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Canadian National Identity Essay

… Until this there was no other identity Canada had, except being called as a British colony. As stated by Grant, the intention of many Canadians was to have a different identity from United States, in terms of religion, education, politics, and socialism (Grant, 1965).

As Canadians were searching for a different cultural identity, Hockey provided a platform for it. It was begun when the Canadian team competed in the Vancouver Winter Olympics. It unified the whole nation, and the Canadian team grabbed recognition from throughout the world. Ice hockey is a traditional game, played by men, and since it has masculine roles, it simultaneously attracts other men as well. This role played by Ice hockey is crucial, as it contributed a lot in creating a…. [read more]

Canadian Canada Capstone Project

… They do this through by coming up with projects whose aim is to conserve the environment. Some of the investments made to promote biodiversity include the conservation of sensitive land. This is for the purpose of the protection of rare species that living in these areas. The other investment is the creation of areas for national wildlife and bird sanctuaries. The government also has come up with an action plan that would be able to maintain and protect the three coasts in Canada (De, la, p. 20). The investments for protecting the waters also make the Canadian authorities responsible for maintaining its heritage. These are only a few of the actions that the government has tried to implement in order to maintain the national heritage…. [read more]

Canadian Labour in "The Honest Workingman Term Paper

… Canadian Labour

In "The Honest Workingman and Workers' Control: The experience of Toronto Skilled Workers, 1860-1892," G.S. Kealey explores the role of skilled workers and craftsmen in the late nineteenth century labour movement. According to Kealey, historians have often underestimated the contributions of skilled labourers to labour politics and also to workplace culture. Kealey also points out the similarities between craftsmen practicing different trades. Specifically, the author treats craftsmen as a specific class of worker who was by the turn of the century caught between the time-honored artisan past and the inevitable pull toward full industrialization. To illustrate his thesis, Kealey focuses on three nineteenth century labour organizations: Coopers International Union, Ontario Number 3; International Typographical Union Number 91; and the Iron Molders International Union…. [read more]

Canadian Politics Term Paper

… Canadian Politics

Canada is a nation that is comprised of ten provinces and three territories. Those provinces and territories span five regions: the Atlantic (Maritime region), Central Canada, the prairies, the West Coast and North (DeRocco 2009, 61). Every province in Canada works with Canada's federal government to make sure that Canada is progressing nicely; however, each of these provinces, it must be noted, has its own government. There is one question that plagues Canadian society and politics: Should Canada become a republic or retain its constitutional monarchy? While there are many arguments out there for keeping the status quo, there are just as many arguments that can debunk pro-monarchy assertions -- for example, most developed nations have moved past the archaic concepts of nobles…. [read more]

Canadian vs. American Policing Research Proposal

… Canadian vs. American Policing

This work intends to compare and contrast policing in America and Canada. Toward this end, an extensive review of relevant literature will be conducted. The literature in this review will show that policing in the United States are similar and yet are very different as well. The work of Hodgson, et al. (2005) entitled: "Public Policing in the 21st Century: Issues and Dilemmas in the U.S. And Canada" states that public police institutions are "now being challenged to develop policies and practices that meet the consumer needs and expectations of the increasingly diverse 21st century U.S. And Canadian publics. These challenges include population changes, the 'homeland security' agenda, police militarization, the public's fear of crime, new types of crime, revitalizing police…. [read more]

Canadian History an Analysis Term Paper

… Canadian Conscription in World War II. In sharp contrast to the perception of World War I by many Canadian citizens, the implications of a German victory in World War II were profound, even for those once believed to be seemingly located safely far away in North America. In his May 23, 1941 address to the American people, President Franklin D. Roosevelt emphasized that the entire Western Hemisphere and indeed, the entire world order, would be adversely affected by a German victory in Europe. "Your Government knows what terms Hitler, if victorious, would impose," the president said. "They are, indeed, the only terms on which he would accept a so-called 'negotiated' peace. And, under those terms, Germany would literally parcel out the world -- hoisting the…. [read more]

Canadian Politics Labour Thesis

… Canadian Politics and Labor


The questions this research seeks to answer are the questions of: (1) What has happened to industrialism, and where is it heading; (2) How has organized labor responded; (3) What strategies and goal should labor adopt and why?

Industrial legalism" represents the highest point for Canadian organized labor during postwar Keynesianism, but it's not clear that this model can survive globalization and neoliberalism. Industrial legalism means "the compulsory recognition of unions and enforceability of negotiated contracts." (Howlett). Deindustrialization is defined in the work of Cairncross (1982) and Lever (1981) as follows:

Deindustrialization means an outright decline in the output of manufactured goods or in employment in the manufacturing sector;

Deindustrialization can mean a change from manufacturing to…. [read more]

Canadian Prime Minister Too Powerful? Research Paper

… As an example, "the prime minister has flexed his proverbial political muscle once again with the introduction of a draconian terror law which will allow for police detention of suspects without charges for up to 72 hours and for judges to compel witnesses to testify at trial" (Radia, 2011). This is important to take into account because of the pressures that are being made on the society in following these pieces of legislation. The police detention can be seen as an abuse especially taking into account the example of the neighboring country the United States where such piece of legislation would cause serious concern related to the way in which the applicability would infringe the civil rights of individuals.

Finally, another aspect that is relevant…. [read more]

Canadian Aboriginals Essay

… Canadian Aboriginals

The interaction between the white man and the American continent is responsible for almost having extinct its aboriginal population. As they had been initially only interested in the profits that the new continent would bring them, white people did not pay attention to the effects that their actions had on the natives. Moreover, they considered natives to be a mere impediment that had to be quickly disposed so that it would not affect the well-being of the white society. In spite of the fact that the Canadian aboriginals proved to be gentle and welcoming at the time that they encountered white colonists, they did not receive the same treatment from the settlers. The Canadian Indians have been treated cruelly for centuries, from the…. [read more]

Being Canadian Is Being British Essay

… That allowed them some of the freedoms they wanted. They also had to make some concessions. While that harmed the spirit of nationalism a bit, politicians still pushed forward with the idea that Canada did not need to be involved with the British any longer. Over time, more people began to agree with that.

From the Indian point-of-view, the 1885 uprising was very different from the way it was portrayed by most Canadians.

However, most of the Metis and others who associated with them only told parts of the story. It made many of them sad, but they also did not want to get others in their group into trouble for their part in the conflict.

Rather than speak out, they told bits and pieces…. [read more]

Canadian Border: Current Political Issues Term Paper

… Since the September 11 terrorist attacks, however, both the United States and Canada have been working on ways to help increase security at the border.

The initial response of the United States to the Canadian border issues after the terrorist attacks was to send in uniformed and armed U.S. military troops to patrol the border. The Canadians did not approve of this measure, and many viewed it as a kind of threat to them. Many referred to this act as the "Mexicanization" of the Canadian border, comparing the actions of the United States toward the Canadian border to its long-standing actions at the Mexican border (Day, 2001). Canadians expressed concern that the armed soldiers would injure innocent civilians and that traffic at border crossings would…. [read more]

British Marines in American Revolution and War of 1812 Term Paper

… ¶ … British Marinesduring the Amer Revolution War and the War of 1812

The American Revolution is considered to be one of the most important political events in the history of the U.S., as well as a turning point in the development of military tactics and warfare. From a political perspective, it represented the moment in which the American colonies gained their independence from the British rule, while from the military point-of-view, it marked the beginning of a new war strategy, in which all the components of both offensive and defensive forces were used and played their significant role.

The confrontations that took place on the sea are of particular interest due to the fact that they involved the British Marine as opponents. From this…. [read more]

British Parliament Proclaimed Term Paper

… In fact, so much of Canada's economy had fallen under the sway of American industries and investors that "a common complaint began to articulate: until confederation, Canada had been a colony of Great Britain; now it was a colony of the United States." (Joyce, 24).

The Vietnam War and the race riots in the United States during the 1960's, however, truly began to draw ideological lines between the two nations, and the New Nationalism began to emerge in Canada. Additionally, the cultural mosaic began to become even more enriched as the twentieth century came to a close: "According to the 2001 census, Chinese in Canada now comprise the country's largest visible minority group, surpassing one million for the first time." (Chui, 2005). Although this New…. [read more]

Vancouver British Columbia Term Paper

… The Condition of, or understanding of this Sale, is this, that our Village Sites and Enclosed Fields are to be kept for our own use, for the use of our Children, and for those who may follow after us; and the land, shall be properly surveyed hereafter; it is understood however that the land itself, with these small exceptions becomes the Entire property of the White people for ever; it is also understood that we are at liberty to hunt over the unoccupied lands, and to carry on our fisheries as formerly. We have received as payment Twenty seven pound Ten Shillings Sterling. In token whereof we have signed our names and made our marks at Fort Victoria 29 April 1850. (Tenant 1990)

The book…. [read more]

Working Class Militancy in Canadian Labour History Term Paper

… History of Canadian Labour- the 2 significant periods of working-Class militancy in Canadian History

The history of the Canadian state has been marked by a lot of important events which came to shape its present. In particular concerning the current social and economic situation, in can be said that one of the most important periods in its history was the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th as the events which took place at the time constituted some of the most dramatic changes in the Canadian society. However the strive for development and emancipation could not have been achieved without sacrifices and without the background of general events that in the end shaped the way in which the Canadian society emerged…. [read more]

Canada's Relationship to the United States in Margaret Atwood's Surfacing Term Paper

… Canadian Nationalism & Margaret Atwood

Canada's Relationship to the U.S. Vis-a-Vis Margaret Atwood's Surfacing

For Americans or Europeans who are oblivious to the justifiably pessimistic feelings many Canadians have toward the U.S. In particular and Western attitudes in general, reading Margaret Atwood's book Surfacing should serve as enlightenment. And if readers rationalize that Atwood's work is fictional so it probably isn't representative of how Canadians truly feel about their neighbors to the south - those readers would be, at some level wrong. Indeed, Atwood's is a critically acclaimed and brilliant novel which weaves Canadian nationalism themes, universal feministic themes - and strong ecological consciousness - into an appealing dramatic tapestry of drama and conflict. Meantime, this paper's task is to flush out metaphors deep in…. [read more]

Unfunded Infrastructure of Canadian Municipalities and the Risk it Poses Term Paper

… Unfunded Infrastructure of Canadian Municipalities and the Risk it Poses

Canadian infrastructure has fallen into a terrible state of disrepair due to lack of funding for such projects in municipalities in Canada. The resulting problems are great and diverse ranging from insurance liabilities for the municipalities in Canada due to health and safety risk posed by lack of funding to lack of recreational space and place for citizens resulting in a loss in social capital and declining health of citizens in Canada. This problem has not gone unnoticed and efforts have been and are being made to address this problem in Canada's municipalities.

The state of Canadian infrastructure has been due to a lack of funding by the government and has resulted in a terrible…. [read more]

International Trade of Canadian Lumber Research Paper

… International Trade of Canadian Lumber

The contemporaneous society is characterized by a series of elements, such as the opening of boundaries to international trade or the massive advent of technology, which has come to impact virtually all life activities. Aside from these however, a more concerning characteristic which is common in the modern day society is given by the threat of environmental instability.

Global warming is becoming more and more present and the risks it poses for humanity call for an integrated action. Problems which contribute to environmental instability include actions such as higher levels of consumption, increased dump of industrial waste in waters and other fields or high levels of deforestations. The impacts are disastrous and include sky rocking levels of pollution, the death…. [read more]

Public Policy Towards Business Term Paper

… Canadian Economy

In recent years, Canada's economy has quickly developed into an international leader. Even the Canadian Dollar has eclipsed the United States Dollar in might. The question is, what is the cause of Canada's robust economy? One major contributing factor is the role of international business, whether that be imports, exports or buyouts. The increase in international takeovers in Canada cannot be ignored as a reason for the economic turnaround, however, there is the lingering question of whether or not this increase in international takeovers is actually hollowing out the Canadian economy and, if so, will this eventually set the economy heading in the reverse direction.

This paper will examine these questions. First, an overview of the Canadian economy will be presented. Second, an…. [read more]

History of Canadian Labour the Decline and Movement of Canadian Labour Between 1920 and 1940 Term Paper

… History Of Canadian Labor: The Decline and Movement of Canadian Labor Between 1920 and 1940

The objective of this work is to analyze the decline and subsequent rebuilding of the Canadian Labor movement between 1920 and 1940. Included in this analysis and discussion will be information relating to the Cape Breton coal miners, the origins of the Cooperative Commonwealth in Oshawa, Ontario, and the extent to which the CCF served the interests of the working people and the labor movement during this period.

David Schulze writes in the work entitled: "The Industrial Workers of the World and the Unemployed in Edmonton and Calgary in the Depression of 1913-1915 that the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) were "...remarkable among North American labor unions for two…. [read more]

Comparative Analysis of British and American English Multiple Chapters

… British and American English

Comparative Analysis of British and American English

Benefits of a comparative, polyimide approach

Conscious identification of differences

Traditional Standard English (SE)

Other standardized Wes

Unity within English

Zero-marking of 3rd person singular verbs

Modal Past in English

Modal Auxiliaries

Modal Past in Hypothetical Conditionals

Cross-Linguistic Findings

Comparative Analysis of British and American English

In a world where globalization is the trend -- a global economy, a global internet, global warming, global businesses -- it should not be surprising to learn that there is now also an undisputed global language, namely English. Because English today is used in a plethora of contexts around the world, as the native language of millions, the official language of numerous nations, and a lingua franca in…. [read more]

Canadian Political History Term Paper

… World War I, known at the time as the Great War, was a major challenge to countries caught up in the conflict. The war involved a massive mobilization of manpower on a scale not seen before, and getting enough men into the military was a difficult proposition for many countries. Canada entered the war early with more than 30,000 volunteers in the army, forming the First Canadian Division of the Canadian Expeditionary Force. In time, tensions developed between the English-speaking Canadians and the French-speaking Quebecois. The latter wer seen as not doing their part, and this belief was bound with a broader effort to ban French and destroy the French-speaking community in Canada. The issue would soon also be bound with a debate over conscription…. [read more]

Canadian Navy During WW2 Term Paper

… Sarty Roger -the Maritime Defence of Canada and Marc Milner - the implications of technological Backwardness: the Canadian Navy 1939-45. The main objective will be to discuss the state of the Canadian naval fleet during the Second World War, debate on the main factors that led to this situation, the tactics and the strategy adopted by the Canadian navy rulers and finally present the references and the convincing power of the two articles.

The Second World War represented an important moment in the history of human kind. Whether we discuss the issue from the German point-of-view, that wanted to rule Europe and make racial eradication, or from the Allies point-of-view, that defended the democratic values and the rights of offended national states, the Second World…. [read more]

Canadian Military History Samuel Hughes Thesis

… Mental Health Institutions

Introduction to Sam Hughes

If Lieutenant Colonel Samuel Hughes, also known as Sir Samuel Hughes and Sam Hughes, is one of the true scoundrels in Canadian history, why are scholars and historians continually bringing his name up and reviewing his life? If Sam Hughes is truly an embarrassment to the dignity of Canada, and a black mark on the otherwise sterling reputation of Canadian political and military history, why then do authors who bring old issues back to life write books and article about him? Could it be that no matter that Hughes engaged in skullduggery, brash arrogance, illegal activities and that from time to time he used questionable judgment, his name still reflects derring-do in a memorable way because of his…. [read more]

Hisory of Palliatve Care Palliative Ghost Writing

… Development of instrument that can be used in improvement of palliative care

There are legal standards that are being used in the United States to help sustain the lives of young children. Creation of machines to help in the program to sustain lives especially of those children suffering from long life diseases like cancer is the current project. This is an initiative taken by the pediatric palliative care department. The program will play a significant role in prolonging lives especially to those children with serious illness. Two instruments in the suggestion for use and reviews made to see the effectiveness. Parents and palliative care employees from various institutions gave opinions to act as a guideline on the effectiveness and progress. The instruments are essential in…. [read more]

Analyzing Canadian S Choice for Walk in Clinic Visits or Continuity of Care by Family Doctors Research Paper

… ¶ … healthcare services in Canada i.e. continuity of care by family physicians and walk-in clinics. The paper explores the existing situation in the context and seeks to find a solution in the best possible manner to address existing and projected issues concerning seamless, effective, and economic service.

Key Message

According to Jones (2002), walk-in clinics are stand-alone (not part of any hospital system) health care facilities that accept clients without referrals or appointments. Walk-in clinics are especially popular in the United States, Canada and Australia. They started in the early 1970s in the U.S. as independent emergency facilities that helped to release the pressure from overwhelmed emergency departments and family doctors through the provision of non-referral / non-appointment care services. By the end of…. [read more]

Country for Study of Language Use Canada Thesis

… Canadian Languages

An Examination of Canadian Official Bilingual Policy and Other Multi-Lingual Factors at Work in Canada

Historical and Current Linguistic Factors

Canada is a large country in terms of geographic area, and its history and society incorporate many diverse people and different languages. The country occupies over nine-million square miles of land -- almost seven percent of the Earth's total landmass -- and much of this area is very sparsely populated (StatCan 2009). Its location in North America has given it a relatively unique history and mixture of European-descended as well as indigenous peoples. The most current population estimate is nearly thirty-four million people, with growing rates of immigration and higher birth rates responsible for some of the most sizable increases the country has…. [read more]

Brick Market in British Columbia the Demand Term Paper

… Brick Market in British Columbia

The demand for construction materials including concrete pipe, bricks and blocks, which together comprise NAICS 32733 industrial codes throughout British Columbia continues to experience consistent growth, year over year, beginning in 2000. There are several catalysts that are fueling the growth of demand for pipe, bricks and blocks, and the focus of this analysis will specifically be on demand for bricks in the British Columbia province. The goal of this report is to analyze the specific catalysts that are fueling the growth of construction in general and brick demand specifically, also taking into account the implications labor force growth necessary to support the projected increase in production as well.

Construction Demand Increasing in British Columbia

The first and most significant…. [read more]

Travel to British Columbia Term Paper

… The taproom is available for beer-tasting.

Granville Island Brewing Co. Ltd.

1441 Cartwright Street, Granville Island, Vancouver, BC V6H 3R7



Just north of the city in North Vancouver you'll find the Capilano Suspension Bridge. In the 25-acre park you'll also find a center for native carving and other indigenous exhibits, a restaurant and gift store. The scenery is breath-taking. If you can gather the courage to cross the suspension foot-bridge over the 500 ft-deep gorge you'll have an opportunity to take spectacular pictures.

Capilano Suspension Bridge

3735 Capilano Road, North Vancouver, BC V7R 4J1;



For dinner, you might try the Raincity Grill and C. Restaurant. Located on the beach in the West End of Vancouver. The restaurant specializes in…. [read more]

Media Review News Story Essay

… Hence, propaganda model comes into play here.

Bloomberg Business Week

Bloomberg Business Week published a couple of abridged versions of the story on the issue, which also introduced the company by giving a short introduction. Look at the following short stories, published there followed by an analysis at the end:

About the Company: Viking Air Limited has been working as the principle producer and refurbishment service provider of the jet planes and their parts. The company offers a great variety of services including service support, certification & protection services, repairing and refurbishment, parts installment and finally AOG services. Additionally, it also offers OEM support service for the Havilland airplanes globally. Founded back in 1970, the company is headquartered in Sidney, Canada (Bloomberg, 2012).

Short story…. [read more]

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