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Ben Franklin Is Famous Term Paper

… I knew my ire was mainly due to the fact that I had received a poor grade upon my previous history assignment. The sight of the man, in the flesh, caused me to regret all of my previous mutterings about 'stupid American history, learning stupid American facts, so what if half of America can't even find their own nation on the map and that most Ivy League college students don't even know the era in which the Civil War was fought, at least the Civil War is way less boring than the Revolutionary War.' decided the best way to make amends for Bill and Ted and for my own bad attitude would be skip school and to take Franklin out to Chicken Holiday for a…. [read more]

Ben Franklin's Autobiography Term Paper

… Write the word Hypothesis and then write a tentative Hypothesis statement that summarizes, using specific language, and your initial answer to my question. Then mull over the evidence you have found that will support this hypothesis. Ask any further questions that don't seem to fit your hypothesis, end with some more specific questions. This should be done in at least 1 page.


Essentially, Franklin functions as a bridge figure in American literature. Unlike Washington and Jefferson, his contribution to America is not political, primarily, in nature. Franklin was part of an older, colonial generation more mired in European literary ideas. This is why Franklin adopted Pope's sharp, unemotional, aphoristic style to tell the nature of his own life. However, certain more 'American' aspects of…. [read more]

Ben Franklin's Writing Expresses Term Paper

… "

Formal & Thematic similarities within the two poems & their ideological tenets

In the case of Coleridge's poem, This Lime-Tree Bower My Prison, one of the things that are perhaps the most apparent in regard to the poetic form implemented by the poet is that he effectually blends sensory modalities of sight, sound, and touch, subsequently leading to a gradually climactic disclosure of the ostensibly intrinsic divinity of nature. This is particularly apparent in context to the manner in which the poet decrees there to be an actual "hunger after nature" within the character of Charles:

My gentle-hearted Charles! For thou hast pined

And hunger'd after Nature, many a year,

In the great City pent, winning thy way

The poet clearly feels sympathy for…. [read more]

Ben Franklin Research Paper

… Ben Franklin

"The First American," as Benjamin Franklin came to be known because of the endeavor he put across with the purpose of achieving unity between the American colonies, is particularly notable because of the events that shaped his life, his thinking, and the United States as a whole. His background as an individual who managed to make it from rags to riches in a relatively short amount of time influenced his behavior as a politician, considering that was especially devoted toward having equality reign over the United States.

James Franklin's New England Courant was among the first American newspapers and this made it possible for his brother, Benjamin Franklin, to become connected to the world. Aware that James was unsupportive regarding his devotion to…. [read more]

Franklin Autobiography on Self-Improvement Benjamin Essay

… If one is to take his approach to writing as an analogy to Franklin's approach to any other endeavor he set out on, one can see that Franklin was meticulous about making sure that he learned from his mistakes. Franklin (1790) writes, "By comparing my work afterwards with the original, I discovered many faults and amended them; but sometimes had the pleasure of fancying that, in certain particulars of small import, I had been lucky enough to improve the method or the language" (p. 15). This approach to editing and reviewing demonstrate that Franklin believes that in order to learn from one's past mistakes or failures, regardless of what they are attempting to accomplish.

Self-improvement is also highly dependent on self-discipline. Without discipline a person…. [read more]

Native Americans Portrayed Works Thesis

… From Franklin's perspective, natives lived a very natural and satisfying lifestyle. As a consequence, he felt that it was very wrong for colonists to relate to natives as being savages simply because their customs differed from traditions generally accepted throughout the colonies or in Europe.

John Smith was not necessarily concerned about how natives lived or about their customs, as he was more interest in strategies he could use with the purpose of exploiting them. The English explorer even "advocated deception and intimidation toward Native Americans, recommending unrestrained violence to keep the tribes in line" (Rausch & Schlepp, 1994, 59). This makes it possible for someone to understand that Smith thought of the natives as being little more than tools he could use with the…. [read more]

Benjamin Franklin Was Born on January 17 Term Paper

… Benjamin Franklin was born on January 17, 1706 in Boston, Massachusetts to Josiah and Abiah Folger (Kelly 2007, the Electric Benjamin Franklin 2007). He was the 15th of Josiah's 20 children by two marriages. He had only two years of formal schooling but continued to pursue an education by reading. His father had wanted him to be a clergy man. But he could afford to send Benjamin to school only for one year. Entering the clergy required many years of schooling. Josiah worked as a candle maker and also a devoted Anglican. But Benjamin loved to read so he was taken in by his brother, James, a printer, to apprentice at the age of 12. He helped James compose pamphlets and set printing types of…. [read more]

Benjamin Franklin and Frederick Douglas Term Paper

… Without this love of books and learning being instilled in him Franklin could have never become the great thinker, speaker, author, and statesmen that he was to become.

Frederick Douglas's life story as he narrates it in his biography, however, tells a much bleaker tale that shows even more the ability of one man to use his wits and his natural talents to pull himself up by the bootstraps after a fashion that will enable him to achieve a better and more important life. Like in Franklin's case, it was the moment where Douglas realized the true importance of education that everything began to come together for him and his life began to take a very different path. Indeed, Douglas's mistress, Mrs. Auld, began to…. [read more]

Ben Franklin Research Paper

… Benjamin Franklin has long been regarded as the most American of Americans (Pangle 2007). He is the embodiment of what we are and what we all as Americans aspire to be. He was a self-made man, clever, skeptical, hopeful, independent, and he was always looking for ways to make the human experience better. "How could we not love the man who carries our virtues to such charming perfection?" (2007) He was the founder of fire departments and libraries, sanitation projects, militias, hospitals, and a university (2007). As an inventor he invented the wood-burning stove, lightning rods, and matching grants. As an author he wrote Poor Richard's Amanack and the Way to Wealth (2007), both major successes. In politics, Franklin made a huge impact, yet there…. [read more]

Ben Franklin and Jonathan Edwards Term Paper

… ¶ … dawn of American enlightenment started with two of American history's greatest intellectuals, Benjamin Franklin and Jonathan Edwards. Both of these individuals were ahead of their times and utilized their profound impact on the American colonial period to change the face of the United States. They were the leaders of the American enlightenment era. Benjamin Franklin was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, in his lifetime he served as an inventor, publisher, writer, and statesmen and much more, many view him as the consummate perfection of the American Dream. Jonathan Edwards, another savant within the colonial era was a Congregational preacher, theologian and missionary. He is heralded by many scholars as the most important American theologian of his era. The following…. [read more]

Benjamin Franklin's Inventions Impact Society Essay

… S. History, 2011). Franklin was offered the opportunity to patent his stove, which he declined, because he considered it so useful and necessary he wanted as many people to have access to it as possible, although he said he later heard that an ironmonger obtained a patent on a 'copycat' stove. In fact, "Of the numerous inventions Franklin created, he did not patent a single one" ("Benjamin Franklin: Inquiring mind," PBS, 2011). This spirit of 'sharing' rather than hording information is still seen at many companies today, such as the information search engine company Google, whose first principle is to do no evil.

Of course, the most famous image of Franklin the inventor does not pertain to something he 'invented,' but one of his most…. [read more]

Benjamin Franklin Essay

… One point of contention was the identification of Ben as the author of the famed "Silence Dogood" letters. When Ben was apprenticed at his brother's newspaper, James refused to allow his brother to write for the paper. To circumvent his relative, the younger Franklin wrote editorials to the Franklin paper under the aforementioned alias (Quick). Through Silence, Ben Franklin could expound on all of the societal dilemmas he witnessed. When it became known who the true author of these articles was, the elder Franklin was quite furious with his brother. James Franklin was doubly concerned that the fame of being identified as Silence Dogood would make Benjamin immodest and big-headed (Cook 2). This is used as both an anecdote from the life and as a…. [read more]

Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography Term Paper

… Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography

Benjamin Franklin, by his own account, was an unusually energetic, curious, productive person. We don't often see a person who is so multi-talented, and who also has the ambition and wherewithal to act upon his talents.

Thomas Jefferson, and perhaps even Leonardo DaVinci, could be compared to Franklin, with their wide-ranging inventions and thinking.

Franklin's areas of inquisitiveness were extensive and, rather than just taking a passive interest in his ideas, he went on to manifest them as libraries, post offices, stoves, fire stations and, ultimately, to help draft the document that signifies the free state of America. It is a curious study to determine exactly what it was that Franklin possessed that set him so far above others in his achievements…. [read more]

Benjamin Franklin -- Writer, Inventor Term Paper

… Also, the almanac's stress upon self-improvement and self-reforming regardless of one's class is very 'American' as is Franklin's constant reinvention of himself, over the many phases of his long, later political career, from diplomat, to inventor, to Founding Father. Franklin was a businessman, but he also believed in the need for public service and to make one's self and life useful to the public.

Franklin was also an extremely funny and practical man -- he suggested, famously, that the turkey be America's national bird, because it was both tasty as well as attractive! Lest one be tempted to laugh at Franklin's humor, remember that this practicality was also deployed into his invention of bifocals and his channeling of electricity. He invented things, always using a…. [read more]

American Literature Listen to Sinners Essay

… 9: Read A Dream within a Dream and Israfel. Post to the discussion group.

Poe's "Israfel" might strike a twenty-first century reader as a little odd: Poe has taken a quotation from the Koran, and writes about an Islamic angel. Does that mean Poe is writing an Islamic poem? Poe's quotation from the Koran describes an angel whose "heart-strings are a lute." In other words, there is no difference between emotion and music for Israfel -- which could be seen as just a definition of an ideal form of poetry. The poem that Poe writes about this idea distinguishes our world from Israfel's angelic world -- for us, "flowers are merely flowers," and the brightest sunshine in our world is like a shadow for Israfel.…. [read more]

Benjamin Franklin: An American Life Book Review

… Franklin's life is followed as he invests resources into his ideas and struggles to have society acknowledge the positive effects of using innovation with the purpose of improving conditions for people in general. He was 42 when he abandoned printing in an attempt to get actively involved in a series of domains he considered important. Franklin eventually became a leading figure in several spheres of influence and demonstrated that the world as a whole needed to accept that he was a genius.

B. Isaacson generally wants readers to comprehend that Franklin was not the flat character that historians often portray in history books. There was much more to him than that and he would most likely be greatly appreciated in the contemporary society, given that…. [read more]

Benjamin Franklin Term Paper

… .."

Franklin proposed that Philadelphia should have fire-fighting clubs similar to those in Boston. He organized the Union Fire Company in 1736. Its members pledge to help one another if fire should breakout by putting out the fire, saving goods within the building and protecting the building from looters. Union Fire Company members were only required to protect the properties of other members. The original twenty-five members also met once a month to discuss fire-fighting techniques and company policies. Soon other fire companies and clubs were formed and provided protection for most of the city.

In 1751, Franklin and the Union Fire company met with the city's other fire companies to discuss a fire insurance company. As a result, the Philadelphia Contributionship was formed. It…. [read more]

Wal-Mart Sam Walton Owned Fifteen Ben Franklin Essay

… Wal-Mart

Sam Walton owned fifteen Ben Franklin variety store franchises, but when the chains owners turned down his request to open stores in smaller towns, he struck out on his own. Wal-Mart has since become a global retail phenomenon. The business strategies Walton employed at his Ben Franklin stores, such as volume buying, long opening hours and deep discounting, have been applied on a grand scale. This has resulted in Wal-Mart becoming the largest retailer in the world, but it has also resulted in significant controversy. While many Americans appreciate the benefits of Wal-Mart's low prices, those prices come at a cost to America. The endless quest for low prices has led Wal-Mart to shift their buying patterns towards overseas suppliers, to the detriment of…. [read more]

Abraham Lincoln Was Born Essay

… Lincoln in Comparison to other Historical Figures

When comparing Lincoln to other great historical figures throughout American history such as Ben Franklin, Abigail Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Benedict Arnold, Aaron Burr, Sam Houston, Theodore Roosevelt, Richard Nixon, and Martin Luther King, Jr. It readily becomes apparent the he processed the best traits of each. Kearns Goodwin notes that Lincoln had the capacity to listen to different points-of-view. He created a climate where cabinet members could disagree without fear of reprisals. Additionally he knew when to stop the discussion and make a decision.

Lincoln had the ability to learn on the job, he could acknowledge errors, learn Goodwin noted that from them, and move on. He was willing to share credit for success and willing to share…. [read more]

God's Activity in Men's Lives Term Paper

… Mary recounts show difficult it was to see their friends and family stripped, and torn as if sheep attacked by wolves. Her faith did not insulate her from the terror, or the personal emotional pain of the event, but she still recognized that God was able to deliver them, and protect those who remained alive until eventual deliverance came. Such is the outlook of a faith filled heart. As she was carried across the countryside as an Indian captive, Mary wrote: "Now that comfortable Scripture presented itself to me, "For a small moment have I forsaken thee, but with great mercies will I gather thee" (Isaiah 54.7). Thus the Lord carried me along from one time to another, and made good to me this precious…. [read more]

Constitution Day Essay

… Benjamin Franklin was born in 1706 into a large family; he was the tenth son and one of seventeen siblings. He was self-educated because his family could only afford to send him to school for one year. That ended young Benjamin's father's hopes for him to become a clergyman; instead, he went to work as a printer's apprentice for James Franklin, one of his older brothers, when he was twelve. Three years later, his brother launched the first real newspaper in Boston; it was called The New England Courant. James was briefly jailed for publicly criticizing the clergy during debates and Ben ran the newspaper until James was released. Ben did a good job but his brother was more jealous of him than appreciative and…. [read more]

Americanization of Benjamin Franklin by Gordon S. Wood Term Paper

… Gordon Wood's The Americanization Of Benjamin Franklin

More than 200 years after he lived, Benjamin Franklin remains an enigmatic figure. He has been revered as a patriot and one of the country's beloved founding fathers. He has also been seen as a self-serving elitist. He is seen as a man of contradictions, an American and simultaneously a man of the world. Who then, is the real Ben Franklin?

In his book The Americanization of Benjamin Franklin, historian Gordon Woods attempts to answer this question in way that sets him apart from other biographies. Other books regarding the elusive founding father have studied Franklin's legacy and have evaluated his work via the standards of the succeeding generations. Wood, on the other hand, rightly evaluates Franklin based…. [read more]

American Lit the Development Term Paper

… Also note that for Equiano, freedom is London, where his legal status is more favorable, not America.

Thus, status was more fungible and mutable in the new America. It could be changed by gaining money, like Franklin, or land like the author of the "Letters." Yet certain statuses such as race could not be concealed, even though Christian conversion could, to a point obscure one's initial racial status as in the case of Samson Occom. Given the hierarchy of American racial difference, however, although Occom could tangentially 'blend in,' Equiano's journey to freedom, though ultimately accomplished, did not brings as many social or financial rewards gleaned from Franklin's hard work.

Works Cited

Franklin, Benjamin. Commentary and Text of The Autobiography. Accessed on December 2, 2003…. [read more]

Inner Truth and Outer Term Paper

… If I am a believer and not an atheist, I might say that Woolman puts his human self at God's disposal. In essence he says, 'Whatever I am, I owe to You, I put myself at Your disposal. Your will be done.'

If I am an existentialist I might say, Franklin represents his self in his actions and his life. Self as defined by Webster is "the identity, character, or essential qualities of any person or thing," or "one's own person as distinct from all others." Woolman's essential quality is his Christlikeness and his concern with his inner life. Franklin keeps his inner life largely to himself. His essential identity is his "advancement" and "progress" in the outer world.

Franklin cares for the opinions of…. [read more]

Inventions Become so Commonplace That People Forget Term Paper

… ¶ … inventions become so commonplace that people forget the innovator who created this product. This is the case with Benjamin Franklin. He was extremely curious, always asking more questions than anyone could answer. He wanted to know the how and the why of the most confusing and common phenomena. Today, we still find many uses for Benjamin Franklin's inventions and discoveries.

Franklin is known as one of the most practical inventors in history (PBS). He studied and conducted research in physics, meteorology, natural history, geology, chemistry, mechanics, agriculture, medicine, and mathematics. Some of his inventions, such as bifocal glasses, are well-known, but there are many rare ones as well. Of the numerous inventions Franklin created, he did not patent a single one. Franklin believed…. [read more]

Sinners in the Hands Term Paper

… The entire language of Edwards' essay is negative and fearful. He writes of "destruction," "sin," "punishment," and "falling." He also writes that God is not forgiving, and will not help or watch over those who sin, or fall from grace. He writes, "Then they shall be left to fall, as they are inclined by their own weight. God will not hold them up in these slippery places any longer..." (Edwards). This is exactly the opposite of Franklin's belief that God will help those who sin because he is a benevolent and caring God. Edwards' beliefs indicate earlier thoughts that punished people for a variety of sins, and never forgave them when they sinned. This does not allow for any mistake or misgiving, or for any…. [read more]

People and Events in Pennsylvania Term Paper

… ¶ … People & Events in Pennsylvania

The history of how America was founded all starts in the land of Pennsylvania, where famous events such as the creation of the Declaration of Independence was written, the creation and signing of the United States Constitution, and a host of famous people contributed to the beginnings of our great nation. Before the discovery of the "New World," the Pennsylvania area was occupied by a number of Native American tribes, most of whom perished when the first settlers from Europe came to America (History, 1). Specific tribes included the Delawares, the Susquehannocks, the Shawnees, and different Iroquois tribes known as the Five Nations which actually expanded past Pennsylvania territory to present day New York (History, 1). It is…. [read more]

American National Character What Characteristics Term Paper

… C. works today imagine the current president having long philosophical conversations with intellectuals? Maybe that's not a fair question, but it addresses the question posed for this paper, "What have we inherited exactly?" Indeed, where have those lofty ideals of people like Jefferson gone? Now we are dominated in the media at least, with news of terrorism and Iraqis being tortured by American soldiers.

In search of an answer to the question about the national character, and having noted earlier in the paper that religion and individualism still shape part of that character, the question should also be: Is the national character of America now a split personality? That is a fair question because pundits and social-watching experts say America is more polarized now than…. [read more]

Iroquois Confederacy Essay

… Iroquois Confederacy

Following a peace treaty with France in 1701, The Iroquois Confederacy, which had been allied with the British through much of the 17th century, took a newly neutral role. As the controllers of the passable territory between English Seaboard settlements and French Settlements further inland near the St. Lawrence Valley, the Iroquois were geographically positioned as a natural diplomatic entity between the two dominant European powers in North America. During Queen Anne's War (1702-1713), the Confederacy sent a delegation to London to negotiate a peace between England and France. The delegation was received by Queen Anne in 1710, who was so moved by the visitors that she commissioned their portraits from John Verelst. Verlest's portraits are among the first paintings of indigenous people.…. [read more]

Nick Carraway Essay

… It only means that you are getting to know yourself better by stepping outside of the comfort zone. At the same time, remember who you are. You are not one of them, or else you would have fit in better already. Thoreau said, "I would rather sit on a pumpkin and have it all to myself than be crowded on a velvet cushion." Learn to be comfortable on your pumpkin, even if that does mean missing some parties.

5. What should I do about this? Should I confront Tom with how awful I think he is? What would it do to my friendship with Daisy if I alienated Tom? Should I tell Myrtle the truth? Should I tell Daisy about Myrtle?

No, I do not…. [read more]

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