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Backpacking Term Paper

… " Such preparation implies that every camper or backpacker must have his or her own emergency kit that contains aluminum-packaged sugar, hard candy, cookies, chocolate, salt, canned meat, dehydrated foods, water, rope, clasp knife, matches, shelter-half, tarpaulin or rubberized poncho, a light sleeping bag, and a first aid kit (Shivers & Shivers, p. 275).

Besides learning to be responsible for the physiological well-being of others and the self, backpackers must also consciously take care of the environment. Indeed, damage to natural and cultural resources due to visitors' violation of protective rules has become a major problem facing recreation management agencies. In fact, such damage not only results in adverse psychological effects on other visitors, it also leads to millions of dollars being unnecessarily spent on…. [read more]

Types of Tourism Literature Review

… ¶ … Tourism

What are the many and varied categories of tourism and travel? What specific advantage does one form of tourism have over another, and what are the most coveted venues for the business traveler, the leisure traveler, or the adventure traveler? These and other issues pertaining to tourism and travel will be reviewed and critiqued in this paper. Tourism is an enormous business, having a major impact on economies worldwide. For example, global tourism is the largest business sector in the world economy; the "Travel & Tourism" (T&T) industry provides over 230 million jobs and over 10% of the gross domestic product globally, according to Moreover, tourism is a principal export (foreign exchange earner) for 83% of third world countries, and the…. [read more]

Interview Profile Interview

… Personality Interview

One of the things that makes us unique, but still human, is our way of finding archetypes and similarities in the world that both enhance and conform to our particular personality type. Part of personality is the way we process and interpret information, and certainly the way we use that information to make sense of the world. Cognitive science models typically specify cognitive architecture in one of two ways, symbolic and connectionist. The elements of symbolic systems are symbols, which are stored in associative constructs. A strong proponent of the symbolic theory of cognition was psychologist Carl Jung who described cognitive processes in greater detail -- yet still based on two unique rubrics: perception and judgment. Sensation and intuition are types of perception;…. [read more]

Connecting to Boomers Thesis

… Connecting to Boomers

Relating to Boomers

During this chapter, chapter three, the researcher presents a number of contemporary perceptions regarding Boomers to answer this DRP's second question. This study's second question, noted in this DRP's introduction asks:

What perceptions and misconceptions relating to Boomers, must businesses, and advertising creatives understand to relate to the wants and needs these consumers possess/project and successfully connect with them in advertisements, particularly TV?

As this chapter searches out relevant answers for this question, the researcher focuses on three relevant themes.

The three themes encompass current perceptions and misconceptions about Boomers; identify a number of wants and needs attributed to Boomers; relate numerous ideas businesses could consider to better relate to Boomers. The researcher also analyzes researched information to create…. [read more]

Outdoor Education Development Essay

… Outdoor Education

Developing an Appreciation for Nature

Teams form an essential part of the business world today. However, not all teams are made the same. Effective teams are an asset to the corporation, but ineffective teens represent a liability. Outdoor experiences such as Outward Bound International, offer teams the ability to grow trust, and their ability to co-operate through overcoming challenges in a wilderness setting. The outdoor experience took place through the observation of a local Outward Bound Program that was sponsored by the local business. This research is based on my observations conducted as an observer in the program.

Aims and Initial in Plan for the Teaching Session

The mini session that was observed was designed to create an environment where challenges could only…. [read more]

Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty of the High Term Paper

… ¶ … Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty of the High Street Travel Agencies and Online Travel Agencies in China Today

Customer satisfaction and loyalty have become the focus of an increasing amount of attention from researchers in recent years. Complicating the matter for business managers is the fact that traditional brick-and-mortar establishments are being placed at a disadvantage over their online competitors, and attracting and retaining valuable customers in this environment is a challenging endeavor. When it comes to the travel and tourism industry, these considerations are even more salient because of the dynamic nature of the demands and needs of the travelling consumer as well as the exigencies faced by the industry in terms of unforeseeable downturns as a result of terrorist attacks around the…. [read more]

Market Audit the First Point Term Paper

… Those are expected to last for a longer duration of time and would provide service to the customers accordingly, but this sort of an item will be purchased only for a hobby or even for a holiday.

III. The market

III. A. Describe the market(s) in which the product is to be sold

1. Geographical region:

In certain types of marketing, it is easy to sell the product over the entire market in the country. The method chosen is Internet marketing. The Internet provides new entrepreneurs an improved chance to challenge the established competitors, which is what this company shall be encountering in the area of hiking boots. Some of those brands have been established over many years. A successful sales operation cannot be build…. [read more]

Changing Leisure Trends of Baby Boomers Term Paper

… Babyboomer Proposal

Over the next two decades the babyboomers will all be entering into their senior years. However, many of these millions of individuals due to their personal interests and experiences are already demanding and will continue to increase their requests for outdoor leisure and recreational activities that meet the needs of an aging population. It will be in the best interests of society as a whole and organizations specifically to meet and supply these needs. Yet, due to the differences within the babyboomer population, not all of these individuals born during this time period have the same needs. There are many who have little or a complete lack of interest in sports and recreational activities, due to growing health concerns, lack of income, different…. [read more]

Will Hobbes Term Paper

… Will Hobbs was born on August 22, 1947, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His parents are Greg and Mary Hobbs. He is the middle of five children, with three brothers and a sister. The Hobbs were an Air Force family and moved around frequently: they lived in Pennsylvania, Panama, Virginia, Arkansas, Northern California, Southern California, and Texas. During his childhood, he developed a love of nature and backpacking that continues to this day. In the fourth grade, Will grew to love reading and stories, which provided the foundation for his writing career many years later. Will Hobbs entered Stanford University in 1965. He graduated with his BA in 1969 and achieved his MA in 1971. He taught Reading and English for seventeen years, three of which were…. [read more]

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