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Bible Role & Characteristics of God's Angels Essay

Angels of the Lord

Chapter 3: Angels

Angels have been used by God to accomplish his purposes and to assist his people throughout history both recorded and unrecorded history. Angels are mentioned 273 times in the scripture and in 33 of the 66 books of the Bible. (Fruchtenbaum, nd) Angels are mentioned in the Gospels and for instance in the book of Matthew 16:27 where it states as follows:

"For the Son of Man shall come in the glory of his Father with His angels, and then he shall reward each one according to his works."

The Book of Acts in chapter 7: 52-53 states as follows:

"Which of the prophets did your fathers not persecute? And they killed…. [read more]

God of the Old Testament Term Paper

… He destroyed man and beast because of their evil ways (Genesis 6:13). When the Pharaoh would not let the Israelites free, Moses spoke with him, pleaded. Moses warned him that God would take vengeance on the Egyptian. First the river turned to blood (Exodus 7:17). Then the frogs came (Exodus 8:5). When the Pharaoh still did not let the Israelites go, God turned the dust and smite into lice (Exodus 8:16), After the lice, came the flies that swarmed amongst the houses of the Egyptians (Exodus 8:21). The Pharaoh still would not let God's people go. Ths angered God even more and he sent down a disease that killed the cattle of the Egyptians. The cattle of the Israelites were saved. Then the Lord commanded…. [read more]

God's Holiness Doctrinal Term Paper

… God's Holiness Doctrinal Essential

I saw the Lord seated on a throne, high and exalted, and the train of his robe filled the temple. Above him were seraphs, . . . And they were calling to one another:

"Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord Almighty; the whole earth is full of his glory."

"Woe to me!" I cried. "I am ruined! For I am a man of unclean lips, and I live among a people of unclean lips, and my eyes have seen the King, the Lord

Almighty. (Isaiah 6:1-6)

God's Holiness

Hagiasmos (Greek) = "to Make Holy" or "to Sanctify"

Qadosh (Hebrew) = "to set apart"

A highway shall be there, and a road,

And it shall be called the Highway of Holiness.

The…. [read more]

Existence of God for Years Essay

… Existence of God for years has been the most debated topic. Many philosophers, scientists and theologians have presented their views about the existence of God and provided proofs to validate their theories and beliefs in this regard (Existence of God, 2004). Without the evidences all arguments and theories shall be rendered useless due to lack of generalization. It would be more of a subjective argument, pertaining to one's own concepts and beliefs, rather than an objective one. Knowledge about the God's existence according to epistemology differs from a mere belief about it, by justifications and verifiable evidences that help in the identification of truth and reality. However, if no conclusions can be derived from scientific or non-scientific approaches and no proofs or evidences are found…. [read more]

Angels and Demons in Christianity Essay

… Demons:

Demons are fallen angels who were cast out of heaven after the very highest angel, Satan, rebelled against God. Together with Satan, these angels were cast out of heaven because they rebelled against God ("Angelology: Doctrine of Angels, Demons, and Satan," n.d.). From a theological perspective, the study of demons or Christian demonology helps in understanding the nature of demons, their identity, their activities, their power, and their eventual destiny. Since they are in rebellion against God, angels seek to deceive people living in the world by distorting truth about God and creation in general. Generally, demons like tormenting people, possessing them, and directing them away from God and the truth of His word.

Similar to angels who have higher powers and archangels, demons…. [read more]

Origin of Angels? Term Paper

… "Know ye not that we shall judge angels? How much more, things that pertain to this life?" (1 Corinthians 6:3).

How should we live, in light of the doctrine of angels? As good Christians, we should live our lives according to how the Bible tells us we should live. We should love our fellow man, follow God's word, and live decent lives as decent human beings. We should share our love of God with those who will listen, and know in our hearts we are following the right path to Heaven and eternity. We should always be open to the presence of angels in our lives, for they are always there to guide us, to help us, and to make us stronger spiritually. They are…. [read more]

Sons of God in Genesis Term Paper

… As the translations of the word son have shown, there are many meanings attributed to the word, but nowhere in the Bible is there any reference to a consort for God, and so, these "sons" must be human, placed on Earth by God to do his work, but not "of" God in the physical sense. However, in several references, the Catholics uphold the belief that the "Sons of God" are the angels - his messengers on Earth with their home in the heavens. These are not the views of all, however, and most modern translators and experts believe that the "Sons of God" enjoy a special relationship with the Creator, but are human in all form and action.

In addition, Chapter 112 of Psalms seems…. [read more]

Is God in Christianity Personal? Term Paper

… God and Human Relations

God was clearly involved in His people's lives. He reveals himself in many important ways throughout the scripture to his people. We will list a number of ways in which God revealed himself to His people and showed that he was personal. First, with a general belief in the gospels, we accept our Lord's teachings that the authors of both the New and the Old Testaments were guided by God. That prophecies were fulfilled is another clear indication that God is involved in the human history process. God predicts the future and also sees the fulfillment of such prophecies. God's miracle works in history is another example of his intervention. The crossing of the Red Sea (Ex14) or the confrontation involving…. [read more]

Bible Old and New Testaments Term Paper

… Bible

Old and New Testaments comprise what Christian people refer to as the Bible. However, if you were to look up the word "bible" in the dictionary, you would find that it actually just means book. Different people use the term differently, too. Jewish people, for example, only refer to the Old Testament or Pentateuch as the Hebrew Bible. The Bible of the religion of Islam is called the Quran. The Bible is therefore a general term that connotes a sacred text: a tome believed to embody the word of God. A Bible often forms the theological, sociological, cultural, metaphysical, and in some cases legal underpinnings of a society.

You have most likely heard of the Bible in its context as a Christian sacred text.…. [read more]

Bible Book of Romans, Paul Outlines Essay

… ¶ … Bible book of Romans, Paul outlines a comprehensive Christian vision. Paul clarifies the doctrine of rebirth in Christ, noting the possibility of dying to sin in order to be newly alive in Christ. Moreover, Paul describes the process and purpose of the Christian way of life. We become slaves to righteousness and God instead of to sin. In Chapter 7 of Romans, Paul uses the analogy of marriage to describe the bond between human beings and their Savior. Therefore, Christians are bound by the new covenant that requires a recognition of sin and the sinful nature of humanity. Finally, in Chapter 8 Paul describes the new life of the Spirit promised to all who have faith. The new life of the spirit shall…. [read more]

Role of Islam Term Paper

… Even if different in appearance, the resemblance between the decorations used in a mosque in Afghanistan for example and a mosque in Spain are obvious. Why is that? One of the obvious reasons could be that, as is the case with law, art is in itself an expression of religion and the principles by which religion governs, among them unity and unicity (of God), can find their place in artistic manifestation as well. Islam art can indeed reveal the inherent religiousness of art.

The unity of Islamic art directly relates to the unity God in Islam. Otherwise, we cannot possibly explain the common cement that links artistic expressions in places that are geographically so far away from each other. But we must consider the fact…. [read more]

Angels in America, by Tony Term Paper

… "Jacob wrestles with the angel....I'm....It's me. In that struggle. Fierce, and unfair. The angel is not human, and it holds nothing back, so how could anyone human win, what kind of a fight is that? It's not just. Losing means your soul thrown down in the dust, your heart torn from God's. But you can't not lose" (Kushner).

Prior is in touch with the angels throughout the play, and perhaps sees them more clearly than anyone else. He also recognizes what they stand for, and why they come to him. They are showing us how we have made mistakes in the past. "Will the Past release us?...Can we change?" (Kushner). Prior made a fatal mistake in the past; he had sex with a broken condom.…. [read more]

Slavery in the Bible Essay

… God then calls Moses to Mount Horeb (Sinai) and appears to him as a bush burning with fire, but "the bush is not consumed" (Cahill 105). Moses does not know who this God is, and when he asks his Name he receives the replay YHWH, usually rendered as Yahweh or Jehovah. In reality, no one knows the correct Hebrew vowels to use in this word, since no Jews were ever allowed to speak or write the Name of God. They generally used to word "Adonai" (Lord) or "ha-Shem" (the Name), but only the high priest of the Temple was allowed to utter this Name, once a year on the Day of Atonement (Cahill 108). YHWH refers to the old Hebrew verb "to be" so it…. [read more]

Kingdom of God Christianity Term Paper

… In his famous meeting with John the Baptist, Jesus would adopt this same quest for spiritual purity. It is quite ironic, then, that the values of the Jewish forerunners to Christianity would also eventually be seen as the enemy to the evolving Christian value system. The New Testament, though a continuation of the narratives and values expressed in the Old Testament, would also offer explicit rejection of some of the latter's strongest conclusions.

For instance, the primary text notes, the book of Titus says, "therefore, rebuke them sharply, so that they will be sound in the faith, and will pay no attention to Jewish myths or to the commands of those who reject the truth." (Titus 1:14) This idea of Jewish mythology would be an…. [read more]

Martyrdom in the Bible Thesis

… Martyrdom in the Bible

The Bible has much to say on the subject of martyrdom. The words martyr and witness are stated to have been derived from the Greek word martyrs so it is likely that the earliest meaning for the word was 'witness'. (American Bible Society - Bible Resource Center, 2008) This work will review the various references the Bible makes to martyrdom. Traditionally, martyrdom speaks of individuals who are killed because of their testimony and stance for God, his son Christ, and God's kingdom.


While little known about Abel, the second son born to Adam and Even, it is known that Abel was the Bible's first martyr. Abel had found favor with God by offering him…. [read more]

God Creation and Evil Essay

… Solaris, God and Ineffability

The film "Solaris" concerns a psychiatrist, Chris Kelvin, who is sent to a space station where the crew appears to be experiencing a collective mental breakdown. Chris is to provide his superiors with a report on the mental state of the crew, which will be used in deciding the fate of the station. The issues addressed by the film revolve around the ineffability of death, as well as the role of a supreme being in the events after death. In general terms, the nature of death is often seen on the basis of religion. Most religions have a very specific after-death ideal. Ancient ideas such as the Viking Valhalla and the Nirvana of Eastern religions have evolved to the current forms…. [read more]

Son of God Term Paper

… ¶ … Son of God -- a lasting light and a lasting controversy

Son of God, last your light." "The Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost." The phrases pertaining to the notion of Jesus as the Son of God have become a familiar part of Christian culture, from Christmas carols to the punch lines of jokes, as well as part of Christian theology and liturgy. It is easy to forget the historical development of the title, as well as its theological implications. The notion of Jesus as the unique son of the divinity emerged one of the key, theological divisions between the Christian and the Jewish belief systems of the ancient world. For Jews, notions of being a Son of God were either rhetorical tropes,…. [read more]

Women in Genesis Research Paper

… In an earlier period, the ancient Canaanite society may have been matriarchal, although the Bible is uniformly negative in its descriptions of this particular culture. Perhaps Adam and Eve was actually an allegory about the decline in the status of women when the hunter-gatherer society gave way to agriculture and a civilization ruled by male warriors, kings, patriarchs and priests. Dinah is one of the great victims of the patriarchy since she receives the blame and shame of being raped and then becomes a person of no value who can never be married off. She disappears from the story after that, and becomes as irrelevant as the nameless wives of Lot and Noah. Unless she can produce sons and legitimate male heirs, then she has…. [read more]

There Is No God Term Paper

… ¶ … Non-Existence of God

In order to discuss the non-existence of God, it is mandatory to examine at some length the precepts and conditions of atheism which is defined as "a disbelief in the existence of a deity as understood by an atheist, or a person who denies the existence of God" (Webster's, 112). The portrayal of atheism as being something utterly lacking in credibility has played a very important role in religious propaganda for many centuries. For the most part, atheism itself must be made unthinkable so that the believer in God will not be led down the path of deconversion, meaning the process by which a religious believer (i.e. Of a major religion, such as Christianity, Catholicism or Judaism) becomes an atheist.…. [read more]

Bible the Book of Revelations Essay

… Bible

The Book of Revelations has become one of the most influential Biblical text, changing readers' lives and outlooks on the world. In attempting to interpret the Book of Revelation, I believe it is important to keep an open mind first and foremost. Many readers might find it helpful to approach the book as symbolism or metaphor, whereas others might find more strength taking a literal approach. However the reader chooses to absorb the teachings in the Book of Revelation, the text is a powerful reminder of our place in history and God's will for the human race.

The tone of the text is feverish, which inspires a similar emotional response in the reader. I would begin attempting an interpretation with this in mind: that…. [read more]

Who Were the Sons of God? Essay

… ¶ … Sons of Gods?

In Genesis 6:2 (King James Version), it is written that, "The sons of God saw the daughters of men that they [were] fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose." To determine who the sons of God were in this historical and religious context, this paper provides a review of the relevant peer-reviewed and scholarly literature, followed by an analysis of which of the possible alternatives identified is the best possible solution to this question in the conclusion.

From the perspective of some biblical authorities, the sons of God of Genesis origin are merely physical manifestations of God's desire to provide mankind with some superior genetic stock, and the description provided in the Bible suggests that they…. [read more]

Angels and Fairies Term Paper

… Mostly benevolent in nature, they are few tales of malicious acts practiced by fairies (The Fairy Faith, 2001). According to some beliefs, fairies were renowned to tempt humans to the islands where they dwelled. These islands were magical places where it was always springtime, no one got old or ill, and everyone was happy.

However, once a person entered, they were trapped there forever. They have also been known to have a reputation for kidnapping newborn babies and leaving a changeling in their place. To protect against this sort of behavior, parents were encouraged to lay a pair of the father's pants over the babies crib or hang an open pair of scissors above it. Horseshoes, crosses, bells, and four leaf clovers were other things…. [read more]

Angel Medical Portable Dialysis Device - Business Business Proposal

… Angel Medical Portable Dialysis Device - Business Plan

Dialysis Market

Patient Switching Between Peritoneal Dialysis and Hemodialysis

Description of the Portable Dialysis Device Product Line

Advantages of the Portable Dialysis Device, vs. Hemodialysis

Manufacturing Costs, Product Pricing, and Medicare Reimbursement


Competitive Outlook

Potential Business Risks

Potential Technical Risks

Potential Risks During Use

Product Development for an Animal Study

Company Milestones


Company Board and Ownership

Curriculum Vitae of Key Personnel


Author's Opinion of this Business Proposal

Angel Medical is an unincorporated startup firm in Manteca, California. The company was created to develop and market a novel Portable Dialysis Device. A prototype demonstration device has successfully been developed. While the prototype is about three times larger and heavier than the final device will be,…. [read more]

PCP Angel Dust Term Paper

… PCP is a psychedelic amphetamine drug, known medically as Phencyclidine, and known on the streets primarily as "angel dust." Other popular street names include crystal, elephant, peace pill, surfer, scuffle and super weed (Cann & De Belleroche, 2002, p. 132). It was originally invented to be an anesthetic in surgery for large animals such as horses in the 1950s. In 1963 it began to be used for human patients as a surgical anesthetic, however because it had dangerous side-effects, it was taken off the market just two years later. The side effects included patients getting extremely irrational and agitated, some almost to the point of appearing as if they were in a psychotic rage or suffered from schizophrenia (Henderson, 2000).

PCP is not the typical…. [read more]

Machiavelli's the Prince Plato's Republic St. Augustine's City of God Term Paper

… ¶ … Machiavelli's, 'The Prince' and St. Augustine's 'City of God'

The objective of this study is to examine the similarities and differences in Machiavelli's 'The Prince' and St. Augustine's 'City of God' in terms of their similarities and differences in their ideal way to rule and how their works were a product of the world around them. This study begins with a brief review of each of these books and then compares and contrasts the two works.

Machiavelli -- the Prince

Machiavelli's work 'The Prince' begins by stating the various types of principalities in the world and how they have acquired the means by which to be considered a principality stating that principalities are of two types: (1) being hereditary; or (2) being new.…. [read more]

Role as a Nurse/Life Helper Term Paper

… All things are connected.

With that basis, a look at some of the approaches one might take to proving nursing as a world-changing, life-enhancing profession are in order. This is particularly true regarding long-term care. Why? Because with nursing in a hospital or clinic setting, there is the expectation that the patients will recover and leave to go home, or not recover and die, or possibly recover only enough to enter a long-term care facility.

While there are recoveries in long-term care facilities, it is much more likely that a patient who enters such a facility will, as the metaphysicians say, make his or her transition. Because of this, caring for this population is frightful for many, but yet it is essential. Because of the…. [read more]

Role That Patronage (Royal, Ecclesiastical, Private) Played Case Study

… ¶ … role that patronage (royal, ecclesiastical, private) played in the lives of musicians and the repertoire that was composed / performed. At least three different types of case studies should be examined in terms of their most significant musicians-in-residence, its socio-cultural environment, opportunities for performance and composition, and locally preferred musical styles. One case study should be taken from each of the following categories: a) Royal or aristocratic court. b) Religious institutions including church, cathedral, chapel royal. c) Civic institutions including town council, university or school

Musicians throughout times have been able to create in accordance to the demands of those who had sponsored them. Similar to things nowadays, there had to be a demand on the market for the creations to be absorbed,…. [read more]

Compare and Contrast Two Specific Characteristics That Are Evident in Christianity and Islam Term Paper

… Christianity/Islam

Christianity And Islam:

religious foundations and the significance of jesus christ

Currently in the United States, the largest consensus religion is Christianity which includes all Christian denominations, Roman Catholicism and several fringe groups, such as Christian Scientists and Seventh-Day Adventists. In essence, all of these denominations share a core belief system which centers primarily on the person, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Thus, Christians "are those people who are defined religiously by their faith in Jesus as their Lord and Savior according to the tenets found in the New Testament" (Brown, 1969, 45), and through the action and influence of the Holy Spirit, Christians believe that the words of the Bible become the word of God for the believer via God's direct…. [read more]

Pentateuch Consists Essay

… Moses sends spies into Canaan and begins to plan to conquer the land. Some of his spies try to convince the Israelites to return to Egypt, which angers God. God intends to kill them not having faith, but Moses intercedes. Instead, God curses them, forbidding all but Joshua and Caleb from entering the Promised Land. They wander in the desert for 40 years. During their wandering, some of the men threaten to revolt, which again angers God, who again threatens to destroy them. Moses intervenes and God only kills the guilty men, but the Israelites blame Moses and Aaron for the death. God then sends a plague among them, which Aaron is able to stop by offering atonement. Eventually Moses and Aaron disobey God, and…. [read more]

Hebrew Bible Essay

… In the book of Exodus, the Angel of God appeared to Moses in a burning bush that was not consumed. In the same book God reveals his divine presence and his protection to the people of Israel by leading them from Egypt and through the desert by appearing as a cloud pillar during the day and a fire pillar at night. On Mount Sinai, God's manifestation was accompanied by thunder and lightning, loud trumpets and smokes and quakes. This stories from the Hebrew bible give an insight on how God reveled himself to the people of Israel. This shows that God wanted the people of Israel to feel his presence. What this teaches us about God is that he wants us to know him and…. [read more]

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