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Personalized Medicine Uses Advanced Term Paper

… The medical establishment has for a long time enjoyed a paternalistic approach that entails controlling patient access to data and information regarding personal health. Moreover, the companies that develop the applications that enable personalized medicine might also have a legal right to copyright all the data contained therein.

The advantages of personalized medicine far outweigh the drawbacks, though. As the U.S. News report "Personalized Medicine" (2011) shows, personalized medicine means more focus on prevention. When a doctor has the genetic data of a patient, the doctor can also foresee problems before they manifest, or can tell a patient that he or she is at risk for contracting a certain disease later in life. This way, the patient can make necessary lifestyle changes or take medications…. [read more]

Benefits of Allopathic Medicine Outweigh the Risks Term Paper

… ¶ … allopathic medicine outweigh the risks?

The risks and benefits of allopathic medicine

Introduction definition of allopathic medicine is: "The system of medical practice which treats disease by the use of remedies which produce effects different from those produced by the disease under treatment." (Definition of Allopathic medicine) Allopathic medicine is also known as formal or conventional medicine and refers to accepted Western health and medical practices. The term "allopathic" originated in 1842 and is ascribed to C.F.S. Hahnemann who used the terms to differentiate conventional medicine from homeopathy, which is a system of medicine based on producing the same symptoms as the disease or disorder. (Definition of Allopathic medicine)

The term allopathic is used in one sense therefore simply to differentiate conventional medicine…. [read more]

Ethical Issues of Assisted Suicide Term Paper

… It is also squabbled that assisted suicide for fatally ill people undergoing severe pain can be differentiated from euthanasia used for the purpose of genocide on the basis that it is on the basis of the principles of self-respect, respect, and reverence and is selected and performed by the dying persons, instead of being forced on them in opposition to their will. (End of Life Issues and Care) Some would disagree that assisted death already happens in secrecy. For instance, morphine drips apparently used for pain relief is a secret form of assisted death or euthanasia. That PAS is unlawful avoids an open argument, in which patients and doctors could take part. Making PAS legally lawful will encourage open discussion. (Ethics in Medicine: Physician-Assisted Suicide)…. [read more]

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