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Qantas 9/11 Audit Risk Essay

… Qantas is facing a high amount audit-related risk due to the maelstroms of inequality and executive pay all seemingly converging at the same point. Nationalism is also a factor in the Qantas profit/loss and executive pay situation as there is currently a moratorium on foreign ownership going above one half and there is talks of that being lifted (Swallow & Rajca, 2014).

However, if there is a saving grace for Qantas in the grand scheme of things, it would be that there is indeed no smoking gun that paints Qantas as a firm that is inherently and inexorably corrupt. At the same time, while Qantas is indeed running a loss right now, they probably have a very good point regarding the fact that the airlines…. [read more]

Women's Biology Review and Critique Essay

… Uterine fibroids are tumors that develop on the smooth muscles on the uterus. The tumors have a prevalence ranging between 20 to 50% of women based on the age, ethnicity and the intervention used in detecting the problem (Donnette & Horace, 2012).

In a recent research study conducted, these tumors were present in over 77% of post-mortem specimens examined. In that research, more than 50% of women tested asymptomatic. Hormone estrogen influences the development of uterine fibroids, is present after the menarche, and disappears after menopause. Usually, the patient feels inferior and the most affected women are from African ancestry. Some of the common problems of uterine fibroids include menorrhagia with symptoms of anemia, dysmenorrhoea, pressure signs, abdominal swelling, and infertility. Infertility is a severe…. [read more]

Mental Health Policies and Legislation Essay

… Independent and community-based health centers were developed to cater for the services of mental health care. The recovery model isolates the psychiatric needy patients to operate independently, leading to the expansion of the health care in the country. The country saw setting of new health centers, thus reducing the congestion in the available healthcare centers. The number of nursing to patient ratios reduced to a considerable value. Thus, the people now have access to quality and ready mental care services.

The historical development of the social and the political sections in the country have the origin of the mental health care policy, which incorporates the recovery model adopted from 2006 in the country. The development of the sector changed the whole approach to the individuals…. [read more]

Strengthening the Nurse Orientation Process Case Study

… The last is to ensure that I implement the orientation program fully, and review and revise it based on evidence from facts and not the complaints from patients or other parties; since the orientation process is dynamic.

The nurse orientation process is a significant aspect in assessing and developing a database of nurses for the nurses. This will ensure that the unit does not luck. However, there is another related aspect that helps immensely in assessing the significance of nurse retention. This includes the costs related to the nurse turnover. Nurse turnover is linked to the nurse retention by the costs incurred when there is no effective nurse retention (Christmas, 2008). Nurse turnover has become a recurrent issue in the health care industry. The nurse…. [read more]

Drivers of Using Biofuel Case Study

… At that point, bankruptcy would likely be the only remaining option, since the airline would not be able to switch back to petroleum.

This risk is emphasized also by existing competition in the airline industry: if all the airline companies would switch to biofuels, is there enough production to support. In the incipient phases, it is likely that it would not and it remains to be seen whether the industry has enough resources to pump into the innovation processes before going bankrupt, in order to obtain palpable results.

b. The risk of acceptance is reasonably high, especially because of the novelty of the idea and the spectrum of change it is likely to produce after its implementation. However, the customers are likely to accept and…. [read more]

Mental Models in Contemporary Education -- Case Essay

… Mental Models in Contemporary Education -- Case Study

There are many mental models within contemporary education that reflect relatively rigid ideas, beliefs, and expectations about fundamental aspects of the educational process. Among one of the most common is the assumption that academic instruction necessarily rely heavily on the medium of textbook readings and passive learning in class from lecture-based methods of instruction. Meanwhile, there is substantial evidence that only a relative minority of students learn best from reading lectures; many others absorb information better through other media, particularly since the explosion of the digital age and increased availability of high-quality video media.

On one hand, many students would be more receptive to and interested in their academic studies if they were presented in on-screen formats.…. [read more]

Quality and Quality Assurance Essay

… Quality and Quality Assurance significantly is an issue in higher learning. The common notion that many institutions of higher learning dwells on are traditional means of teaching affects quality. Most of the curriculums worldwide are lecturer centered. This teaching focuses on the Lecturer who is the ultimate source of knowledge. This teaching encourages spoon-feeding of students and discourages innovative ways of learning (Alemu, 2010).

The absence of organs to ensure quality and quality assurance in administrative structures of higher learning and the lack of resources are a problem to higher education. Most of the administrative structures of higher learning lack proper measures to ensure financial transparency, which affects resource and resource distribution. This means that transparency should be encouraged through the strong emphasis on code…. [read more]

Multifaceted Media Representations of Mental Essay

… " (Hocking, 2003,-Page S47)

Thus, at the governmental level, administrators and legislators acknowledge the impact media representations have upon viewer's conceptions of mental illness. In an effort to respect those living with mental illness, as well as in an effort to be more culturally responsible, initiatives such as those listed above exist primarily to promote positive and more diversified representations of people with mental illness. There is an effort being made to construct media with the intention to inform, educate, and entertain. In the highly globalized world of the 21st century, people must prepare to deepen and/or widen their concepts of "different background." Backgrounds do not simply refer to ethnicity or class; background refers to mental health status, physical ability, and many other traits that…. [read more]

Relfective Analysis Reflective Analysis Personal Essay

… This can have benefits far beyond the time it actually happened. This inadvertent training sometimes has more benefit than the formal training an employee receives because it solidifies their working personality.


This is one of the most important aspects of any job, and it is sometimes the most overlooked. People who attend college, receive a degree and then enter the workforce are often expected to know how to perform in a certain job because they have all of the technical knowledge that is required. But, the technical knowledge may be the least important form of training that they will receive. Knowing how to perform a job has to do with being able to meet the demands that the occupation and the work site produce…. [read more]

Raise Respectful Children Research Paper

… (DeGirolami, M.O. 2008. The problem of religious learning. Boston College Law Review, 49, 1213-1275.)

A more focused insight is the Responsive Classroom method used in classrooms. A study on a public elementary school in Connecticut showed that this approach actually did have a positive correlation with the respectful and caring behaviors of children. (Koontz, K.D. 2003. Effect of responsive classroom approach on caring and respectful behaviors of children. Wilmington, NC: University of North Carolina.) Responsive Classroom technique believes in placing equal importance on social along with academic skills so that instead of just being sharper and more intelligent, children are also more socially educated since the number of crimes is on a rise, divorces, killings, shootings have increased considerable and amidst all this violence we…. [read more]

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