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Maine: Amenities and Competitiveness Essay

… There is a strong sense of community, with citizens taking pride in the city. The array of social and cultural services continues to attract a highly educated population. And, with so much to offer, Scarborough is a popular destination site that each day attracts thousands of visitors.

Comparative Fiscal Analysis of Scarborough, Maine

Table 1 compares amenities and factors that may contribute to the vibrancy of a community, which include live theater; art galleries; nightlife; outdoor recreation; citywide celebrations; local college or university; and public perception of local schools. The ratings shown are the author's assessment and represent one view; as such, the ratings are provided only to prompt discussion and self-assessment.

Table 1: Community Vibrancy Factors & Amenities: A Comparison of Scarborough and the…. [read more]

Author Present a View of Society Thesis

… ¶ … Society

Does the author present a view of society?

The author does present a number of competing views of society - with the focus on the interpretivist view of social interaction. Interpretivism refers to the theoretical stance or view that culture and context are central determining factors that need to be understood if one is to truly understand a particular culture. This view is contrasted with more quantitative and objectivist theories about the nature of society - such as the functionalist and Marxist views.

However, the author stresses that the subjective view or the qualitative analysis of society and culture and institutions like schools are essentials if one is to understand the culture and the school. This argument is underlined by the view…. [read more]

French Revolution: Taking a Macro Book Review

… ¶ … French Revolution:

Taking a macro vs. A micro view of the conflicts

Generally speaking, there are two approaches to analyzing historical narratives. One approach is to take a broad, far-reaching view of historical events with a generalist's perspective. Another is to take a micro-view of events and to focus in on a specific aspect of history in great detail, only to later show how it is emblematic of a larger event. In Origins of the French Revolution, historian William Doyle takes the former approach while in Religion and Revolution in France: 1780-1804, Nigel Aston takes the latter.

According to Doyle, previous histories of the French Revolution have tended to fall into three categories: the first, earliest interpretation, heavily influenced by Marxism, proclaimed that…. [read more]

Creative Powers it Is a Fact Term Paper

… Creative Powers

It is a fact that the society in which we live will never be truly free in all areas of life. Indeed, it has been suggested by some that total freedom would result in anarchy, and that rules are necessary in order to ensure a civilized society. On the other hand, too little freedom would hardly be conducive to creativity in any sense of the word. It would therefore be useful to what degree freedom within society, in terms of the law, culture, education, politics, and other influences, relates to individual and collective creativity in the same society.

Freedom in Society

Freedom is a very wide concept, and difficult to define. It means different things to different individuals and different societies. If Hayek's…. [read more]

Families Society Purpose Essay

… 72) How are people selected for program participation? Does this affect the interpretation of findings, and, if so, does the researcher discuss this?

Program participants are at-risk children and families. "The child and family worker provides training to staff in attachment concepts that relate to children's exploratory and security needs. A child and family worker is placed in the service to train and support staff to increase their understanding of children's behaviours" (Valentine, Thomson, & Antcliff 2009).

73) Are the results clearly explained?

The positive input of program leaders and participants are noted.

74) How does the article address the other areas of evaluation discussed in earlier chapters?

The article records a qualitative, researcher-reported summary of the findings.

12. Quantitative Analysis

81) Is the results…. [read more]

Brand Relationships "Having Essay

… SubWay represents a healthier alternative to many of the more traditional fast food chains. Therefore, many people associate this brand with active or healthy lifestyle and this can also serve as a source of self-identification as well. However, compared to Jeep, this brand relationship is most likely not as strong amongst most consumers. Yet, it reasonable to suspect that for many consumers that SubWay brand is perceived strongly as a healthier alternative to other brands in the same industry such as McDonalds, Burger King, or other competing brands.

Discussion on Fournier and Brand Relationships

I think it is entirely reasonable to perceive consumers as having relationship with brands. I have noticed myself anthropomorphizing many of the objects I work with on a daily basis; especially…. [read more]

Virginia Woolf's View on Women Research Paper

… Virginia Woolf's View of Women in a Room of One's Own and its relevance today"

The issue of women in literature dates back to the earliest written word. Perspectives change over time and across cultures. Literature and the roles of women are no different. There are many challenges that have faced women throughout our existence, but perhaps more so in the last couple centuries. Virginia Woolf, the author of a Room of One's Own, felt that literature was "impoverished beyond our counting by the doors that have been shut upon women" (Woolf 59)*

That was the sentiment of many women just a century ago, but as the roles of women within societies have evolved so have the societies themselves -- perhaps in part to accommodate…. [read more]

Authors Are Obsessed With the Gloomier Term Paper

… ¶ … Authors Are Obsessed With the Gloomier Aspects of Life

It is certainly true that many modern authors seem to be concerned with the "gloomier" or more pessimistic view of life. However there is a good reason for this which can only be understood once we have insight into the context and the time in which they write. The term 'modernism' is associated with the late Nineteenth and early Twentieth centuries. Writers and artists tended to reflect on the world around them and to question the societies or the environment and governments of the time. An important part of the function of the artist is to criticize the status qua or the world in which he or she lives and to explore and search…. [read more]

Shrinking Middle-Class America Capstone Project

… Also, given that they are constructed in smaller dimensions, they can be delivered to the public in a quicker manner, and they can as such be more relevant in the context of a novel issue. Nevertheless, the journal articles are often constructed on niche subjects, which might have a variable relevance in a specific research context. Finally, the internet articles are the ones of the most actuality, yet they are seldom peer reviewed. In other words, the information they contain might be biased and unreliable, and it is necessary to conduct additional research to validate the findings from internet sources.

2.2. Review of the available literature

2.1.1. Defining the middle class concept

The topic of the shrinking middle class in the United States is a…. [read more]

Tom Shulich ("Coltishhum") a Comparative Chapter

… 40).

Thus, from the perspective of the bottom rung of Indian society, it is Lapierre's contention that the self/other dichotomy if not fully eradicated, at least becomes practically irrelevant. Lapierre's slum dwellers refuse to entertain invidious distinctions between self and other. The familiar as well as the stranger, the healthy and the diseased, the old and the young -- all are taken in and cared for in one big, harmonious community of the urban poor. In a society of unfortunates who all must struggle simply to survive against great odds, no one is rejected "marginal." The denizens of Calcutta's slums, Lapierre tells us, "had reconstructed the life of their villages in urban exile" (p. 41).

Stephan Kovalski, an expatriate Polish priest, is the main European…. [read more]

Juvenile Delinquency Baldry, A.C. ) Annotated Bibliography

… Juvenile Delinquency

Baldry, A.C. (2014). Bullying and juvenile delinquency. Organized Crime, Corruption, and Crime Prevention. 2014: 3-12.

Although this study focuses on a Southern Italian cohort, the results may be generalized and applied to any other population because it involves the relationship between bullying and juvenile delinquency. The author is a professor at the Second University of Naples. Findings in this research include the risk factors related to bullying. In particular, being a perpetrator of bullying in school is a "precursor of future violence," (Baldry, 2014, p. 3). The author frames bullying as a community problem, which is an important structural and systems approach to juvenile delinquency. I can apply the structural and systems approach to my research, focusing on gender issues.

Beerthuizen, M.G.C.J. (2012).…. [read more]

Legalizing Prostitution in the U.S Essay

… Regulation rather than prohibition also makes the environment safer for both the sex worker and the customer. One of the biggest arguments against prostitution is the fear of spreading STDs. Opponents propagate that by banning prostitution these diseases can be controlled. As already established there is little evidence that illegalization reduces prostitution. In such a scenario a more effective policy would be to legalize and regulate the environment in which these sex workers operate. In Netherlands's for example regular medical checks are mandatory for renewal of licenses for an individual sex worker and brothels. Compare this situation with the U.S.A. where the sex workers shirk health visits afraid of being found out by a doctor. The harm of this is that sexually transmitted diseases are…. [read more]

Yes: Carla T Essay

… Furthermore, McMullen spends a great deal of time focusing on the two different segments of underage drinkers (those under 18, and those between the ages of 18 and 21). The differences she points out are interesting and well explained, and she writes with a great deal of authority. She also supports her assertions with facts and statistics from respected and reliable resources. However, the relevance of this argument is not strong enough to make this discussion seem pertinent. It seems to be something of a red herring: it highlights the seriousness of the drinking issue in young populations, yet it does not convincingly explain how lowering the drinking age will help to improve this problem.

Part 3: My Argument

I am not convinced lowering the…. [read more]

Blade Runner: A Marriage Essay

… Because replicants were not human, albeit they were perfect human substitutes, it was considered acceptable in this society to enslave them because it was believed that replicants were not capable of feeling emotions.

This segregation between man and machine ultimately leads to a schism within society with the conflict subsequently leading to rebellion. One of the main reasons that the replicants rebel against humans is because they have been oppressed; not only are they slaves, but they are also not allowed to cohabitate with humans on Earth with their mere presence on the planet being considered illegal. However, had the replicants not rebelled, there would have been no need to organize blade runner units to quell the rebellion. Oddly enough, the line between man and…. [read more]

Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle Essay

… ¶ … Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark by Carl Sagan

Carl Sagan makes a number of astute observations in his book the Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark. However, there are a few occasions on which the author misinterprets some information, its importance, and its effects upon the greater world. One of the most salient of these examples is his viewpoint on the influence of television in relation to science and its effect upon an increasingly global audience. Within "Significance Junkies," one of the twenty five different chapters in this manuscript that consists of an independent essay (although many of them allude to points made in previous essays), the author bemoans the fact that true science, powered by…. [read more]

Start and Run a Successful Fast Food Research Paper

… ¶ … start and run a successful fast food pasta restaurant with a drive through?

Nature of problem to address

Specific research questions

Key definitions of terms

Stream one: Opening a business

Stream two: The fast food pasta industry

Stream three: key success factors in the fast food business

The steps to opening a fast food pasta restaurant

The characteristics of the fast food pasta sector

Key success factors to operating a fast food pasta restaurant

A personal reflection

The society of today is undergoing a wide array of changes, some present at the economic level, others at a political level, or others at a demographic level. Regardless of the nature of the change, the fact remains that the population itself is undergoing numerous processes…. [read more]

"A Moveable Feast": Adversity and Fighting Strategies Book Report

… ¶ … Movable Feast by Ernest Hemingway to the American Dream

"A moveable feast" by Ernest Hemingway is an extremely interesting and at the same time evocative incursion in the life of Paris and some its most worthy characters of the 1920s which have been labeled as the Lost Generation. Typical for Hemingway, the writing is not merely an account of an era, but rather it includes and allures to various other aspects as connected to the line of the story telling. This writing is an account of the lives of some of the most interesting writers of the 20th century as they find their way in literature or, on the contrary, as they master the art of writing. At the same time though, the…. [read more]

Immigration Research Paper

… However, the more general reason why reform has not happened yet is political brinksmanship. Accusations of racism, pandering and lawlessness abound. Given the current spat with the debt limit and spending, it is clear that there is a massive chasm in this country between the right and left wings of political discourse and there is next to no sign that this will change unless there is a new period of time where a single part controls all three branches of the federal government, such as was the case when ObamaCare was passed between 2007 and 2011 as a result of Democrats controlling the House, Senate and Presidency.

As for the documentary itself, it was clear the human side of the debate was shown in the…. [read more]

Sociology: Symbolic-Interactionism Essay

… 150). Individuals sometimes sacrifice independence in order to facilitate the group; society is "individuals in action," (Charon, p. 152). Society is far from being a static thing; it is a dynamic and organic process. This is why symbolic-interactionism is a dynamic sociology. The emphasis is on interaction, change, and process rather than on structure or institution.

Charon's assessment of the symbolic-interactionism point-of-view reflects Altheide's analysis of the mass media. The mass media is both a social institution and a dynamic process. Altheide describes the mass media as the "most important social institution," (p. 48). However, the mass media is an emblem of symbolic interaction. The viewer or user of mass media interacts with the transmitter of the message and the symbols being used to transmit…. [read more]

Physician-Assisted Suicide: The Kantian View Essay

… Other considerations may be ignored in this view. Emotivism cannot resolve this issue, either, since it is based on an idea that people's immediate emotions define morality of an act. That is, if the physician feels good assisting the patient commit suicide, PAS becomes justifiable. But if the physician feels bad about it, PAS is not justified. Based on the emotional reaction of a given physician at a given time, this view may negate PAS under all circumstances or, to the contrary, easily lead to abuses. Likewise, ethical egoism cannot resolve the dilemma because it is based on egotism. This view considers selfishness as an ethical value. In other words, selfishness of physicians determines whether PAS is acceptable in a given situation and may lead…. [read more]

Hawthorne Hooper Suddenly Dons Essay

… The veil is dark, and it is therefore ironic that Hooper actually wears it to be a pious marker of his sin. This is how the guilt-ridden townsfolk perceive the veil too, because they have been duped and deluded into believing the Christian dogma shoved down their throats by evangelists. The veil does not represent original sin, however. IN "The Minister's Black Veil," the narrator (via Hawthorne) presents the veil as representing the way evangelical Christianity cuts off believers from the truth, and cuts off believers from each other. The veil is the veil between reason, psychological strength, and social harmony, on the one hand, and between ignorance, backwardness, and alienation on the other.

If the purpose of religion is liberation from sin, the Hooper…. [read more]

Obesity Is Becoming a Huge Problem Essay

… Obesity is becoming a huge problem in our society. In the past, a number of studies have been conducted in an attempt to determine the exact causes of obesity. Although research on these causes is still ongoing, many health experts and researchers link obesity to the everyday lifestyle choices individuals make.

Obesity: An Overview

The World Health Organization according to Rossen and Rossen "defines obesity as abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that presents a risk to health" (3). It is however important to note that other definitions of obesity do exist. In the opinion of the author, the other common definitions of obesity mainly utilize the BMI in an attempt to identify/determine those who can be categorized as being obese. Basically, an individual's BMI is…. [read more]

Theistic Religion as a Fundamental Problem Essay

… Theistic Religion as a Fundamental Problem in Society

In contemporary society, religion is presented as a tremendously important source of human of morality in human life, spiritual comfort for the individual, and as the basis of much that is valued in society. In fact, religious perspectives are considered so fundamental to meaning, value, and morality that it is considered highly controversial not to maintain any religious beliefs, virtually regardless of however many other indications should reasonably suggest the inference that the person without religious beliefs is, nevertheless, a "good person" by any objective criteria. When newly-elected U.S. President Barack Obama gave an inauguration speech in which he acknowledged that the concept of religious freedom includes the rights and sensibilities of those without any religious beliefs,…. [read more]

Aggression From a Heritability Perspective Term Paper

… "We must distinguish between two facets of emotion, the functional and the experiential" (Kosslyn & Koening, 1992). While it is well understood that there may be genes that make it more likely to people to act on aggressive feelings, it is far less certain whether there are genes that make people more likely to feel those aggressive feelings. Instead, much of the focus has been on impulse control, and the general trend suggests that those who have difficulties controlling their aggressive impulses are also impulsive in other areas of their lives.

The one real exception to this is in the area of gender. Studies suggest that men, generally, feel more aggressive than women and gender-based traits may be a product of genetics, though they can…. [read more]

Daughters in Literature Requires Essay

… The act of getting on one knee resembles a marriage proposal; there is a great deal of subtext embedded in the relationship between Cordelia and Lear to suggest that the Oedipal complex is at play. Cordelia's character is, moreover, completely defined by her relationship with men. Her relationship with her father, and his subsequent scorn, are what prompt her to marry and move to France. Her death is due directly to the actions of other Lear daughters, who are likewise defined by their relationship with men as well as their nefarious natures.

The relationship between Lear and Cordelia also highlights a common thread throughout literature: that the relationship between father than daughter is similar to the relationship between daughter and her husband. In King Lear,…. [read more]

Appealing to a White Christian Audience Research Paper

… Appealing to a white Christian audience, many early African-American writers used religious ideology to convince their audiences of the inhumanity and injustice of slavery. How does Frederick Douglass use Christian principles as a tool of persuasion in the "Appendix?"What clarification does Douglass provide in the "Appendix" of his views about the relation of religion and slavery?

Douglass's explanation of his own position on the institution of slavery within the United States that is contained within "Appendix" is quite profound. He uses the idea that slavery is a sort of religion within the U.S. that is to be opposed, as any good Christian would oppose the moral and religious slavery of another Christian. He points the finger at the hypocrisy that stems from the idea that…. [read more]

Loss of Family Is a Central Issue Term Paper

… Loss of Family

Family is a central issue in many novels, and so the separation from the family or the loss of the family can also become a focus. This is the case for the novels Lives of the Saints by Nino Ricci and My Name is Seepeetza by Shirley Sterling. The main character in each novel has a strong view of family and the importance of family and suffers from separation from the family, at the same time finding salvation of a sort in self-development. For Vitto in the Rizzi novel, his salvation comes from a reading of the Lives of the Saints and his effort to become a saint himself. For the girl in the Sterling book, the act of writing in a…. [read more]

International Marketing a Situation Analysis Research Paper

… The attitudes that are held by Indians are now changing and they are now spending as opposed to only focusing on saving. Another factor is that of India's pop culture which shows a great desire to follow the trends in western countries. The young Indian buyers now want everything that is associated to the western trend .therefore these young people will run to Starbucks and buy coffee since it is western and opt not to buy coffee from the local coffee stores. Without any doubt Indian consumers will welcome the internationally popular coffee company Starbucks just as other countries in the world have done without so much trouble.

Industry/competitor analysis

The coffee industry can be seen as one that has high competition but one that…. [read more]

Sampling Plan Term Paper

… Determining the need for target population

The activities of determining the need of a target population reflect the process of gathering, then analyzing and interpreting information concerning the target population. There is a need to make evaluative judgments concerning the scope, nature and extent of needs. The above process is also known as the needs assessment (Maher, 2012). When dealing with the individuals that were in the target population, population validity can be retrieved. Population validity is the ability to effectively generalize a study from specific individuals that was conducted to the larger population (Burke & Christensen, 2010).


A stratified sampling category is a sapling for probability. The technique is evidenced when a researcher divides a certain population to form different subgroups known as…. [read more]

Gay Marriage Term Paper

… Brooks, Devon and Goldberg, Sheryl. "Gay and Lesbian Adoptive and Foster Care

Placements: Can They Meet the Needs of Waiting Children?" Social Work, Vol.

46, No. 2 (April 2001). Retrieved July 11, 2012 from:

This source was an empirical analysis published in a peer-reviewed social work journal. It examined the issues associated with the advisability of increasing the access of same-sex couple applicants to children in need of foster homes in the U.S. The main contribution of this source to my thinking was to reinforce my impression that same-sex couples are as capable as their traditionally married counterparts of providing safe, loving homes for children in need.

Gates, Gary J. (2011). "How many people are lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender?"

The Williams Institute --…. [read more]

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