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Australian Indigenous Group or Populations Essay

… While it's impossible to evaluate and determine the exact extent of the indigenous people's over-representation in the criminal justice system, the Royal Commission has reported that a measure of structural bias within the criminal justice system is partly the reason for the population's arrests, incarceration, and detention. Despite the assumption that these people commit more offenses due to certain underlying factors, the high rates of crime do not completely explain the varying jurisdictions in Australia. However, while the Commission cites structural bias as one of the reasons, it acknowledges the existence of several and multifaceted underlying reasons that result in high rates of crime among the indigenous people. Some of these major underlying factors include issues associated with housing, education, employment, substance abuse, and the…. [read more]

Indigenous Culture in Australia Has Been Systematically Broken Down Since White Settlement Essay

… Indigenous Culture in Australia Has Been Systematically Broken Down Since White Settlement

The indigenous people have been subjected to severe violations of their rights and suppression of their cultural traditions. Wars and massacres, destruction of homes, forceful separations and restriction to reservations, the Australian colonization has negatively impacted the lives of aboriginals in many ways. The stolen generation has suffered the most with their lives taken away from them at a young age and their cultural and traditional practices destroyed due to the loss of contact with their family and their heritage. Western colonization has no doubt destroyed the cultural traditions of the aboriginals in a systematic manner leaving them isolated and in a cultural dilemma.


The trend of Western colonization during the last…. [read more]

Australian Legal System Essay

… Australian Legal System

Migrant women constitute a growing proportion of the childbearing population in many high-income countries (McLachlan and Waldenstrom, 2005). Migrant women are often classified as unskilled, and they constitute the largest and most vulnerable category among migrants (Piper, 2004). Women who do not belong to the dominant culture, or who are different because of their race, sexual orientation or disability, continue to confront marginalization in the policymaking process and require different strategies to integrate their agendas into the public policy process (Rankin and Vickers, 2001).

During 1989-1990, women made up just over 40% of those classified as principal applicants for settlement in Australia. The eligibility of these people to immigrate was looked at, and if successful, other members of their immediate family were…. [read more]

Health of Indigenous Australian Essay

… Malnutrition amongst the infants and substance abuse amongst the adult populace also beget to ill-health (Carson, Dunbar & Dunbar, 2007).


Indigenous Australians are not economically well-established, as they have limited job options and all are low income jobs. Additionally, a majority of the individuals are unemployed because they are not well-qualified; therefore, they do not fit into the criterion for most of the jobs. As a consequence, they have extensive dearth of finance and are unable to afford and access quite a few necessities including health care facilities which results in poor health quality of the native population (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 2012).

At instances, an ill person in a community remains untreated for curable diseases which may cause it to transfer…. [read more]

Family Health Care Health Issues and Australian Indigenous People Essay

… Indigenous Studies

Colonization can negatively impact indigenous populations in a plethora of ways. In Australia the results of colonization still linger and have profoundly effected the Aboriginal people of the country as it relates to illness and disease. Indigenous the purpose of this discussion is to examine the fact that Australians tend to carry an excessive burden of ill-health in comparison with Australia's non-Indigenous population. Many factors have complicated the health situation for the indigenous people of Australia including colonization, loss of land, loss of identity, exclusion from society, educational opportunities and employment opportunities plus health issues and a lack of health education. The research will specifically explore the ways in which colonization has contributed to ill health amongst indigenous groups in Australia.

Health problems…. [read more]

Organization Policy in Australian Company Assessment

… Organization Policy in Australian Company

Australia is illustrious for its multicultural population and country's steady commitment in holding back equality and insertion of national interest in Australia's multicultural environment. Since 1945, the total number of people migrated to Australia is estimated to be seven million. Millions of people speak different languages within the same land that is approx 260 languages. Australia from its origin has evolved as a multicultural society and will be like that forever. Multiculturalism calls for maintaining diversity in culture, religion and language of its population and Australia identifies this multiculturalism and benefits from the potentials of diversity. Australia's Multicultural Policy promotes pluralistic values and cultural traditions. It permits people to practice their religion in their own way, to carry out rituals…. [read more]

Diabetes Amongst Indigenous Australians Research Paper

… , 2007).

Knowledge: It's supremely essential to supply precisely maintained records of an the patient, which include each and every tiniest element such as how the person is been looked after, in context to the predetermined standard of diabetes care. Important points to think about whilst documenting particulars are, it should be according to facts, ought to be accurate, crystal clear, legible and simple to comprehend, it ought to be dated as well as signed, it ought to be kept classified as well as shouldn't be revealed or distributed except inside the designated chief staff. Risky elements ought to be high-lighted and layout of the individual record should be demarcated. Observations regarding progress or deteriorating indicators and signs should be obligatorily recorded with date (Randall…. [read more]

Indigenous Australians: Social Issues and Policy Essay

… An Examination of Indigenous Australians' Social Issues and Policy


The Indigenous population at the time of European settlement is estimated to have been at least 750,000.  In the years that followed, the this population declined significantly as a result of increased mortality and reduced fertility, and by the 1930s the total Australian Indigenous population was estimated to be only 20 per cent of its original size.  Following a referendum in 1967, the Australian Constitution was altered to allow the Commonwealth Parliament to make laws with respect to Aboriginal people, and to include them in national censuses, from which they had been largely absent.  In the 2006 census, 455,031 people identified themselves as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, comprising 2.3 per cent of…. [read more]

Interaction Between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Cultural Expression in Australia Term Paper

… ¶ … interaction between the Indigenous and the Non-Indigenous cultures of Australia. The author explores both populations and their cultures and compares them to each other the author then examines the method by which the cultures interact. There were six sources used to complete this paper.

Around the world the globalization process is blending communities and cultures (Bradfield, 2004). Whether it is knocking down previously imagined cultural walls, or actually dismantling a previous form of government and rebuilding from scratch the process marches forward. For Australians the process of globalizing seems to be at a standstill while moving ahead at the same time (Bradfield, 2004). The non-Indigenous and the Indigenous populations of Australia have spent years living side by side and recently began to interact…. [read more]

Sociology in Indigenous Populations Essay

… While Australia passed a referendum in 1967 that removed discriminatory clauses against Aborigines in the Australian Constitution, it took longer for the rights to actually take effect, and even longer for them to gain back lands that were stripped from them during colonial rule.

Studies show that modern Indigenous people still routinely suffer from racism and prejudice, and it affects their lives in a number of ways. The group of writers continue, "Also, a preliminary report of a 2003 research project conducted in an isolated Western Australian rural town showed that 35 per cent of Aboriginal respondents said they were both emotionally upset and experienced physical stress due to an experience of 'being treated differently on the basis of race'" (Carson, et al. 2007). In…. [read more]

Family Health Care Child and Adolescent Nursing Book Report

… Australian Health Care V

Purpose of the Report -- Most countries are realizing that it is through the health and welfare of their children that the success of the future will occur. This is even more important as we move into an increasingly global society in which outdated political and cultural boundaries are replaced with social networks and areas of commonality. The purpose of the National Public Health Strategic Framework for Children, 2005-2008, is to utilize the available research to provide a developmental framework for health care and educational professional with which to establish their own templates. Indeed, the issue of childhood poverty, lack of adequate nutrition, hunger and the resultant mental and physical health consequences has moved from simply the academic world into popular…. [read more]

Indigenous Australian Chronic Illness Term Paper

… In the spirit of idealized influence, the transformational leader will be required to model citizenship and patients’ care quality by demonstrating professionalism in their handling of ITSA patients. This is deemed to stimulate a productive environment for nurses and other healthcare providers at the subordinate level to demonstrate professionalism in their interaction with ATSI patients, thereby promoting such patients’ health outcomes. By leading from the front and demonstrating what they expect of their subordinates, the transformational manager obtains their subordinates’ confidence and serves as a dependable source of professional support and information whenever they are unsure about how to act when faced with ethical dilemmas in their interaction with ATSI patients.

Given the challenges in access to healthcare that have been reported with ATSI…. [read more]

Safe Community-Building for Indigenous People Essay

… These women now can apply the new skills they have learned and address the issues of importance in their regions. Since the launch of the policy it is surprising to discover that it has only reached a small number of women. Women are the backbone of the community and the policy should have focused on the women since they are the ones who experience violence the most. Looking for ways to incorporate women should have been the first step to enable the policy to be effective. Most studies that have been looking at the causes of violence in the indigenous communities have found that women who smoke and drink are more likely to be violent on their children. The policy should look for ways to…. [read more]

Aboriginal Activism in Australia Term Paper

… It was these agitation's and activism which brought a number of changes for the Aboriginal people; these radical groups were successful in their strategy to adopt extreme form of protest and agitation's. The reforms brought about by these radical groups included the availability of commonwealth child endowment payments to Aboriginal families, after two years this reform was extended to those on missions or government reserves. In 1942 the old age pension began to be paid to those Aborigines outside the operations of the Aboriginal acts. Though these reforms were very crucial they did not bring about a radical change, there was a massive discrimination still going against the Aboriginal people. The government implemented the Aborigines act but it had a certain criteria as to who…. [read more]

Australian Healthcare Workers & Climate Change Essay

… Climate change events such as heatwaves and are bound to cause increased mortality and morbidity due to pre-existing respiratory and cardiovascular illnesses, more so in the low socioeconomic groups and vulnerable populations like the elderly and also children. Low socioeconomic groups also lack access to sufficient and quality sources of water. Climate change aspects such as increased rainfall cause a greater rise in the entry of animals and humans into waterways. This is expected to cause an increase in waterborne and foodborne illnesses such as typhoid, diarrhea, cholera, and salmonella (Parise, 2018).

According to Sweet (2019), these harmful effects are overblown in remote locations and contribute to poor health in these remote Aboriginal communities in numerous ways. Individuals are unable to afford healthy meals,…. [read more]

Communities: Literature Review Essay

… The logic is that by strengthening the capacity of the Indigenous community to prevent family violence among its members, the program would help boost efficiency in the use of human and financial resources, thereby raising the chances of success.

As Tsey, et al. (2007) point out, the development of an intervention program calls, therefore, for cautious evaluation of how the identified factors interplay to impact on the emotional and social well-being of community members, their safety, and their ability to engage directly with the intervention program. This requires an understanding of the cultural context of Indigenous family violence; and the tailoring of intervention programs to fit into these contextual perspectives.

Contextualizing Indigenous Family Violence: Understanding the Perspectives of Family Violence among Indigenous People

The 2003…. [read more]

Aboriginal Perceptions Essay

… The center of attention was not only academics. The child is made to learn in a rather holistic, child centered and a circular environment. (Elliiot & Eriandson, 2003) The very first generations depended on education the child through interaction and through observation. Education was not a process restricted to a school or an academic institution. It occurred with elders, relatives, parents and the other social groups. This interaction was crucial so that the child's skills developed in such a way that he can apply it in the national environment.

It should be noted that indigenous knowledge was passed on from one generation to the next through means like animation, modeling and practice. Thus, where in the modern form of education, the knowledge is passed on…. [read more]

Religion of Australian Aborigines Term Paper

… Religion of Australian Aborigines

A Brother?

An Impossible Task?

Fully Human Beings

Uncivilized 3 Christians?

Angry Indigenous Men


A Brother?

An Impossible Task?

Religion differs from magic in that it is not concerned with control or manipulation of the powers confronted.

Rather it means submission to, trust in, and adoration of, what is apprehended as the divine nature of ultimate reality.


I am I not a man and a brother?" (Windschuttle) was the slogan a black slave presented during the time the Enlightenment secularized Christian concepts produce the perception of a common human nature, along with universal human rights. Reconciling Christian morality with the rapacity of imperialism has reportedly been noted, however, to be "an impossible task." Christianity was initially…. [read more]

Ethical Perspective Essay

… Ethical Perspective

Discuss from an ethical perspective whether Australian insurers should charge different life insurance premiums for indigenous and non-indigenous people.

Introduce the problem and define its ethical implications

In Australia, there are disparities between the expected life span of indigenous and non-indigenous demographics. According to the Australian Health Ministers Council, they are determined that mortality rates are on average 1.9 times higher for indigenous people in contrast with the rest of society. This is problematic, as the federal and state governments are spending $44, 128 on this group versus $19, 589 for all other demographics every single year. These additional amounts of funding are designed to provide indigenous people with the resources they need to improve their overall quality of life. (2012 Indigenous Report…. [read more]

Influence of Culture on Learning Styles Term Paper

… ¶ … Culture on Learning Styles

Multiculturalism as a backdrop for culturally-based learning styles in Australia

The concept of multiculturalism was imported, according to one opponent of the idea, form Canadian politics "to represent a vague set of ideas which purportedly promotes the cultural and economic interests of certain non-Anglomorph sections of the Australian community" (Cooray 2000). Quite simply, however, it simply describes the fact that immigration has brought various ethnic and linguistic groups to Australia, arguably complicating an already bifurcated educational system -- Anglo and Aboriginal -- with additional sets of expectations to consider in both presenting educational material and in assessing academic achievement. Cooray thinks it is going too far to assert the right of each ethnic community to maintain its language and…. [read more]

Stratification and What Evidence Essay

… Researchers, such as Kahneman and Tversky, demonstrated that rationality was reducible to mental heuristics, and prejudice came to be considered as an inevitable outcome of cognitive schemas (namely cognitive structures that guide information processing). This cognitive approach -- still cited in standard psychology textbooks (such as Weiten, 2007) as source for stereotypes and prejudice) is the theoretical basis that underlies prejudice-associated interventions. Many sociologists and psychologists believe that prejudice is a product of evolutionary heuristics that cause us to stereotype in order to separate our group from another.

Political power

In another way we can explain the above with the Marxist and Weberian theory of political power where the dominant class -- which happens to be White in Australia -- holds political power due to…. [read more]

Nursing Roles in Primary Health Essay

… Only qualified nurses, with relevant skills in various elements of health care, should be considered for recruitment by the hospital management. The innovation brought about by the nurses in the team will ensure attainment of transformation of the health facility to a new level. The looming changes projected by this innovation include an increase in the number of patients handled by the facility, improving the quality of services, and promoting good working conditions. This will facilitate faster service delivery (Marquis & Huston, 2009).

The nurses will also support initiatives geared towards providing conducive climate for work and maintaining effective communication within the hospital departments. Besides, the nurses would root for initiatives that would see implementation of 24 hours of monitoring and reporting of incidences in…. [read more]

Penal Practices Essay

… Crime, Aboriginality and the Decolonization of Justice

There are reports of huge levels of sending people to jails in Australia as Blagg (2007) mentions. The people from nationalities originally outside Australia are unjustly treated. Thus are more easily imprisoned than a native would be. There is no clear indication if the native is penalized less only by less time in prison or also if the natives are fined in place of imprisoning them. The Aboriginals and the non-aboriginals have different levels of access to as well as support from the court. Some people say that the intensity of crime varies in the areas they are committed but this should still not result into high level of discrimination, in fact discrimination at all, in the justice…. [read more]

Bankwest Is an Australian Banking Essay

… BankWest Strategies

Analyzing a company's strategies and judging whether they are efficient or not is something hard to do. It is almost impossible to find a company that has no faults. However, analyzing the effectiveness of a company requires a balanced scorecard to determine the value and benefits offered and the level of profitability vs. liability (Wright 2010). Bankwest has obviously achieved excellence in services in many areas. However its strategies tend to center around personal services such as free transaction accounts, low interest rates, and charitable support. When it comes to promotions, charity helping, customer service, and community involvement, Bankwest is definitely the best. They have always focused a great deal in donating funds to various institutions. This is admirable from a marketing standpoint…. [read more]

Facilitating a Geographical Corporate Environment Research Paper

… During these years, it was possible to argue that no specific social agenda for poverty reduction or increased social benefits was needed, since the benefits of economic growth would eventually spread out to the population as a whole. [13] In fact, economic growth led to improvements in income for all social sectors, but income inequality also increased, lending credence to the mistaken notion that economic development is based on increased exploitation of the working class (Schwartzman, p. 29)."

Recommmendations to TNGY

The information contained in this report should serve as a working tool by which the company might set goals for establishing its business in the country of Brazil. There is opportunity to demonstrate environmental humanitarianism, and to meld the business of TNGY with the…. [read more]

Australian Public Health Promotion Essay

… Ideally, the benefits of a health policy should exceed the costs. The taskforce report does not clearly state the benefits and costs of the preventive health policy. So, it is difficult to assess the impact of the health policy. Thirdly, the report fails to estimates costs to be incurred when promoting a safer drinking culture and benefits to be accrued to the community if alcohol prevention measures are undertaken. Policymakers need to know the costs involved in reducing excessive drinking culture and the benefits of the policy to be adopted. Consumption of alcohol is deeply embedded in the Australian Culture.


The report by the preventive health taskforce focuses on alcohol consumption, tobacco use, and obesity. Additionally, the taskforce sets random targets to…. [read more]

Suicide: Duty of Care Essay

… However, there is real need for the expertise of healthcare providers in response to pandemics and disasters. No other segment of society can substitute for them. These healthcare professionals are expected to be well aware of the very high demand and very high-risk levels required of them in their specialty professions. This awareness, though, does not discount the need for them to care for themselves. Hospitals and other institutions where they work are also obliged to provide them safe working environments and conditions. But in times of disasters, resources run short. In many cases, these healthcare providers take in more risks than usual. They must choose between caring for others in adverse situations and their families or friends. They need to strike a balance and…. [read more]

Aboriginal People in Australia Research Proposal

… Aboriginal People in Australia

Aboriginal People in White Society

Protection and Segregation From the Mid-Nineteenth to the Mid-Twentieth Century

On February 13, 2008, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd made a move toward equality and openness for all ethnic groups in Australia with his apology to Australia's Indigenous Peoples. A motion to parliament, the apology specifically cited the controversial topic of the Stolen Generations as one for which the Australian government was sorry. Rudd apologized "to the mothers and fathers, the brothers and sisters, for the breaking up of families and communities," and hoped that the apology would allow Australians to become "fully reconciled to their past" in order to "open a new chapter in the history of Australia" (2008, n.p.). The apology came ten years after…. [read more]

Terra Nullius Great Britain Colonized Essay

… Home ownership in the indigenous population was a mere 28% as opposed to 89% in the general population of Australia. It appears the effects of terra nullius continue to affect land ownership of indigenous peoples in Australia.

2. As might expected, the median income of Aboriginal families is significantly lower than the national average for non-Aboriginal families (the median Income for Aboriginal families is over $10,000 less than the national average).

3. Life expectancy for indigenous Australians is nearly 15 -- 20 years lower than the life expectancy for other Australians. This alone is a shocking statistic. Infant mortality among indigenous Australians is two to four times higher than for other Australians. This reflects not only inadequate access to healthcare for indigenous Australians but also…. [read more]

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