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Religion Qualifications of the Divine Essay

… Buddhism is a religion that challenges the mind to contemplate existential paradoxes. There is no Absolute Reality, but everything is Absolute Reality at the same time. Absolute Reality is Nothingness, but it remains possible to be conscious of nothingness while still being alive and in the world. Buddhism suggests that Absolute Reality is qualified by consciousness, which is why meditation offers the key to achieving the Absolute Reality. Absolute Reality is liberation from suffering, as explained in the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism. Life is suffering, meaning that human beings typically contend with anxiety, anger, and anguish. These types of suffering are a direct product of desire, or craving. To eliminate suffering and achieve a divine state of mind, one must eliminate desire by following…. [read more]

Religion What Roles Do the Gods Essay

… Religion

What roles do the Gods and Goddesses play in Hinduism and what do they tell us about the Hindu concept of the Divine (Brahman)?

There are different roles played by the gods and goddesses in Hinduism. Each god or goddesses have a unique role. For instance, Kama is a god of Love. Though the gods and goddesses are many, there is a supreme god known as Brahman. In essence, the religion remains monotheistic. Brahman is a supreme reality that surpasses human knowledge and understanding.

Hinduism believes in the concept of "many paths under one truth." For instance, when a certain family worships several gods, another family may be worshiping a different god. Even though Buddhists may worship different gods, the central supreme reality is…. [read more]

Religion Comparing the Catholic Essay

… The church property, material representations of the religion, and anything that is connected with God, Jesus other church is deemed to be sacred, and worthy of respect. Therefore, this is an all-encompassing religion, which impacts on the lives of the followers in many ways.

Part 2

Examining the Wiccan religion, talking to an individual's follows this path indicates some interesting parallels as well as some significant differences. Wicca is a relatively new religion, which the followers early date back to roughly the 1950s, founded by Gerald Gardner and Doreen Valiente. However, while the religion itself is relatively new, the foundations were based on much older traditional beliefs associated with a respect and reverence for nature and the concept of duality. Rather than simply one God,…. [read more]

Religion of Consumerism Versus Lakota Using Phenomenological Approach Term Paper

… Religion of Consumerism

Consumerism is the term used to describe a person who equates their happiness with the act of purchasing and possessing material things. (Barber, 2007). Lakota is a Native American tribe from the Great Planes area. (Christafferson, 2001). The Lakota Indians lived, and still do live, simple lives that focus on the connection to nature. In modern day, consumerism has evolved into a form of a religion. The difference between Consumerism and Lakota is that consumerism takes the person further away from their natural roots.

What does it mean to be human?

Every individual and community answers the question of "what it means to be human" or "what is the meaning of life" differently. These differences in answers stem from each individual's personal…. [read more]

Beliefs, Concepts, and Elements of the Religion Thesis

… ¶ … beliefs, concepts, and elements of the religion, including the essential elements of the Gospel in the religion. Judaism is one of the world's best-known religions, and Jews have a long history of their beliefs, and a long history of persecution for those beliefs. It is an interesting religion that helped produce the Old Testament of the Bible and continues to be a source of conflict and dissent in the Middle East, between Israel and the surrounding Arab nations. There are practicing and non-practicing Jews all over the world, and Judaism continues to be one of the most misunderstood religions in the world today.

Judaism, or the Jewish religion, has been around since the dawn of time. Initially, Jews were called Hebrews, and Hebrew…. [read more]

Ethics Epistemology Religion Term Paper

… Religion

This work looks at the concept of religion by first explaining its definition. It argues about whether God really exists and takes the standpoint that He does exist. The argument of this paper is based on this thesis and addresses some of the issues associated with God. It describes two theories that express religion and picks the strongest theory for the rest of the work. It also looks at the controversial issues of God and science. It follows to discuss the nature of God and the conflicts that arise with His interaction with man. The work ends with a conclusion that summarizes the main points captured in the work.

There as many definitions of religion as there are people who try to define it.…. [read more]

Religion Most of the World Term Paper

… Yet, despite his mocking tone, it is clear that most religions strive to avoid murder, and that this is indeed an important concept within religious and spiritual experience.

The Harmony religion will aim to incorporate many of the shared beliefs of many of the world's religions into one religious concept. As such, faithfulness and honesty, a prohibition against murder, compassion and love, and developing good character will be deeply held beliefs within the Harmony religion.

Commandments and Rules

In his comedy routine, George Carlin reflects the feelings of many people when he lampoons many of the commandments as "controlling people." He argues that the first three commandments, which include keeping the Sabbath, not worshiping false Gods, and not taking the name of the Lord in…. [read more]

Roman Religion in Antiquity Essay

… In the event of a successful conquest, the divinity in question was then accepted as Roman.

The is a concept echoed in the work of Hijmans

, who focuses on two different solar deities found in the Roman pantheon; Sol Indiges, a Roman god, and Sol Invictus, A syrina god of late antiquity. What is interesting here is that many scholars struggle to find agreement amongst themselves, as well as reconciliation within their own research to suggest that these two widely different deities could have existed, albeit at different times, within the same religious environment.

This disagreement is indicative of the general disagreement and debate that has been part and parcel of religion since its existence in human communities. Indeed, Beard, North and Price

mention…. [read more]

Existence of God and Religion Term Paper

… Religion

Anselm, Aquinas, and Hume (Word Count: 1185)

The central argument made by Anselm in his Proslogion is that the ability to conceptualize the existence of God is sufficient to prove God's existence. In his Summa Theologica (written in response to Anselm), Thomas Aquinas also endeavors to prove God's existence. This paper compares the two canonical religious authors, placing them in dialogue with each other (addressing whether they are mutually compatible) and with David Hume's Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion.

Although Anselm's theory is considered to be less scientifically grounded than that of Thomas Aquinas, it is important to acknowledge that Anselm's beliefs were still borne out of an early skepticism toward whether God existed, as well as a need to attempt to prove his existence.…. [read more]

Dimension of Religions Essay

… ¶ … Religion and Religious Belief

Modern and Pre-modern Concepts of Religious Belief

In ancient times, it was perfectly understandable that man would imagine "gods" because so much of the environment around primitive communities was completely impossible to understand. Lightning bolts from the sky that ignited whatever they touched and torrential downpours that devastated manmade structures would have seemed to be volitional acts. The principle that modern psychologists refer to as "projection" would have caused early man to assume that the divine beings he imagined had the same kinds of thoughts and impulses as he experienced himself (Sagan, 1997).

In the same way that some people today develop superstitions and "luck" rituals, ancient man would have connected events that were merely coincidental rather than causally…. [read more]

Religion Is Truly a Lived Term Paper

… But that is where the Haitian Vodou religion actually is more adaptable than many mainstream religions practiced in America. Christianity, Judaism and Catholicism all tie their practitioners down to certain restricting activities: whether it is going to church on Sundays, refusing to eat pork, or other historical cornerstones of the religion.

Vodou simply is like the wind, simply follows the practitioner wherever he or she may go, and allows flexibility in its practice.

Mama Lola surely does not feel restricted by the religion of Vodou; rather, she feels empowered and secure in her belief and, more importantly, in her future well-being.

But at the same time, Brown's interpretation of Vodou's everyday practice does not erode the historical significance of the Haitians' spirituality: Vodou, after all,…. [read more]

Religious Traditions: Even Though Religion Essay

… The creation of the sacred and profane objects helps in directing the believers to focus on the magnificent values and supernatural and the hidden aspects in the natural world or environment. As important parts of religious traditions the sacred, sacred places, sacred time, and profane objects always act as the reminder of the presence of more than what is seen in the present life.

Notably, the mere belief in the existence of the divine or sacred is normally inadequate because it's crucial for a religion to stress on ritual acts involving the divine as it emphasizes on the sacred. One of the most significant ways of explaining the religious beliefs and focus on the divine or sacred is usually through the ritual acts that are…. [read more]

Islam Select a Religion Essay

… The three religions have a concept of God and that these scriptures were revealed to their respective prophets from God. Furthermore, Islam, Christianity and Judaism, talk about Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, who were the prophets of God. The Jews are referred as Children of Israel in Bible and Quran and are considered to be the direct descendants of Prophet Jacob, who was the grandson of Abraham (McInerney, 2003). All three of the religions have a way of life, which must be followed by their followers. Fundamental concepts such as Day of Judgment can be found in all three of the religions.


There are several differences between Islam, Judaism and Christianity. Islam believes that there is only one God and that the Prophet Muhammad is…. [read more]

Religion Comparison Religions in Ancient History: Similarities Essay

… Religion Comparison

Religions in Ancient History: Similarities and Differences

According to Smitha, biologists have dated the earth, as well as the sun, as 4.55 billion years old, a planet that was formed by the gravitational pull of different elements. Scientists claim that life began with two important acids -- DNA and RNA. After millions of years, what started as microorganisms evolved into humans. Smitha writes that homo sapiens first emerged 60 thousand years ago in Africa. Yet before scientists isolated what they credited with the beginning of the earth and humanity, religions provided the answer for them. In fact, as long as humans have been around, there has been religion. In the ancient world, religion played a major role from society to society, and many…. [read more]

Religion in Tokyo Term Paper

… Shinto had no founder like Buddhism, Christianity, or Islam and it did not develop sacred scriptures, an explicit religious philosophy, or a specific moral code. Shinto is easily incorporated into the Japanese way of life. It is easily practiced alongside elements of Buddhism or Christianity. The word Shinto itself means "way of the Gods." Shinto and Buddhist shrines are almost indistinguishable except for the torii gates that mark the entrance into the Buddhist temples (, 2002). Many of the festivals held in Japan originated from Shinto rites. These included prayers of thanksgiving, offerings of food and valuables, and purification rituals.

Shinto did not begin as a formal religion and was not easily definable in its original form. It became formalized in the 6th century, primarily…. [read more]

Religion -- Concepts of Death Questions Surrounding Essay

… Religion -- Concepts of Death

Questions surrounding death and the nature of human existence have intrigued the human race for millennia. The discovery of burial sites dating back from 70,000 to 15,000 B.C.E. carefully laid with certain belongings, and specific positioning and state of the body, suggest ancient practices of religious beliefs and concern for the afterlife (Chidester: 1). The concept of death is important to human history as it helped to develop a concept of rebirth and life's urgency, has acknowledged the existence of a higher power, and contributed to the unification of societies. The concept of death also raises questions regarding human beings, and the understanding of who is a human being. Four factors that help understand the definition of a human being…. [read more]

Religion of the Spirits Essay

… This will then serve as the basis for Aquinas' argument that God planned and created everything in existence according to a predetermined set of plans and rules.

Nietzsche, on the other hand, would take the opposite view. If confronted with the Religion of the Spirits believers, he would probably begin by saying that the spirits do not exist, and that they are figments of the overactive and needy imaginations of the believers. Nietzsche would then espouse his belief in nihilism as the basis for this argumentation. Specifically, he might tell the believers that life on the physical plane is all that human beings might reasonably expect. The fact that this life repeats itself, without any potential for improvement or change, is at the heart of…. [read more]

Religion Each of the Variations of Christianity Essay

… Religion

Each of the variations of Christianity presents significant beliefs about the concept eternal life. Following death, Christians honor the idea of heavenly life, and spiritual immortality in the kingdom of God. The weight of the Christian attitude toward death, and the importance of its promises, is validated by the reality of Christ's resurrection (Kramer: 142). There are three main perspectives regarding the resurrection of Jesus: Christ's physical body was resuscitated; the resurrection occurred only in the imagination or faith of those closest to Jesus; or thirdly, the resurrection of Jesus is a spiritual mystery that the human mind is unable to comprehend (Kramer: 143-4). The third perspective on resurrection is based on the earliest testimony presented by the apostle, Paul. Paul's point-of-view supports the…. [read more]

Compare and Contrast the Religions of Christians and Muslims Around 700 Ace Term Paper

… ¶ … Religions of Christians and Muslims around 700 a.C.E.

Islam vs. Christianity around 700 a.D.

Christianity and Islam generated much controversy in seventh century's world, as savages in particular had not been acquainted with the concept of religion and thus had difficulty understanding the benefits and the disadvantages they would gain from following a certain religion. Christianity had experienced a steady progress in the last centuries, spreading rapidly over territories in Asia and in Europe. In spite of the fact that it was a newly founded religion, Islam was also influential and quickly spread over the Arabian Peninsula, actually threatening communities where Christianity dominated.

The first millennium was an essential chapter in Christian history, as it was the period during which the religion progressed…. [read more]

Religion -- Pros and Cons Research Paper

… Religion -- Pros and Cons of Religion in Society

Some form of religion is common to all known human societies and there is evidence of prehistoric religious beliefs and ceremonies practically everywhere that ancient human remains and anthropological artifacts are found. To a great extent, religious values have played a role even in shaping some of the secular laws of many societies. In some respects, religion may provide valuable benefits to society; however, it is hard to deny that religious differences have been the single most significant source of the antagonism that has inspired armed conflicts among nations and peoples. Organized religion has been directly responsible for tremendous human suffering throughout the world. On the other hand, millions of people derive confidence and moral guidance…. [read more]

World Religions the World's Great Essay

… World Religions

The World's Great Religions

The world is filled with a wide variety of different religions and philosophical belief systems. Many of these practices are from an ancient era, well before the age of Christ. Dominated today by Christianity and Islam, all of these practices still have things in common, such as the belief in living a good and honest life. Modern Christians today must learn to live in harmony with these other religions.

The religion of Christianity is one of the greatest modern religions. It stems from the inspiring story of Jesus Christ and his sacrifice which gave humans the teachings and scriptures needed to live a good life and find peace with the one true God. Jesus, who was born Jewish, was…. [read more]

Roman Religion Although the Ancient Term Paper

… "

Aeneas marks this altar as specifically Roman according to not only the city's religious tradition, but also its cultural tradition of dress of mythical history. One can see a possible motivation for this intentional linking when considering the other figures depicted in the Ara Pacis' friezes, and particularly the image of Augustus. The procession of which Augustus is a part represents "the processions that would have taken place in 'real life' around the sides of the precincts, leading up to the altar itself -- and perhaps, more specifically, that procession which took place on the day the altar was first consecrated."

Recognizing this is crucial for understanding the depictions relation to both Roman religious practice and political life, because the particular representation of Augustus…. [read more]

Religious Traditions Include Laws, Beliefs Essay

… They also expect people to respect everything that are in the natural world and hence ensure that it is always in perfect condition. Destruction of the natural world is condoned by religious traditions. Whichever venue the religion has set aside as a holy and sacred place, there are rules, albeit some are unwritten, that are followed and traditions that are observed within such venues as the traditions dictate.

Relationship with each other

Different religious traditions stress on the relationships with each other. For instance in Christianity there is a lot of emphasis on the relationship among brothers and sisters. An individual is supposed to love God and other people. Through these efforts one is expected to seek reconciliation with others incase something was done wrong…. [read more]

Religion? Be Sure to Include Concepts Term Paper

… ¶ … religion? Be sure to include concepts such as beliefs, symbols, rituals, and ethics in your analysis. Illustrate how the religion practiced by the group you visited qualifies or does not qualify as a religion, based on your assessment.

To some degree, religion is a relatively recent social construct of Western society. Westerners, particularly Americans, tend to define religion as a separate, private category that is walled off from public life. But in previous eras, the category of 'religion' was tied to one's loyalty to the state. Every nation and society had their own gods, and often leaders were honored as gods. The Romans demanded that people in their empire worship Roman deities, as a sign of civic loyalty, not out of piety (Rives…. [read more]

Shintoism Is a Religion With Strong Indigenous Term Paper

… Shintoism is a religion with strong indigenous roots. Because it developed as Japan developed into a unified culture, its ties to Japanese culture are strong. It is markedly different than many religions because it has no set of laws its followers must follow, and no concept of punishment for sins. It is a religion of many major and minor gods, and teaches that each person becomes a god at death. For this reason, an important part of Shintoism is ancestor worship, making Shintoism an important part of family life. Many people who declare themselves to be Shintoists also follow many Buddhist practices. While there is no one prophet for this religion, its followers embrace Confucian teachings for moral guidance.



Meaning of "Shinto"

Overview…. [read more]

Western Religion in His Book Term Paper

… Education is to be had on penalty of Sin.

The author Neusner avers that there are several forms of Judaism -- each presenting a different viewpoint based on culture and philosophy. Rabbinic and Talmudic Judaism are two of the main. (pp. 41-49) Contemporarily, secularism has taken root under the strength of Western culture. Incidentally the Torah has also undergone severe changes. The Torah was destroyed after first Temple's destruction. When the Jews were restored to Israel, the Torah was revived and was made available to everybody. It included the Tannakh (The Hebrew Bible) (p. 45), which contained the Pentateuch, Books of the Biblical Patriarchs and smaller books. During the age of cogency, the notion of the dual (written and oral) Torah arose (p. 71). This…. [read more]

Self in World Religions Essay

… "

It seems a natural progression, however, to go from Taoism to Buddhism. If Taoism and Confucianism share an emphasis on harmonizing the self with outward forces, except Taoism rejects the social definition of those forces (and the self's definition in terms of interpersonal relationships), then it is worth considering that the inward turn taken by Taoism is, to a certain degree, the defining fact of Buddhism. The Buddha is more obviously concerned with understanding and justifying human suffering -- therefore the Buddha presupposes a self that registers discontent and unhappiness. The Buddhist concept of nidana, or the "chain of causation" intends to trace that suffering to its origins, and in terms of understanding the Buddhist conception of selfhood it is worth noting that the…. [read more]

Religion Is an Analysis Term Paper

… (Pg. 158) Although he was of Romanian extraction, Eliade harboured a strong fascination for Hinduism and studied in Calcutta. Eliade believed that religion had to be studied "as something religious" rather than in abstraction "by means of physiology, psychology, sociology, economics, linguistics, art or any other study." (pg. 161) Like modern day suburban 'Celestine Prophesy' bohemians who don't follow 'organized religion but consider themselves to be 'spiritual,' Eliade believed that "life can be changed by what he called a 'sacramental' experience." (Pg. 159)

Eliade founded the basis for what we today would call cultural relativism. He believed that for one to understand the basis, one had to step outside one's role as a functional unit in modern society and instead step into the shoes (sandals?)…. [read more]

Aboriginal Religion, Christianity, and Islam Essay

… ¶ … Aboriginal Religion, Christianity, and Islam... 500 words per question (total of 1500 words)

Examine the ways in which Aboriginal religion has influenced the beliefs and practices of indigenous people beyond traditional movements.

Aboriginal religion and culture conceives of time and space in a fundamentally different manner than traditional Western culture (Stanner 1968: 33). The past is not separate from the present, and ancestors have a real, material presence in the immediate world. There is no clear divide between dead and living and both continue to influence one another (Stanner 1968: 20). Time itself is an elastic concept as is space. Aborigines, rather than viewing themselves as possessing and controlling the land see themselves as 'of' the land. Aboriginal religion focuses on the need…. [read more]

Science and Religion There Is Great Distance Term Paper

… Science and Religion

There is great distance between the concepts imposed by science and those brought by religion. In many aspects they contradict each other or differ in the answers given to historical questions that man has tried to answer from the beginning of history.

The establishment of scientific debate started in the middle ages (McGrath, 1998) when the western world came in contact with translations of Greco-Arabic texts of scientific nature. The medieval Western world rediscovered Greek philosophy and ancient theories about the universe and life that gave their beliefs a new direction. It was also in that middle age period that the great universities of Europe were established and the natural science began to develop significantly. As the great faculties developed Theology and…. [read more]

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