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Project Management Involved Formation Research Paper

… It is essential to realize that a mega project such as A380 t requires extensive risk management analysis, which include risk identification and risk management plan before the project implementation. The delay led to another shift in project delivery schedule. The company announced that project delay was attributed to aircraft wiring problems. (Robertson 2006, Clark 2006).

Communication problem was another factors leading to A380 crisis. The management did not formerly communicate the problems to appropriate stakeholders on time. It was already too late before the management actually communicated the problem to the appropriate stakeholders. Realistically, the Airbus did not have experienced in building a complex aircraft such as A380. Thus, the company did not integrate effective risk and time management in the project life cycle.…. [read more]

Operations Management Boeing Research Paper

… The office is responsible for such improvement in order to enhance business results through high-quality project performance management. This office works collaboratively on ongoing development of project management skill, creation of best practices, common procedures and tools, and reporting systems for project performance. Under business unit, this office is responsible for developing a common project delivery system for performance visibility, value creation, and resource optimization. Through the adoption of the enterprise strategy, there are various project management teams like industry engagement, operations, and skills development and collaboration teams.


Operations management at Boeing is a multi-faceted process since the company has comprehensive production and sales procedures. This process incorporates scheduling operations, project management, location and aggregate planning, capacity planning, forecasting, designing of work systems, and…. [read more]

Aviation Project Management Term Paper

… Project Management Considerations in the Aviation/Aerospace Industry Today

Today, project management should be a planned, organized effort dedicated to achieving a specific, often one-time goal. Such projects can range from a simple task to a complex multidisciplinary effort, but they all require some careful attention to detail and process to be successful. To see what is involved, this paper reviews relevant peer-reviewed and scholarly literature concerning opinions and recommendations relevant to large-scale project management. For this purpose, the aviation/aerospace industry will be used as the basis for illustrating project management considerations. A summary of the research and important findings are presented in the conclusion.

Review and Discussion


Regardless of complexity, all projects require a project plan. The more complex the project, the greater the…. [read more]

Redemptive Role of the Black Church Dissertation


Project managers play an important role in the aviation/aerospace industry. They have traditionally held a place in almost every industry. However, as competition forces the aviation industry to tighten its financial reigns, it must find new ways to cur costs. At the present time, they are beginning to question the importance and role of the project manager a as a place to make potential salary cuts. This research explores the role of the project manager in the aviation industry and attitudes regarding their contributions.


Researcher's Work Setting and Role

Significance of the Problm

Tangible and Intangible Benefits of the Project Manager

Cost/Benefit Analysis

Project Management in the Aviation/Aerospace Industry


Statement of Hypotheses…. [read more]

Shift Work and Scheduling Capstone Project

… The inductive logic also known as the "bottom-up" tactic, works the reverse way i.e. It starts off from having dedicated aims and then broadens them into much more generalized as well as extensive practices and ideas. In order to attain the aims of this study: the investigator utilized the inductive approach.

Research type and Time line

The timeline of an investigating study is straightforwardly linked with its set-up. There are first and foremost two main formats of a research study and they are cross-sectional and longitudinal studies. In a cross-sectional study the attentiveness of the investigator is limited within a sole time-frame that is the investigator only acquires a section of the entire phenomenon which he is studying.

On the other hand, in a longitudinal…. [read more]

Change Management and Organizational Transformation Thesis

… Change Management & Organizational Transformation


The objective of this work is to examine changes in organizations, management and how management and technology are more frequently becoming factors for consideration. This work will select a company and analyze the status of organizational transformation and change management, and identify key organizational transformation and change management issues currently facing the organization, providing recommendations as to how the company should address these change management issues. Selected for the purpose of this study are Federal U.S. Agencies and the Organizational Transformation initiative reported by the Government Accounting Office and specifically relating to the implementation of Chief Operating Officer/Chief Management Officer Positions in Federal Agencies.


It was reported in 2007 in the report GAO-08-34, a…. [read more]

Crisis Management the Prevailing Literature Term Paper

… Crisis Management

The prevailing literature on crisis management sheds light as to why crisis management remains a significant issue both at the micro-level (personal emergencies) and at the macro level (organizational or societal emergencies). The literature is divided and lacks clear focus and definitions, despite the efforts of some authors to provide this clarity. Different disciplines remain married to their own definitions of crisis and their own concepts of crisis management. Yet it seems clear that all crises have the same core components -- it is only the scope and setting that differ. Crisis, simply put, is a deviation from the expected norm that has a sense of temporal urgency and high negative consequence attached to it.

The literature hints at two specific means of…. [read more]

Aviation Safety PO Essay

… This is achieved through crew resource management training. Decision making skills and communication is among the cluster of CRM training. It will build up the interpersonal skills needed by the crew to ensure that there is optimal performance. CRM training also provides the knowledge on skill of communication that others use for interpretation as we; as determining proper emphasis so as to get a response. With poor information as a result of poor communication, there is lack of critical information which will affect decision making. Communication breakdown by flight crews is a major cause of air accidents. Proper CRM training focusses on interpersonal communication will prevent accidents as pilots will be able to communicate better and clearly. This training in decision making and communication also…. [read more]

Aviation Safety Research Paper

… Many factors must be considered in the design of technology for use by humans. This applies to any field, but is particularly important in the aviation industry. The human must be able to understand and interact with the technology in a way that produces the desired results. Technology must be designed so that it is comfortable and does not produce strain on the human user. It must be designed to make certain that no ill affects are experienced by the human user. It must also be designed in a way that does not increase fatigue on the user (McCloy, 2010c). All of these elements must be considered in the design of any technology that will be utilized by a human counterpart at some time in…. [read more]

UAS Operator Crew Resource Management Research Paper

… Aviation

Since the first authorized use of Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) in the National Airspace System (NAS) in 1990, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has employed UAS in a variety of "important missions in the public interest," ranging from border patrol to firefighting (FAA, 2013). Primary missions include "firefighting, disaster relief, search and rescue, law enforcement, border patrol, military training and testing and evaluation," (FAA, 2013). Under the auspices of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the United States Coast Guard (USCG) also uses UAS for surveillance missions, especially those related to border control (United States Coast Guard, 2013).

However, the uses of UAS extend into a wide variety of fields including weather and geophysical monitoring systems. The United States Geological Survey (USGS), for example,…. [read more]

U.S. Statistics Indicate That 80 Capstone Project

… The key thrust for performance excellence is to establish a culture of continuous improvement and innovation that builds upon a strong foundation of quality, professionalism and team excellence always.

Researcher's Work Setting and Role

The researcher has been an officer of the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF)

for 10 years. The researcher has held the equivalent rank of Major since 2001. The

researcher has held positions as a deputy Officer Commanding Quality Assurance and a Flight Commander at an F-16 Air Force Base in Singapore. Currently the researcher is the Senior National Representative of the Republic of Singapore Air Force at the Ogden

Air Logistics Centre (OO-ALC), Hill AFB, Utah. The researcher received his Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Advanced…. [read more]

Aviation and Human Factor Essay

… Aviation Mishap Analysis

The previous section described some of the theoretical perspectives of human error and human error modeling. This section describes the application of these systems to accident investigation -- specifically aviation mishaps. Several examples of initiatives to apply human error theory to accident investigation and mitigation are described in the literature. A few are presented below;

A combined government and industry effort undertaken in the U.K. developed the Human Factors Investigation Tool (HFIT). Gordon and Means (2005, 147) describe the intent of this tool was to, "improve investigation of the human factors causes of accidents in the offshore oil and gas industry." HFIT incorporated four types of human factors information to include "(a) the action errors occurring immediately prior to the incident, (b)…. [read more]

Aviation Security Necessity of a Security Proof Research Paper

… Aviation Security

Necessity of a security proof state-of-art airport system

United States of America holds a specific position that connects it with the global transportation network by various seaports, airports, highways, pipelines, railroads and waterways that are used to transport people and good in and out of U.S.. It is very important for the aviation industry in U.S. To promote such a system that will ensure easy, efficient and reliable transportation of people, products and services across borders, while it is also necessary to provide a protective filter for the aviation transportation system against entry or exit of any person or product that is meant to promote terrorist activities. A primary duty of U.S. authorities is to ensure the protection of U.S. citizens, infrastructure and…. [read more]

Aviation Maintenance Management Theory Term Paper

… Irrespective of the fact that the maintenance schedule is normally approved by the Transport Canada independently, it still constitutes a part of the larger maintenance strategy and is to be detected as such in the Maintenance Control Manual of the air operator. (Maintenance Schedules - A Key to Success)

Irrespective of the fact the maintenance schedules may be based on the program of another operator when submitted to Transport Canada for approval, however once approved these maintenance schedules are not transferable. Even though there are some similarities, the variations in operational experience, maintenance management systems, reliability programs and other necessary supportive process distinguish the two approvals. Many benefits have been visualized in designing a program to cater to the individual operational requirements, in addition to…. [read more]

Statistical Process Control and Variation Management Chapter

… Statistical Process Control and Variation Management to Satisfy As9103


Statistical process control and variation management to satisfy AS9103 requirements

To assure customer satisfaction, Space, Aviation and Defense industry must produce a safe, improved and reliable products that meet applicable and customer requirements. However, the globalization and diversity of national and regional requirements have complicated these objectives. Organizations are facing challenges to purchase products globally and at all level of supply chain. Moreover, suppliers are facing challenges in delivering varying products to multiple customers at varying expectations. To address these challenges, the Aerospace industry has established the IAQG (International Aerospace Quality Group) to enhance a significant improvement in quality during the production process. Part of the strategy to enhance quality management is the application of…. [read more]

Aviation Project - Spacex Term Paper

… But meanwhile as the SpaceX Dragon is currently berthed / docked on the ISS, off-loading science materials and other supplies for the ISS, down on Planet Earth SpaceX is testing yet another revolutionary technology -- a rocket that is reusable and can take off and land vertically. On March 7, the "Grasshopper" reusable rocket roared off the launch pad and soared to 262.8 feet, and then it hovered for about half a minute and slowly inched back down to the launch pad for a perfect landing on its permanent steel and aluminum legs. Why is a reusable rocket that can land back on the spot it took off from an important innovation? Charles Black writes in SEN that enabling rockets to return to their launch…. [read more]

Aviation / Aerospace Course Term Paper

… At the same time, these products being purchased by United Kingdom also helped certain companies in United Kingdom like Rolls Royce, TI Dowty, GKN Westland, etc. As they are supplying components for these aircraft to the company. Thus there is a certain amount of cooperation in building these aircraft, and that should also be mentioned to the buyers. This sort of cooperation is undertaken by these companies not only for the manufacture of aircraft, but also for major projects in the buyer countries. An example of this was Merlin -- a program of vital importance to Royal Navy. Thus it should be made clear through action to the buyers that the selling organization is interested in helping the buying country to whatever extent it can.…. [read more]

Systematic Review of Aviation Navigation Systems Research Proposal

… Unsafe acts, attitudes, errors, human behavior and human limitations are all variables that will be identified in the reports released by the NTSB and studied, highlighted, assessed and analyzed by other researchers in the field. These variables will then be gathered into the pool of data collected and measured with regard to how they impact the decision to adequately resolve the cost-benefit problem of whether or not to upgrade aviation navigation systems at airport terminals (Brutus, 2013).

Program Outcome #4.

The student will be able to develop and/or apply current aviation and industry related research methods, including problem identification, hypothesis formulation, and interpretation of findings to present as solutions in the investigation of aviation / aerospace related topic.

Current aviation and industry related research methods…. [read more]

GE Aviation Division, Aircraft Engines Essay

… A GE J35 engine was behind a Douglas Skystreak's 1947 speed record of 650 miles per hour (GE Aviation, 2011).

After 1947, GEA experienced several years of competition from other manufacturers due to the desire of the U.S. Air Corps for a more diverse supply base for turbosupercharger-based aircraft engines. GEA responded to the challenge with the subsequent release of its J47 model, which effectively took over the American military aircraft engine market. The J47 engine generated sufficient demand for GEA to open a second manufacturing plant in Ohio in 1949. The second J47 plant was named Evendale, which eventually expanded to become GEA's central worldwide headquarters. The GE J47 served the needs of the Korean War, with over 35,000 units placed into service before…. [read more]

Computer-Based Applications in Aviation Education Research Paper

… Aviation Education

Computer Based Applications in Aviation Education

Emerging models of human information processing are, in any case, likely to find increasing application in the selection, classification, and training of aviation personnel. The dynamic nature of these models requires similarly dynamic measurement capabilities. These capabilities are now coming inexpensively and readily available through the use of computer-based assessment which can measure aspects of human cognitive processes that heretofore were inaccessible given the military's need for inexpensive, standard, procedures to assess hundreds of people in a single day by a single examiner. Development of these capabilities may represent as important a milestone in selection and classification as did the work of the Vineland Committee to produce the Army Alpha Test. These are currently being pursued by…. [read more]

Aviation Fatigue Has Been Recognized Research Paper

… Undoubtedly, night shift can be attributed to worsened job performance and decreased safety levels (Monk and Folkard, 1985). Employee witnessing role stressors around them can also develop an intense form of stressors on their own if they go through disruption in shift rotations. People working in fixed shifts would find a more muted relationship in between stress and role stressors. Hence, our hypothesis is:

H1: People working in fixed shifts would have a weaker relationship between stress and role stressors compared to those working in rotating shifts.

Methodology for the first Hypothesis:

1. Identification of the experimental unit: This study will choose a small sample size (n=50) to carry out the experiment. This is because Saunders et al. (2003) reveals that a smaller sample size…. [read more]

Post-9/11 Management of U.S. Airline Research Paper

… S. airline industry, management strategy based its decisions largely on easing the growing anxiety of individuals who had ties to the industry. In an industry that had gone from maintaining the standards of excellence one moment to being thrown into utter disarray the next, managerial efforts to reorganize work and employees needed to address the corresponding disruption that had become present across the country.

In the months following September 11th, anxiety in the country and particularly in the airline industry was almost tangible. New laws dealing with safety and security were being turned out into legislation as quickly as they were thought up, which left the airline industry responsible for implementing these new regulations into airlines across the country, which proved costly and time-consuming --…. [read more]

Managing Individual Behavior at Google Case Study

… Google's success tale should trigger new patterns in the organizational values and culture. It does not cost much to provide such conditions to your workers especially their independence and convenience. In contrast, what Google has offered to its workers has allowed the business to gross $300,000 in benefit per worker in 2008. This number is higher than that of other prominent players in the industry, such as Yahoo, IBM, Apple, and Microsoft Company.

Every business should adopt this model

The significant goal of Google's reward program is to keep its workers motivated so that they constantly perform better at their projects. The motivation theories from various professionals like Maslow and Herzberg state one thing synonymously: The psychological and physiological needs and wishes of workers must…. [read more]

Individual Project This Week Submitting Case Study

… International Journal of Energy Economics and Policy, 3, 168-177.

Yousef (2013)

. This paper examines the consumption of oil products in 7 OPEC countries. The researcher attempts to demonstrate the demand of oil in the OPEC countries and also the production. The researcher also attempts to assess the impact that this demand will have on the future availability of oil exports from OPEC. According to the data collected by Yousef (2013)

for 1980-2010, there has been a considerable increase in the consumption of oil by OPEC countries. This has resulted in the countries becoming the fastest growing oil consumers in the world.

Arguments to be presented

With the increase in the consumption of oil by OPEC members, there is also an increase in the oil…. [read more]

Management Service Processes Essay

… In other words, people who fly want to have a safe flight on an airplane that is clean and where they are treated well, but they are not out to purchase the airplane. Ultimately, the way they are treated matters more than the product to which they are exposed. Both matter, certainly, but one has more significance than the other in the eyes of anyone who is a customer of a service business. The experience of flying is what Qantas customers are purchasing, whether they are flying for pleasure or for business. A safe, comfortable trip with the luxuries they expect is what flyers want and need. Most will be flying coach, but the seats should still be comfortable and the price should be reasonable.…. [read more]

Project Plan for an Airline Essay

… Airline Project Plan

Market factors in Dubai favor the airline meeting the demand for higher-quality passenger and cargo service linking Dubai with the rest of the World especially European destinations via Western European hubs to trans-Atlanta and global destinations. T/he new airline will base business and marketing strategies on high achievement and profitable load factors through absorption of demands that are unmet in the following three primary air-traffic categories:

(1) Unserved and underserved routes on which high unmet demand currently exists or can be developed readily;

(2) Serving key niche markets where demand is either unmet or poorly served and (3) Meeting peak traffic demands on certain key regional, seasonal, and variable routes where very high load factors can be predicted despite existing but lower-quality…. [read more]

Aviation Is Automation Term Paper

… 1)

The problem for CRM implementation has largely been one of convincing people and organizations that human error is inevitable and should be combated through logical means such as CRM. "The CRM strategies required to avoid, trap and mitigate the consequences of error must be operationally relevant, yet they can be culturally defined to fit the organizational and national cultures." (Merrit & Helmreich, 1996, p.1) Clearly the implementation of an effective safety culture must be a collective of crew, designer and management, and with CRM there is good chance that the developments of crew automation interaction errors will be kept to a minimum and where one link in the chain falls short another can take up the slack. (O'Neil & Andrews, 2000)

Crew resource management…. [read more]

Civil Aviation's Sarp Essay

… IFALPA has a scheme for 'Accredited Accident Investigation that validates the qualifications of pilot investigators. Qualified members provide the professional contributions to investigation progress. The accredited representatives have a deep understanding of pilot culture, operations and human factors and valuable assets within investigations (Alessandro, 2008). The pilot members determine recommendations to effectively prevent recurrences and promote aviation safety. Candidates undergo approved courses on international accident investigation. Their qualifications, training and experience are reviewed by IFALPA.

In conclusion, security is becoming an important consideration after the 9/11 tragedy. A sequence of poorly coordinated rules from different nations has made the industry develop Checkpoints to address future occurrences. The approach relies on passenger differentiation and risk assessment. Business simplification ensures the industry response to the international standards…. [read more]

Drivers of Using Biofuel Case Study

… At that point, bankruptcy would likely be the only remaining option, since the airline would not be able to switch back to petroleum.

This risk is emphasized also by existing competition in the airline industry: if all the airline companies would switch to biofuels, is there enough production to support. In the incipient phases, it is likely that it would not and it remains to be seen whether the industry has enough resources to pump into the innovation processes before going bankrupt, in order to obtain palpable results.

b. The risk of acceptance is reasonably high, especially because of the novelty of the idea and the spectrum of change it is likely to produce after its implementation. However, the customers are likely to accept and…. [read more]

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