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Physical Education the Importance Term Paper

… Many of the causes of obesity are ones that are combated through the education and activity of a well designed physical education program. While it is a difficult issue for many parents to address, it is important to identify children with weight management problems. In adults, the Body Mass Index (or BMI) formula is used by physicians to determine if the person is overweight, but this simple measurement is not appropriate for children; other factors such as the rate of growth, sex, and age must also be used, and generally a doctor or dietitian is needed to make a definitive decision regarding whether or not the child is a healthy weight for their height. (BUPA 2004) A couple general rules of thumb can be used,…. [read more]

Physical Education Lesson Plan Term Paper

… Divide the students into specific groups where they can discuss and make decisions about reaching their goal.

Each member of each team is given a scooter and then they are randomly scattered against the gym walls; the garbage cans and other such equipment is also scattered throughout the gym.

The overall challenge is for team members to scramble using their scooter, while collecting equipment (one at a time) and place the equipment in the garbage can which is labeled with the color of their jersey. All members must collect equipment, one piece at a time, while using their scooter and place the equipment in the garbage can which is marked with their colored jersey. When there is no more equipment left on the gym floor,…. [read more]

Physical Education Issues in Contemporary Education Impact Essay

… Physical Education Issues in Contemporary Education

Impact on Children, Schools, Communities, Families and Teachers

The importance of instilling good habits about exercise, physical activity, and nutrition as early as possible in the lives of children cannot be overstated. According to empirical research, children who spend more time playing passive games such as computer games more than participating in physically active games, recreational activities, and sports have much greater chances of becoming overweight and of having less fulfilling social lives than children who actively participate in physical recreational activities.

From the perspective of children, being healthy and maintaining normal body weight have obvious advantages in comparison to being less healthy and being overweight or obese. That is especially true because children who are overweight have at…. [read more]

Physical Activity for Seniors Grant Proposal

… Physical Activity

Physical Activities and the Elderly: A Grant Proposal

At every age, it is imperative to remain physically active. Individuals who maintain a lifestyle that includes regular physical activity and exercise can significantly reduce their vulnerability to obesity, heart disease and a host of other conditions associated with a sedentary lifestyle. As important as physical activity is across one's life cycle, it takes on yet a greater importance as individuals enter the later stages of adulthood. For the elderly, regular physical activity represents opportunities for movement, stimulation, social interaction and emotional gratification that cannot be otherwise replicated. And more importantly, the retention of this regular physical activity as a lifestyle orientation is likely to reduce the likelihood of premature mortality and to significantly increase…. [read more]

Physical Security Controls Essay

… This is because it is unique to the person and no other data can be captured that will be different. There is also the risk of severe harm to an individual. This would be by cutting a finger, hand, or removing the eye. The criminals would do this for them to gain access to a facility using the person's biometric data. This is a risky thing as the individual would most likely die as a result.

Biometric scanners can also fail, and this would result in denial of access to authorized personnel. In case of failure, an unauthorized individual could be granted access, and this could lead to a security breach. Using biometrics has also led to privacy issues. The biometric data can be used…. [read more]

Physical Activity in Prison Essay

… , 2011). It was indicated by the results of the study that the prevalence of certain health conditions such as diabetes, obesity, and heart disease were significantly higher among prisoners than the general population (Voller et al., 2011).

Similar results were obtained by Binswanger et al. (2009), in a study that demonstrated higher risk of several health conditions among prisoners, including hypertension, asthma, and arthritis. Findings indicated that the inmates had a significantly higher rate of chronic health conditions in comparison to the general population even when adjustments were made for major differences in sociodemographic variables and for the consumption levels of alcohol (Binswanger et al., 2009). Considering physical exercise is an important component to effective prevention and treatment for those disorders, this provides evidence…. [read more]

Physical Therapy Assistant Job Description Research Paper

… It simply means that this profession has a bright future for everyone who wants to pursue it in the coming times. A physical therapy assistant is a healthcare employee who can have a variety of settings to work in such as hospitals, private physical therapy centers, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, old age houses etc. The job timings may vary and it depends on the person whether he/she wants to work regularly or in evenings or only on weekends ("Physical Therapy Assistant Training," 2013).

Growth Trends in the Field

According to an estimate made by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of physical therapy assistant jobs will increase to 45.7% by 2020 ("Top 30 Fastest-growing Jobs by 2020"). This increase would be exceptional if mean average…. [read more]

Physical Fitness in Children Research Proposal

… The results of studies on aerobic capacity and fitness in children and adolescents suggest that physical fitness needs to be placed in the lower priority than developing healthy exercise habits that will continue into an adult. As children grow they will gain size and strength. Children were found to be able to increase muscular strength in response to resistance training and these responses were found to be similar to that found in adults (Fisher, 2009).

Measures of short boost fitness, including the Wingate bike test and 40-50 meter sprints demonstrated that children exhibit lower scores in short burst of this than adults. This phenomenon is not completely understood, but it is suspected to be associated with limited utilization of the anaerobic glycolytic energy pathway, shorter…. [read more]

Physical Security Controls to Document Term Paper

… Even though using biometry technology is considered to be an effective measure for security and protection against crime, there is concern that it violates the privacy and personal rights of individuals. These issues include the possibility of fraud, identity theft, civil liberty violations and inaccuracy of data that could result in being accused of a crime or become a victim of discrimination. It raises questions about how the biometric data is stored. Could the information be shared internationally? We should also be concerned about the long-term effects of biometric data being tracked on such a close basis.


a. Recap of the main points identified.

b. Future trends in security and physical protection of assets

i. How globalization will affect security in the future…. [read more]

Physical Therapy - Personal Characteristics Essay

… Physical therapy work gives me the opportunity to enjoy what I do and learn about new technology and techniques each and every day. I have the chance to be a part of helping people get a part of their lives back that they thought they had lost, and that is a great feeling.

Many people can get into the field of physical therapy, but not all of them will make it their life-long career. There are many reasons why that is the case. Sometimes, getting out of the field as a career has a reason that is very understandable. For example, if a person becomes sick or injured and is no longer able to perform his or her job duties, retirement or a career change…. [read more]

Physical Activity Research Paper

… As the author states: "The most effective strategies to increase children's levels of physical activity and improve movement skills in physical education were direct instruction teaching methods and providing teachers with sufficient and ongoing professional development in using these physical education (PE) instruction methods" (Dudley, 2011, pp. 353).

The articles reviewed thus far seem to have things in common. The first one focused on why girls may not want to participate in physical activities. The second sought to determine what may improve participation. The third remarks on direct instruction. All three although different share the common thread of practice. Physical activity needs to be practiced repetitively in order to yield positive results.

Many girls who do not like physical education and do not participate in…. [read more]

Business Plan Any Physical Therapy Business Plan

… The sales and marketing office will be charged with ensuring that the general public understands what the center deals in and the products or services that are offered within the center.

iii Administrative; this is the office that is central in sourcing for the employees for the center as well as carrying out training as well as offering the needed assistance to the senior administration.

Marketing Segment

The current society has had to deeply get engaged in the physical therapy in order to have the fast recovery that many desire. The necessity of having physical therapy especially among those who are from surgery has led to the coming up of several centers where there are varied physical therapy provided.

The target market in this case…. [read more]

Physical Fitness Thesis

… Physical Fitness Research

Proposal for Research Concerning a Fitness-Based Intervention With Childhood Obesity

Personal Meaningfulness:

The problem of obesity has worsened in recent years as Americans have tended culturally to engage in less physical activity, to eat less nutritionally and to lead generally sedentary lifestyles. The result is a set of negative health indicators that become evident early in life such as juvenile diabetes, increased risk of heart disease and diminishing physical dexterity. Therefore, the research conducted here makes as its primary focus the positive implications of regular physical activity and exercise, drawing a connection between physical activity and reduced tendencies toward obesity. As one who has witnessed first hand in family members and loved ones the myriad negative health realities connected to obesity, I…. [read more]

Physical Education the Corporal Gesture Term Paper

… Physical Education

The corporal gesture as a result of muscles of the body amounting to utilization of energy is referred to as the physical activity. The physical idleness in U.S. is a mater of great concern. As per the estimates about fifty percent of the U.S. individuals do not cater to the required levels of normal physical activity and about 25% do not involve in relaxation physical activity. Physical idleness is more noticeable in case of the poor and low educated and starts at the period of youth that influences the females intensively than that of the males. A typical prototype of idleness starts at the early childhood being referred to as sedentism that makes the improvement of physical exercises essential for the young ones.…. [read more]

Physical Health of Mental Patients Using Antipsychotic Medication Essay

… Furthermore, there is a higher risk of antipsychotic induced prolactin elevation in the people who are carriers of the rs1800497 (Taq1A) A-allele of the dopamine D2 receptor gene ( Calarge et al., 2009 and Lopez-Rodriguez et al., 2011). This is due to the lower D2 receptor density in the striatum. Also, there is a possibility that the risk of increase in weight might occur by taking the antipsychotics as its use is linked to the polymorphism of the X-linked 5-HT2C serotonin receptor promoter gene rs3813929 (i.e., the absence of the T. allele) which is associated with weight gain (Reynolds et al., 2005, Risselada et al., 2011 and Ryu et al., 2007). Lastly, a relationship has been found to be present among the tragenic 5-HT2C serotonin…. [read more]

Physical Education in Schools Term Paper

… Physical Fitness Along With Dietary Awareness

B David Ferrel

This first section will concern the two main factors concerning adolescent obesity: 1) the importance of physical fitness and the mandatory incorporation of physical activity, and 2) dietary education and eating consciously. No benefit from one exists without the other, and this significance needs to be taught to children throughout their academic careers. The next section will follow out with recommended physical activity guidelines along with School Wellness and Physical Activity Policies.


Physical Fitness and Exercise defined

What is Physical Education? According to the Glossary of Gym Terms set by []:

Physical Fitness: An overall measure of physical attributes including cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength and endurance, body composition and flexibility.

As a base definition,…. [read more]

Physical Activity in Contemporary Society Term Paper

… Physical Activity in Contemporary Society

In the cartoon "The Answer to Youth Obesity," the artist makes an obvious statement regarding the nature of one America's biggest problems. He portrays an extremely overweight child sitting at his kitchen table with his skinny mother. He has a distressed look on his face signaling his annoyance at the healthy foods which sit in front of him. His mother is attempting to soothe his distress by explaining that "so you'll make a smaller target at school." This represents the idea of curbing unhealthy ways of raising our children, not for their health, but for social acceptance. It is an ugly truth that obese youth have to deal with being ostracized by their peers.

The problem of youth obesity can…. [read more]

Physical Geology the 'Indian Ocean Tsunami Thesis

… Physical Geology

The 'Indian Ocean tsunami' which happened on December 26, 2004 was one of the worst natural disasters to have taken place in recent times. This disaster which ravaged the coastlines of the Indian Ocean resulted in a staggering number of victims, both dead and missing. Indonesia, which was the worst affected, recorded around 160,000 victims followed by Sri Lanka, India and Thailand with 35,000, 16,000 and 8,300 victims respectively. (Shiki; Yamazaki, 14); (Satake) Other regions which bore the brunt of this great tsunami include Myanmar, the Maldives, Seychelles, Kenya and Somalia.

The primary reason for this great tsunami was an earthquake which happened at 00:58:53 GMT at 07:58:53 local time measuring 9.3 on the Richter scale whose epicenter was under the seabed off…. [read more]

Benefit Plan Design Analysis Essay

… Wal-Mart Benefit Plan Analysis

Wal-Mart describes its benefits plan in fairly flowery terms. They state that they offer a comprehensive benefit package that can provide up-front cash to pay medical expenses. Also, they tout bonus incentive programs as well as up to a six percent match for their 401(k) system (Wal-Mart Opportunity & Benefits, 2012)

However, despite the window dressing that Wal-Mart has placed around their benefits, the reality is not quite that simple. Not all of the associates, for instance, are covered by the health plan. Of the 1.1 million employees Wal-Mart has, not even two thirds of them (700,000) are even eligilble for the benefits. Even when the benefits are available, the results for associates, which is what Wal-Mart calls its employees, are…. [read more]

Benefits of Physical Activity Essay

… Exercise and Health

benefits of physical activity and exercise on one'S HEALTH

Benefits of Physical Activity and Exercise on One's Health

Benefits of Physical Activity and Exercise on One's Health

Significant evidence shows that most of the people in the current global environment spend most of their time in office work that increase their level of inactivity. Similarly, most of the young people, including children and the adolescent are at a high risk of developing nutrition and inactivity related health problems due to their inactivity. The highest rate of inactivity among the global populations has led to an increase in lifestyle related conditions and death. As such, the incidences necessitate the need for a study focusing on the factors that reduce the level of physical…. [read more]

Female Participation in Secondary Physical Education Research Paper

… ¶ … Girls' Perceptions of Physical Education

Bruce Yockey

Credibility and Trustworthiness


When properly balanced with other educational and life objectives, physical education can play an important role in prompting lifelong health and activity. However, some recent research has suggested that many young women in the Canadian secondary education system do not choose to enroll in physical education beyond the point required to fulfill mandatory course expectations (Friedman, 2002; Gibbons et al., 1999; Humbert, 1995). Some preliminary evidence exists which suggests that these young women have become disillusioned with physical education in early adolescence, however more research needs to be done in order to identify and correct the reasons for this mid-adolescence rejection of physical education. This research identifies reasons that Canadian high school…. [read more]

Positive Effects of Extracurricular Activity on Academic Research Proposal

… Positive Effects of Extracurricular Activity on Academic Achievement in District of Columbia High Schools

"A good education ought to help people to become both more receptive to and more discriminating about the world: seeing, feeling, and understanding more...."

Laurent a. Daloz (20th century)

On Academic Achievement

The Alliance for Excellent Education (2008) reports that when students do not follow through with obtaining a good education and graduating from high school, they cost society money. In fact, the Alliance points out, students who drop out of school in Washington, D.C. cost the District of Columbia area millions in lost wages: "If the nearly 2,000 high school dropouts from the Class of 2008 had earned their diplomas instead of dropping out, the District of Columbia's economy would…. [read more]

Promoting Physical Activity in Elementary-School Aged Children Research Paper

… Promoting Physical Activity in Elementary-School Aged Children: What Parents Can Do

By now, everyone understands that childhood obesity is a serious problem, and it almost impossible to overstate the seriousness of that problem. "Over the past 20 years, obesity rates in U.S. children and youth have skyrocketed. Among children ages 6 to 11, 15.8% are overweight (?95th percentile body mass index [BMI] for age) and 31.2% are overweight or at risk for overweight (?85th percentile BMI for age)" (Pate et al., 2011). These rates increase as children age, so that overweight children are very likely to grow into overweight adults. Even more problematic is that these rates continue to grow. If current trends continue, "in children, the prevalence of overweight…will nearly double by 2030" (Yang…. [read more]

Activities to Reduce Inappropriate Behaviors Term Paper

… However, to date there is limited documented research supporting such a statement. In 2000, Holm and his colleagues conducted a seminal study that used everyday activities- (or occupation-) based interventions with two dually diagnosed students who attended school and lived in a CLA. The everyday activities-based intervention focused on enabling the students' participation in everyday AM and PM activities such as bed making, selecting clothes for school, helping prepare the food for dinner, setting the table, and selecting the games and crafts for after-dinner activities. Overall, the disruptive and challenging behaviors of the two students were significantly reduced when they participated in the everyday activities-based tasks, even though the focus of the intervention was NOT on their behavior as in the school environment, but rather…. [read more]

Mobility Benefits, Barriers, Challenges Essay

… , 2012). Current studies attest to the safety and feasibility of such programs even to patients on mechanical ventilation. These patients are especially vulnerable to muscle de-conditioning because of limited mobility imposed by monitoring equipment and their multiple medical conditions. Critically ill ICU patients may be aided by nurses to certain movements, such as being turned from side to side, pulled up in bed or moved to a stretcher for tests. The introduction and implementation of an early mobility protocol, therefore, will benefit these patients by reducing the likelihood of declined functions while at the ICU. There is as yet no standard for critically ill patient mobilization at the ICU (Zomorodi et al.).

Integrated Approach Needed

While much has been achieved towards optimizing short-term outcomes…. [read more]

Personal Training-Exercise Habits Term Paper

… Improvement in any aspect of fitness requires attention to frequency, intensity and volume as adaptations are made to a fitness regimen (Feigenbaum 1997). Frequency is defined as the number of exercise sessions per given time. Volume is the number of units referring to such variables as number of muscles worked, sets, reps or types of intervals performed during a given session. Intensity is the total amount of work performed in the activity in a given time. It must be stressed that for beginner-level fitness participants, increases in any of the three variables at too fast a rate can result in injuries and/or fatigue from overtraining (Campos 2002). For the improvement that "Self" is seeking it is recommended that for the two months, alterations between low…. [read more]

Activity-Based Costing in a Service Essay

… The manufacturing companies had vast resources with a large number of specialists making them opt to implement the activity-based costing system.

Furthermore, service-based organization apply the traditional costing system that adopt a two stage approach in providing the organization indirect and support expenses to the cost of a product or service. This method involves the gathering of support expenses in cost pools and later giving them to production units based on volume drivers. The connection between indirect costs and volume drivers applied in this method uses results in inaccurate costs. The manufacturing-based organizations on the other hand, use an advanced activity-based costing system that give comprehensive and accurate results. It allocates cost to organization's resources in activities. These costs are therefore linked to the organization's…. [read more]

Co-Curricular Activities High School Dissertation

… Co-Curricular Activities

High school can be a difficult time for adolescents as they grow into adults and prepare to move away from home. This time period can be complicated further by social pressures. In the past several studies have suggested that engaging in co-curricular activities can facilitate the development necessary to assist students as they move on the next phase in life. However, there are many students of color who are not always as involved in co-curricular as their White peers.

Co-curricular activities are inclusive of sports, academic clubs and other school cubs. Involvement in these activities has been found to give students a sense of belonging and school pride. Belonging and school pride are important for students to possess because they motivate students attend…. [read more]

Activities, the Services Term Paper

… Indeed, specialized teams can go from house to house and present the company's offer: the services, the way these are performed, the staff, the prices and any other informatory requirements the clients may have.

The main threat we see from potential competitors is the fact that many banks and utility facilities have already developed the technological apparatus to process electronic payments. This means that the employee will never actually have to leave his chair at work or his computer in order to pay his bills and, in many cases, he will also be able to buy his groceries online.

On the other hand, the opportunities that such a market offers are virtually unlimited and it will take a long time before the companies involved can…. [read more]

Energy Economics Cost and Benefit Essay

… The capital cost associated with energy economics are; sunk, site specific, site non-specific and fixed. (Rothschild 2008)[footnoteRef:16] [16: Bob Rothschild, "Cost Benefit Analysis." (unpublished lecture., Lancaster University, 2008), Lancaster University, Centre conf 08/rothschild.pdf.]

[footnoteRef:17] [17: Bob Rothschild, "Cost Benefit Analysis." (unpublished lecture., Lancaster University, 2008), Lancaster University, Centre conf 08/rothschild.pdf.]

The above diagram shows the share of various costs in energy economics projects.

Cost and Benefit Applied to Energy Products

Cost and benefit applied to the energy economics can be defined as an appraisal of all the costs and benefits associated with a particular energy project or policy. This project might be marketable or non-marketable. This type of cost includes both the present and future costs and benefits. And both the costs and…. [read more]

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