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Billion Dollar Bet Term Paper

… ¶ … Billion Dollar BET

Brett Pulley is a Senior Editor at Forbes magazine and has written the book titled The Billion Dollar BET: Robert Johnson and the Inside Story of Black Entertainment Television. The Billion Dollar BET is an unauthorized biography of the founder of Black Entertainment Television, Robert Louis Johnson. The author traces the blazing path of Robert Johnson through social and economic barriers with his charm and intelligence to firmly ensconce himself into the politics of Washington and the media business. This rag to riches story should have been inspiring, but then the author has painted the methods employed by Robert Johnson as anything but noble. The sale of Black Entertainment Television to Viacom in 1999 made Robert Johnson a billionaire and…. [read more]

SPAM Filtering Term Paper

… ¶ … spam filtering solution available and tries to analyze and compare the best way to fight email spam and come up with new ideas and approaches to decrease the amount of email spam received by the organizations. This is important because e-mail spam is causing the it industry billions of dollars annually and it is also interfering with legitimate e-commerce and communication. Therefore, this case study gives detailed and unbiased information on the current solutions being used by the it industry and shows the new approaches that will be used. The tactic involved in the data gathering process has been that of a collection of the largest possible number of existing information related to the spam filtering tools from articles published in various scientific…. [read more]

Soros International Currency Markets Capstone Project

… Are there any risks involved in the international currency markets that currency traders should be aware of? Yes or no.

International currency trading on the foreign exchange market, which is usually known as "forex" or "FX," is the largest financial market in the world. Compared to the measly $22.4 billion a day volume of the New York Stock Exchange, the foreign exchange market looks absolutely ginormous with its $5 trillon a day trade volume. Placing a trade in the foreign exchange market is simple: the mechanics of a trade are very similar to those found in other markets (like the stock market), so if you have any experience in trading, you should be able to pick it up pretty quickly (Baby Pips, N.d.).

The object…. [read more]

Sports Betting Term Paper

… "The arguments we're hearing in 2001 are exactly what moral leaders argued about in 1700" ( that sports gambling is a legal, moral and reasonable form of recreation that should be regulated and taxed. Furthermore many are critical of politicians from states with lotteries who advocate bans on sports betting. "The lottery is nothing more than the old illegal numbers game that they used to run in the poorer neighborhoods of the big East Coast cities," he said. "Thirty-seven state governments have lotteries. It's a tax upon those who are stupid enough to play those games" says Dick Davies (

The National Collegiate Athletic Association officials urge to politicians to sponsor legislation that would eliminate wagering on college games in an attempt to cut down…. [read more]

Business Logistics and the Supply Chain Term Paper

… Business Logistics and the Supply Chain

In order for manufacturing companies to be successful in the emerging e-business environment, it is necessary for companies to establish strong relationships within their supply chain. A significant part of this process is improved information sharing on all levels of the chain, and the Internet allows for this integration of communication and information technologies, from the factory floor to the top office, and including the company's vendors and suppliers.

Online purchasing has provided the impetus for many manufacturing firms to move from a build-to-stock to build-to-order business model. In addition to upgrading technology, companies must work with their vendors to create win-win relationships with a special emphasis on information sharing. This requires a drastic change in manufacturer/vendor relations, which…. [read more]

American Universities and Corporatization Research Paper

… University Sports Scandals Aren't a New Phenomenon

College sports programs actually began to become troublesome a hundred and fourteen years ago, when, at the turn of the century, scandals and an over-abundance of student frenzied behaviors caused administrators to establish oversight committees to regulate football (Kissinger, et al., 2009). Moreover, by the 1920s, some historically black college and universities' football programs (some dating to 1892) were called into question because of the fact that educational goals -- and eligibility requirements -- for black athletes were put on the back shelf in favor of sports success stories (Kissinger, 2009).

Kissinger references a 1930 study by Savage that showed that once student-athletes graduated, there was nowhere for those individuals to work based on what they had learned…. [read more]

Toyota, Ford, Gm, and Volkswagen SWOT

… Toyota, Ford, Gm, and Volkswagen -- Some Differing Opinions About Working With Suppliers

Treating suppliers are part of the process, as collaborators rather than adversaries, is part of Toyota's philosophy. Toyota's major American competitors, GM and Ford, have both asked the Japanese automaker to become a part of an Internet-based marketplace that is designed to act as a virtual meeting-place where automakers and the industry's suppliers can do business. This will presumably create more competition and drive down prices at the exchange. Although the American companies are rivals with Toyota, the more companies present the exchange, the greater the chance to create economies of scale. The American companies hope to do business more efficiently and cut costs. Ford and GM are in competition to build…. [read more]

Disrupting America's Economic System Term Paper

… The U.S. Treasury, led by Andrew Shaw, subsidized these gold flows by offering to temporarily place public deposits in banks if they imported gold from abroad.

The policy lowered the gold import point by offsetting the interest lost while gold was in transit. Goodhart [1969], however, notes that the gold import point was often low enough to have justified specie inflows without the subsidy. In the fixed exchange rate world of 1906, such large gold outflows were a significant threat to a country's ability to maintain the par value of its currency, which, for the pound sterling, was $4.867.

Faced with its lowest ratio of reserves to deposits since the 1893 crisis, the Bank of England nearly doubled its discount rate, from 3 1/2% on…. [read more]

Behavioral Finance and Human Interaction Term Paper

… Retail sales can serve as a measure of the economy's strength. Low retails sales often mean that the economy is weak, which could cause a drop in the Federal Reserve interest rates.

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) measures the average change in the prices that consumers pay for a fixed amount of goods and services. The Federal Reserve monitors this data and uses it as a key measure if inflationary pressure on the economy. As a general rule, if the CPI's value increases, the money supply will tighten.

The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) measures economic activity. It is the output of all goods and services created by labor and property in the United States. GDP provides important information on the current economic climate.

Characteristics of…. [read more]

Hedge Fund Management Technics Research Proposal

… Hedge Fund Management Technique, the title for this thesis/Capstone, denotes the realm of research this study presents.



"...even the most promising hedge fund can fail."

Potential Profit "Promises"

Hedge funds "could make money [even] if stock, bond, commodity, and currency prices fell," however, as the introductory quote for this thesis/Capstone contends: "...even the most promising hedge fund can fail."

Initially, as techniques implemented were able to invest in ways that could make money even when stock, bond, commodity, and currency prices fell, the "promises" of hedge funds captivated investors' interest, who perceived hedge funds as a means to protect their money by "hedging" long-term stock investments' risks. Mutual funds' techniques, on the other hand, which invested solely in stocks and…. [read more]

Evolution and Spillover of the Subprime Crisis Term Paper

… A recent headline in a United Kingdom (UK) newspaper may have said it
all. The headline read, "UK banks preparing to access BoE's emergency
liquidity scheme" (Aldrick, 2008). The article describes how UK bank
liquidity has been affected by the subprime mortgage crisis that was
perpetuated primarily by Wall Street firms in search of higher profits.
The article highlights how global the financial world has become and how
banking institutions in the UK can be affected by actions taken by
financial firms halfway around the world. Many analysts believe that the
industry is facing a financial crisis as defined by such notable economists
as Minsky and Krugman.
A financial crisis as defined by Hyman Minsky is a situation brought
about when money demand and money…. [read more]

Amazon.Com: Technology and Market Share Essay

… It seems as though the company has a certain invulnerability. Of course, this is rarely the truth. The company's SWOT analysis reveals many strengths, but also some critical weaknesses that can potentially cause the company a lot of trouble in the near future. Certainly, the company has some pronounced strengths such as being one of the leading online retailers in the U.S. with a diversified product line. Its Kindle service is building a strong presence in the field of e-books. The retail position allows it to fully exploit the opportunities that it has to acquire other companies to increase its already huge variety of online products and to capitalize on its lead in online display advertising (, Inc. 2011).

In the area of potential threats,…. [read more]

Gambling Odds Casino Research Paper

… The games of chance are even harder to manipulate in the player's favor than are the skills games. For example, roulette, a game that relies solely on the bounce of a small steel ball, has a house edge of 5.26%. So for every $100 spent you will lose $5.26 on average. Slot machines range from 2.0% to 35% house advantage ("The Odds of Gambling"). The one potential exception to this house advantage may lie within the game of craps. While the game of craps can be exceedingly complicated and the odds vary based on the type of wager laid, the opportunity to bet on the odds gives the player some advantage. For example, if a player bets the pass line and the dice thrower establishes…. [read more]

Transportation Security in the United States Research Proposal

… Transportation - Security


The Historical Evolution of Contemporary Transportation Security Issues

Airline Hijacking and Attacks on Transportation as Political Terrorism:

The first hijacking of a passenger airliner for the express purpose of influencing national or geopolitical events was the 1968 overtaking of an Israeli flight from Rome, Italy to Tel Aviv, Israel on July 22, 1968 by the Palestine Liberation Army (PLO).

Previously, numerous airline hijackings had occurred, but only for the purposes of either securing a monetary ransom or (more commonly) for the purpose of transportation.

Typically, prior hijackings involved the temporary takeover and diversion of a passenger airline flight as a means of transporting the hijackers to a specific destination; given the relations between the United…. [read more]

Employee Gambling Casino Gambling Has Grown Term Paper

… Employee Gambling

Casino gambling has grown over the last few decades from a highly specialized, limited activity to a vast, widespread pastime for hundreds of thousands of individuals. While this expansion has created employment opportunities and generated billions of dollars for tax revenue, there are downfalls to the practice that are inherent due to the type of industry. This paper will examine one such possible negative aspect of increased gambling, that of employee gambling problems. This paper will analyze casino employee gambling in terms of frequency, legality, and the problems associated with the practice, including the possibility of addiction. This analysis will show that while casino employee gambling may seem a right to some, the potential negative effects of gambling for casino employees are problematic…. [read more]

Insurance Fraud After Tax Evasion Term Paper

… The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud estimates that healthcare fraud itself cost Americans about $54 billion dollars annually. More than one third of the people hurt in auto accidents exaggerate their claims so as to obtain additional and higher compensations from the insurance company.

Research into insurance fraud shows that certain types of insurance are more vulnerable to fraud than others: Health care, workers-compensation and auto insurance are sectors considered the most vulnerable. Fraud is also more prevalent during an economic recession than when the economy is doing well and the financial markets are on an upswing.

National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) noted that, historically, there have been increases in the number of fraudulent claims reported after a major disaster -- natural or man-made. For example,…. [read more]

China's Authoritarian Capitalism Success or Failure Thesis

… China Capitalism

China's Opportunistic Capitalist Evolution

With great certainty, the process of globalization is revealing that there are considerable opportunities to be realized in China, whose economy has displayed a serious robustness and growth rate to be positively compared with any western boom. Thus, the capacity for economic expansion is significant even as the challenges to sound practice are heightened. To the point, an approach to economic capitalism which has been adapted to comply with cultural and political realities in China is evident and increasingly dominant on the front of statewide development. That seems to be the overarching finding yielded by the literature review which ultimately formulates a discussion on the prospects shortcomings of realizing this type of capitalist openness within the Chinese consumer, corporate…. [read more]

Southwest Airlines Company 2004 Term Paper

… Southwest airline is one of the major airlines operating these days. Starting from the scratch Rollin King and Herb Kelleher joined hands to build an airline company which would be a totally different from then airlines. They started the company with one simple thing in mind which was to get the customers to their desired places on time and at the lowest possible fare. They had one vision in mind i.e. To provide customers with suitable and affordable ticket prices with satisfactory air travel. On February 20, 1968 King and Kelleher created the infamous Southwest Airlines. The Texas Aeronautical Commission gave them the permission to fly between three cities in 1968. From 1968 the company has never stopped expanding and is expected to grow further…. [read more]

Reasons on Recently Change in Various Currency Research Paper

… International Finance

The Reasons on Recently Change in Various Currency

a) Use this Web page to determine how exchange rates of various currencies have changed in recent months. Note that most of these currencies are quoted in units per dollar. In general, have most currencies strengthened or weakened against the dollar over the last three months? Offer one or more reasons to explain the recent general movements in currency values against the dollar.

The value of the dollar can be figured by the exchange rates, Treasury notes and the amount of dollars that are in custody by foreign countries. These three measurements usually run in sync with each other (Amadeo, 2010). But no matter how you measure it, the dollar is losing value over the…. [read more]

Moral and Ethical Theory and Responsibilities of Business or Political Appointees Serving in Public Service Research Proposal

… Decision-making is one of the fundamental keys to the survival of an organization, more so now that economic boundaries between countries crumble, business becomes more complex, and the results of decisions often have global impact. Decisions are made constantly in business; it is the part and parcel of being effective in one's job. Innovation and improvement on a regular basis are required to maintain and improve the ability to make rational decisions, and some psychologists even believe that the ability to make effective decisions is at the core of the individual's success of failure within their organization (Porter, 1998). Managers, in particular, realize that if their organizations are to survive in this dynamic and uncertain environment, they have to make moral and ethical decisions concerning…. [read more]

Awarding Audit Contracts by U.S Term Paper


3.1 Summary

The information available for researching this project was based on a cross-section of materials. Although this was an immense task because of all the government guides available on the subject, not to mention non-government materials, most of it was readily available on the Internet.

Some of the major websites that provided basic information included the following.

Non-Government Sites

American Bar Association Section of Public Contract Law. It is organized into six divisions that have links on the home page.

NASPO-National Association of Procurement Officials. Has a section on contract information and auditing procedures., The Federal Marketplace

Government Sites

Defense Contract Audit Agency. Provides audits, reports and financial advisory services.

CBDnet, which is Commerce Business Daily. Provides information…. [read more]

Information Technology to Transform a Company Term Paper

… Information Technology to Transform a Company

Transform Company

Before going into the factors that are holding back Teltron from growth, it is worthwhile to have a brief introduction in the realm of Telecom Expense Management --TEM on which this Case Study is based. Spiraling growth in telecom services, features, and vendors along with the deregulation in the telecom industry have made contract documents complicated, pricing programs, processes and billing. This apart, financial constrains have resulted in customer service getting compromised, lack of accuracy in billing, and reporting from telecom service providers. In this backdrop, inaccuracies as also opportunities for optimizing services happen frequently. Presently, font ranking companies are adopting TEM solutions as best practices. Major opportunities are in store to lower costs, enhance service levels…. [read more]

Mergers and Acquisitions Research Paper

… ¶ … merger and acquisition (M&a) activity. Among them are horizontal mergers, vertical mergers, conglomerations, spinoffs and carve-outs (McClure, 2010). The first three can be either a merger or an acquisition. Although the two terms of used simultaneously, they are slightly different. A merger is generally considered to be when two firms of roughly the same size and stature come together. An acquisition implies that one firm is being subsumed into the other. With some transactions, the decision as to whether it is a merger or an acquisition is based as much on political considerations as it is on the relative size of the component companies.

A horizontal merger is when a company absorbs a competitor. These firms would typically produce similar products and compete…. [read more]

Japan's Banking Crisis Term Paper

… Japan's Banking Crisis

Rubber Rules


Same Story... Different Setting

Relating Reasons

More Nets More

Accepting Responsibility

Sewing Up the Wounds

Rubber Rules

Money changes all the iron rules into rubber bands."


Japan's current, positive financial movements are touted to symbolic of the strength of the recovery and the end of a long and painful period.

In the article, "Japan's Back! After Its Lost Decade, Japan's Economy is Set on a Recovery Path," sources report the Japanese economy has revived and emerged from the banking crisis beginning in the early 1990s. The Japanese economy, headed for its longest expansion in the postwar period, at this point, lasting more than four years. "In 2005, Japan grew by almost 3% and, over the course of the…. [read more]

Legalized Gambling Term Paper

… Also, they believe that governments cannot just save the economy of a city on the cost of generating gambling dependence in individuals. As long as gambling is not regulated by the government organizations and is only a subject of private companies, one cannot expect it to become a stable industry.

To some extent, counselors agree that legalized gambling creates jobs and promotes tourism, but they claim that they do not outweigh the social and economic hazards of addiction to gambling. Addicts who have the impulsive urge to gamble all the time do not think about the social and financial problems that they can have. If they lose the money in gambling, they waste the money that they could have used at some other place in…. [read more]

Downfall of Enron During the Mid-1980 Essay

… ¶ … Downfall of Enron

During the mid-1980's, the price of oil again began to fall and people began using fuel oil instead natural gas. The fuel oil was far less expensive than other alternatives, and Enron, a major gas producer, lobbied Congress to try and get the natural gas market deregulated (NPR). The price of natural gas began to fluctuate wildly and many buyers were scared out of the market. Enron began to sell natural gas futures, along with futures in electric power after Enron lobbied to have that market deregulated as well. These futures guaranteed the commodity would be available for delivery at a certain price, which helped to calm down buyers on natural gas and other resources.

Enron hired Jeffery Skilling in…. [read more]

How Government Can Strategically Reduce the Cost of War Term Paper

… ¶ … Government Can Strategically Reduce the Cost of War

No one can deny that war is costly, not only in a philosophical sense, but also in a practical, financial sense. The vast amount of resources it takes to fight a war has crippled economies on numerous occasions throughout history. As military technology becomes increasingly sophisticated, it also becomes more and more expensive. Technological weaponry, in conjunction with manpower, transportation, research, the use of natural resources and numerous other costs have made war not only a human tragedy, but an economic tragedy as well. So how can governments strategically reduce the cost of war without weakening their military strength? This proposal seeks to answer that question by providing a strategic plan based on the reduction…. [read more]

Hastie Group Governance Failure Essay

… This is necessary so that the board members are truly acting in only the interest of their jobs and the firm and not because they are financial benefitting from what is going on.

Fifth, the board structure should go a step further and it should be required that Hastie non-executive/non-employee board members in no way financially profit from anything related to Hastie. They should truly be third parties EXCEPT for their activities on the board. Similarly, board members (both executive and non-executive and both internal and external) should be expressly forbidden from having any dealings with competitors of any sort and they should have no involvement with the regulatory bodies that regulate Hastie. There needs to be a clear demarcation between the activities of Hastie…. [read more]

International Labour Case Study

… France

Provide a statistical profile of your allocated country's labor market and present an overview of the most important trends and developments in this country's labor market over the past decade.

One cannot discuss the country's labor markets without discussing the financial crisis of 2007- 2008. For 6 of the past 10 years, the housing bubble has caused substantial declines in the country's employment and subsequent GDP growth. France continues to suffer substantially as a result of over speculation on the part of international investors.

The financial crisis resulted from a mixture of both bad judgment and unethical decision making. Both of which have had extreme implication on the labor market of France. Frank Vogel, cofounder of Transparency International, a nonprofit organization charged with ranking…. [read more]

U.S. Healthcare Term Paper

… U.S. Healthcare: The Need for Universal Coverage

The insurance industry as a business makes its profits when it can deny coverage to consumers. Individuals have home insurance 'just in case' they are afflicted by flood or fire, and the industry hedges its bets, receiving a payment from its customers in the hopes that nothing will occur. But in the case of healthcare, what is good for the insurance industry is not necessarily good for society. If a worker is sick, this costs the industry money, and it is in the healthcare insurance industry's interest to deny that worker coverage. It is also in the industry's interest not to give insurance coverage to very sick people with preexisting conditions, even if it is in society's interest…. [read more]

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