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Artists Biography of Pablo Picasso Research Paper

… This is just one more well-known examples of how Picasso's Spanish heritage and connection to his culture informed his paintings and other media objects he created. Guernica is also an example of how Picasso used his fame and talents to bring attention to events and actions that were not superficial. This was the kind of artist and person he was; he used his fame, influence, and reach to share the struggles and stories of many people, including people from Spain.

Picasso moreover made sculptures of bulls and guitars out of various materials. There is a set of cubist sculptures of guitars made from various kinds of cardboard for example. Bullfighting and running with bulls is a piece of Spanish heritage that has traveled around the…. [read more]

Artist Interview With Vincent Van Research Paper

… After all, I was the son of a pastor who was raised with a strict religious ideology ("Vincent van Gogh: Biography"). I hung out a lot with other artists, and I worked every bit as hard as they did. I truly believe that some of my fellow artists understood how to work the bourgeois culture better than I did. For me, it was all too much.

3. To both: You were friends; obviously very close friends as you lived together. What do you think of each other?

Vincent: I love Paul with all my heart. He tolerated me during times when no one else, even my dear brother Theo, did not. It was to Paul I owe much of my artistic talent and inspiration because…. [read more]

Artist: Wassily Kandinsky the Spiritual Essay

… Wassily Kandinsky is a noted painter and clearly as evidence by his life's works. His works reflect the kind of man he was: mathematical, analytical, human, deep, and semiotic. He had a great deal of formal training and he additionally placed value in his life experiences. He tried to remain open to what life could communicate to him as well as to humanity in general. His life took him around the world, including to places like Germany, France, Britain, and MAerican. His work is definitely considered abstract, yet he is also categorized as cubist and impressionist, specifically German impressionism. He perceived himself as a prophet of art, spirituality, and humanity. His life, with respect to his artistic career, is often divided into several sections including…. [read more]

Jenny Holzer Many Artists Seek Essay

… Clearly this work was designed to shock but in perhaps more of a subtle way than some of her truisms. This is what she had in mind when she wrote truisms like these: a) "Abuse of Power Comes As No Surprise"; b) "The Breakdown Comes When You Stop Controlling Yourself And Want The Release Of A Bloodbath"; c) "You Are Caught Thinking About Killing Anyone You Want"; and d) "Animalism Is Perfectly Healthy" (Art History Archive). In 1982 Holzer cleverly and carefully married art and technology. She used nine of her truisms on the huge electronic signboard in Times Square, which was an L.E.D. machine that flashed each individual truism at "…forty-second intervals" (Art History). She was thus able to reach a large audience by…. [read more]

Memling's Annunciation Biography -- Hans Essay


The painting (center pain) represents Luke 1:34. It is said to reflect the meaning of the language of the Bible where the Virgin Mary questions how she can be having a baby (Jesus), given her commitment to virginity and because she had no sex with a man. Thoughts have it that the conception of such a child was scheduled to occur sometime later, so experts interpret this as meaning it was reasonable for Mary to be confused and uncertain. The painting depicts her being informed with a message that there was no concern, that she was in good stead with the Lord.


Put directly, the picture presents the angel (who shares the beauty of…. [read more]

Mary Heilmann: Contemporary Artist Term Paper

… The glorious off-ness of her color rattles shapes like shards in a kaleidoscope."

She is well-known of combining elements of abstraction and conceptual art with the bright colors, wit, as well as playfulness of the best Pop artist. Caught up in the middle of the finest painters of that generation, she involved herself in creating works that tend to be formally adventurous and richly evocative, which are marked by bold patterning and loose brushwork. On top of painting work, she made her way into sculpture world where she created small ceramic works echoing the bold palette of her canvases. In her statement, she says "I'm not adverse to gorgeousness; I just want it to look like it happened without a struggle." thereby incorporating her own…. [read more]

Biography and Artistic Work Essay

… Hollywood Artists

Vincent and Theo…and Robert?

Popular lives of Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) tend to gloss over most of their subject's short life and career in order to focus on the artist's breakdown, intense final period, and suicide. This is partially a function of the documentary sources available -- the famous correspondence with his brother Theo is somewhat fragmentary before 1882 -- but also reflects abiding interest in portraying the artistic passion of van Gogh in opposition to the conventions of formal training and participation in the artistic community. As a result, highly regarded biographies like Julius Meier-Graefe's Vincent van Gogh: A Biography rush through most of the artist's life in a scant 15 pages in order to spend approximately eight times as much time…. [read more]

Biography About Robert Beer Term Paper

… Robert Beer

British artist and author Robert Beer is recognized for his significant contribution to the world of Tibetan Art, considering that his studies in the domain and his collaboration with some of the best Newar artists and thangka painters have practically boosted the field's reputation. His work in the area is not necessarily focused on generating art, as he is also interested in promoting this art form and in having people acknowledge its cultural and artistic importance. Beer's work is somewhat surprising, especially given that he is a westerner and has little to no cultural connection to the art that he is addressing. He dedicated more than forty years of his life to preserving and supporting Tibetan art, but he did not ignore other…. [read more]

Why Have There Been No Great Women Artist Term Paper

… ¶ … women artists?

Feminists must not blindly and unquestionably accept the terms of any debate about the differences between the genders when the terms of such a debate defined in the language of patriarchy and oppression. To illustrate this truth, the author of the article asks her reader to consider the question: "Why have there been no great women artists?" Unfortunately, the author states that the feminist art historian's first reaction is often to swallow the rhetorical bait of the attacker, hook, line and sinker, and to attempt to answer the question by simply saying 'well, but there are great women artists, I'll show you.' The end result is a rather pathetic attempt upon the defender's part to "dig up examples of worthy or…. [read more]

Luncheon of the Boating Party Term Paper

… The overall effect brings out the varying shades of the leaves shimmering in reflected sunlight. This technique shows the influence of his friend Monet and is reminiscent of that artist's many landscapes. With this new method Renoir succeeded even in his large canvases to capture the flickering effect of sunlight through foliage or playing over the faces and clothing of his models in white or golden pools (Daulte, 30).

There is also a sensuality evident in the application of the brushstrokes. Aline Charigot caresses a small brown terrier, burying her fingers in his thick, scraggly fur. The tiny flecks of white on the swirls of brown and black in the dog's body perfectly suggest the scruffy fur of a small dog, its bright eyes shining…. [read more]

Music Female Artists Have Been Receiving Essay

… Music

Female artists have been receiving more public recognition and support, especially since the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin. The "Queen" designation in popular music began with Aretha Franklin, who was born March 25, 1942 and who started making records by the time she was just 14 years old (Morgan, 2013). She therefore reigned supreme from a very young age. Her title "Queen of Soul" was earned because Aretha Franklin represents the pinnacle of soul music, combining the best of African-American artistic expressions such as gospel, blues, jazz, and R&B. Atlantic Records, which was her recording label for decades, released a greatest hits compilation called the "Queen of Soul," further solidifying Franklin's title.

According to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (2013), Aretha Franklin…. [read more]

Ansel Adams Biography Essay

… S. Department of the Interior to photograph the National Parks in America. He went back to the southwest and from that trip he produced two of the most famous and iconic photos of his career. One of those was Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico; the other was White House Ruins, Canyon de Chelly (

His point-of-view in life was that of a "tireless crusader for the institutional recognition of photography as a fine art"; he is also recognized as a person who helped in the "…development of the environmental movement in the United States" ( His artistic excellence spoke volumes about the need to conserve America's natural resources. His fame gave him access to political leaders and he "tirelessly lobbied congressmen, Secretaries of the Interior, and…. [read more]

Post-Impressionist Artists Were Interested Term Paper

… " (Noa, p. 28) Whether he saw himself as following a cultural destiny - the European raping the virgin land - or working off a purely personal frustration, we cannot know. Nietzsche had written about an apocalyptic event for which the ubermensch needed to prepare; perhaps, Gauguin, far away from societal pressures, was attempting to precipitate his own apocalypse. The notion of a crisis born of blood and self-mutilation relates to the masochism that had been experienced in European religious tradition as a symptom of repressed sexuality, for example, the practices of flagellation and stigmatization. It would seem less than healthy that Gauguin chose to brutalize and destroy Tahiti, rather than to celebrate its abundance.

His relations with the natives are also problematic. He seems…. [read more]

Art of Installation Essay

… Installation Art: The Work of Michael Heizer

The American artist and sculptor Michael Heizer (1944- ) is the son of an anthropologist who specialized in the Native American tribes of the West. Heizer's early exposure to native art and wide open spaces are evident in almost all of his creations. Today, Heizer is primarily noted for the strength and scope of his land art projects. Heizer's work deemphasizes the divide between art and decoration, nature and design. "With colleague Walter de Maria, Heizer went west in 1967, and created a new genre of 'land art' or 'earth art,' which used the earth as its medium. Far from the cramped studios of New York, and outside the confines of the museum's white walls, his works reached…. [read more]

Jerome Robbins: Something to Dance Reaction Paper

… The film's ability to create this form of intimate relationship between viewers and Robbins is largely owed to the fact that he is shown as a human being rather than as a celebrity. The moments he is shown discussing his personal achievements and his life is essential at this point, as they enable viewers to actually comprehend how he felt about his career. His determination is visible at this point, as it becomes clear that he channeled his energy on trying to achieve greatness. Moreover, his behavior is praise-worthy when considering that his true goal was to create works that would play a positive role in the world as a whole and in theatre in particular.

The film obviously wants to continue a controversy that…. [read more]

Eric Fischl's Works Essay

… Eric Fischl's Works

"Eric Fischl": Introduction

Eric Fischl was born in New York City in 1948 and grew up on suburban Long Island. His family moved to Phoenix, Arizona in 1967. He completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax, NS. In 1978 he returned to New York. It was there that he began to paint his often unsettling naturalistic and realistic works. His subject matter of his paintings was unusual in that they were almost exclusively scenes and images of middle-class suburban life.

The ambiance of the images and the atmosphere of contemporary suburbia is one of the hallmarks of his work, as well as the often lavish style of his oils, watercolors and prints.…. [read more]

Artistic Biography of Otto Dix Essay

… Otto Dix: A Portrait of an Artist Whom Depicted Reality in the Face of Possible Persecution and Despite the Horror of the Reality Within

At first glance, it would be relatively easy to want to turn away when shown some of Otto Dix's etchings and paintings. Indeed, Otto Dix was not an artist whom held anything back. His art appears to be a combination of an innate talent and love for art as well as his own experiences and, in particular, his experience as a soldier on the German Front in World War I. When Dix's work is examined with an understanding of the social, historical, political, and biographical background which provide the impetus for his art, then his art becomes more than just what…. [read more]

Alice Neel Term Paper

… ¶ … artist and artwork of Alice Neel. Specifically it will discuss several of Neel's artworks, along with her style of painting. Alice Neel could be one of the most prolific female artists in American history. She painted almost continuously from the 1920s to the 1980s when she died, and her works fill some of the most well-known and notable museums in the country. She conquered mental illness to continue painting, and is known for her modern, impressionistic art approaches to portraits most of all. Her portraits embody the themes of motherhood, loss, and apprehension, and these themes have continued throughout her career, as well.

Alice Neel was born in Pennsylvania in 1900. She graduated from the Philadelphia School of Design for Women (now Moore…. [read more]

Art Violence and Social Engagement in Colombia Research Proposal

… ¶ … Colombia is the third-largest recipient of military aid from the United States and is at a critical juncture in its turbulent history. More than three million people have been displaced in Colombia during the past decade alone, and violent deaths and kidnappings remain alarmingly high. While violence is nothing new to the people of Colombia, their response to its sources and causes have been portrayed in the visual arts in various ways, with one of the most recent manifestations of this being portrayal such as the "The Skin of Memory," developed by the anthropologist Pilar Riano-Alcala and the artist Suzanne Lacy in collaboration with a multidisciplinary team in Colombia. Because art must also serve a social function and civic responsibility, this thesis evaluates…. [read more]

Martin Luther King Jr Creative Writing

… It is filled with a sense of hope and positivity.

The song is an exhibition of Lennon's anti-religion beliefs.

It is mainly about peace and getting people to realize that religious, political, regional differences don't hide the fact that we all are humans and that we have the same needs and wants and desires.

He targets evils like discrimination, selfishness, greed and calls for their extermination.

A very unhealthy perspective is his idea that religion is the cause of most unrest in the world. The youth should not be exposed to such ideas.


The song is simple, and very soothing.

Its mood is serene and slow, so much that it can calm people down.

It also invites or rather invokes reflection in the listener.…. [read more]

William Blake Essay

… This had a negative effect on his financial and mental health, resulting in an ever-deeper pit of poverty, obscurity, and paranoia.

It is perhaps evident of this paranoia that Blake began sketching "visionary heads" in 1819. These sketches were of historical and imaginary figures that he claimed actually appeared to him and sat for his sketches. Despite the apparently slightly delusional nature of these sketches, they were at least productive. Between 1819 and 1825, Blake had created more than 100 of these sketches, including Solomon and the wizard Merlin. Works created during this time also included "The Man Who built the Pyramids" and "Harold Killed at the Battle of Hastings" (William Blake, 2014).

These creations gave Blake a boost in creativity, which meant that his…. [read more]

Italian Renaissance ("Rebirth Term Paper

… For instance, he is believed to have picked up the philosophy of Neoplatonism (which regards the body as a trap for a soul longing to escape and return to God) at the time. Many of Michelangelo's works are believed to incorporate this philosophy as his human sculptors, in particular, appear as if they are struggling to break free from the stone that imprisons them. ("Michelangelo," Malaspina Biography)

Lorenzo de Medici possessed a large collection of classical Greek and Roman sculptures and Michelangelo studied them deeply. In some of his early sculptures he imitated the classical works so perfectly that they could easily be passed off as original Roman sculptures. However, Michelangelo's over-riding ambition from the beginning was to get his inspiration from the classical works…. [read more]

Jean Michel Basquiat Term Paper

… Basquiat -- Portraits in Cinema and in Print

The half-Haitian, half-Cuban artist Jean-Michel Basquiat died at the age of 26, which might make him initially seem like a poor subject for a biography. Most people, even by the time they reach their mid-20s, are still building their careers. However, at the age of young adulthood, Basquiat had already lived many lives. He was born the son of a middle-class accountant, but he became alienated with conventional capitalist values, and fell into drug addiction, and eventually homelessness. While living in a cardboard box, he gained renown as a graffiti artist who signed himself SAMO. His work was so striking; he fell into the Andy Warhol 'Factory' crowd and became the first prominent African-American artist of the…. [read more]

High Renaissance Movement Term Paper

… Michelangelo's work in sculpture portrays the creative strength that defines his work. He is most known for his creation of the human body in paintings and the method in which he conveys a sense of magnificence and a powerful arousal of emotions. His sculptors appear to be both animated and restrained, yet appear to have an energy that is beyond the physical world, but of the spiritual nature. His work defines heroism and tragedy while not portraying anything that might appear artificial.

Michelangelo's creation of the statue, David, was completed early in his life. The statue quickly became the symbol of Florence's glorious political heritage. This work has become known throughout the world as one of his greatest masterpieces. Upon its creation, Michelangelo became one…. [read more]

Van Gogh Was Born Term Paper

… This idea of social critique becomes most clear, not only through the scene depicted and the title, which suggests poverty, but also by the very technique Van Gogh applied and the overall vision that often strays from reality. The faces are almost grotesque in their strange extension. The blandness of the brown tones feels almost oppressive in sending out a message of the stark staleness of these peasant's lives. Here, it is Van Gogh's vision -- the way in which he shows the viewer the world -- that stands out as the most intriguing facet of the work. Even in this early work, when Van Gogh was largely working completely in isolation, his immense vision, his penetrating genius, is apparent.

Soon after this painting, Van…. [read more]

Postmodern the Term 'Post Modernism Term Paper

… Barbara Kruger has exhibited some of her famous works throughout the world, including the United States, Europe, and Japan, and she is an artist who is excellent at writing, at photography, and also at teaching, in addition to creating art works. (Barbara Kruger: Whitney Museum of American Art)


Laylah Ali is another contemporary postmodern artist. She was born in Buffalo in New York in the year 1968, and she works in Massachusetts. She is a precision work artist, which means that there is a lot of precision and care displayed in her works of art. For example, Laylah Ali takes so much of care to finish her figurative gouache paintings that it takes her more than a few months to completely finish one single…. [read more]

Boundary of Art Andy Warhol Term Paper

… The Boundary of Art: Andy Warhol
In the middle part of the 20th century, Abstract Expressionism rules
the visual arts scene with a sense of serious experimentation that was in
its own way very constraining. The next generation of artists would appeal
to the media of popular culture as a way to simultaneously be liberated
from the prejudices of Expression and to broaden the palette of commercial
art. Turning concepts such as mass consumerism, the commoditization of
mankind and general materialism into a pointed philosophical statement, the
so-called 'Pop Art' movement would change significantly the both the visual
presentation and intended statement of the work dominating the scene in the
late 1950s and early 1960s. As our research shows, this would be a genuine
transition,…. [read more]

Movie Bandit Queen Term Paper

… Movie, Bandit Queen

Shekhar Kapur's the Bandit Queen: Truth in art

Macbeth and Richard III are considered two of the greatest tragedies ever written in the English language. However, the historical Macbeth killed a bad, rather than a good king, and the historical Richard III never committed illicit murder to gain the throne of England. Shakespeare's versions of these historical figures, biased by his own political and national sympathies, have become so powerful that these misappropriations of historical fact have become more potent and indelible than reality itself. It is difficult to state that such historical inaccuracies invalidate Shakespeare's plays, even though it could be argued that in such cases art has obscured rather than illuminated the truth. Defenders of Shakespeare, however, would counter that…. [read more]

Producer How Did They Have Control Over Their Films Research Paper

… Mary Pickford: United Artist's Founder, America's Sweetheart

Biography: The girl with the golden curls and the steely-hearted challenger of the studio system

Although there is much talk today of 'power couples' in Hollywood, no pair today can parallel the domination of Mary Pickford, widely known as America' sweetheart, and her husband, the swashbuckling action hero Douglas Fairbanks Jr. during the era of silent film. Pickford and Fairbanks established their stardom during the early days of cinema, and although they did attempt to make talking pictures (including an ill-advised production of the Taming of the Shrew together that incorporated interpolated dialogue with Shakespeare's timeless words), their films in the talkies never garnered the beloved status of their bodies of work in silent films.

However, despite Mary…. [read more]

Jules Vern Term Paper

… Verne





Few major figures in Western literature seem to both capture the imagination and defy mainstream analysis as much as Jules Verne. Nonetheless, his ever-present specter looms ominously over modern science, science fiction, children's fiction, film, and even philosophy. It seems almost that every new form of artistic expression in some way relates to the late nineteenth century foresights he put forward. In many ways, his applicability to the modern world is due to the fact that he was ahead of his time. Although many authors of his age were experimenting with new forms of literary expression by partially abandoning the romantic tradition, few did so by turning to science. Yet, this is precisely what society was doing at the dawn…. [read more]

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