996; Darling, 1984; Gray & Smith, 2000; Price, 2004a; Price, 2004b; "RCN, 2007).

Self-Reflection -- Accountability

A wide range of stakeholders must be considered in any measure of accountability of the professional education and assessment of clinical competencies of practitioners (Murray, et al., 2000). The set of stakeholders at any given time can encompass all levels of education -- from undergraduate to continuing professional development -- and all funders of educational programs (Murray, et al., 2000). A wide array…. [read more]

How the Internet Enhances the Classroom Globally Term Paper

… Internet and Classroom Enhancement

Internet usage

Internet enhancement of the classroom

I The internet allows schools to provide e-learning facilities

a) What is e-learning

b) E- learning is beyond knowledge base

Internet provides the opportunity to deliver varied content

II The internet provides diverse communication Platform for teachers and students

a) Video conferencing: between two schools

b) Virtual class rooms

c) Blogs that encourage inter-students and student teacher communication

Multiple tools for teachers to enhance the learning experience

a) Web base learning videos and audio ( khan academy) website

b) Access to software that is hosted online (Rosetta stone)

c). web site ( india magazine learning website for children


Providing students with the facility to engage with knowledge in different ways is critically important…. [read more]

One of the Policy Inquiries and Evaluations Essay

… ¶ … Policy Evaluation

In Forgotten Australians: A report on Australians who experienced institutional or out-of-home care as children, the Australian Senate attempts to create an overview of the history of children who have been removed from their homes in Australia. They were prompted by the fact that more than half a million children in Australia had been displaced from their homes. In addition, they had heard horrific stories of all types of abuse in these out-of-home placements, including emotional, physical, and sexual abuse in addition to neglect (Australian Senate, 2004). Even children who were not subject to abuse or to a physical level of neglect described a consistent lack of love and affection while in institutional settings, which seems to have contributed to lifelong…. [read more]

Family Health Care Child and Adolescent Nursing Book Report

… Australian Health Care V

Purpose of the Report -- Most countries are realizing that it is through the health and welfare of their children that the success of the future will occur. This is even more important as we move into an increasingly global society in which outdated political and cultural boundaries are replaced with social networks and areas of commonality. The purpose of the National Public Health Strategic Framework for Children, 2005-2008, is to utilize the available research to provide a developmental framework for health care and educational professional with which to establish their own templates. Indeed, the issue of childhood poverty, lack of adequate nutrition, hunger and the resultant mental and physical health consequences has moved from simply the academic world into popular…. [read more]

Positive Effects of Extracurricular Activity on Academic Research Proposal

… Positive Effects of Extracurricular Activity on Academic Achievement in District of Columbia High Schools

"A good education ought to help people to become both more receptive to and more discriminating about the world: seeing, feeling, and understanding more...."

Laurent a. Daloz (20th century)

On Academic Achievement

The Alliance for Excellent Education (2008) reports that when students do not follow through with obtaining a good education and graduating from high school, they cost society money. In fact, the Alliance points out, students who drop out of school in Washington, D.C. cost the District of Columbia area millions in lost wages: "If the nearly 2,000 high school dropouts from the Class of 2008 had earned their diplomas instead of dropping out, the District of Columbia's economy would…. [read more]

Sleep Deprivation the Effects it Has on Adolescent Obesity Research Paper

… Sleep Deprivation: Effects on Adolescent Obesity

The Harvard School of Public Health reports that "dozens of studies spanning five continents have looked at the link between sleep duration and obesity in children." (2013, p.1) Key to maintaining good health is a good night's rest and while this is widely acknowledged researchers are demonstrating that individuals who get too little sleep are at a higher risk for gaining weight and obesity than those individuals who sleep seven to eight hours each night.

Purpose Statement

The purpose of this study is to examine the issue of adolescent obesity and to determine is sleep deprivation effects adolescents in a manner that results in them having obesity. Obesity among adolescents is growing at an alarming rate.

Research Questions

The…. [read more]

Classrooms of the Past, There Was Little Research Paper

… ¶ … classrooms of the past, there was little direct instruction of writing. Writing tasks were assigned and corrected. Students were expected to learn from their mistakes but given little guidance until the writing process was complete. Writing is an important component in every content area and is assessed on high-stakes standardized tests. In most of today's classrooms, writing is taught directly. It is difficult for teachers to assess writing, so it is suggested that they teach and assess one element at a time, particularly in the primary grades. Rubrics provide objective frameworks with which writing can be assessed. A self-reporting scaled survey enables students to communicate to the teacher how they feel about writing and what struggles they face. The survey can provide as…. [read more]

How Watching TV Outside the Classroom Affects Children's Education Development Brain Behavior Thesis

… Television's Effects Outside The Classroom On Children's Education And Development

In a world where children have access to hundreds of channels of television, 24-hours per day, there has been a concern raised that all of this commercialized media is rotting a generation of brains. Children's television has evolved from a handful of educational programs on PBS and a few hours of Saturday morning cartoons, to a constant stream of multiple channels dedicated solely to children's programming. In America, the average youth spends 900 hours per year in school, and 1,500 hours per year in front of the television (Herr, n.d.). The Kaiser Family Foundation notes that two-thirds of infants and toddlers watch 2 hours of television each day. Kids between the ages of 8 and…. [read more]

Inclusive Environment in the Classroom Essay

… Mara Sapon, Associate Professor at states that "The white college-age students I teach are often confounded about how to talk about people of color: "Is the right term African-American or black! What if the person is from Jamaica or Haiti? How do I describe people?" Similarly, many adults are nervous about interacting with people with disabilities, unsure whether they should offer help or refrain, mention the person's disability or not.

Sapon contends that "the goal is not to make differences invisible ("I don't see color"; "It's such a good inclusive classroom, you can't tell who the kids with disabilities are") but to develop the language and skill to negotiate diversity."

In a class of five different ethnic groups and religious groups teachers can facilitate conversations…. [read more]

Does Pornography Have a Cultural Effect on Society? Term Paper

… ¶ … pornography has a cultural effect on society, and back up the conclusion with information and research. Since the rapid popularity and use of the Internet in the United States and around the globe, pornography and the viewing of pornography online seems to have mushroomed tremendously. Along with this increased availability of pornographic materials for general viewing, come numerous studies about the effect of pornography on our society and culture. Does pornography have a cultural effect on society? Most experts agree it has a negative effect on society, and can lead to more violence, less general empathy and understanding, and a general moral decay of the principles and ideals that make up a civilized society.

What is pornography? Obviously, pornography and its definition depend…. [read more]

Psychological Effects of Natural Disasters Research Paper

… Psychological Effects of Natural Disasters

This research paper aims at finding out if there are any psychological effects that victims of disasters face after the disaster. Additionally, it will look into the steps that should be taken to deal with such cases that may exist and will conclude by assessing the implications of such effects to the individuals and the community at large. In a bid to obtain such information, a lot of literature will be studied and reviewed and all that will be presented will be pegged on facts and data that have been presented by different researchers.

The term disaster is a Latin derivative involving the terms dis and astrum, which mean against and stars respectively, thus "the stars are evil" (Farber 1967).…. [read more]

Teachers and the Modern Classroom Thesis

… Teachers and the Modern Classroom

There have been profound changes in the education policies with the change in times requiring skills from modern teachers that were not even imagined possible in an earlier era. Generally teaching in classrooms were sessions that used the board, lecture, and oral and written tests of the subject and direct interaction between the teacher and students. This required skills for the teacher like a willingness to explain in depth, lecturing and presentation skills, motivation and in some cases the excise of authority and leadership. This role is slowly changing and so is the method of the delivery of instruction. Today information is not in the lecture or library but on the internet and sometimes lectures are replaces by multimedia presentations.…. [read more]

Education Students in the Classroom Essay

… 66). Both past experiences and current educational knowledge gleaned are capable of implementing new wiring paths in the brain. Because of this each student learns at a slightly different pace and must be educated accordingly.

The information being taught to students must be relevant to their previous knowledge and experience. These experiences must be embedded with specific items that are bring taught, enabling the brain to more effectively organize and relate the events (Caine & Caine, 1990, p.69). Another way of perceiving this information is as the reactivation of prior knowledge. The schema theory suggests that when we receive information we only obtain a general impression of it and then we fill in the details based on previous experiences. For instance, should a person elaborate…. [read more]

Technology in the Classroom Research Paper

… Technology in the classroom has now become almost necessary in order to proceed with a course efficiently. Teachers have now incorporated technology not just to keep up with the changing times, but to keep up with the changing mindsets of students. Students nowadays tend to be more attentive if some sort of technological practice is used in the course. In the past five years, technology in the classroom has skyrocketed with not only notes, lectures, and assignments online, but the number of digital textbooks have also increased. We are in an era where technology is everywhere so it not only influencing the way we live, but also the way we learn.

In the article by Lavin, Korte, and Davies (2010) this exact issue of how…. [read more]

Restructuring the Classroom: Conditions Term Paper

… Such a wide range of thoughts on the subject need to be collectively discussed in a way that unifies them under a common rubric of discussion. Writing an academic paper such as this is no easy task, and requires a great deal of organizational skills in addition to the effort and energy required to amass such a large database of prior research focusing on the field in question.

However, writing an academic paper such as this demands not only patience and good organizational skills in writing. Cohen extrapolates from the research questions and propositions for future research. This work requires analytical skills beyond simple reading comprehension. For example, Cohen attempts to isolate which specific methods of instruction and which tasks are most conducive to student…. [read more]

Financial Decline and Crisis Methodology Chapter

… ¶ … Boomtown Effect Impacted the Ranier School District

This is a case study on the rapid rise and decline of revenue within a public school district. The focus of the dissertation was on a specific school district using a qualitative research methodology including interviews of past and present of board members and present and past superintendents to identify the leadership qualities necessary to navigate through difficult financial times. The goal throughout the study was to determine if characteristics exist that can be identified as leadership qualities that will help other similarly situated districts through challenging periods. To this end, this case study traces the consolidation of numerous smaller districts forming one larger district in the seventies, the growth of that district due to an…. [read more]

Glasgow Siri Effect for Apple Research Proposal

… But this no longer seems to be the case. Even customers in emerging markets that had little exposure to telecommunication in that past are demonstrating that they too respond best to how well companies live up to their promises (Kim and Lee, 2010). Churning is a complex problem with very significant financial implications to companies of all sorts (Khalatyan, 2010). It has been found elsewhere that between 60% and 80% of people say they have no intention of leaving their telecom provider, even immediately before they do in fact leave (Kuusik, 2007). The true reasons behind this are not clear but have many implications in regard to the small factors that indicate whether users think their providers are living up to their promises.

AIMS, OBJECTIVES,…. [read more]

Children With Memory Loss Trying to Cope and Learn in the Classroom Term Paper

… Children Learning in the Classroom That Have Memory Loss and How They Deal With It

Learning Strategies for Children with Memory Loss

Memory loss is not normally a symptom which is associated with school age children. However, unfortunately many children are faced with enormous difficulties in their educational environments due to problems with memory and recall ability. This leaves many researchers and educators to find new strategies to help these unique students to cope with their disability and learn how to better retain important information while at school. In his 2003 work, Commonsense Methods for Children with Special Needs: Strategies for the Regular Classroom, Peter Westwood explores some of the most efficient strategies and methodologies for improving learning in children with symptoms of memory loss.…. [read more]

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