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Autobiography and Instructional Implications Term Paper

… Diversity Education

Fostering and Serving Diversity in Education: A Review of Literature and a Personal Reflection

Throughout my experience in educational institutions, both as a student and more recently as an instructor, I have grown increasingly aware of the many differences that existed in the learning communities I have inhabited. This awareness did not begin early on -- as a young child, I was more aware of the similarities that existed between my fellow learners and I; though difference in some respects was the focus of much teasing and observation, as is typical of children that age, my consciousness of the "important" differences that would be classified later on was non-existent in my first few years of schooling. As differences in race, culture, ethnicity, gender,…. [read more]

Educational Philosophy Term Paper

… Education

Knowledge, Diversity and the Role of the Teacher

The focus of the discussion hereafter is on the need for teachers to address the individual learning needs of students. Both in line with the findings promoted by the study of knowledge and evolving needs concerning that which is defined as diversity, the thesis of our discussion is that learning is a highly individualized process, with responsibility to this process invested in our teachers.

The standard approach to education is often taken for granted. That is, traditional curricular values and approaches to learning are generally streamlined in the United States. The use of standardized testing, grading systems and text-based learning approaches imposes a monolithic strategy on a subject that is actually profoundly complex and nuanced. This…. [read more]

How Do School Librarians Impact Student Achievement and Improve Reading? Thesis


The work of Houston (2007) "Measuring Up: Achievement of 'Beyond Proficiency' Standards in School Library Media Centers Across Kentucky" states that the Kentucky Department of Education published its standard for establishment of a library media program and as well included are goals for such programs. Media specialists across the state of Kentucky are stated to have been "making the case to their administrations and site-based councils for the resources to fully implement the standards necessary for quality school media centers staffed by certified media specialists..." (Houston, 2007) It is related that in the response to the primary question posed by this study or that of how media library centers measure up on standards in the…. [read more]

Individual Growth in This Particular Portfolio Term Paper

… ¶ … individual growth in this particular portfolio, we should first of all briefly refer to a general outline of a teaching portfolio, as this may provide important backup information and may come to show some trends and pointers for the portfolio and teaching methodologies we are referring to.

According to several sources, a reaching portfolio relies greatly on four main pillars: goals, responsibilities, evaluations and results. The first pillar basically refers to the teacher's aspirations for each course he teaches. These are not necessarily only strategic, long-term objectives, but also tactical approaches, such as learning students' names etc.

There are several issues worth noting here, as we refer to the particular portfolio we are studying. First of all, the impact and emphasis has been…. [read more]

Educational Activities Lead to Wellness in Older Term Paper

… ¶ … Educational Activities Lead to Wellness in Older Adults in Care Facilities Such as Retirement Homes/Nursing Homes

Do Educational Activities Lead to Wellness in Older Adults in Alternative Care Facilities

The United States is experiencing a fundamental shift in demographics as the percentage of elderly citizens continues to increase. More and more people will become residents of nursing homes, retirement communities, skilled nursing facilities and other alternative residential arrangements in the future, and much remains unclear about what the impact of this transition from a gainfully employed lifestyle to one without such outside activities might be on this segment of the population. To this end, this study seeks to determine the extent to which educational activities contribute to wellness in older adults in alternative…. [read more]

Adult Education and the Internet Term Paper

… Second, the quantity or length of experience is not necessarily connected to its richness or intensity. For example, in an adult educational career spanning 30 years the same one year's experience can, in effect, be repeated thirty times. Indeed, one's 'experience' over these 30 years can be interpreted using uncritically assimilated cultural filters in such a way as to prove to oneself that students from certain ethnic groups are lazy or that fear is always the best stimulus to critical thinking. Because of the habitual ways we draw meaning from our experiences, these experiences can become evidence for the self-fulfilling prophecies that stand in the way of critical insight. Uncritically affirming people's histories, stories and experiences risks idealizing and romanticizing them. Experiences are neither innocent…. [read more]

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