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Blackberry Playbook: Critical Evaluation Term Paper

… The screen resolution and size of the display is essentially designed to provide adequate support for business professionals. The target market of the product is also facilitated through the presence of front and rear cameras enabling the users to communicate effectively using the product.

Nature of Product:

The products are segregated in two major categories including consumer and industrial products. The product is targeted to provide value for consumers. The industrial products have a large scale usage in business manufacturing and operations. However the dual nature of the product and increased tilt towards a consumer product for business and professional users enables it to be categorized as a consumer product. The nature of the consumer products is subcategorized as convenience, shopping, specialty, or unsought products.…. [read more]

Blackberry Term Paper

… Blackberry is one of a number of devices called PDAs, or personal digital assistants, allowing the user to send and receive e-mails using wireless technology and cellular technology. Business has adopted the Blackberry to a large extent as a way of maintaining communication with employees anywhere at any time. The growth of this product has been facilitated by the widespread adoption of the cellular telephone. Schools have been used handheld computing devices in classrooms, and this has also accustomed individuals to their use so that they then carry this use over into the business world. Problems of accessibility and security remain, and business is addressing these as they arise.

The Blackberry is a particularly popular example of the new wireless computing technology. The product is…. [read more]

Dockers Is a Levi Strauss Essay

… It seems that acknowledging this market, but then attempting to enter the luxury apparel sector is essentially ignoring the market Dockers should be targeting. In a recession, Dockers should be attempting to target this untapped market at the price point for which it is known. While the twentysomethings about whom Riley-Grant is speaking may not be purchasing Dockers, but they are certainly aware what Dockers are, where they are sold and how much they cost. The marketing for Dockers must acknowledge this audience and attempt to persuade them that Dockers are still relevant and what they are selling today is something different that will appeal to the target market. Changing the price and attempting to become a more exclusive product may backfire in the current…. [read more]

Verizon Research Paper

… Verizon should therefore pursue this course. The evidence shows that over the past few years Verizon has adopted this strategy. It has taken out significant amounts of debt in order to help build out its infrastructure, and thus far the result is that Verizon is winning market share. It now has the largest customer base in the industry, and earns more of its money from wireless than AT&T does. If Verizon continues to pursue this strategy, the process of establishing a dominant market share and duopoly in the industry is likely to take several years and perhaps multiple iterations of wireless technology. However, over time the advantages will become so significant that customers will switch to the company at an increasing rate.

Internally, Verizon's approach…. [read more]

Market Segmentation iPhone and Blackberry Essay

… Demographic segmentation; is yet another market segmentation trend that should be pursued by the two smartphones. This is based on the gender of the customers, age, education levels, ethnicity, the occupation, the family status, income levels among other factors. The two smartphones should target the upper income levels, the middle age working class, due to the present features they should also target the literate population so as to get the maximized use of the features hence be a self-marketing phone as one person tells the other of the outstanding features found in the phones. The targeting of the working class and the upper income brackets in the various economies that the two smartphones would like to venture in will support the higher pricing without necessarily…. [read more]

Company Apple Is a Personal Essay

… The demographic is likely to be largely urban and split between male and female. iPhone users in general use their phones for entertainment and communication purposes, rather than for business purposes. There should not be an abnormal split between ethnicities beyond that related to income and education level. It terms of geographic, the focus is expected to be urban and suburban, and highest in areas with dedicated Apple stores.

Most users appreciate the iPhone 4 for its many functions. They will use it for a variable of tasks, including games, phone, playing music, taking photographs and videos and social networking. It is unlikely a user seeking only one function will use an iPhone -- the product is built for multitaskers. The purchase is likely to…. [read more]

Information System for the Chicago Police Department Essay

… ¶ … information system employed by the Chicago Police Department. It examines a large number of technologies that the Chicago Police Department implements. This study assesses and analyzes the information technology needs of the Chicago Police Department. It explores a recommendation for the Chicago Police Department to grow and meet new information system requirements.

Needs Assessment & Analysis

The Chicago Police Department (CPD) employs a large number of technologies. According to CPD (2007), the CPD "is recognized as an international leader for its use of technology." The CPD (2007) reported, "Today [2007]the Citizen and Law Enforcement Analysis and Reporting suite of applications (CLEAR), remains the largest transaction police database in the nation."

The Chicago Police Department Information Services Division release a 2007 Technology Update to…. [read more]

Risks Are Associated With Implementing Case Study

… Anonymous implemented the DDoS attacks by forcing targeted computers to reset. It also used a method of consuming the target websites resources so that it can no longer provide its intended service. Finally, the attack obstructed the communication link between website users and the overall website so that they can no longer communicate in an effective manner (Saylor, 2010).

6. Which policies should be in place to help companies manage the risk of using mobile devices?

Traditionally, a company would standardize on a small number of smartphones and usually no more than two operating systems to minimize support issues with device programs. However, as the above case illustrates, employees want to use whatever device they own. The company needs a strategy that enables choice while…. [read more]

Technology in Today's World Annotated Bibliography

… No longer do Americans need to balance a checkbook. They can pay bills electronically and monitor their accounts as often as they like. When Americans leave home, ATM and EBT cards provide easy access to cash anytime and from almost anywhere.

Access to education has evolved as an increasing number of colleges and universities offer online courses. In some fields, such as library science and business administration, it is possible to get an advanced degree entirely online. There are online programs for younger students as well. Families who home school or who live in isolated areas can take advantage of accredited programs that offer students opportunities that may not be available or accessible locally. Beyond academics, there are many options for people who want to…. [read more]

Mobile Marketing in Hotels Introduction

… Mobile Marketing in Hotels

In the research information presented in this chapter, the author will map out issues with regard to mobile networks and their use in marketing in hotels. A literature review, research objectives, the research problem and research questions are listed as well as the research methodology and the directions for more research in application development are mapped out in detail.

Chapter Two-Literature Review

The Importance of Mobile Media in the Hospitality Industry

Multiple mobile networks and mobile channels are becoming a way of life, wherever people go, including while they are on the move and staying in hotels. This is clearly a responsibility that is under the administrative purview of e-managers in hotels. In such a case, unclear strategies for channel usage,…. [read more]

Vrine Model Term Paper

… Similarly, its competitors can leave it behind in the competition if it will not focus on Research and Development and promotional efforts. Therefore, it is vital for Apple Inc. To keep an eye on the competitors' strategies and market uncertainties in order to exploit its resources and capabilities in the most effective and competitive fashion (Cadle, Paul, & Turner, 2010).


VRINE Model analyzes a company's resources and capabilities that can give it a competitive advantage in its industry and make it stand out among its industry rivals. Apple Inc. is considered as the most innovative and competitive firm in the Global IT and Consumer Electronics industry. Its top products are its competitive strengths which have made it the number one IT giant in the…. [read more]

Funding a Business Venture Business Plan

… Whatever the risk, the role of risk financing is a means to ensure that the firm is able to survive the adverse event.

The preferred source of funds at this point is venture capital. At present, the product is still in development and the company needs financing to bring the product to market. The term of the financing should reflect the time frame of the use of the financing, which in this case is a long-lived business, implying that equity financing is most appropriate. In addition, debt creates an obligation that must be met from the firm's cash flows. Meeting this obligation takes money away from other important tasks such as expanding the business. Debt, therefore, is not an appropriate way to finance a company…. [read more]

Verizon Communication Telecommunication Industry SWOT

… To this end, unconducive political atmosphere inhibits business operations and affects a company's profitability. Many external factors affect how Verizon positioned itself to attain competitive advantage. Given that Verizon's is operating in a vibrant, dynamic and competitive market, Michael Porters strategic management model can best describe Verizon's competitive position in the market.

Porter five factor analysis.

1. Consumer power - Business/institution market segment: Individuals: For existing customers, switching cost relatively high so buyers have switching cost practically negligible so buying power is very high relatively low power. Therefore existing customers can easily switch to other networks thus however, due to fierce competition in the market where competitors buying power for both existing and potential buyers is very high offer more or less similar services potential…. [read more]

Rim Discuss This Product Essay

… The company now has cloud computing capabilities that allow for the seamless storage and transfer of information. Apple products are all compatible with one another which provide a comprehensive experience for the consumer. iTunes and Apple TV allow the consumer to customize their consumption behaviors and habits. The entire ecosystem provides the consumer with ability to conduct their activities as they see fit, while also providing a litany of services. These services often create a compelling value proposition as the consumer is willing to pay premium prices for access to the entire ecosystem.

Likewise, RIM, must also create a comprehensive suite of products and services to satisfy consumer needs. RIM, in particular has a competitive advantage with the business environment. Many business consumers prefer to…. [read more]

Ad Critique for All Businesses, Advertising Research Paper

… Ad Critique

For all businesses, advertising is the cornerstone of staying in the minds of existing customers and attracting new ones. The challenge is being able to create something that will help everyone to remember and talk about the ad. A technique that is often utilized is subtle marketing. This is when the firm will use various cultural ideas to reach out to cliental. Over the years, this approach has often been utilized by large multinational corporations. A good example of this can be seen with many beer advertisements showing everyone having fun. Then, a young sexy man or woman will be used to highlight the product. This has caused a number of people to subconsciously link these images with specific merchandise. (O'Guinn) (Robbins)

To…. [read more]

Market Behavior One Industry Essay

… With Samsung leading the industry in unit sales -- thereby giving it bargaining power over Google -- and with well-financed companies like Microsoft still seeking to make a play in this market, combined with the rapid pace of change, it is entirely conceivable that either Google or Apple could be knocked out in the industry in a matter of a few years (Thierer, 2012).

Transaction costs can be incurred as the result of information asymmetry, as noted by Halaburda and Yehezkel (2011). Specifically customers and app developers do not know what the impacts of changing competition will be. This leads to the inability to optimize the decision between platforms. For many app developers this leads to multi-homing, but consumers will often switch between platforms as…. [read more]

Economic Analysis the First Apple iPhone Research Paper

… Economic Analysis

The first Apple iPhone was launched in June, 2007, and the product became an instant hit. The smartphone industry had evolved out of the PDA industry, and the current trend in cell phones to add different features such as cameras and mp3 players to enhance the phone experience. The iPhone represented something of a quantum leap in technology. To that point, only Blackberry and Palm were in the industry and their technology was substantially inferior to that of Apple. Apple quickly began to make inroads into Blackberry's market share as Palm fell by the wayside. In the fall of 2008, however, the first smartphones were launched using Google's Android system. This operation system was open source, which meant that OEM smartphone manufacturers could…. [read more]

Sociology of Technology in One Decade Term Paper

… Sociology of Technology

In one decade, the number of cellular phone users in the United States skyrocketed from 34 million to 203 million and numbers are increasing as more and more children are given their own phone for personal use (Leo, 2006). The cellular phone has gradually replaced the land line in many countries as the medium of choice for telecommunications, largely because land line infrastructure was already pervasive in the United States when cellular phone technologies made the scene. In Asia, where land line infrastructure was less extensive than it was in North America, cellular phone usage plays an even more important role. While it may be tempting to cite cultural differences as reasons for differential cellular phone use in Hong Kong vs. North…. [read more]

Apple's Use of Information Sources Essay

… Apple is a consumer electronics designer and manufacturer. The company sells its products around the world, and has a reputation for engendering strong brand loyalty. This paper will discuss the way that the company uses information to enhance its customer relationship marketing.


Apple utilizes a number of different resources in order to enhance its customer relationship management. Apple is focused on customer research. The company is interested not in what products it can offer to consumers, but in how consumers use their electronics. One objective that Apple has with new product development is to anticipate consumer needs and then meet them proactively. Inside CRM (2009) notes that Apple takes time to understand consumer needs through research but also through interaction. The company holds expos,…. [read more]

Market Patterns One Industry Essay

… In particular, Android has the ability to negotiate better deals with telecom providers and with handset makers than the other open-source companies, because of its dominant market share. This behavior -- something that other open-source companies cannot match and neither can the closed-system companies -- could give Android a significant advantage in the market.

Data on the industry usually focuses on market share, and the dollar value of that share (Blodget, 2011). For managers, however, this type of information is too broad to truly be of value. The information needs to be modified so that it is more precise. The most important information for most managers in the industry would be information that tells them why firms are winning or losing the market share battle.…. [read more]

Integrated Global Marketing Case Study

… Apple is a designer and marketer of consumer electronics. Based in California, Apple sells its products around the world. The company has grown rapidly over the course of the past decade, and has become one of the world's most recognizable brands (Interbrand, 2012). The company has achieved this high level of sales growth and brand recognition through extensive advertising and promotions. This paper will study the marketing strategy of Apple at all levels, with the objective being to ascertain where the company has succeeded and where it has failed.

The marketing mix consists of price, promotion, product and place (NetMBA, 2010). The greater the degree of synergy between the four components of the marketing mix, the more effective the strategy is likely to be. In…. [read more]

Apple Computer Essay

… The first is the company's brand, which has strong associations and is a point of differentiation across the entire product line; the second is the operating system. While all of the other major competitors rely on the Windows operating system from Microsoft, Apple has always utilized a proprietary operating system that it feels is superior. This differentiates the computer on the basis of function and feel, and also in terms of the software options that are available. Some types of software are more prevalent on the Apple operating system, others on Windows.

The mp3 player industry is fragmented, but it is dominated by Apple. The company has over 70% share of the mp3 player market (Delahunty, 2009) with most competitors being having small shares and…. [read more]

Integrated Marketing Campaign of Mc Donald in UK Organization Dissertation

… ¶ … technology has evolved a great deal, thus resulting in an increase in media freedom and globalization. Moreover, human life in the post information technology has become much faster pace than ever before. Ever since the human civilizations had established, man is looking for ways to relax one physically and mentally. Over a period of time the market for leisure and tourism had gain much strength due to increasing demand of travel and tourism and the need to maintaining a quality life. The primary reason for this increasing trend of travelling, both international and domestic, originates to the increase in globalization (Grant, 2005).

As civilizations have evolved and technology has made human lives faster, man has started to value quality of life more and…. [read more]

Intellectual Capital Essay

… There is a difference between being aggressive and at the bleeding edge of the market and being a bully. If Apple gets to that point, they're going to learn the same lesson Microsoft did not all that long ago when the European Union and the United States both came down fairly hard on them for anti-competitive practices. Winning the business battle is important but using certain tactics and habits can get a company the attention of some powerful government entities that sometimes have the right to depose executives, break up companies and exert fines/taxes/regulation on businesses that get on their bad side…just ask AIG (Bouys, 2013).

Finally, the changes that should be implemented from an IC standpoint are as follows. First, Apple needs to back…. [read more]

Elasticity of Demand Essay

… If the cost of grapes goes up, then some individuals may opt to drinking tea. Fruitful marking can bring a moderately inelastic request because of an in number mark devotion from clients. The observation of clients is that their top choice marks even with numerous substitutes are the predominant item, and they will not acknowledge the substitute (Dewett, 2010).

E. Discuss the "Proportion of Income Devoted to a Good" concept by contrasting two products typically purchased each month.

1. Address, in your discussion

Concerning the percentage of income devoted in an item increases, it leads to an increase in elasticity. For instance, normal American families use 30% of their earnings on lodging: shoppers are exceptionally delicate when there are updates in lodging costs. Lodging is…. [read more]

Apple Computers Marketing Plan

… Apple is a marketer of computers and other personal electronics. The company has been highly successful of late. It utilizes a strategy based around innovation and differentiation. The company has a number of key strengths, including a strong brand, a rock solid balance sheet and a culture that supports innovation. There are strong growth opportunities -- overseas, domestically and perhaps in tablets. Competition is the main threat to Apple.

The company's current marketing strategy is generally strong. The brand value has improved substantially in recent years, as has the market share of Apple's core products. The company is increasing its marketing budget. It is recommended that some price adjustments are made in order to make Apple products more competitive. It is also recommended that Apple…. [read more]

concise Analysis of Education and social media Term Paper

… , they get distracted from studies and their academic performance suffers.

3. Spending time on social media does not help students in socializing as in face-to-face communication; it lacks body signals and other non-verbal cues like tone and inflection.

4. Because it is readily available in computers, the students have a lax attitude for proper spelling and grammar. (source)

5. Colleges and employers have started investigating an applicant's social networking profiles during the interview process. However, the students are unaware of filtering the private and anonymous information when they post and read online contents, and in turn results in negative consequences even after months or years down the road (Dunn, 2011).

Using Social Media in the Classroom

Social media proponents, understandably, however have a contrarian…. [read more]

Strategic Plan Mr Myers Essay

… For example, Blackberry was profitable before Apple and Google entered the smartphone market and took all of its customers away. The threat of substitutes is also a threat to one's ability to make profits. Where new competitors can cause a firm to lower prices to compete, substitutes can eliminate the market for your product entirely. This helps with strategy, because the firm needs to understand what pocket of the market it can operate in over the long run, and should build its strategy around where the opportunities lie, positioning itself to take full advantage of those opportunities.

The intensity of rivalry can also dictate how much price competition there is, or how much of a company's profits must be expended on competing. For example, the…. [read more]

Business First Research Paper

… Conclusion

In short, the inputs at Skype consisting of Organizational Environment factors, Internal Resource factors, and Historical Tradition factors are, almost exclusively highly congruent with the company's strategy.

Skype has emerged as a pioneering innovative company with its providing free phone calls, free video, and status updates using peer-to-peer technology for its call and instant-messaging services to do so. Skype, in fact, has become such a 'disruptive' company that its innovation is in danger due to government interference in restraining its activities. This has become all the more likely by Microsoft's recent acquisition of the company. Microsoft accedes to government policies, and the Federal Government wishes to control Skype.

Skype's history shows us why Skype has been called a 'disruptive' technology. It took expensive phone…. [read more]

Verizon SWOT Verizon Wireless: A Multi-Department Thesis

… verizon SWOT

Verizon Wireless: A Multi-Department SWOT Analysis

Verizon Wireless was formed from a massive merger which brought Bell Atlantic Mobile together with a number of other major wireless service providers in 1995 to establish what would become the largest wireless carrier in the United States. As present day, though Verizon has many competitors, there are none who are largely or have a wider reach within the United States. The SWOT provided here for each area of Verizon's business outlook assesses the current realities that face a company on this scale in an economy which is nonetheless challenging to decision-makers and business leaders in all industries.


With respect to its operations, Verizon Wireless is unparalleled. Indeed, it "is one of the strongest competitors due…. [read more]

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