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Block Scheduling JOHNSO62 Research Proposal

… Block Scheduling


The use of block scheduling is an increasingly popular alternative to more traditional eight period school days for high school students. The theory upon which this shift is based is that students will be better able to prepare for classes which are fewer in number but longer in period length. In practice this new method of scheduling, featuring longer but fewer classes, has resulted in increased test scores on written tests but in one instance poorer test scores on the written portion of a high school exit exam. It is important to understand the manner in which such scheduling can be maximized to not only maintain the existing observed increase in standardized test scores but also to increase the scores on written…. [read more]

Education the Affects of Block Term Paper

… The teacher must teach approximately one hundred fifty students and then monitor and grade work that has been assigned. Time is to short for teachers to foster an efficient instructional environment and is inadequate to allow enough time for "probing ideas in depth."

Individualization of instruction and interpersonal interaction between students and teachers is practically overlooked within a traditional school day schedule. This frantic schedule is unlike any other that is ever experienced again after high school.

There are a number of significant benefits that support the change from a traditional to a block schedule. Students learning styles are different, they learn at different rates in different subjects. Reallocating instructional time can help teachers accommodate these differences and this, ultimately, can lead to higher student…. [read more]

Effectiveness of Academic Achievement Through the Use of Block Scheduling in High School Classrooms Thesis

… Academic Achievement Through Block Scheduling

Education and Block Scheduling

Introduction- The educational climate in contemporary America is not the same as it was in the late 20th century. There is a long tradition surrounding the manner in which the American educational system should be structured, dating back to the Founding Fathers. When we review a brief history of the American educational system up through No Child Left Behind, in fact, we find a series of pendelum swings that tend to result in a rather haphazard approach to certain academic sides of educational leadership. It is not the purpose of this study to debate the efficacy of constructivism, neo-constructivsm, Vygotsky, et al., Rather, it is to understand how educational research is not only necessary, but critical…. [read more]

Delineates a Hypothetical Disaster Plan Essay

… With my EMT background, I don't anticipate any difficulties getting these prescriptions -- my physician has always been thoughtful and responsive in this regard. Further, any medications needed to maintain the health of myself and my family members will be included in the first aid kit. These medications require vigilant storage and renewal considerations.

(4) Radios for tracking the progress of threats and to hear warnings about travel and the like. I will keep two types of radios in the kit: A wind-up radio that does not require batteries and a battery-operated AM/FM radio with better air-wave reach. Flashlights of various sizes and types -- both those that use batteries and those that are solar-powered or wind-up powered. Extra batteries of all necessary sizes will…. [read more]

Disaster Donations: A Mixture Research Paper

… However, after holding the undergarments for a considerable period, the NGO opted to donate them to another humanitarian organization.

Future Studies

Notably, inappropriate donations remain a significant problem in the efforts to respond to the disaster. Therefore, the future studies will have to address this concern by providing working models, which will help the organization in evaluating the appropriateness of the inappropriate donations. This means that research should address how the inappropriate donations can be appropriate for other organizations, or needy people rather than a liability to the humanitarian aid organization. This is because in-kind donations show the potential to grow because there are many donors, and most of them prefer to give these donations.

Many humanitarian lack options, and, hence should develop different operating…. [read more]

Cardiac Stress Response Term Paper

… al, 1994) or at the "level of the spinal cord" (Koltun, et. al, 1996) significantly reduce "neuroendocrine or immune responses affected by surgery" (Glaser, et. al, 1998). Significantly lower pain scores have been noted among patients who experienced advantages in surgery such as epidural anesthesia, which is typically associated with " a significant reduction in the incidence of postoperative pain and immune outcome, including infections" (Glaser, et. al, 1998; Cuschieri, et. al, 1985). Epidurals have in fact been associated with lower overall pre and post operative pain scores among patients enduring Cardiac surgery, which suggests that use of such anesthesia will ultimately result in a reduced stress response, eliciting a more positive pre and post operative outcome.

The reduction in stress induction during cardiac surgery…. [read more]

2011 Norway Attacks Effectiveness of the Response Essay

… ¶ … 2011 Norway attacks

Effectiveness of the response of the Police response in conjunction with emergency services and other key stakeholders

Flawed communication system

Bureaucratic failings as a source of security risk

Weaknesses in the police information sharing system

Effectiveness of the police and other stakeholders

The command challenges this event presented

Operational opportunities that arose from the event

The 2011 Norway attacks at Oslo and Utoya Island that left 77 dead indicated heightened expectations of police leadership and response to terrorist attack in the post 9/11 era (NOU,2012). The global community is living at a time when lack of communication and coordination coupled with the lack of police leadership standards can lead to an unprecedented loss of lives through acts of terrorism or…. [read more]

Healthcare - Discussion Responses Term Paper

… Healthcare - Discussion Responses


Historically each generation in the U.S. could expect to live longer than their parents yet presently the life expectancy of women in the U.S. is decreasing; my question;

Can a nation of unhealthy people be globally competitive?

Response to Statement #1: Certainly, it is true that national poverty is one measure corresponding to relative unhealthiness of a nation's population. Likewise, it is also generally true that widespread unhealthiness in the population is not particularly conducive to competitive productivity. However, the topic question relates more to the following two issues: (1) what are the specific causes for the apparent decrease in life expectancy of American women, and (2) whether or not this decrease in life expectancy is large enough…. [read more]

On Collegiate Nursing Education (Ccne) Essay


Q3. Studying theories such as Maslow's hierarchy of needs are very important for nurses in addition to traditional nursing paradigms given the need for nurses to understand the different worldviews of patients. For example, sometimes if a patient's physiological needs such as food and shelter are not being addressed, they will not be motivated to make major, long-term life changes needed to improve their personal health like seeking out preventative care. On the other hand, if physiological needs are not addressed, they may also be unlikely to access higher spiritual and existential needs. The patient's physical health is only one domain of nursing: social, environmental, and psychological factors also are a critical part of health. The nursing theory building blocks of person, environment, health…. [read more]

Factually Specific Response to Why the Historians Term Paper

… ¶ … factually specific response to why the historians were and continue to be fascinated by the presidency of Theodore Roosevelt. The underlying objective was to present how he was able to use his clear philosophical goals to reshape an entire era of American history to fit his own image. By pointing out some of his greatest achievements, both foreign and domestic, this report can provide insights into his strong points and assess if he had significant failures or setbacks that historians downplay. There is a strong need to clarify why his style of governance was so in line with the needs of a then young and dynamic nation during the decade of the twentieth century. (White House, 2005)

Theodore Roosevelt "was born in New…. [read more]

Nursing Novel Response the Curious Incident Essay

… Nursing

Novel Response

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon is set in 1998 in Swindon, England. The narrator of the story is a 15-year-old by the name of Christopher John Francis Boone. The book begins when Christopher finds the murdered body of his neighbor's dog, Wellington. He decides that he is going to figure out who did it. His exploration is sometimes helped and at other instances hindered, by the mild type of autism that he has. After Christopher strikes a policeman in confusion at the sight of the crime, Christopher is taken into custody. They let him go with only a strict warning, with the stipulation that he promised to stop looking into the murder any further (Spark…. [read more]

Block and the Response Literature Review

… Some of the advantages to the block scheduling aspect, at least on the high school level, include the fact that there is a positive and significant relationship and a positive trend in the four academic subject areas as studies, however, that was offset by the lack of significant relationship between years in block scheduling and ACT scores (Trenta, Newman, 2002). Using the block schedule, according to Trenta and Newman, did not relate in a significant manner to average attendance (by grade) nor did it seem to have any significance regarding tardiness, but that overall block scheduling seemed to be perceived by students and teachers as a much more positive factor in their school day.

One of the main problems presented by current literature is that…. [read more]

Block Scheduling Education Term Paper

… Gun Control

Advocates argue that gun control laws reduce the incidence of violent crimes by reducing the prevalence of firearms. Gun laws control the types of firearms that may be purchased, designate the qualifications of those who may purchase and own a firearm, and restrict the safe storage and use of firearms. On this view, fewer guns mean less crime. Thus, there is a two-step linkage between gun control and crime rates: (1) the impact of gun control on the availability and accessibility of firearms, particularly handguns, and (2) the effect of the prevalence of guns on the commission of crimes (Moorhouse and Wanner, 2006).

The subject of Gun Control has returned to the center of attention after two successive events; firstly, the passing of…. [read more]

Responses to Economic Strain Essay

… ¶ … Economic Strain: 1400-1500 and 1550-1700

One of the most common responses to economic difficulties during the period of world history from 1400 to 1550 was that of exploration. By finding new routes to the Indies, rulers hoped to find new goods and also new markets for their own native products. Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain, for example, had just embarked upon a brutal quest to unify the formerly diverse land under a unified Catholic monarchy when they commissioned Columbus to claim new routes and treasures in their name. Columbus brought back both gold and enslaved natives from now what is known to be the Bahamas. The colonization of the New World was often brutal for whites and natives alike, and intensified the war…. [read more]

Incident Response and Computer Forensic Investigation Research Paper

… ¶ … Computer Forensic investigation

Making an initial assessment about the case.

Identifying the risks.

Mitigating or minimizing the risks.

Determining a preliminary design or approach to the case.

Creating a detailed checklist.

Determining the resources needed.

Establishing the Chain of Custody.

Obtaining and copying an evidence disk drive.

Analyzing and recovering the digital evidence.

Investigating the data recovered.

Completing the case report.

Critique the case.

Case Assessment

Data Tech Inc. is a data processing company that assists companies globally to store retrieve and process data, and our company specializes in the payroll processing, and ACH processing. The nature of the service that our company delivers requires our company to store sensitive data for organizations and individuals, which include SSN (Social Security Number), bank account…. [read more]

Brigade the 56Th Heavy Essay

… There are across-the-board problems with coordination that must be addressed for the BCT to successfully transition to Train / Ready.

capacity to of the units to function effectively and efficiently

Description of vision for the Brigade

I want to see the HBCT exceed it past levels of high quality leadership and functioning. The characteristic of the HBCT that I want to restore as the absolute commitment of leadership to continually improve and to build and sustain engagement of the officers and the non-commissioned officers. I believe the Battalions can be find distinction as members of the best maneuver brigade in the Forces Command, rather than seeking distinction as stand-out battalions at great cost to the Brigade. The driver of positive change for the Brigade is…. [read more]

Vignette #1: Maria and Her Building Blocks Essay

… Vignette #1: Maria and her building blocks

Formative assessment involves setting goals and monitoring student learning, to see what information is being retained. If students do not comprehend the material, further review is necessary so students have a secure base to move forward. The teacher can also modify her instructional approach, based upon the feedback from quizzes.

Vignette #2: Quentin, the Quiz Whiz

Quentin is using formative assessments. Formative assessments should be used for the teacher's edification as well as to encourage students to study. Formative assessments give teachers feedback about what students understand and do not understand so they can modify classroom content. They make it easier for teacher to build upon what students actually know, as opposed to what students are supposed to…. [read more]

Police Psychology Scenario Term Paper

… The importance of identifying instrumental and expressive demands that are made by the suspect are also important components to the process. Instrumental demands are more specific and serve as part of the S.A.F.E. model for de-escalating crisis situations. This model is represented by four "triggers" that are (McMains & Mullins, 2010):

• Substantive demands: The instrumental wants/demands made by the parties (e.g., subject and negotiator)

• Attunement: The relational trust established between the parties

• Face: The self-image of each of the parties that is threatened or honored

• Emotion: The degree of emotional distress experienced by the parties

Expressive demands, on the other hand, are not specific in nature and can be thought of as a combination of the other three factors in the…. [read more]

Prescription, Nonprescription and Herbal Medicines Term Paper

… The effect of certain drugs on the enzymes in the liver must also be taken into consideration. Different sorts of drugs have a range of affects of the Cytochrome enzymes that exist in the liver. The drugs either induct or inhibit their performance these enzymes in the process of catalyzing other drugs. The effects of such activities are of particular importance in those patients that have been prescribed an assortment of drugs. The effect of a drug on the performance of an enzyme must be calculated in order to prescribe the proper dosage of the drug, so that it can be sufficiently be administered to the individual, who can receive it without having most of its quantity being reduced by reactions with enzymes in the…. [read more]

Eating Disorders According to Himmel Essay

… Finally, genetics might be more similar than different. For instance, Day, Ternouth & Collier (2009) point out that anorexia, bulimia, and obesity might share a similar genetic component.

Eating disorders include anorexia and bulimia, and both of these are classified as psychological disorders. Obesity is usually not classified as a psychological disorder. With anorexia, the person may be a perfectionist who uses food as a means of self-control. With bulimia, the person goes to two extremes of binging and purging. Neither anorexia or bulimia symptoms may be present in a person with obesity. Some people with anorexia never overeat, and therefore, anorexia has a completely different manifestation than obesity. Anorexic people are usually skinny, because the ideal physiology for the person is skinny. Obese people…. [read more]

Role Boundaries in Care Work Case Study

… If these boundaries are violated, it can create a situation that can hinder the treatment of the illness or disorder. The biomedical model of disease also has some limitations in regard to many of its assumptions. For example, it assumes that disease to be fully accounted for by deviations from the norm of measurable biological variable (somatic) and leaves no room within its framework for the social, psychological, and behavioral dimensions of illness which is reductionist in form and assumes the language of chemistry and physics will ultimately explain the biological phenomena that is being observed (Caplan, McCartney, & Sisti, 2004). However, many theorists believe that this approach is too mechanistic and should include more of a systems approach which would include factors such as…. [read more]

Strategic Information Technology Plan Oesterlen Essay

… The trainers only have to conduct the training once to be replayed in an online forum. This innovative approach is a key to success in saving time and money in a difficult economy (Manfred & de Vries, 2003; White & Bruton, 2011).

Marketing the Company's Services

Customer markets are those surrounding counties that could benefit from the services Oesterlen provides. The marketing and relations coordinator reaches out to these prospective customers so that the counties will provide Oesterlen with clients to treat or place into foster care. Training is a large part of what Oesterlen provides its employees. Mandated by the State of Ohio, training enables the staff to effectively deal with situations so that all parties involved in any incident, be they staff or…. [read more]

Chemical Spill Response Case Study

… However, they need to do two things extremely quickly. First, the watering of the nearby field needs to be shut off as soon as possible and the second is that the road in question needs to be blocked off completely. Absolutely no one should get anywhere near that truck. The driver being missing is troubling but the focus needs to be on the substance. The witness should block the truck in one direction and perhaps stand down the road for the other direction until police can fill in. As soon as the police are on the way, the chemical safety team should be called to do what they can do. Restraints will include not allowing anyone in or out of the area if at all…. [read more]

Network/It Communications Selecting Essay

… 3)

In addition to the user-desired information being sent during a signal transmission in a synchronous connection, there are several other blocks of information. A start sequence signals the beginning of a communication, control bytes might set other parameters of the message, an address sequence helps to direct the message within a network or terminal, a checksum validates the data, and an end sequence signals the end of the transmission (Major, 2009). An analog can be found in sending a package: the package contents is equivalent to the user-desired information, while the doorbell ringing signals the packages arrival (like a start sequence), a "fragile" sticker gives some handling instructions (control byte), the address ensures that the package is at the right place (address sequence), the…. [read more]

Emergency Management Disasters Are Political Essay

… President Bush during his administration ascertained that grave disasters call for substantial federal influence and powerful role of the armed forces. President Bush viewed a top-down system compared to bottom-up perspective as a perfect strategy in disaster management.

The response of the government during Hurricane Katrina was dysfunctional and disorganized. The government had restructured FEMA reaction's response abilities in the aftermath of 9/11 attacks and this led to the breakdown of the whole response system. FEMA did not implement effectively the NRP (National Response Plan). After declaration of the disaster by the president, decisions to make NRP to seek the services of civilian and military resources of the Federal government to help the local and state agencies did not come in time (Palser, 2007). .…. [read more]

Crime on March 9th, 2013 Term Paper

… This focus on community-level social control is integral to social disorganization theory (Savelsberg, 2006, p. 33). While the results of the study were productive, in that the study helped to demonstrate the detrimental effects of widespread incarceration on the level of the community, the study nevertheless includes an implicit bias because it assumes that, for example, it is more important to nurture and maintain local neighborhoods and communities as methods of social control rather than examine what produces the need for that control in the first place (Rose & Clear, 1998, p. 469-470).

As a result, from the perspective of social disorganization theory, a search for the causes behind the violent and disruptive reaction to Gray's shooting would start with the relative levels of organization…. [read more]

Metrics, Implementation, and Enforcement (Security Research Paper

… Cridex has been a bot Trojan that operates by opening the rear door on the compromised Computer and putting in a form of the Necurs rootkit to avoid conventional operating-system-based security and safety applications from reading through its binaries. This targeted breach generally starts execution around the target system via a drive-by-download breach that makes use of system susceptibility or perhaps a social engineering strike with an e-mail attachment. After that it installs the Necurs rootkit, which has also been utilized by a number of malware groups, such as Advanced Pc Shield 2012 along with Banker, to endanger the operating-system. Cridex subsequently assumes charge of the victim's computer system and enables it to gather data and possibly make deceptive transactions simply by manipulating genuine bank…. [read more]

Analyzing Participant Response Times in an Experiment Research Paper

… The participants were told to sort the stacks as quickly as possible and at the conclusion of each task, once measurements were recorded, the decks were shuffled for the next task. The dependent variable (DV) in each of the tasks was the response time of the participants. The independent variable (IV) was the sorting task. The DV was consistently measured using the smart phone stop watch to the hundredth of a second (.01).

Before each task of the procedure was performed, the cards were shuffled. After shuffling, cards were given to the participant face down in the palm of the hand. Timing commenced when the first card was placed on the table and ended when the last card was placed in the correct pile.

If…. [read more]

Disaster and Internation Agencies Countries Research Paper

… It consists of several organizations that include:

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent societies (IFRC)

International committee of Red Cross (ICRC)

National Red Cross and red cross societies

Roles and responsibilities

Coordinate relief efforts for victims of natural disasters

Give advice and assistance in the development of national societies

Promote and participate in ongoing peace time IHL education activities

Support relief operations by channeling need goods and monetary contributions.

Aid in provision of medical and Relief workers.

Re-establishing family communication and if possible re-unite relatives.

Establish hospitals and safety zones for the civilian population.

Participate in relief programs for displaced persons.

International Red cross and crescent movements mission is to prevent and get rid of human suffering whenever it may be found, protect…. [read more]

Rounded the Corner Term Paper

… I had thought the man was far younger than he now appeared. Deep wrinkles crossed his kind, weathered face, and his eyes were a warm, deep brown, like the color of a mud puddle after a spring rain. I had anticipated a smell as I passed, one of despair and suffering, and age, and filth, but instead, a light, familiar smell surrounded me.

What had stopped me, however, was that I had found the answer to at least one question. The area around the man's eyes were clean because he was crying. I could see the tell tale red eyes of tears, could see the dampness coursing over his drawn face. He smiled slightly, apologetically, and I noted his broken, jagged teeth. I felt a…. [read more]

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