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Birth Control Essay

… As mentioned earlier, the medieval methods of contraception have been in use since a very long time, and only recently the effective methods of contraception have been devised.

Now with extensive studies, the researchers have figured out that the reason why the herbs and plants that were being used by these people were not effective methods of contraception is that the women need to understand the difference between agents that were contraceptives and the agents that induced abortions[footnoteRef:7]. [7: Riddle, 1992]

The main factor that led to the people adopting the birth control methods did not have anything to do with pestilence, war or inadequate food supply, but in fact it was just that people at that time who wanted small families. For instance, at…. [read more]

Pro-Life Abortion Term Paper

… Abortion (Pro Life)

Not many people disagree when a law is passed that is objective and does not impact religious beliefs and value systems. For example, some individuals protested the speed limit of 55 mph on many federal highways. However, the situation changes significantly when people view the law, or intended law, as acceptable or unacceptable due to different ethical considerations. The abortion issue falls into this second category. Abortion has most likely been the most heated issue in American society for the past half of a century. Relating to all aspects of social, political, philosophical and religious areas of life, the issue has divided the country when it needs most to be united. America was founded on the principals of democracy, or middle ground…. [read more]

Abortion Rights: In Dew vs. Brownmiller Essay

… Abortion rights: In Dew vs. Brownmiller, the debate rages on if every woman were to follow pro-life activist Diane Dew's logic in her essay "It's a child, not a choice," than she would be obligated to have as many children as possible -- every potential child could be the next Michelangelo or Edison, writes Dew. According to Dew's point-of-view, convenience -- including the ability or desire to have a child -- should play no role in determining whether a child should be brought to term. Quality of life is meaningless, both for the mother and for the child. What matters is life itself. Equally disturbing is Dew's line of argumentation based on a Christian perspective, which states that a convenience should have no role in…. [read more]

Abortion: An Argument in Favor Essay

… The more people they have to rule over, the more they have to work and buy. Period" (amplify, 2012). Furthermore, pro-lifers know that the more children that a woman has, the more likely she is to be at an economic disadvantage: "Reproductive choice can be the only thing that stands between a woman and poverty. There is a reason that the 1 billion poorest people on the planet are female. In sub-Saharan Africa and west Asia, women typically have five to six children, which leaves them powerless to provide for not only their own families, but themselves" (amplify, 2012). To attempt to strip women of their reproductive rights is attempting to strip them of the autonomy which they have every right to guide the course…. [read more]

Birth Control Including Abortion and Safe Sex Term Paper

… Birth Control/Safe Sex

As a young female of Japanese descent, birth control and safe sex are among the most sensitive issues I can discuss. Sexuality is a tender topic in most countries, for most age groups and genders. However, I believe that my ethnic and family background has had a strong impact on my decisions, values, and beliefs regarding safe sex and birth control. My parents did not discuss sex much if at all with me or my siblings. They did send me strong verbal messages against having sex too early and prohibited me from dating boys during much of my teen years. My parents also sent me nonverbal messages and cues that were chiefly derived from their Japanese heritage: that proper woman were to…. [read more]

Birth Control Pros and Cons Essay

… The birth control methods like the pills, the shot or the use of condoms helps the women to enjoy their sex life without worrying about the consequences.

Use of the birth control methods has some other advantages like some contraception helps women who are suffering from the problem of having heavy periods, severe cramping or having mood swing issues. The birth control methods also reduce the risk of some reproductive cancers and some of the birth control methods are also prescribed as the treatment for acne.

The birth control pills are best for the healthy women as they have very little chance of having any side effects by using the pills. While using birth control pills is harmful for those women who are smokers and…. [read more]

Controversies Over Women's Access Birth Thesis

… Another controversial issue is birth control with minors. In Clemmitt's article, the youth should not be stopped from embracing safety measures even if they are told to abstain from sex. Many schools have adopted the culture of giving birth control to children as young as 11 years old. In the article, Mike Judge argues that instead of giving these contraceptive we could opt for moral guidance and support. Her arguments are because parents giving contraception to, minors and access to abortion undermine parents. This is ironical because the youth do not want support; they are asking for birth control. Clemmitt provides that we should not deny those contraceptives based on age, but instead we should be preparing the youth how to practice safe sex. Many…. [read more]

Teen Abortion Among Teenage Girls Term Paper

… (Brown et al., 2001)

The article also discussed income and poverty as factors that lead to abortion. The author asserts that the impact of income changes can vary among different ethnic groups.

The study asserts that there is a positive correlation between increases in income and increases in abortion rate among blacks and whites. However, the abortion rate did not increase among Hispanic women although there income has increased.

The concept of planning for the future and having the ability to have some control over that future is a major force behind deciding to have an abortion. An article in Adolescence, describes this as a Life Options model. The article contends that "According to this model, disadvantaged youths do not perceive themselves as having positive…. [read more]

Birth Control Term Paper

… Research is on-going to refine and invent more types and safer birth control methods. It would be fair to say that without the pioneering spirits of our great-great grandmothers, this may not have been the case.

Personal Stand on Birth Control believe that birth control is a private matter between partners. I believe that any type of birth control which prevents conception is moral and acceptable. I do not, however, believe that abortion or the "morning after" pill is morally acceptable forms of birth control.

Abstract of Birth Control - Then and Now This paper traces the history of birth control from ancient to modern times. Several types of birth control devices and concoctions are described and the attitudes of different groups of people concerning…. [read more]

Importance of Birth Control Term Paper

… ¶ … birth control and argue why birth control should be taught in the nation's schools to help America's young people engage in safer sex. A policy of abstinence is abdicated by some as a way to combat premarital and teen sex. However, abstinence is not a viable alternative for most young people. Therefore, birth control should be encouraged and young people should learn about the different forms of birth control in school, so they can have safe choices and knowledge before they face the issue of premarital sex.

While on the decrease, teenaged pregnancy is not going away. One Web Site notes, "8,589 babies were born to teenagers in 2002 (decrease of 6,888 births from 1998). These babies will fill more than 505 kindergarten…. [read more]

Wade vs. Roe Abortion Term Paper

… ¶ … Roe v. Wade: An Enduring Constitutional Controversy

Socio-political Background of Case

In the years preceding the landmark case of Roe v. Wade in 1973, the United States underwent a great deal of social upheaval (Cohen, 2005). Much of this upheaval pertained to fighting for attainment of civil rights: African-Americans fought to be treated equally and even subsections of the poor mobilized to stand up against unfair treatment under the law (Quadagno, 1994). As individuals mobilized to obtain equal rights, there was also another kind of revolution taking place: a revolution wherein previously constricted norms regarding sex were being eroded by the sexual revolution (Legacy). For example, some women in the United States finally had access to birth control pills as of 1960, and…. [read more]

Sex Workers in Thailand ("Land Term Paper

… So much for the supply side of the causes behind prostitution in Thailand; now for the demand-side reasons:

Publicity and Tourism

When the U.S. soldiers descended on Bangkok as part of the official "R&R" deal between the governments of Thailand and the United States during the Vietnam War, they not only contributed directly to the development of the sex trade in Thailand but also laid the grounds for its continuance in the post-war era. This was done through enormous publicity about the licentious nightlife in Bangkok, and its glamorization as the "City of Angels," and "the sex capital of the orient." The stereotyped perception of the Thai women as "exotic and docile," "elegant and shy," and as "masters of the art of making love," were…. [read more]

U.S. Government Interfere With Existing Federal Law Term Paper

… ¶ … U.S. government interfere with existing federal law that gives the decision to abort a child or not to abort the woman's along to make, in her own private way? The first point-of-view in this paper will be to answer the question above with a firm "no."

Background and Facts on the Abortion Issue

In 1973, the High Court ruled, in Roe v. Wade, that a woman's right to choose whether or not she will keep a fetus falls under the Constitutionally guaranteed right to privacy. In other words, what a woman does with regards to her pregnancy is her personal private right to decide.

Meanwhile, the Planned Parenthood organization ( explains that abortion occurs "naturally" in 15 to 40% of pregnancies, "...when an…. [read more]

Sex Education Annotated Bibliography Research Paper

… Yet even in teaching the mechanics of contraception, a program that fails to recognize power relations between the sexes is unlikely to succeed. In many adolescent sub-cultures, as elsewhere in society, a double standard exists; it is the women who are expected to take sole responsibility for birth control, and yet if they take oral contraceptives or have an intra-uterine device (IUD) they are seen as 'sluts' because it appears that they are expecting to have sex…(Lenskyi 1990: 221)"

The political objectives of sex education must be reconsidered, according to this author, to create lasting change in the more harmful sexual attitudes impacting the status of women in Canadian society. Lenskyi summarizes her pedagogical reccomendations for a feminist revision of the Canadian sexual education curriculum:…. [read more]

Contraceptive Devices Review of Contraceptive Methods Term Paper

… Contraceptive Devices

Review of Contraceptive Methods

What type of contraceptive device would be appropriate for a woman who says she is too forgetful to be trusted to take birth control pills, or use a diaphragm? And this is a woman who doesn't trust the so-called "rhythm method" nor does she ever want to have an abortion; so, what's the best advice a person could give her? This paper reviews alternatives to the methods mentioned in this paragraph, and looks into possible side effects and also into their effectiveness in providing reliable protection from pregnancy. There are in fact several workable and reasonably dependable methods to prevent pregnancy, and those will be reviewed. And for the contraceptive device that this writer believes is the best for…. [read more]

Makers of Angels for Women, the Control Thesis

… Makers of Angels

For women, the control of their reproductive rights, of the most private parts of their bodies, is one of the most important ways in which they define themselves to themselves, to their families, and to their larger communities. Being able to have control over their reproductive options is one of the most important ways in which women can affect their fertility and so the persona with which they interact with the world. Without full control over their own sexuality, which includes the right to engage in sexual behavior without the risk of unwanted childbearing, women's relationship to themselves as well as others is fundamentally compromised.

The brilliant legal scholar Laurence Tribe wrote that the debate over abortion that has seized and sometimes…. [read more]

Teen Preg an Unplanned Pregnancy Essay

… Some students cannot afford to purchase condoms; and others might be too embarrassed to do so. Access to birth control should be universal; and has no bearing on income or ability to pay. Students with religiously conservative parents also should not be penalized for the rest of their lives because of their parents' problems with sexuality. Just as no student should be penalized for a parent's lack of understanding of economics or literature; no student should be penalized for a parent's lack of understanding of human sexuality. In addition to condoms, other methods of birth control should be made available to adolescents at little to no cost. There should be no income barrier to accessing information, products, and services.

Finally, accidents do happen. When a…. [read more]

Stereotypes We Are All Guilty Essay

… This argument is however defective. There are many other valid reasons that push people (mostly against their will) to procure abortions. For instance, victims of a violent rape may seek to have an abortion other than give birth to a child who will forever remind them of the incident. Further, in some cases, a woman may seek an abortion if the continued pregnancy endangers her health. Thus abortion is not limited to careless, young and immoral individuals.

Regarding the game of basketball, many of us tend to associate tall people with the tall players in the basketball court. It is therefore not uncommon for an individual to assume that just because another is tall, he must be a basketball player. This stereotype also does have…. [read more]

Social Injustice Abstinence Only Sexual Education Thesis

… Sex Education

How come the government spends more than $100 million in programs that censor information about safe-sex practices when concrete statistics point that at least half of teenagers are already sexually active by the age of 15-19? (Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California, n.d.).

Apparently, the preceding administration had been a very vocal advocate of expanding abstinence-only programs. By inculcating that abstinence is the only acceptable behavior for teenagers and adolescents, not only do we leave out vital information that include discussions on contraception, safe sex practices, sexual orientation and abortion; but we also deny them the right to choose for themselves the values they would like to adhere to (Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California; n.d.). Subtly, there goes a vicious social injustice bred right…. [read more]

HIV and Pregnancy Term Paper

… ¶ … Women with HIV have Reproductive Rights?

Many studies attest to the fact that women and children have become the epicenter of the HIV / AIDS epidemic in the world. "A decade ago, women and children seemed to be on the periphery of the AIDS epidemic...Today... women and children are at the centre of our concern." ("Women and Children: Increasingly," 1994. p 56) Recent reports indicate that an increasing number of women are becoming HIV positive. Lisa Fitzpatrick of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that "Women account for about 25% of the roughly 1 million Americans believed to be living with the AIDS virus, HIV, a population that has remained relatively stable over the past few years." (Sternberg, S. 2005)

These…. [read more]

Catholic Church in Spain Term Paper

… On the flip side however, rising attitudes of liberalism, republicanism, socialism, anarchism, and intellectual pluralism ensured a direct and stiff challenge to the once accepted view of the clergy that Spain was always a catholic nation and would be one always.

The author has divided the book into twenty-four chapters. There is an introduction that surveys the Church from 1808 to 1873, followed by which there is a critical examination of the Church and politics from the year 1874 which signals the restoration of the Bourbon monarchy until the year 1930 which brought about the fall of the Primo de Rivera dictatorship. There is also a brief description and analysis of a host of topics that comprise the religious organization, clerical demography, the size, positioning…. [read more]

Emergency Contraception Term Paper

… Emergency Contraception

The availability of emergency contraception pills (ECP) has raised concerns on the part of the public and medical personnel as to whether this form of avoiding pregnancy in youthful females (ages 16-24) might constitute a serious health risk. The ramifications of providing ECP to young women is addressed in this study, with consideration as to whether its use and availability had secondary effects on regular contraception use.

Past research show overwhelming indications that emergency contraception has proven safe and effective for women to take, following unprotected intercourse. Planned Parenthood (2006) defines unprotected intercourse as intercourse where: (1) the condom broke or slipped off and ejaculation occurred inside the vagina, (2) the woman forgot to take her birth control pills, insert her IUD, ring,…. [read more]

Dysfunctional Behavior That Strikes Term Paper

… She was earlier admitted to the College of Costa Mesa Hospital for stabilization of mental illness, medical management and relapse prevention, but she said that she was not coping and that she continued to be severely depressed and lack energy. So she was discharged from the Costa Mesa Hospital and, consequently, admitted to this College Hospital of Cerritos. The patient was anxious, mildly confused, disheveled and crying when her history was taken from her verbal and voluntary report and account.

B. Development History

The patient was the eldest child of a Japanese father and an American mother and the first to be subjected to distinct cultures in upbringing - Eastern and Western. Japanese culture, specifically, emphasizes efficiency and endurance in both sexes and an intolerance…. [read more]

Armstrong, E. Kukla, R. Kuppermann, M Assessment

… ¶ … Armstrong, E.; Kukla, R.; Kuppermann, M. & Little, M. (2009). "RISK and the Pregnant Body." Hastings Center Report. 39(6), pp. 34.

These authors considered the idea of risk during pregnancy and the fact the women and doctors alike tend to have an overly cautions view on what might be considered a risk or not. They compared this to the fact that during child-birth risks are taken more freely and are not chastised when they fail. The fact that women and doctors are careful during pregnancy is to be applauded because everything must be done with the health of the child in mind, but one cannot ignore the voice of the mother and not act when she thinks something is wrong.

Baraitser, L. &…. [read more]

Urban Problems and Solutions Term Paper

… However, its consistent application among youngsters is still undermined. This resulted in unwarranted pregnancies and failure in measures. The common failure of the rate of condom users estimated to be 12% per annum accumulates to at least a confirmed pregnancy within 12 years of attaining puberty and marriage. (Johns; Moncloa & Gong, 2000, p.44) The problem viewed in respect of social perspective is that the male members involved usually escape their accountability. Even if provisions have been made for establishment of paternity and for ensuring child support from fathers, still its effective implementation has not been ensured.

There was wide political antagonism from conservatives and some moderates over the fact of educating the youngsters of the methods of avoiding pregnancy, who demanded considerable stress on…. [read more]

Human Service Agency and Report Term Paper

… ¶ … human service agency and report on it. The agency chosen is the Pregnancy Resource Center of Henry County (PRC) located at 3834 Jodeco Rd, McDonough, GA 30253. This agency's mission, noted on their Web site is "to celebrate the value of all human life and to demonstrate Christ's unconditional love" (PRC, 2005). In this, the agency and its members provide information, counseling, and pregnancy testing. They do not offer abortions, but counsel young women about all options, including pregnancy termination. The agency serves a variety of clients young and old, and offers services free or at a very low cost to clients.

One of the valuable services of the PRC is counseling to pregnant women so they know and understand all the options…. [read more]

2004 Presidential Term Paper

… ¶ … Democrats

Some contend that the Democratic Party lost voters and their ability to win an election by straying from their historic ideals and attempting to woo undecided voters and capture the swing states in the 2004 Presidential election. Such statements ignore the realities of the 2004 election. While the Democrats may have been too moderate for some of their voters, post-election analysis demonstrates that the 2004 election hinged, not on traditional issues, but the amorphous issue of moral values. While George Bush constantly reminded voters of his personal religious beliefs and moral convictions, John Kerry was considered out of the cultural mainstream, making it more difficult for the average voter to relate to him. At first blush, it appeared that Kerry was too…. [read more]

Why Mothers Kill Their Babies Thesis

… ¶ … mothers killing their babies. First, an overview of the reasons why mothers kill their babies will be presented. The methods that are most commonly used will then be discussed. Statistics of offenders will be presented, including age, race and socio-economic status. Methods of prevention for this tragic crime will be explored. Lastly, implications of this knowledge will be given.

There is nothing more tragic then the death of a child. When that death comes at the hands of their mother, it turns a tragedy into a horrific event that is hard for most to even conceive. Although this event may be more publicized in today's world, thanks to 24-hour a day news stations and the ever-present Internet, mothers killing their children is not…. [read more]

Teen Pregnancy Term Paper

… Teen Pregnancy -- Boston, MA

Teenage pregnancy is medically defined as a pregnancy in a woman who has not yet reached her 20th birthday. Legally, it has numerous definitions, depending upon the country and culture of origin. . This definition does not assume marriage, nor if the woman is legally an adult (depending on the country). Certainly over the years, the idea of pregnancy at an early age has undergone significant changes -- there were times when it was necessary for women to begin their childbearing years earlier due to demographics, lifespan, and other psychographical issues. In the modern, developed world, however, teenage pregnancy is associated with not only social issues, but of dramatic political, economic, and medical issues surrounding the mother, child, and family…. [read more]

Boys and Girls Clubs Term Paper

… 7%) and their rate of eclampsia was over twice as high as the overall rate (0.3%).

The CDC also documents that infants of mothers aged ten through fourteen:

Were more likely to be born preterm -- before thirty-seven weeks gestation -- (21.3%) than the overall rate of 10.3% and their rate was thirty-three percent higher than the rate for infants of mothers aged forty five and older (sixteen percent), the next highest risk group.

Were more likely to be born very preterm -- before thirty-two weeks gestation -- (5.3%), a rate more than triple the overall rate of 1.6% and over twice the rate experienced by mothers aged forty five and older (2.6%).

Were more likely to be born with low birth weight. Their rate…. [read more]

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