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Bamboo Industry Research Proposal

… Bamboo Industry

In India, bamboo is considered "the poor man's timber." Over the past 20 years, bamboo has become a significant, sometimes superior substitute for wood. Currently, in some way or another in, the International Network for Bamboo and Rattan reports, approximately 1.5 billion people depend on bamboo products. In light of the significances of the bamboo industry, this thesis relates relevant research regarding the bamboo industry and asserts that a number of bamboo products, particularly those processed and manufactured for use in constructing houses and household items, primarily qualify as being eco-friendly.

From the literature reviewed for this study, the researcher completes a PEST Analysis, as well as a SWOT analysis to investigate factors contributing to the bamboo industry. Ultimately, the researcher finds that…. [read more]

Southeast Asian Bamboo Flutes Dissertation

Traditional Southeast Asian Bamboo Flutes: Studies on Origins and History

The study investigates the bamboo flutes found in Southeast Asia, as well as their history and origin. The earliest known extant bamboo flute, a chi, or ancient Chinese flute, from the Zhou Dynasty, discovered in the tomb of Marquis Yi of Zeng, dates from 433 BC. Southeast Asian bamboo flutes, diverse in shape and size, vary in the way musicians play them. During the ethnography, a qualitative study, the researcher utilizes an extensive literature review to explore the development of bamboo flutes in SEA and examines the link between these instruments and music, as well as traditions from and beyond Asia.

As the study focuses on the flutes from three main areas: Mainland…. [read more]

Effects of the Environmental Movement on the Fashion Industry Term Paper

… ¶ … environmental movement and the fashion industry. Specifically it will discuss the public's opinion on green products, and how this affects the fashion industry. The fashion industry depends on public opinion, and recently, public opinion has begun to shift toward an interest in green, eco-friendly products, and this includes the fashion industry. Thus, the fashion industry is becoming more environmentally conscious to appeal to a wider, eco-savvy market.

What is eco-fashion, and why is it a growing trend? One writer defines eco-fashions as "identifying the general environmental performance of a product within a product group based on its whole life-cycle in order to contribute to improvements in key environmental measures and to support sustainable consumption patterns" (Claudio). In simpler terms, eco-fashion helps the environment…. [read more]

Design and Manufacturing of High Quality Low Cost Product Term Paper

… Fishing Rod

Design and Manufacture of a High-End Bamboo Fishing Rod

The art of angling has in many ways remained unchanged for a century or more, and though the development of graphite, fiberglass, and composite material rods have changed the industry somewhat the highest-end rods used for fly fishing are still made of bamboo, as the best rods have been made for quite a long time. Material selection and the design and manufacturing process are still complex and detailed undertakings, whoever, and require careful consideration at each stage. In the following pages, a brief description of the design and manufacturing for a bamboo fly-fishing rod will be given, with a focus on certain engineering aspects of the design necessary to maximize quality and usability. Cost…. [read more]

New Trends, We Tend -- Not Surprisingly Research Proposal

… ¶ … new trends, we tend -- not surprisingly -- to think of entirely new products: iPods, solar batteries embedded in back packs that recharge cell phones, hybrid car. And certainly each of these products -- and many, many more -- constitute trends that have arisen in recent years. However, there are also trends that are constituted of renewals of older ideas, products, or practices. It is precisely such a case that I wish to examine here: the recent popularization of knitting among young people.

The stereotype of the knitter is an older woman -- indeed, usually a quite elderly woman -- sitting in a rocking chair, her snowy, wispy hair pulled up on top of her head, her glasses perched on her nose, her…. [read more]

Devoted to the Principles of Management Term Paper

… ¶ … devoted to the Principles of Management

When comparing these three different Internet Resources, on, in the words of one "the art and science of management," (Reh, 2004) a reader is struck at once by their similarities of principles yet their varieties of different levels of complexity and intent. Some are academically oriented, such as the Bamboo web dictionary of management, as obtained through the search engine Google. It offers an article on management tracing the history of theories of management back to ancient Egypt, and provides a basic definition of what management is across a variety of disciplines. "Management," the site states, characterizes the process of leading and directing all or part of an organization, often a business one, through the deployment and…. [read more]

Green Interior Design Just a Short Few Research Paper

… Green Interior Design

Just a short few years ago "green building," "green living" and "sustainable development" were ideas and concepts known almost exclusively to the environmental and conservation movement. And to perhaps a few progressive builders and custom designers. But today the green movement and sustainable living concept are the dominant themes across the board. This paper delves into the importance of using sustainable products and building strategies. The need to use sustainable products, to reduce the amount of energy used, and to employ sustainable building practices is pivotal to builders, to manufacturers, to the interior design community -- and to the health and safety of clients and the public.

Meanwhile, Dr. Louise Jones' essay in the book Environmentally Responsible Design reports that 78% of…. [read more]

Equine Sports Medicine Polo Research Proposal

… Equine Sports Medicine

Polo is one of the sports that rely heavily upon horses. The sport has developed from ancient times, and is growing in popularity in the United States, as well as other Western countries. According to Paul Wollenman, 40% of polo ponies in the United States are Argentine Thoroughbreds, while 60% are American. Polo players require more than one horse -- up to as many as seven -- during a game.

The game is played by four players on each team, and consists of six 7-minute periods, or chukkers. Usually a different horse is used for each chukker. Because so many horses are required for each game, the investment requirement is rather large, despite the fact that polo ponies are generally cheaper than…. [read more]

Business of Soccer Term Paper

… The first effort of the club is to make sure that the delayed games of the club are broadcast on the new YES network, and for this purpose a deal has been signed by the club with YankeeNets LLC, which is the parent company for the Yankees and New Jersey Nets. (Insight on the news)

There will also be exhibition tours for matches against Major League Soccer clubs. The name of the club will be promoted by Nike through a 13-year, $430 million marketing and licensing contract. This is expected to make the club a household name. The reason for the fame of Manchester United is the same - explosive growth, along with dominance on the field. From 1993, the team has won seven titles…. [read more]

Redesign Package System for Covergirl Cosmetic Line Thesis

… Redesign Package System for CoverGirl Cosmetic Line

The CoverGirl Packages

Pollution and the threat of global warming are less and less perceived as a make believe phenomenon, as more and more people recognize the damages of man made activities onto the natural environment. These hurtful activities include everything from forgetting to turn off the light in the bathroom or driving our fuel costly car instead of taking the bus to improperly disposing of garbage. While it is necessary to educate the population on how to behave in an environment friendly manner, it is also compulsory to request that the economic agents implement more environmentally responsible strategies. One such course of action would revolve around the usage of greener systems of packaging.

CoverGirl is a highly…. [read more]

China it Has Not Been Very Long Term Paper

… China

It has not been very long since the bamboo curtain that shrouded China under the communist rule of Mao Zedong came down. Chinese civilization is many centuries old and during it's hey days it was one of the leading civilizations of the world. The nineteenth and early twentieth centuries saw China going through a period of decline due to major famines, civil unrest, defeat in wars, and foreign occupation. The communists under the leadership of Mao Zedong then took control of the country and established a communist dictatorship that ruled the country with an iron hand, imposing strict control on the everyday life of the Chinese and leading to the deaths of many Chinese. The country was also shrouded from the eyes of foreigners…. [read more]

B2B Supply Chain Differences Term Paper

… (Larson & Fischer, 2000)

The Internet has enabled B2B firms to cut costs in purchasing raw goods. Locating goods and filling out the necessary paper work is a labor-intensive process. But searching for products online requires much less time. Electronically processing an order streamlines the ordering procedure. (Larson & Fischer, 2000) Using the Internet, B2B companies can also quickly and easily get price quotes from numerous suppliers. By increasing the number of sellers, buyers are more likely to get a better price, Also, companies can more easily spot market price levels and shifts, allowing companies to make better decisions regarding what to and what not to produce, where to sell their products, and to whom, and to decreased inventory levels in an atmosphere of less…. [read more]

Homelessness in Ecuador Thesis

… Homelessness in Eduador

The objective of this work is to examine homeless people in Ecuador and to answer questions regarding the number of homeless individuals in Ecuador and to analyze the problem of homelessness in Ecuador. This work will seek to understand the sociological importance of homelessness in Ecuador and to discern what scholars have stated concerning this problem. Finally this work seeks to examine any major changes that have occurred in the Ecuador society due to the problem of homelessness.

The work of Conner (2007) entitled: "In Spite of it All: Ecuador's NGOs states that the socio-economic realities of Ecuador "are for many as grave as they have ever been...74.9% of the Ecuadorian population remains unemployed or sub-employed while well over half of the…. [read more]

Viability of Coconut Production and Trade Dissertation

… Viability of Coconut Production and Trade in the Philippines


Summary of Findings, Conclusion and Recommendations

Many decades past, the Philippine economy was largely dependent on agriculture

(Albert 2013). It gradually became less and less dependent from a third at 29.7% in 1946 to only 11.1% in 2012. The 2011 Gross Regional Domestic Product reported that Central Luzon or Region 3 and IVA or CALABARZON are the top contributors to the sector at 13.8% and 9.5%, respectively. Of the regions, agriculture has the largest share in the economy of the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao or ARMM. This region also has one of the highest poverty levels at 45.9% as of 2009 (Albert).

The Philippine Coconut Authority (2014), the sole government agency responsible…. [read more]

Steel Drum, or Steel Pan Term Paper

… Players of the steel drum have adopted the pan as a way of life in many cultures, as well. The steel pan in today's society has come to symbolize social and economic advancement, as well as a symbol of freedom for those in the areas of Trinidad that helped introduce and develop the instrument. Entire areas of Trinidad have grown out of the steel drum industry, and the drum is even used in many orchestras worldwide (Wilson, 2001).

The steel drum arose from the hard work and self-expression of the slaves in Trinidad. Losing their families, and taken from their nations of birth, many of these men and women had nothing but their native music. Determined to keep that relic, in spite of the political…. [read more]

Evolution of Rotorcraft Term Paper

… Rotorcraft

The History of Rotorcraft

For ages humankind has envisioned harnessing the capability not merely to fly but to be able to lift oneself vertically from the ground and set oneself down again without forward run. However, it was not until the early twentieth century that man invented a helicopter capable of such feats. The word "Helicopter" is derived from the Greek term "helix" (spiral) and "pteron" (wing), which stamp it as a member of the "rotary-wing" family of aircraft. It is these power-driven rotor(s) that are the subject of this paper. It investigates the ancient origins of rotorcraft, how man's interest with flight has benefitted modern society and the implementation of future uses.


The ancient Chinese were the first known society to understand…. [read more]

Role of Land Settlement Cooperative in the Kingdom of Thailand and Its Business Performance Term Paper

… Role of Land Settlement Cooperative in the Kingdom of Thailand and Its Business Performance

Prior to the Cooperative Crisis

Agriculture is a mark of civilization for the mankind.

It is beyond economy.

It is a part of our society, and a part of our culture." (Kittiampon)

Interview: Thailand...," 2000)

Cooperative Contentions

This researcher contends that in Thailand, an agricultural cooperative's business duties, when dealing with farmers may be divided into two primary scopes:

The first "scope" consists of the original idea founding the agricultural cooperative, focusing on money, in the realms of either savings or loans.

Another "scope," marketing needs to cover the dual aspects of marketing agricultural products, such as providing pertinent agricultural input to members and gathering members' products to resell.

The primary…. [read more]

Nucor Corporation the Modern Day World Research Proposal

… Nucor Corporation

The modern day world is highly developed and when saying this, most people think of technological advancements. While it is true that technologies did support these impressive levels of development, it must also be recognized that the material infrastructure plays a pivotal part as well. A major commodity in ensuring the material infrastructure (railways, roads, bridges and so on) is constituted by steel, and a major player within the steel industry is represented by the Nucor Corporation.

The aim of this report is to assess the current situation of Nucor in terms of the business and economic challenges with which it is presented, as well as reveal the strategy it has implemented. In order for such a study to be complete and relevant…. [read more]

Cambodia Economic Development Term Paper

… Royaume Du Cambodge

Cambodia is one of the poorest countries in the world, and certainly in Asia. After emerging from the rule of the Khmer Rouge, Cambodia had nothing as was forced to start over. From that starting point, the country's economic development was never going to be easy, and even its low levels today represents healthy progress. Yet, by objective measures and without taking history into account, Cambodia has a lot of issues that it needs to remedy going forward.

This paper takes a look at several major issues. The first sections introduce the company -- its history and the current state of the economy, including trade measures, a discussion of key industries and the key issue of energy. From there, a number of…. [read more]

Cross Platform Mobile and Web Widgets Installation Thesis

… Cross Platform Mobile and Web Widgets Installation

Computer-mediated communication and decision-making applications for teams are extremely varied and ubiquitous, ranging from e-mail to shared bulletin boards for classrooms to remote conferencing. As the potential to put these applications onto the Web becomes better exploited, computer-mediated communication and coordination of teams of individuals will become even more widespread. Although the Web is normally thought of as an individual-to-mass form of communication, it actually has a great deal of potential to serve team collaboration. This is largely due to the cross-platform nature of Web design. It is also partly due to the fact that Web-based applets do not require the team members to have specialized software installed on their machines in advance (Proctor & Vu, 2005). Likewise,…. [read more]

Ecotourism and Community Development Multiple Chapters

… Eco-Tourism and Community Development


The International Tourism Society (2010) defines this as responsible travel to natural areas for the purpose of conserving the environment and improving the well-being of the community in the region at the same time. It blends conservation of the environment, the community, and sustainable travel. It is premised on clear principles. These are to minimize impact; build environment and cultural awareness and respect; provide positive experiences for tourists and hosts, financial benefits for conservation as well as empowerment for the local community; and to increase sensitivity to the host country's political, environmental and social climate (TIES).

Nature Tourism, Sustainable Tourism, Responsible Tourism

Nature-based tourism is simple travel to natural place (TIES 2010). Ecotourism is nature-based tourism with the additional objective…. [read more]

Prebiotic Potential of Chitosans Essay

… ¶ … Prebiotic Potential of Chitosans

Prebiotic Potential Of Chitosan

"The favourable properties like biocompatibility, biodegradability, pH sensitiveness, mucoadhesiveness, etc.

has enabled these polymers to become the choice of the pharmacologists as oral delivery matrices for proteins"

(George & Abraham, 2006, Abstract section).).

In the study, "Polyionic hydrocolloids for the intestinal delivery of protein drugs: Alginate and chitosan- a review," M. George and T.E. Abraham (2006) discuss the contemporary challenge in the design of oral delivery of peptide or protein drugs. Consequently, as the majority of "the synthetic polymers are immunogenic and the incorporation of proteins in to these polymers require harsh environment which may denature and inactivate the desired protein" George and Abraham (2006, Abstract), pH sensitive hydrogels such as alginate and chitosan have…. [read more]

Comparing the Japanese and the Nationalists Colonize Taiwan Term Paper

… Japanese Colonization of Taiwan

Over the past several decades, research has indicated that during the colonization of Taiwan, many different tools and devices have been used by the Japanese during the time period before the relocation of the Kuomintang (KMT) to the island in 1945. Historians, Taiwanese citizens, and scholars have offered various theories for the noted preference by the old Taiwanese to the Japanese rule over rule by the KMT. These theories are based on the significant impact that the Japanese rule had on the creation of a Taiwan identity. An overview of Taiwan's cultural and political history and the sources of its disputed status is essential to understanding the uncertainty surrounding Taiwan identity. This paper will explore and discuss the tools and devices…. [read more]

Natural Energy Resources Term Paper

… Managing Natural Resources - Natural Gas

Natural gas is a non-renewable energy source. It is often found with oil. Natural gas makes up a significant proportion of the energy used by the United States. Effective management of this energy source is vital. Though the United States is a major producer of natural gas, it also must import to meet its needs. Management must cover not only extraction, processing and distribution within the United States, but it must also constructively interact with the demands of the rest of the world to secure natural gas imports. Economics, politics and environmental concerns must all be properly addressed to create an effective management system that everyone can live with.

Today, natural gas has become an important energy resource in…. [read more]

Architecture the Advent of Modernity Term Paper

… Their idealism and rationalism led to creating new factories and apartments that were designed more for comfortable living and working conditions rather than for purely aesthetic concerns.

For the members of the Bauhaus School, this translated to structures composed of flat-roofed blocks. Manufacturing industries were ready sources of cheaper glass, which the Bauhaus architects fashioned into curtain glass walls (Kuipers). Elements such as shape and glass walls were often the only adornments, in contrast to the elaborate facades of more classical architectural structures.

Other inventions and materials further fueled the functionalist ethic. The availability of steel and concrete as well as the invention of the elevator led Chicago architects to design taller buildings. The need to reconstruct the city after the devastating fire in 1871…. [read more]

Procurement Management Plan Essay

… Therefore, the risks analysis, pre-feasibility study, and market appraisal during the procurement management process will enable the project management team in recommending the most suitable suppliers to the company's Management for this investment (Pooler, Pooler, & Farney, 2004).

Secondly, the project management team will identify the exact needs of shrubbery, decorative bricks, and railroad ties for the building space. This initial identification of the project needs will suffice any future market analyses -- thus, saving the time and costs of the company (Lancioni, 2000). Moreover, with this procurement management process, the company will be able to build and strengthen its relationships with various stakeholders from the market; including suppliers of the shrubbery, decorative bricks and construction material, and railroad ties (Baily, 2010).


Procurement management…. [read more]

Survival of Zi Wei Thesis

… Again, this is not measurable in research terms and the TPB practitioners can focus on the advantageous and disadvantageous traits of an individual to determine the part that luck plays in the overall cultural standards within china and Hong Kong (Michael and Thomas, 2005).

"As in Purple Star Astrology, Fate is primary. It is the moment, the time when events then occurring and choices made set the direction for a person's life. A similar though less momentous one is Opportunity. It is a time when big gains can be made. The other three address the major human aspirations of happiness, wealth and fame. Unlike BA ZI this method does not address luck, but it does do something very significant in its own right. It describes…. [read more]

Fast Food Essay

… Fast Food

As a kid my mother was very health conscious. We were not allowed to eat chips, sugary cereals or soda with sugar. To go to McDonald's was a huge deal in my family and it was something that happened very rarely, but when it did happen, it was a completely different experience from how things are today in the fast food world. For example, as a kid I remember the proportions being much smaller. I remember a regular hamburger and fries were what is now the size of a kid's meal -- perhaps smaller. It was enough food to fill you up and not wreak havoc on one's waistline. When my parents divorced my dad pretty much became a bachelor again with full…. [read more]

World and Hong Kong Cinema Term Paper

… National Cinema: A Film Exploration of Kung Fu Hustle

During the 1960s Cinema Novo emerged in Brazil as the offshoot of Italian neo-realism. Inspired more by the national Italian filmmakers than Hollywood, some of Brazil's most celebrated filmmakers began producing independent film projects that were a product distinctly Brazilian in theme, character, and nature. The Brazilian film industry was embraced by Brazilians as their own expression and interpretation of Brazilian life and culture. It was manifest of a national cinema, depicting the Brazilian culture in all of its diversity, including the indigenous Indian population and the black Brazilian whose heritage evolved from the Brazilian slave trade (D'lugo 2003 25). Brazilian politics, even as it wavered by socialism and democracy, was subject to the discretion of…. [read more]

Philippines I Was Born in an American Term Paper

… Philippines

I was born in an American military base on the Philippines in 1959.

In many ways, Philippine culture in 1959 was a synthesis of American and Philippine influences.

Interestingly, my being an American born in the Philippines reflects cultural synthesis.

Sub-point One: Philippine culture was largely influenced by the United States, since it was occupied by the Americans for several decades before independence.

In 1959, the President of the Philippines was Carlos P. Garcia, who was elected two years earlier.

Many of the popular songs, television shows, and films that came out in 1959 in the Philippines were influenced by American popular culture or came directly from the United States.

Sub-point Two: However, the indigenous Philippine people strongly struggled to retain and assert their…. [read more]

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